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Chapter 195: The Moon Demon Forest (4)

Hundreds of shocked cultivators were now rushing out of the camp to fight the eight seventh rank Devious Cyclopeans that were attacking them.

Feng Xiaoxiao shouted to her protégés, “Do not panic. Deploy your sword formations!”

The Devious Cyclopeans were not tall by the standard of the Moon Demon Forest that was populated with thick red wood trees that grew to a 100m in average height. But to the cultivators, these 10m tall Devious Cyclopeans were extremely terrifying.

The third realm cultivators were unable to get close enough to the Devious Cyclopeans to do any damage while the fourth realm cultivators lacked the profound strength in their sword energies to do any lasting damage to these seventh rank devious monsters.

Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue were already engaging the nearest Devious Cyclopean and they had succeeded in halting it but it was only a halt; they had not found a way to kill it yet despite Yin Shisi was a seventh realm saintess.

Although they had offer a ray of hope to the defenders but there were seven other Devious Cyclopeans that were advancing from all around the camp.

Everyone was panicky.

Even though they had six hundreds of them here but they were dealing with eight high level devious monsters!

“Where did these high level devious monsters come from?!”

“They seem to be co-coordinating their attacks on us…”

“Will we survive tonight?”

“Look at the number of cultivators that have already fallen. They can’t take a punch from these monsters…”

“Dodge their attacks and don’t be a fool!”

“Focus all your sword energy attacks on one target at a time…”

Feng Xiaoxiao was looking really pale and she knew that this battle was hopelessly against them.

She muttered, “Xingye. I need you now.”

Zhao Xingye immediately replied quietly, “I am here.”

“Go and stop one of the Devious Cyclopean.” Feng Xiaoxiao commanded her.

“I will go now.” Zhao Xingye had immediately taken off.

Although Zhao Xingye was only at the fourth realm level but she had already formed the golden celestial body that was only available to the fifth realm experts. Moreover her reflexes and stamina were more extraordinary than any of the fifth realm experts when her twin sister Zhao Riyue was around.

Feng Xiaoxiao said to the rest of her leaders, “Divide our protégés into five main groups and lead the rest of the cultivators into holding off five of the Devious Cyclopeans.”

She inhaled softly, “As for me, I will hold off one of the Devious Cyclopeans.”

“Do not let the Devious Cyclopeans group together or it will surely be devastating to us.” She said firmly.

With that, all the cultivators had regrouped and were hastily defending their positions.

For a short time, the battle was a stalemate. It would be a matter of time before the Devious Cyclopeans could break the ranks of the cultivators.

The only ray of hope for the cultivators was now resting on the shoulders of Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue, Zhao Xingye and Feng Xiaoxiao. If anyone of them would be able to beat off one of the Devious Cyclopeans then they would be able to reinforce the weaker ranks.

But an hour had passed quickly and yet the battle was still in a stalemate. It was not easy to kill any of the Devious Cyclopeans. Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue, Zhao Xingye and Feng Xiaoxiao had all entered into the most difficult fight of their life.

Except for Yin Shisi, all the cultivators were defending more than attacking.

All of a sudden the eight seventh rank Devious Cyclopeans were all turning back and were retreating, startling the defenders by their actions.

“What is going on?”

“They are retreating?”

“We have won?”

Yin Shisi had seized the golden opportunity for the confusion that was displayed by the Devious Cyclopean that she was fighting against with and had finally killed it with her sword.

But compared to this small victory, the bodies of the dozens of dead cultivators were laying everywhere.

Ouyang Xue inhaled deeply, “Why are they retreating?”

She knew that if the Devious Cyclopeans did not retreat soon, they would have lost this battle.

Feng Xiaoxiao quietly said, “Attend to the wounded and count the survivors…” With a short hesitation, she added. “Buried the dead.”

What had exactly happened was that Lu Qingyun and Yue Lingxi had engaged in a sword battle with one another.

After several rounds of intense battle, Lu Qingyun was expended all his profound strength and he had crumbled weakly on the ground.

He muttered, “In the end, I am still unable to win…”

Yue Lingxi was inhaling heavily. She simply could not believe that a mere fourth realm cultivator could have fought her to such a stage where she had to expend nearly all her profound strength.

She was even more astonished that there were now eleven divine swords that were scattered all around her.

“How did he get so many divine swords?”

But as her divine sense swept through these divine swords, she had a quick realization. “These divine swords are actually copies of a single godly divine sword. Because he didn’t have the profound strength to wield a godly divine sword to its full power and so that’s why he is splitting the power of his godly divine sword?”

She was soon frowning lightly as she recognized the profound signature of Qin Keqin that was on these divine swords. “So these divine swords actually belong to her…”

But she was suddenly startled and she was trembling lightly. “The profound energies of the Endless Abyssal Sea?! These divine swords had been to the Endless Abyssal Sea? This Lu Qingyun is full of mysteries.”

She had walked quietly next to the fallen Lu Qingyun, “Now will you surrender my Horizon of the Heavens back to me? I swear by the Great Beyond that I will spare you and your friend.”

Lu Qingyun hummed coldly, “I…I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Yue Lingxi had lost her patience and she did not want to waste any more time. “You have seized my Horizon of the Heavens when my profound strength is at its weakest. Why are you still pretending and refuse to use your desolate profound strength? Maybe if you have used your desolate profound strength, you may still have a ray of hope.”

“Very well then, I shall send you to your maker…”

All of a sudden Yan’Er had panicky appeared in front of Lu Qingyun and she was raising her small body to protect him.

“Yan’Er? Get inside. I don’t want you to see me in such a state. When I die later, the scene won’t be pleasant to look at.” Lu Qingyun said weakly.

Yue Lingxi was not startled to see Yan’Er for she had recognized her as Lu Qingyun’s spirit entity.

Yan’Er was muttering almost incoherently, “Big Sister Keqin. Yan’Er cannot keep my promise to you…”

All of a sudden Yan’Er had transformed into a flaming spirit sword and she had exploded herself in front of Yue Lingxi.


Yue Lingxi was completely stunned by the fiery explosion as she gasped, “The Horizon of the Heavens…she has actually…merged into it…this is impossible…”

That was Yue Lingxi’s last words as the explosion had flung her down the mountains.

It was also around this time that the Devious Cyclopeans had also stopped their attacks on the expedition force.

But Lu Qingyun had no time to ask Yan’Er what was going on. Instead, he quickly mustered his remaining profound strength as he crawled his way to the unconscious Qian Jingjing, “Jingjing, are you alright…your Brother Qingyun is here now…”

Yan’Er had reverted to her true spirit form and she was saying softly, “Master, Yan’Er will be transferring my profound strength to you now. Hold on please…”

As she transferred her profound strength to her master, Yan’Er had suddenly noticed that she had a shadow and that she could actually feel the body heat of her master on her palms.

Yan’Er: ???

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