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Chapter 196: The Moon Demon Forest (5)

Lu Qingyun was looking at Qian Jingjing panicky.

“Her physical injuries are too heavy and her profound meridians also severely damaged by Yue Lingxi’s sword energy.”

Without any hesitation, Lu Qingyun had taken out the Divine Profound Pill that he was saving and had put it into her mouth.

“Jingjing, hold on. You…will be…fine…” His eyes were bleary and he really did not want her to die.

He took a quick look at his surroundings, “It is too late to take her back to the camp now.”

“Forgive me Jingjing…” He steeled his heart and started to disrobe her.

“I must treat her profound injuries and her wounds. Her life is more important than any rites.” But he had turned to give Yan’Er a stare. “Promise your master not to tell anyone about it.”

Yan’Er nodded nervously as she saw that Lu Qingyun was stripping Qian Jingjing. She was actually thinking, “Master once says that he will only strip the maiden that he likes…”

If Lu Qingyun knew what she was thinking about, he would surely flip over.

For the next two hours, Lu Qingyun patiently attended to the injuries of Qian Jingjing. It was a lucky thing that he had all kinds of healing medicines on him.

He had no time to think why Yan’Er was able to transfer her profound strength to him until he was done with treating Qian Jingjing’s injuries and dressing her up.

Then he had turned to Yan’Er with a sudden realization, “Yan’Er, we suppose to share the same inner spiritual sea. When I’ve exhausted my profound strength, you are not supposed to have any too. Why is that you are able to transfer to me your profound strength?”

Yan’Er looked sheepish. It was because she was holding onto a vast reservoir of spiritual force for Lu Qingyun as she was holding it for his fifth realm breakthrough.

All of a sudden he had realized that he could feel Yan’Er. “Erm, Yan’Er…aren’t you a spirit entity?”

Yan’Er chuckled, “Yes, I am.”

“But I can touch you now…” Lu Qingyun said slowly.

Yan’Er nodded happily, “I can finally touch master now.”

“That isn’t the point.” Lu Qingyun smiled weakly. “I mean I can touch you now.”

Yan’Er continued to nod delightfully, “Indeed master!”

“I mean why is it that I am able to touch Yan’Er now?” Lu Qingyun smiled weakly.

“Oh that. I am taking the form of the Horizon of the Heavens now. Yan’Er has merged into it. Because the Horizon of the Heavens is a physical entity therefore Yan’Er can also be a physical entity if I want to.” Yan’Er laughed.

Lu Qingyun was startled, “The Horizon of the Heavens is really with us? I have taken her thing? No wonder she is so persistent in coming after me. We ought to return it to her…”

Then he added, “If she isn’t dead of course.”

Yan’Er said, “Master, we can’t return it to her. This Horizon of the Heavens is now part of us now. I am afraid that you need to be at least the seventh realm in order to extract it out of your inner spiritual sea.”

Lu Qingyun: …

While they were chatting, Qian Jingjing was quietly listening. As a matter of fact, she had long regained her conscious but she was too shy to tell Lu Qingyun. It was because she could feel his hands wandering around her body.

She knew that Lu Qingyun was trying to treat her injuries but she was also thinking, “Brother Qingyun, you have to bear responsibility for me in the future. You have already…”

“So Brother Qingyun really cares for me after all…”

Actually if it was other men, she would not say that. She had already made up her mind on Lu Qingyun and was just finding an excuse to affirm her decision.

But she was also startled to hear him talking to this ‘Yan’Er’. Who was this Yan’Er?

From their conversation, she had realized that this Yan’Er was actually Lu Qingyun’s spirit entity and she was greatly astonished that he actually had a sentient spirit entity.

After a while Lu Qingyun began to carry Qian Jingjing back to the camp in great haste.

It was because he was also anxious for Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue.

When he reached the camp, he was dismayed to see the camp was ruined and there were hundreds of groaning sounds.

The number of casualties and wounded numbered in the hundreds.

Many of the cultivators were now looking at where Lu Qingyun had made his entrance. He was seen carrying a beautiful maiden in his arms and there were resentments in their eyes. It was not because they were envious of him but they were resentful that while they were fighting hard for everyone’s lives, Lu Qingyun was nowhere to be seen.

This managed to reinforce a strong opinion in the hearts of many that he was really a good-for-nothing cultivator.

Lu Qingyun had finally found Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue. He was glad that they were alright. He took a quick look around and saw Feng Xiaoxiao, Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye, Yu Tianjian and Gongsun Ya among the survivors.

Ouyang Xue gasped when she saw the state that Qian Jingjing was in. “What has happened to her?”

Yin Shisi saw the injuries that Qian Jingjing had sustained and began to feel her pulse. “Her injuries are not light at all. She is lucky to be alive. Who did that? This is the work of a high level cultivator.”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “This is a long story. I shall tell you when I have the time…”

Yin Shisi had suddenly asked, “Who is the one that has helped her to dress her wounds? You?”

Lu Qingyun had suddenly turned ashen as he said awkwardly, “I have the time now. Why don’t I tell you the long story first?”

Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue: …

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