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Chapter 2: Ye Chengxi

Later at night, Yuan Ji could not sleep well.

It was because he was suddenly thinking of Ye Chengxi. He began to wonder what she had experienced throughout the years.

“Should I tell her that I am back already?”

With a soft sigh, he had decided against that.

He was a little ashamed of himself because he had lost the beard that he had always been so proud of. Moreover, she may not believe him either.

He had a quick flashback;

“My Chengxi, from today onward you shall be the new sect leader of the Orthodox Sword Sect. I’m going to try to breakthrough to the seventh realm level.”

Ye Chengxi was startled as she asked, “Master, there is no need for you to hand over the sect to me. I can wait for you to be back.”

He had told her with a heavy sigh, “You may not know this. There is only a slim chance that I may succeed. So it is better for me to hand over the sect leader position to you instead.”

Ye Chengxi nodded quietly, “Then I shall defend master’s Dao for you. As long as I live, I will not forsake the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

Then with a short hesitation, she asked. “Will I see master again soon?”

He was smiling bitterly. He thought that he had just told her that he may not be back?

But he smiled to her as he stroked his long beard, “Do you agree that my beard is the most beautiful beard in the celestial fraternity? When you see my beautiful beard again then that man is me.”

Ye Chengxi chuckled softly, “Master, you sound like you’re going to reincarnate soon. I hope…” Her eyes had turned watery before she said gently, “That my master will still be the same old master that I’ve known and that your Chengxi will still be the same little Chengxi that you’ve known.”

She was actually right.

He had been thinking if he had failed to breakthrough to the seventh realm sacred saint level then he would want to reincarnate with his beautiful beard intact of course.

Although he had made a successful breakthrough but he had actually lost his beautiful beard. That was something that he had not expected.

This was the same as taking his very own life!

Maybe his beautiful beard had perished during his breakthrough to the seventh realm, taking over his supposed place.

With another deep sigh, “I will never forget the sacrifice that my beautiful beard had paid for my life…”

But he soon found himself thinking about Ye Chengxi.

“I didn’t take a close look at her the last time but why am I paying so much attention to her now?”

“I’m not her master anymore. I’m no longer the Ji Yuan that was known to her. I have lost my beautiful beard now. I am now Yuan Ji…”

He had realized that he had side tracked his reasons and he quickly come out with the most important reason; he had many enemies that had wanted him dead. If they know that he was back and had lost most of his profound strength, they would surely seize this golden opportunity to get rid of him.

He still had to cultivate for another year or so before he could fully regain his profound strength.

No, he would take far longer than that, considering that the Orthodox Sword Saint was now dirt poor.

“What luck that I had met my former disciple and she had even taken me back as a protégé of my own sect.”

Therefore he began to walk restlessly around the many palaces and halls of the Orthodox Sword Sect. This brought back many fond memories to him.

Many of the places were quite dark and was not as lively as it used to be a hundred years ago.

Soon he had come to a palace that had many lanterns. He took a quick look and saw that this may be his master’s dwelling palace as this building looked the most magnificent and it was his former residence.

Just as he was about to leave, he could pick Ye Chengxi’s voice and a man’s voice.

This was Ye Chengxi’s inner palace. Why should there be a man in her inner palace?

He was beginning to think that he had heard wrongly. Maybe his seventh realm divine sense was off due to his long years of seclusion?

But the voice was clearly that of Ye Chengxi and not any of the female protégés and the man’s voice was clearly that of Li Qiang that he had met earlier in the day.

Curious, he had flashed inside and was now looking inside her bed chamber through a small opening. Instead it was Ye Chengxi and Li Qiang; they appeared to be arguing with each other.

“Ye Chengxi, you are a fifth realm golden cultivator, the head of your Orthodox Sword Sect and the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi that everyone has admired. Do you want to lose everything? Why don’t you submit willingly to me?” Li Qiang was laughing jovially.

Ye Chengxi said icily, “Li Qiang, didn’t you say that you have an important message from the Palace Mistress of the Emperor Hall Sect? Since this is an official business, why don’t you tell me quickly and get lost from my inner palace? This isn’t the place for you to come.”

Li Qiang laughed, “That is because I really have an important message to pass to you and that is why I’m here.”

Ye Chengxi pointed to the entrance, “If you have nothing to say to me then get lost from here.”

Li Qiang laughed, “I don’t like this attitude of yours. You still don’t get your situation right. If you still want to protect your Orthodox Sword Sect, you should serve me well first and stop giving me this icy look.”

Ye Chengxi averted her eyes before she said quietly, “What is it then?”

“Aren’t you so haughty earlier in the day? And you have even used your sword to point at my throat. So where is your haughtiness now?” Li Qiang said coldly. “Do you know what you are supposed to do now?”

Ye Chengxi quietly bended her knees on the ground before she said with trembling lips, “I beg for the forgiveness of Master Li Qiang. Chengxi will not do it again.”

“That is better.” Li Qiang chuckled loudly.

“What is it that your palace mistress wants you to convey to me?” Ye Chengxi asked quietly.

Li Qiang laughed, “Our Palace Mistress says that she is willing to renew her protection for your sect but the final decision will be in the hands of the four elders of the Emperor Hall Sect.”

Ye Chengxi was quiet for a moment while Li Qiang was smiling, “I can of course put in a good word for you with the rest of the elders. After all, you know my position in my sect. However you should know what to do, am I right? I will give you one week to consider but don’t take too long to consider because I may change my mind about helping you.”

Ye Chengxi said quietly, “Please offer my gratitude to your Palace Mistress.”

Li Qiang’s eyes were wandering around her, feasting upon her allure.

Ye Chengxi knew what he was thinking and said, “It is already late now. You should go back now.”

“Don’t forget that you have only one week to consider.” Li Qiang said coldly.

Ye Chengxi completely ignored him and said coldly, “Please pardon Chengxi for not able to send you off.”

“Fairy Ye Chengxi, we still have plenty of opportunities in the future.” With that, he had left.

It was only when Li Qiang had left the room that Ye Chengxi had slowly stood up.

Her countenance was still icy cool and she said slowly in a calm manner, “You can come out now. He had already left.”

Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh as he exited from his hiding place. He had wanted to ask her why but he could not muster the words. He was now looking at her beautiful figure and was sighing heavily.

“So you have seen it all.” Ye Chengxi said quietly.

“If I tell you that I didn’t see anything, will you believe me?” He asked.

“I don’t believe.” Ye Chengxi replied coolly.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “So are you going to silence me now?”

Ye Chengxi lowered her glances as she shook her head lightly before saying. “My old master once told me that the sword is not meant to be used for slaying the weak.”

“There are many ways to kill a person. It may not necessary be a sword.” Yuan Ji smiled weakly.

Ye Chengxi smiled coldly, “You are smart but you are not so smart to be caught by me this time.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly and thought, “I guess that tonight I will be killed by my former disciple. My profound strength has not recovered to the point that I can be on par with a golden celestial yet. But even if I have my profound strength back, I wouldn’t punish her. Instead it will be on Li Qiang.”

But what Ye Chengxi was going to say next, startled him. “You are secretly looking at me the whole time earlier? Am I really good to look at?”

Yuan Ji never knew that this former disciple of his would have such a good figure and such a beautiful body. He was forced to agree with what he saw and said, “Very good to look at.”

Ye Chengxi had turned around now and had lowered her glances, “We shall have an equal exchange. You shall keep my secret and please do not let my protégés know. In exchange, I shall let you have my body tonight.”

Yuan Ji was startled. “What did you just say?”

“What do you say?” Ye Chengxi asked quietly.

Yuan Ji was already on fire and he replied slowly, “In that case, I have decided to accept your term.”

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