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Chapter 6: The Bathroom Encounter

When Yuan Ji had reached the inner palace of Xia Jiaqing, he proceeded to sneak quietly inside. With his superior lightness skill, this was not a real issue.

The real issue was, he was still caught in a dilemma whether he should aid Xia Jiaqing or not.

Just then his heart was throbbing furiously. It was because Xia Jiaqing had just stepped out from the scented pool that was in her inner palace and there were four personal female attendants that were immediately helping to dry her.

Xia Jiaqing was of course not wearing anything when she had stepped out of the pool and Yuan Ji was gasping in astonishment at every inch of her body. The vision of a seventh realm cultivator was extremely sharp even though he had not regained the bulk of his profound strength.

He covered his eyes with his fingers but he was still looking intently between his fingers at the naked Xia Jiaqing. “This is for the purpose of research. I mean…this is the best opportunity to check if she has any secret weapons on her if a fight breaks out between us.”

Below, Xia Jiaqing had tilted her head to one side and Yuan Ji could see her beautiful firm twin peaks and the thin grassland that was between her legs. Nothing was out of place and she was like a beautiful sculpture that could awe any men.

There were just a few strays of loosen hair on her face while the rest of her long hair was bundled up high like a crown. This only enhanced her astonishing beauty and her loveliness.

Her four personal attendants had gently finished drying her up as they began to carry trays after trays of lingeries and clothing for her to pick.

Xia Jiaqing’s delicate golden eyes were upon the trays and she was gasping with delight as she wandered her eyes from tray to tray.

She did not know that Yuan Ji’s eyes were peeking at her and was thinking, “She looks better if she doesn’t wear anything…”

But he quickly steeled his heart, “She is the one that has caused my Orthodox Sword Sect to fall into disarray. I won’t forgive her.”

After a while, Xia Jiaqing finally picked a body lingerie and a silk robe as she giggled. “Help me to dress up.”

Yuan Ji was frowning silently, “She is so lazy. Hmm, she didn’t pick a under lingerie or a pant…”

“You are all dismissed. I’m retiring to my bed chamber.” Xia Jiaqing said to them promptly.

“Yes Palace Mistress.” All four of the personal attendants said at the same time as they politely left the bathroom and their eyes had never looked up from the ground from start to finish.

When Xia Jiaqing had stepped out of the bathroom, the same female personal attendant that Yuan Ji had seen with Hai Sheng was already standing at the entrance.

Before long, they were already in the bed chamber that belonged to Xia Jiaqing.

“Palace Mistress, your tea is ready.” The personal attendant said and in her hands was a tray that carried a teapot.

Xia Jiaqing had suddenly said melancholy, “I don’t want any tea tonight.”

The personal attendant was startled and she began to stammer, “Palace Mistress, you…don’t want…your tea…”

Xia Jiaqing hummed coldly as she turned to stare at her, “What is wrong? You’re dismissed. And take the tray away. It is an eye sore.”

The female personal attendant stammered, “Yes…Palace Mistress…” She hastily left the bed chamber as she knew that the Palace Mistress did not like to repeat herself. She took a quick glance at the pillow that was on the bed before leaving hastily.

When the female personal attendant had left the room, Xia Jiaqing began to sigh heavily as she took out a flask of wine and began to pour it down her throat.

Yuan Ji was startled. Now this really looked like the Xia Jiajia that he had known in the past. Whenever they had gone drinking together, she would take the entire flask and pour it down her throat.

Slowly she began to rise from her seat and had walked into another room that was in her bed chamber.

She seemed to be staring melancholy at a painting that was hanging on the wall; it was a man with a long black beard.

Yuan Ji was startled, “That handsome man with the beautiful beard in the painting, isn’t that me?” With just a look he had recognized himself but he could not resist adding ‘handsome man’ and ‘beautiful beard’ to describe himself.

Xia Jiaqing began to pour the remaining wine on the floor, “Ji Yuan, this is for you. How long has it been now? A hundred years of loneliness have passed now…”

Although her voice was extremely soft but to a seventh realm expert like Yuan Ji, it was quite audible in his ears.

“Do you know that I’ve been waiting for your return in the Five Heavens Peaks for a hundred years now? My heart is longing to see you again but you have never returned. You have lied to me. Do you know that you have made me wait for a hundred years for your return? I have even founded the Emperor Hall Sect so that I can look after your Orthodox Sword Sect.”

“This wine is your favorite wine. I hope that you will like it…”

Yuan Ji was startled, “She still remembers me? But I can’t acknowledge her now. I’ve lost my beautiful beard…”

“Do you know that today I’ve met a young man that has a pair of immerse eyes that resemble your eyes? But he is not you. He doesn’t have your beautiful golden eyes. I so much wish that it is you today and not him…” Her lovely voice was melancholy and was heart rending.

Yuan Ji was moved and he was clenching his fists, “Maybe I should really let her know that I am still alive and continued on our little romance…” His thoughts were all on her naked body that he had accidentally saw earlier.

“But do you know that this young man actually looks so much better than you with your ugly beard?” Xia Jiaqing was suddenly giggling.

Yuan Ji’s countenance had suddenly turned ugly when he had heard her, “She doesn’t like my beautiful beard?! Then why did she say that she thought that my beard is the most beautiful beard in the past?! So this is really what she thinks. I’m so wrong about her.”

“Therefore I’ve decided to forget about you and start a new life. I hope that you won’t be envious of this Yuan Ji.” Xia Jiaqing chuckled softly.

When Yuan Ji had heard her, he had nearly flipped over and slipped down from the roof. “She is so heartless! Wait a minute, I am jealous of myself?”

“It is time for me to retire in bed now and dream of this dashing young man.” Xia Jiaqing giggled softly as she began to turn around to walk to her bed.

Yuan Ji: …

But Yuan Ji was suddenly alarmed, “Her pillow has been rigged by that personal attendant…”

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