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Chapter 7: Finding a Lame Excuse

As Yuan Ji watched Xia Jiaqing walked to her bed in her inner bed chamber, he spotted Elder Hai Sheng sneaking into the inner court and he was quietly approaching Xia Jiaqing’s inner palace.

He knew that this Hai Sheng was definitely up to no good.

Although Xia Jiaqing had just dropped a bomb shell on him but he could not bear to see her suffer such a humiliating fate. He knew that this ‘Elating Happiness Powder’ was particular powerful. One dose and she would do anything that Hai Sheng wanted her to do.

With a soft sigh, he slipped down the roof.

He had to act before Xia Jiaqing could touch her pillow…

Hai Sheng by now had quietly approached the inner court. He had been informed by Xia Jiaqing’s personal attendant that she did not take the drugged tea. But he was not worried; he could still wait until she was lying on her bed with her pillow. After all, he had planned a two-step safeguard in order to ensure that he could net Xia Jiaqing and made her into his woman.

Yuan Ji had put on a veil as he watched Hai Sheng. He knew that he could not fight a golden supremacy directly given that he had not regained his profound strength yet. What he had planned to do was just to distract him and to find an opportunity to take Xia Jiaqing away.

All of a sudden the door had suddenly swung open and Xia Jiaqing was standing at the entrance as she hugged a pillow on her bosom.

“Elder Hai Sheng, what are you doing in my inner palace at this hour?”

Hai Sheng was startled and he had completely turned ashen while stammering, “I…erm…I saw some masked men and fear that they are assassins sent by the other celestial clans. I was worried for Palace Mistress and have decided to take a look.”

Xia Jiaqing giggled softly, “So I see! Thank you for your concern but it will be difficult for any assassins to sneak past my eyes. Don’t you think so?”

Hai Sheng immediately nodded, “Yes, yes. I’m so glad that Palace Mistress is fine. If not I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Hahaha.”

“In that case, I shall reward you with a scented pillow.” Xia Jiaqing had suddenly thrown her pillow at him. “Good night then.”

Hai Sheng was suddenly coughing when the pillow had suddenly struck him and his face had suddenly turned extremely red.

“Don’t be shy, alright? Just treat it as my reward for your loyalty. It is not the same as sleeping with me.” Xia Jiaqing chuckled softly. “Dismiss.”

“Yes, yes.” Hai Sheng quickly said as he fled immediately with the pillow.

When Yuan Ji had heard her, he was groaning silently. “What a bimbo. She doesn’t know that Hai Sheng has his sight on her tonight. She sure is lucky. No wonder they say that bimbos usually have good luck…”

Xia Jiaqing had suddenly turned her head to where Yuan Ji was hiding as she interrupted his thoughts, “How long are you planning to hide? Don’t tell me that you want to watch my sleeping posture for the entire night or are you planning something malicious?”

Yuan Ji was startled. “Have I been discovered? No, it shouldn’t be. She is such a bimbo. She shouldn’t have noticed that I am here. She is just having a lucky guess. I won’t fall for her tricks…”

“Yuan Ji. I know that you are there. Why don’t you come and greet your Palace Mistress?” Xia Jiaqing said coolly. Then she raised her hand, “Or you want to force my hand?”

With a soft sigh, Yuan Ji had stepped out of his hiding place. He quickly bowed with his hands, “My greeting to the Palace Mistress. I was actually after some masked assassins when I’ve accidentally come to this place. I didn’t know that this place is your inner palace.”

He was thinking, “If Hai Sheng can use this excuse to get off the hook, so can I.”

“This excuse has already been used by Hai Sheng. Why don’t you try harder?” She coolly said.

Yuan Ji was stunned as he thought silently. “What the hell? What is this logic?”

“You must be thinking why Hai Sheng can use this excuse but you can’t? Am I right?” Xia Jiaqing smiled coldly at him.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly. Indeed but he was not going to reply her until he had thought of a better excuse. Acknowledgement was a bad mistake at this point.

“That is because I know that you are peeping at me when I’m in the bathroom.” Xia Jiaqing said coolly.

Yuan Ji: …

He was now thinking, “Crap! I’ve been discovered…”

“So, am I good to look at?” Xia Jiaqing asked with a faint smile.

Yuan Ji was startled. You knew that I was looking at you and yet you still allow me to watch you from top to bottom for such a long time…

He was totally speechless.

But she was actually really enticing to look at. She was indeed one of the four great beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity…

Yuan Ji quickly shook these thoughts away from his head. It was because if he dares to admit to anything, he would be a dead man tonight. Therefore he said with a straight face, “I am really chasing after the masked assassins when I have come into this place. As for Palace Mistress, even though I am really tempted to look but I didn’t have the courage to look. But because I am worried that the masked assassins would still be around so I have stayed put.”

Xia Jiaqing rolled her eyes before she chuckled softly, “Well, come inside. I have something to discuss with you tonight.”

Yuan Ji quickly said, “It is not appropriate for me to enter your bed chamber. There may be gossip…”

“Come in unless you don’t want your life anymore.” Xia Jiaqing said coldly as she turned her back on him.

With a deep sigh, Yuan Ji began to follow after her.

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