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Chapter 8: I Didn’t Peep

When Yuan Ji was inside her bed chamber, Xia Jiaqing had suddenly turned around to smile at him. “So, do you think that I will believe you?”

Yuan Ji: …

He was not about to admit defeat so easily.

It was because he had full faith in his stealth ability and he was once a golden supremacy. Therefore he knew he was out of range of her divine sense. He did not believe that she would actually know that he had been peeping.

Therefore he said with a full straight face, “I am not a lecherous man. I hope that Palace Mistress will believe me. I can stake my entire honor that I am telling the truth. You know that if cultivators lie then our soul sea will be affected and it would be difficult for us to advance in our cultivation realm in the future.”

He was actually thinking, “Since I am already a saint now and the great saint realm is still so far away, heck care about my soul sea first.”

Xia Jiaqing slowly pointed to the mirrors in her bathroom and around the bed chamber, “I saw your reflection through these mirrors. Not only are you peeking with interest but you are also drooling.”

Yuan Ji: …

It was then that he had noticed that there were many mirrors in her inner palace.

Suddenly he had a sheepish look. Although he knew the range of her divine sense but he had forgotten how sharp the eyesight of a golden supremacy was.

“This…erm…I can explain…” He was suddenly stammering.

Indeed, he had been drooling nonstop earlier.

Xia Jiaqing nodded lightly as she asked gently, “So what do you have to say now?”

Yuan Ji quickly said, “Actually Palace Mistress, I do have something very important to tell you. I am afraid that you will not believe me so I didn’t want to tell you. But now at this stage, I’m left with no other choice but to tell you what I know.”

He inhaled softly before blurting out, “Do you know that Elder Hai Sheng has conspired with your personal attendant to drug your tea with the Elated Happiness Powder? Do you know that your pillow is also laced with the Elated Happiness Powder? If it isn’t for me…”

Xia Jiaqing interrupted with a faint smile, “Do you mean that if it isn’t for you then I will be a victim?”

Yuan Ji clapped his hands, “Precisely!”

“Then what did you do?” Xia Jiaqing smiled.

Yuan Ji was stunned. “What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything. Maybe you are more interested in finding out what will happen? Some people have that fetish.” Xia Jiaqing said casually as she folded her naked leg.

Yuan Ji was staring between her naked folded legs. He knew that she was not wearing anything inside…

But he quickly pulled his eyes from her beautiful legs or else he would soon be a dead man as he said solemnly, “I have the evidences. You can examine the teapot and the pillow.”

Xia Jiaqing nodded with a soft chuckle, “So where are the teapot and the pillow now?”

Yuan Ji was stunned.

That is right. Where are the teapot and the pillow now?!

He was now standing between the thin lines of getting killed by her and he could not explain himself now.

Now he was being treated like a lecherous man that had peeped at her rather than someone who was trying to come to her aid. This was something that he had not expected.

“Chengxi, your old master is so useless…” He was sighing woefully deep in his heart now. He could not imagine Li Qiang running his hands all over her body when he was gone and he was trembling now.

“Elder Yuan Ji, why are you trembling? I didn’t say anything about punishing you or killing you.” Xia Jiaqing smiled.

Yuan Ji stammered, “You’re…not going to kill me?”

Xia Jiaqing had got up of the chair to her bed and was now reclined her body on her bed as she nodded lightly, “It will be a pity to kill such a dashing man like you, am I not wrong to say so?”

Yuan Ji was startled as he thought, “Don’t tell me that she wants to make me her harem slave? I will rather die than submit to her…”

Then he quickly changed his mind, “It is better than dead. It isn’t so bad to copulate with a devil body like her…”

Xia Jiaqing was looking intently at Yuan Ji now and she was smiling. It was because she had already recognized him. Even though he did not have his ugly beard now but she had recognized his eyes and his voice when he had shown up again. She knew that he had prided his ugly beard dearly and had purposely put on an act in front of him back then.

And earlier, she had put on an act to forget about Ji Yuan.

But how could she forget about a man that she had been pinning for a hundred years? She even had his portrait in her bed chamber so that she could look at him day in and night out. And now, he had finally returned and the best part was, he did not have his ugly beard with him anymore.

She immediately knew that he may have lost his beard during his golden body transformation. This sort of thing frequently happened to both men and women that were undergoing their golden celestial body transformation; the men would lose their beards while women would lose their pubic hairs.

Suddenly she was smiling, “Actually I’ve already known that the teapot and the pillow have been tampered with.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “You know?”

Xia Jiaqing was giggling, “I have a secret. My nose is particular sensitive to these scents but at the same time I am also immune to these scents due to a special skill that I’ve been practicing.”

Yuan Ji was blinking his eyes. He had totally forgotten that she was immune to the Elating Happiness Powder. When he was with her in the past, he had known about it but because it had been such a long time, he had totally forgotten about it.

“So don’t let anyone knows.” Xia Jiaqing chuckled.

Yuan Ji muttered weakly, “Alright. So you believe me now?”

Xia Jiaqing nodded gently.

“What are you planning to do with Elder Hai Sheng?” He asked curiously. He was actually secretly delighted that Hai Sheng may lose his life for committing such a despicable act against his Palace Mistress. With Hai Sheng down, there would be one less powerful cultivator for him to deal with.

“Nothing.” Xia Jiaqing said quietly.

Yuan Ji nearly flipped over when he had heard her. “Nothing?!” He was startled. “This is a most despicable act and a treason against his sect leader. This is treachery at its most wickedness!”

Xia Jiaqing said, “I still need his help to fend off the other elders and also my arch rival Xue Qianxue. Therefore he is useful to me.”

Yuan Ji: …

“You must be really curious why, am I right?” She asked.

Yuan Ji slowly nodded.

“Do you think that I can establish the Emperor Hall Sect on my own without any influences? I owe it to the four elders. We are all merely making use of each other.” She explained matter of fact.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “So you have made me an elder as a counter measure against the other elders?”

Xia Jiaqing smiled, “Why are you so smart? With you around to distract them, I can have some peace finally.”

“You are not afraid that I may be in cahoots with them or tell them what you have told me?” Yuan Ji asked.

Xia Jiaqing giggled softly, “I’m not afraid. I have told them exactly the same thing when I’ve recruited them as elders.”

Yuan Ji: …

“And I can see from your eyes that you don’t seem to like them so much, am I right?” She added.

“Are you sure that you are running a protégé clan here?” He asked bitterly.

Xia Jiaqing averted her eyes before she lowered her head to say, “I am waiting for a man to appear but he never appears. We have made a hundred year pledge to wait for each other…”

Then she turned to look at him and said, “Do you agree that he is a heartless man? He says that he will come to look for me once he has become a saint and that he will protect me from Xue Qianxue. But in the end, he never returns.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Maybe he is already dead.”

Xia Jiaqing returned a melancholy look at him before she said quietly, “He is dead in my heart now.”

Yuan Ji: …

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