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Chapter 203: In the Ancient Celestial Ruin (3)

<This chapter is also titled The Mother of Crisis>

As Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were walking in the tall woods, Lu Qingyun noticed that Qian Jingjing was moving slower than usual and knew that she was communicating with her spirit entity in her soul sea.

“Jingjing, I really don’t understand why you will want a lower rank spirit entity. That Headhunter seems a better choice to me.” He asked but he quickly added. “But I admit that she is really a pretty spirit entity.”

Qian Jingjing smiled. “My Yunqing isn’t as useless as you think. Brother Qingyun, do you know that she is now treating my soul sea?”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he stared at her, “What did you say? She can treat your soul sea? I have never heard anything like this before.”

Qian Jingjing laughed softly, “I have never heard of this before too. But when Yunqing saw that I’ve sustained some profound injuries, she offers to treat me. Now I’m feeling much better than before.”

“This is great!” Lu Qingyun was delighted. He was actually anxious about her profound injuries and knew that she was only pretending to be well in front of him. If her profound injuries were light then he would not have given his Divine Profound Pill to her.

“You mustn’t lie to me, alright?” He took another look at her as he added.

Qian Jingjing was now flushing shyly when she saw that Lu Qingyun was now looking at her with concern. She shyly nodded, “Alright.”

“But how did you know that your Yunqing is so special? I mean not only is she a sentient spirit entity but she can also treat your soul sea. This is too amazing. I have almost made a wrong judgment for you.” Lu Qingyun inhaled softly. He was really wrong to suggest the spirit core of the Headhunter for Jingjing.

“This is my sixth sense.” Qian Jingjing laughed softly. “I have a sharp instinct.” She did not want to tell him that she had disliked the Headhunter for many reasons.

She was horrified to think that if the Headhunter turned out to be a lecherous sentient male spirit entity; it would be really inconvenient and awkward for her  when she was in the bathroom with a male spirit entity.

It turned out that her choice was good, saving her plenty of face in front of Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun muttered to himself, “Weird. Usually my instinct is also quite good…it didn’t work this time round…”

As Lu Qingyun looked around his surroundings with his divine sense, he had quickly come to a conclusion. “This place is bigger than we think it is. Although I got an impression that it is just an ancient celestial ruin but this is actually a domain that we are exploring and I’m afraid that this place may be even bigger than New Empyrean City.”

New Empyrean City was not just a city but a city that intertwined with numerous mountain peaks and it was impossible to visit every single peak in a short time.

Qian Jingjing was startled as she stared at Lu Qingyun before she folded her arm on his arm, “I am not afraid. Brother Qingyun will protect me.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “We will leave this place safe and sound together.”

Then he looked around his surroundings again. “So the cultivators that are in our expedition group are all far apart too. This may not be a good idea.”

“Why do you say so?” Qian Jingjing asked curiously.

Lu Qingyun heaved a soft sigh, “This place has already been taken over by the various powerful desolate monsters and has become a treacherous place. We have already met two powerful desolate monsters in such a short span of time. If we are not careful, we may even encounter the more powerful desolate monsters.”

Qian Jingjing was startled and had turned ashen. She dreaded to think of an encounter with a seventh rank desolate monster. When their camp was attacked by a group of Seventh Rank Devious Cyclopeans, the fight had been hard won and many of the cultivators had lost their lives. They had only won because the Devious Cyclopeans had chosen to retreat and not because they were really victorious.

And it took a Saintess like Yin Shisi to put down a Seventh Rank Devious Cyclopean and it was only because she had seized the opportunity to attack it while it was retreating.

Although Lu Qingyun was able to slay a sixth rank desolate monster now but a seventh rank desolate monster was on another totally different level.

Even Lu Qingyun was solemn and he said quietly to her, “If we see a desolate monster that is higher than the sixth rank, quickly run first. I will hold it off for a while and will join you later. Don’t worry about me. I will be alright. It is not so easy to kill a golden celestial.”

Qian Jingjing slowly nodded with a soft sigh, “Let’s hope that we will always be lucky.”

After walking for a while, Lu Qingyun was suddenly sniffing the air as he said quietly. “Hold first. I sniff something.”

Qian Jingjing whispered in alarm, “What is it?”

Lu Qingyun said, “I sniff the aroma of a spirit plant.”

Qian Jingjing was amused. “What are you? A hound?”

But Lu Qingyun expression was solemn as he whispered, “This spirit plant is most unusual. I must take a look.”

“Huh? Are you sure?” Qian Jingjing was startled.

It was because spirit plants in the Celestial Realm were nourishing to the desolate beasts and it would usually attract plenty of desolate beasts to gather around it. In this way, the spirit plants would also receive protection from the desolate beasts.

In the Celestial Realm, spirit plants were rarely seen above the desolate mists and were different from the ordinary floras or herbs.

These spirit plants were all potent cultivation resources and were often hundreds and even thousands of years old. When a spirit plant was growing, it was in its immaterial state and was invisible to the eyes. It could not be touched either.

Most spirit plants would only materialize when they were several hundred years old, with some taking thousands of years even.

Whenever these spirit plants appeared, there would be similar attribute desolate beasts that would appear in its vicinity to feed off the spiritual aura of the spirit plant to evolve into a more powerful form.

The spirit plants may not stay materialize forever and would dematerialize after some time. This would depend on the species and types of the spirit plants.

But no matter what species the desolate beasts were, it would never hurt a spirit plant. It was like some kind of harmony relationship had been established between the spirit plant and desolate beast. No one really knows what the reason behind it was.

“Let’s approach quietly.” Lu Qingyun said.

Qian Jingjing nodded.

Before long, they were creeping quietly along the edge of a cliff and saw a small clearing below them.

Several pink spirit flowers were seen growing in the middle of the clearing and around these flowers were tens of high ranking Fluffy Desolate Rabbits.

Lu Qingyun looked a little disappointed as he muttered, “There are too many of them for us to have a chance.”

Qian Jingjing asked curiously, “What are these spirit plants?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Actually I have no idea either. But these spirit plants radiate a strong life-force. It may be what I need for my alchemy. It may be a potent ingredient that I may need.”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun had turned ashen as a monstrous desolate beast had suddenly emerged from within the woods. It was a Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit.

An Eighth Rank Fluffy was completely unlike a Fifth, Sixth and a Seventh Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit. In fact, it was not fluffy looking at all. Instead of having pink fur, it was covered with heavy metallic white scales. Even its neck was extremely long like a long necked lizard. Moreover its four talons were razor sharp and it had a long tail with long four wicked spikes. Even its head looked like it was wearing a metallic winged helmet and its two fangs were extremely long, protruding out of its mouth.

“It has spotted us…” Lu Qingyun gasped. “We need to flee now…”

Yan’Er was also pleading to him in his soul sea, “Master, it knows we are here. Run please!”

Qian Jingjing was also gasping with fright.

But it was too late.

In a blink of an eye, the Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit had leapt with a thunderous landing next to them!

Lu Qingyun’s jaws almost dropped after witnessing this monster had jumped a mile with only a single hop.

There was no way the two of them could escape from this monster.

Lu Qingyun had immediately flashed his divine sword as he shouted to Qian Jingjing, “Run first! I will hold this monster back. Quickly flee before the rest of its kind surround us!”

Even as he had spoken, tens of Fluffy Desolate Rabbits were hopping in their direction.

All of a sudden the beautiful form of Yunqing had appeared between the Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit and was saying gently to it, “They are my friends. Do not hurt them. I’ve evolved into a spirit entity now…”

The Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit roared thunderously, causing the ground beneath them to tremble dangerously like an earthquake.

Yunqing turned to say gently to Lu Qingyun, “As my great benefactor for helping me to evolve, my queen here says she will allow you to pluck one of the Celestial Flower of Life.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he muttered, “Really? I can have one?”

This was the first time that he was seeing a spirit entity talking to a desolate beast. He was astonished by the sight but was perplexed at the same time as he thought. “I’ve thought that the spirit entities have little memories of their previous forms?”

But at the same time, he finally knows the name of this unique spirit plant. “The Celestial Flower of Life? Is it no wonder that Yunqing is able to treat Jingjing’s profound injuries?”

Qian Jingjing had almost fainted from fright when the Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit had jumped in front of her and she was now heaving a soft sigh of relief. “Thank you Yunqing…” She swore in her heart that she would never hurt any Fluffy Desolate Rabbits in the future.

“How did you manage to persuade your queen to spare us?” Qian Jingjing smiled weakly.

Yunqing smiled gently, “The queen is my mother.”

Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing: …

Lu Qingyun blinked his eyes as he said weakly, “And I’ve just killed her daughter…how did I become Yunqing’s benefactor…”

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