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Chapter 204: In the Ancient Celestial Ruin (4)

Lu Qingyun had quickly picked the Celestial Flower of Life and had left hurriedly.

He was feeling really excited about this find and knew that he had a rare spirit plant in his hand. He was now one more step closer to create his life-giver sixth rank divine pill.

After making sure they were now at a safe distance from the Fluffy Desolate Rabbits, he said to Yunqing, “Erm, I am so sorry that I’ve turned you into a spirit entity. You must be so sad to be separated from your mother.”

But Yunqing merely returned a faint smile, “I am happy to be in this form.”

“Huh?” Lu Qingyun did not truly understand what she had meant by that.

Even Qian Jingjing was feeling guilty that Yunqing was forced to be apart from her family as she muttered, “Sorry Yunqing…”

But Yunqing laughed jovially, “Great Benefactor and Master, don’t be sad. Yunqing is really happy to be with you.”

Yan’Er was nodding, “That’s right. Yunqing isn’t sad. She is really happy!”

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing stole a glance at each other. They could not understand why Yunqing and even Yan’Er did not seem to be bothered with the fact that they were addressing them as masters and they were servitude to them.

In the Celestial Realm, even though the desolate beasts and the celestial cultivators dwelled side by side but very little was known about the desolate beasts. It was because the desolate beasts mostly dwelled below the mysterious desolate mists that blanketed the mountains below.

No one ventured too deep below the desolate mists as the deeper they go, the more likely a higher ranking desolate beast would be encountered. At the same time, the spiritual force below the desolate mist was a poor sustenance for the cultivators, impairing their ability to regain their profound strength and to cultivate.

The cultivators did not really know that the desolate beasts also had a desire to transcendent to the Immortal Realm as a divine beast or evolve to a spirit form. This spirit form was actually the human form which all the desolate beasts had the secret desire to evolve into.

It was because the human form was the form of the first immortals and was the ultimate creation of the Endless Abyssal Sea.

Therefore Yunqing was really happy that she now had the likeness of a human. Because of this, even her kind was extremely jubilant for her. That was the reason why the Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit Queen had not only let Lu Qingyun to go and had allowed him to pick one of the Celestial Flower of Life.

So Yan’Er was right that Yunqing was really happy.

But of course if Yunqing did not become a sentient spirit entity then the Eighth Rank Fluffy Desolate Rabbit Queen would definitely be hostile.

Lu Qingyun began to look at Yan’Er and Yunqing before he looked at Yan’Er again, “Why is it that my Yan’Er is only a little child?”

Yan’Er chuckled as she pointed at Yunqing, “Because I’m very young while she is so old.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“But Yan’Er is a Ninth Rank Golden Roc, am I right? You should be thousands of years old.” Lu Qingyun frowned lightly. It was because Yan’Er could not possibly be so young. She had to be thousands of years old in order to evolve into a powerful ninth rank golden roc.

Yan’Er chuckled, “I’m only ten thousand years old while she is at least a hundred thousand years old.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he stared at Yunqing. “What?! She is a hundred thousand years old?! But she is only a fifth rank desolate beast…”

Qian Jingjing giggled. “Actually I should have guessed when I saw her size earlier. Usually the ones that are around are the small ones. I guess that their kind evolve quite slowly elsewhere Yan’Er kind evolve faster.”

Yunqing was nodding with a smile, “Indeed master is right. Also, my mother is a million year old.”

Lu Qingyun blinked his eyes at Yunqing. He really could not imagine an existence of a million year old. He had heard of spirit plants that are a million year though but not desolate beasts. Are these desolate beasts immortal? He seriously did not think so.

He did not know that the desolate beasts in this ancient ruins were truly immortal beasts and had infinity lifespan compared to the outside. It was because these desolate beasts were all trapped in a timeless space of the Pangu Suppressing Array.

“Well…” Lu Qingyun smiled to Yunqing. “Welcome aboard. We are happy to know Yunqing.”

Yunqing was smiling, “I am really happy to be able to talk and given a new life. Thank you Great Benefactor.”

She was addressing Lu Qingyun the same way as Yan’Er was addressing Qin Keqin. It was because these spirit entities knew in their hearts and had a link with the person that had awakened them even though they may not necessary be their masters.

As Qin Keqin was the one that had awakened Yan’Er, Yan’Er would also listen to her even though she was not her master.

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing soon come to a place with mighty walls that were so imposing that they were like hills.

The sight of these walls completely stunned them.

“Who will build something like this?” Lu Qingyun muttered.

“Brother Qingyun, I got a weird feeling about this place. Isn’t this an ancient celestial ruin? How come I got a feeling that this is an immortal ruin?”

“Jingjing, I don’t want to lie to you. Indeed. This place is pre-dated before the celestials and is sealed off by the Great God Pangu.” Lu Qingyun said quietly.

Qian Jingjing gasped softly with shock, “We are in an immortal ruin?!”

Lu Qingyun grinned, “That is right.”

Qian Jingjing pondered for a while before she said, “It is no wonder that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is willing to expend so much of their cultivation resources for this expedition. This place is like a wonderland of celestial treasures. I wonder if I may be able to find a piece of the heavenly relic and get my own divine sword?”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “Sure you will.”

As they chatted, they quickly moved in through the cracks of the huge monument walls that were taller than even the tallest gigantic trees here.

They were soon on the other side of the wall.

What greeted them on the other side was a shocker; there were golden skeletons of the cultivators and the gigantic skeletons of the desolate beasts everywhere.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he said to Jingjing, “These are the ancient remains of the golden celestials?” He quickly added. “No, to be more precise, these are the ancient remains of the immortal cultivators that had perished here.”

Qian Jingjing was also startled by the sight of the thousands of ancient skeleton remains that stretched for miles amidst the thousands of tall trees in the vicinity. “This is like an ancient battle field.”

As Lu Qingyun walked forward, suddenly he had kicked something on his foot by accident and he bended over to pick it up. It was a small silver metallic object the size of his palm that was extremely heavy. He was gasping as he blinked at Qian Jingjing who was also curious what he had picked up, “This…this is a heavenly relic!”

He quickly transferred his profound strength into the heavenly relic and no sooner had he done so, the heavenly relic was immediately hovering on his palm. “This heavenly relic is good enough to be made into a divine weapon. Jingjing, you may have it.”

Qian Jingjing was gasping, “Brother Qingyun, it is for me? But it is your lucky occurrence. How can I deserve it? This is far too precious.”

She quickly averted her eyes shyly before saying melancholy, “You’ve already done so much for me. You have even given your precious Divine Profound Pill to me. Lucky you’re now a golden celestial or Jingjing will be even more guilty. No, I can’t take this…”

But Lu Qingyun interrupted gently, “I’ve already got a divine sword. Or rather two divine swords now. It is alright. Since this is an ancient battle field, we may find more of these heavenly relics here. But I just got one request and that is to move on quickly. I like to see more of this place before we leave.”

He really had two divine swords now. One was the Divine Sword Jade Light and the other one was a newly obtained Divine Sword Horizon of the Heavens.

Then he chuckled softly, “But whether it can really become a divine sword is up to your providence. Alright?”

Qian Jingjing heisted as she looked at Lu Qingyun before she replied, “Then I keep for Brother Qingyun then. If you want it back anytime, just let me know.”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “That is my good Jingjing.”

Qian Jingjing smiled before she held Lu Qingyun by his arm, “Let’s go.”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he started to comb the area for the sight of any spirit plants and interesting celestial treasures.

As they combed the vicinity, Qian Jingjing asked. “Brother Qingyun, do you know the origins of the Heavenly Relics?”

“I have heard that the Heavenly Relics are only formed when a golden saint has failed to ascend or when a great saint has died. The spiritual remains of these saints are able to form into a Heavenly Relic. But this is only a rumor that I’ve heard.”

Qian Jingjing nodded, “That is actually true. But it doesn’t matter all the time. Maybe 1 in 100 chance for a saint and 1 in 5 chance for a golden saint that has perished. Or 1 in 3 chance if it is a great saint that has failed his ascension to the Immortal Realm.”

“Jingjing, how do you know so much?” Lu Qingyun asked curiously.

Qian Jingjing returned a weak smile, “The Spirit Sword Manor has quite a few Heavenly Relics in its secret treasury and also quite a few divine swords. I was given a chance to view it and was taught about each of the origin of every single Heavenly Relic and Divine Sword that are in the Spirit Sword Manor.”

Lu Qingyun nodded. The Spirit Sword Manor was a major celestial clan and it had dozens of golden celestials. Throughout its long history, it probably had thousands of golden celestials.

He was smiling weakly. He was like an uneducated high level cultivator now compared to Qian Jingjing who knew much more about the history and secret knowledge of the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

He knew of course that Qian Jingjing was revealing a secret of the Spirit Sword Manor. The odds of obtaining a Heavenly Relic was actually a top secret in any celestial clan for this was paid with the studies of numerous golden celestials in its rank. Moreover no celestial clans would want to tell the others that there were more previous Heavenly Relics and Divine Weapons than admitted lest it invited the envious hearts of the cultivators.

“And this Heavenly Relic that Brother Qingyun has just given me is far superior to any of the Heavenly Relics that I’ve seen.” Qian Jingjing added as she took a forlorn look at Lu Qingyun. This gift was far, far too precious…

But Lu Qingyun merely nodded as he continued to walk and was muttering, “There are so many broken divine armors and weapons around here. With a Heavenly Relic, we can even repair one…”

He tried lifting a piece of armor but soon gave up. It was extremely heavy and moreover its soul sea was dead when the previous owner had passed away. This was a special characteristic of the divine weapons and armors. Unless the owner willed it, it was impossible for anyone to take away their divine armaments once it was divine harmonized with it. In order to move a divine armament that had already divine harmonized with the soul sea of a master, a great deal of profound strength had to be exercised and it was extremely tiring.

Therefore Lu Qingyun did not try to move the piece of armor anymore.

He was soon laughing with a sheepish look, “Maybe we can find some divine armaments that did not have a master. These ancient immortals seem to be able to divine harmonize with their divine armaments as though it was an effortless thing. Haha.”

While he was distracted by his find, he did not notice that Qian Jingjing was now leaning even closer to him and was looking at him with great endeavor as though he was already her husband.

“I don’t believe that they are all so pros and not a single noob in the ranks of these immortals. Surely there must be a good-for-nothing immortal cultivator in their ranks…” Lu Qingyun was muttering.

Qian Jingjing was giggling when she heard him. She silently said, “You’re not a good-for-nothing cultivator. You are a hero in my heart…”

“Jingjing, you are not making a search? We have just found a wonderland of treasures that are waiting to be discovered.”

Qian Jingjing merely smiled. She had already found the most precious treasure in her life and that was Lu Qingyun.

Faraway in the Divine Moon Realm;

Fan Yuqing had slowly removed her golden mask in the privacy of her room. Her beautiful face had a weary look but when she looked at the reflection of her divine sword, she was relieved and was glad.

This divine sword was a copy of the Divine Sword Jade Light and was an extra copy that she had kept for herself. In this way, she would know if he was doing fine from looking at his soul sea through the divine sword.

She muttered softly, “So he is a golden celestial now…this is good…I’m doing fine too…”

With a gently smile, she added. “Yun’Er, I miss you so much…”

She was suddenly weeping silent tears, “I’m really fine. We will not be apart for long…”

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