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Chapter 205: The Good-For-Nothing Savior

Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing were moving cautiously along the many tall walls of the ruins when they spotted a group of seven cultivators that were being chased by a terrifying sixth rank devious raptor.

Lu Qingyun had immediately recognized Yu Tianjian and Gongsun Ya from the group. All the cultivators that were in the group were grievously injured and they had claw marks on them. The only reason that they did not die instantly was because they were all fourth realm cultivators of the energy level and they were forcing their agonizing bodies to move with their sheer strength of will.

But their situation was desperate and one of the cultivators had suddenly faltered, becoming the food of the terrifying large raptor that towered over the cultivators. The unfortunate cultivator had managed to buy the rest of the cultivators some time but only barely.

Lu Qingyun did not hesitate as he said to Qian Jingjing, “Wait here!”

Every second was crucial for these cultivators that were below them.

He quickly ran along the slope that was above the pursuing raptor before he leapt suddenly upon the startled sixth rank raptor with two copies of his Divine Sword Jade Light.

Gongsun Ya was startled when a cultivator had suddenly jumped between the pursuing raptor and their group. Although she could only see his back but she was suddenly gasping; it was because she had recognized the divine swords that were in his hands that had belonged to Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun had raised his two divine swords in a swirling fury as he slashed the sixth rank raptor as though he was slicing tofu. The raptor did not even have the chance to react as it was cut down by the sharp blades of his divine swords.

Even Lu Qingyun was startled by his startled outburst of strength. This was a sixth rank devious monster and he did not even have the time to use his sword art. His only thought was to raise his sword to attack it with a couple of quick strokes to buy him time to prepare his sword art.

But when he had attacked with his swords, he found himself attacking so fast that he could not stop in time so instead he had moved along with the flow.

He was actually quite sheepish. It was because he had overestimated his own lightless swiftness skill and had jumped down right in front of the terrifying raptor. His original idea was to jump several steps away from the raptor to prepare his ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’. After all, this was a sixth rank devious monster and the thick armor of this monster may be almost impervious to his normal attacks, even though he was holding onto a divine sword.

“Huh? My divine swords can actually hurt this monster?” He thought with a startled look at his two divine swords. It was only then that he had noticed that his two half-step divine swords were actually now a full earth-step divine sword.

“My strength has grown?” He was startled but he soon had a sudden realization. “My divine sword has been bathed in the Endless Abyssal Sea for a year, absorbing the spiritual essences inside. It has now evolved…”

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by Yu Tianjian who had quickly greeted back, “I thank savior for coming to our aid. If it were not for you, we…”

But when Lu Qingyun had turned around, Yu Tianjian was so startled that he had completely forgotten what he was going to say.

It was because this powerful ‘savior’ was actually the good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun! This was impossible right?

The second shocker that he had was that Lu Qingyun was now looking at him with his bright golden eyes!

The notorious good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun was now a true celestial, a golden celestial that all the half-step celestial cultivators were thriving for!

Yu Tianjian’s jaws dropped, “You…are…really…Lu Qingyun?” This time he did not add the good-for-nothing cultivator.

Even Gongsun Ya and the other cultivators were astonished.

Gongsun Ya had actually witnessed Lu Qingyun killing a Fifth Rank Headhunter previously on the way to the Moon Demon Forest. Therefore she did not think that he was actually a good-for-nothing cultivator.

But she was completely taken by surprise that he was actually a golden celestial now.

“He is Lu Qingyun?”

“Isn’t he the good-for-nothing…”

“He is a golden celestial now?!”

The other four surviving cultivators knew who Lu Qingyun was and could not believe their eyes. Yu Tianjian and many others had been spreading damaging stories of a good-for-nothing cultivator that was riding his way through all the competitions and his name was Lu Qingyun. Moreover, the presence of Qian Jingjing in his company reinforces this belief.

Lu Qingyun was really handsome and even the male cultivators were all forced to admit it secretly. So they had all believed that Lu Qingyun had been riding Qian Jingjing and all the other maidens in order to cheat his way through the competitions.

Even Gongsun Ya had thought so.

Although this group of cultivators did not say this but they were all actually thinking that Lu Qingyun may have ride on Yin Shisi and had dual cultivate with her, drawing upon her primordial yin to elevate his own cultivation. Maybe even Ouyang Xue was his partner in dual cultivation and that was why he was now a golden celestial.

Yu Tianjian was not totally ungrateful. He may be arrogant and had looked down on Lu Qingyun but today Lu Qingyun had saved his life. So he said, “Thank you for your aid.” But deep down, he was still looking down on him because he had dual cultivated with the higher realm cultivators to advance his own cultivation.

Moreover, he was actually envious of him because Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue and Qian Jingjing were all great beauties. There were also Leng Qiuyue and Fairy Ling Xiu that he knew of who were previously with Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun asked, “What is going on here?”

At this moment, Qian Jingjing had also jumped down from the cliff above as she landed gently next to Lu Qingyun.

Gongsun Ya said panicky, “We are with the protégés of the Heavenly Ridge Villa when we are attacked by a group of high level raptors. There is also a powerful Seventh Rank Raptor in the group. Immortal Celestial Zhao Riyue and her group have brought us time to flee while they…they battled…the monsters…”

Lu Qingyun had turned ashen. Zhao Riyue was not a combatant. Instead it was her twin sister Zhao Xingye who was the real fighter.  He quickly asked panicky, “They are in the direction that you have fled from?”


Barely had Gongsun Ya said yes, Lu Qingyun was already running off at full speed!

Gongsun Ya was gasping, “Don’t go. It is a seventh rank raptor king…”

But Lu Qingyun had already disappeared from view and he was accompanied by Qian Jingjing.

Gongsun Ya began to sigh heavily as she muttered, “Let’s hope that he will be alright…”

Yu Tianjian said solemnly, “It may already be too late.”

All of a sudden, the dead cultivator in their group had vanished from view.

All seven of them had actually burned their talismans in order to escape from this place. But it was only when they had suddenly realized that too many of them were burning the talisman at the same time and it was not instantaneous.

Right now, the dead cultivator was being retrieved by the golden celestials that were outside and it was already too late for the dead cultivator. He had actually activated his talisman a good 30 minutes ago.

Gongsun Ya muttered, “What should we do now?”

Yu Tianjian muttered as a cultivator had suddenly vanished from view in their group, “Since we have already burnt our talisman, we can only wait now. If we are constantly moving, the golden celestials outside may even lose our profound signatures and we may even be struck here forever. When that happens, we can only be food for these desolate beasts here.”

Gongsun Ya nodded as she took a forlorn look at the direction that Lu Qingyun had gone to. “I guess that we have no other choice now.”

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