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Chapter 11: One Hundred Years Ago (2)

Ji Yuan had walked into a celestial guild and said to the personal guild attendant, “I want some information about a person.”

The personal guild attendant was smiling. It was because the inquirer was a golden celestial and golden celestials were rich enough to afford payment for rare information.

She gave Ji Yuan a lovely smile, “That will depend on what information that you want about that person and the rarity of the information. It ranges from a single gold coin to several spirit stones. But you can rest assure that we will protect your confidentiality. May I know the person name first?”

Ji Yuan quickly nodded, “So be it. Do you have any information on Xue Qianxue?”

The personal guild attendant was gasping but she soon lit a wry smile, “If you want to know if she is attached or have any suitors, the price is 10 spirit stones. This information is highly sought after and I can promise you that we have the latest update on her.”

Ji Yuan smiled weakly, “I am not interested in that.”

“Then?” The personal guild attendant asked curiously.

“I want to know her profound skills, her swordplay and how strong she is.” Ji Yuan said firmly.

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Are you sure?”

Ji Yuan asked, “Are you afraid that I won’t be able to pay you?”

“It isn’t that…” The personal guild attendant was sighing, “That will be 1 gold piece.”

“So cheap?!” Ji Yuan was astonished. 100 gold pieces was equivalent to one low grade spirit stone.

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Everyone knows who Xue Qianxue is and her ranking. This information isn’t worth much.”

“Well, I don’t so I want to know.” Ji Yuan smiled weakly.

The personal guild attendant was thinking, “Is he living in another world? He actually doesn’t know how strong Xue Qianxue is?”

But she kept her thoughts to herself while smiling, “Xue Qianxue. Sacred Maiden to the Celestial Orthodox Sect. Seventh Rank Middle Tier Saintess. One of the two most beautiful goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity…”

Ji Yuan said impatiently, “This, I know already. I am not paying you for this. I’m not interested in her family or status. I want to know her profound skills and ranking.”

The personal guild attendant smiled weakly, “Alright then. I will go straight to the point. She practiced the Sacred Maiden Profound Art and the name of her swordplay is the Beautiful Maiden Swordplay. Her lightless skill…”

“What is the swordplay ranking of her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay?” Ji Yuan interrupted her with an anxious look.

“Well, it is currently ranked number nine.”

Ji Yuan was gasping as he thought. “Then I’m screwed.” His own swordplay was ranked forty-nine in the Swordplay Ranking but her swordplay was actually ranked ninth…

There was no way that he would want to shave off his beautiful beard. Therefore he thought of challenging her with his sword. After all, he was a highly respected Sword Saint and he had full faith in his sword.

But now, he was suddenly not so sure anymore…

He said weakly, “Not bad. But her sword art is still beneath me. What about her Sacred Maiden Profound Art?”

Although he may not best her in swordplay but he had full faith in his profound art. After all, usually these type of beautiful cultivators were weak in their profound arts and were more like a beautiful vase.

“The Sacred Maiden Profound Art is ranked in the top ten most powerful internal profound arts.” The personal guild attendant nearly fainted when he had asked her about it. This was something that everyone knew about.

Ji Yuan broke into cold sweat. His own profound art was not even among the top 100. Moreover Xue Qianxue was a seventh realm saintess and her profound strength was superior to him.

He could only pray that she was a lazy cultivator and her Sacred Maiden Profound Art was not as highly accomplished as the ranking said. After all, these types of rankings could be faked by anyone.

When he remembered how Gao Xianliang got kicked by her across the room, he began to panic as he thought. “Even a powerful sixth realm golden supremacy got kick in that manner…she isn’t weak…”

“Great Celestial, do you want any other information?” The personal guild attendant asked weakly.

“No, that is enough.” Ji Yuan said as he put down a gold coin on the table.

He was muttering to himself, “Although I am the protégé master of my own sect but I can’t let my protégés know that I’ve offended Xue Qianxue. This will be awkward to my face. Alas, what shall I do now?”

All of a sudden his eyes had looked up because a most astonishing beautiful maiden had quietly walked into the celestial guild house. She was dressed in black robe that showed her beautiful legs and she had her long hair bundled into a beautiful top that immediately gave her an elegant presence. At the same time, her pair of golden eyes was looking intently around her.

Ji Yuan muttered silently, “She is so beautiful. I wonder if she is attached. If only I can hook her up.”

She was indeed the most beautiful maiden that Ji Yuan had ever seen and his eyes were wandering on every inch of her.

Ji Yuan was not the only person looking at her. Almost everyone had suddenly stopped what they were doing and were in awe of her astonishing beauty.

Even the female guild personal attendant was muttering, “I’ve thought that there are only two goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. There is another goddess here.”

This beautiful astonishing maiden had suddenly approached Ji Yuan and was smiling, “Are you Ji Yuan?”

Ji Yuan was startled that she had actually approached him. He nodded before saying, “I am. Do you know me?”

The beautiful astonishing maiden chuckled softly, “Of course I know you. You are the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators. Someone as renowned as you is known by everyone.”

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “Indeed, indeed. But I don’t know the name of maiden yet. May I know your maiden’s name?”

The beautiful astonishing maiden rolled her eyes before she said quietly, “Xia Jiajia.”

“So it is Maiden Xia Jiajia. May I know your celestial clan of origin?” Ji Yuan said as he stared at her.

Xia Jiajia smiled before she whispered to him, “Actually I am here to help you. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Ji Yuan was startled. “I’ve no enemies…”

“Well, you have one now and that is Xue Qianxue.” Xia Jiajia chuckled softly.

Ji Yuan was frowning, “How did you know about this?”

Xia Jiajia giggled before she whispered, “I was there. You guys are so loud that day. Even a deaf man can hear you.”

Ji Yuan immediately had a sheepish look, “A deaf man can’t hear for sure.”

“But that isn’t the point right?” Xia Jiajia smiled. “You have a powerful cultivator that is on your back now and you need to shake her off. Therefore you may need my help to do so.”

Ji Yuan shrugged his shoulders, “Actually it isn’t as threatening as you think it is. I’m sure that Xue Qianxue is wise enough to know that I am innocent of any disrespect to her. The ones that made the lewd remarks isn’t me.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Are you sure about that? I have heard you loud and clear that day. You’ve made the lewdest remark on her.”

Ji Yuan: …

“Maiden Xia, you can eat the wrong food but you can’t say the wrong words! In fact, I was trying to persuade them to be respectful!” Yuan Ji said with great righteousness.

If there was anything that he would not do and that was to disrespect any maidens. It was against his Dao and the pride of his Sword Saint title!

In the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, he was well-known as the gentleman of the sword.

“Well. Did you say that beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder that day?” Xia Jiajia asked.

Ji Yuan nodded, “I did. What is wrong with this line?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Why are you so cute? Did you say this next then? I didn’t even know how she looks like so how can I even take her as my consort? Even if she is willing, I am not willing at all.”

Ji Yuan was frowning lightly, “There is nothing offensive about this.”

Xia Jiajia was smiling with amusement, “It may sound inoffensive but imagine letting Xue Qianxue hearing that she is undeserved to be your consort because you don’t know how beautiful she is. That is offensive. And you have to add if she is willing, you are not willing at all. Can you imagine how she feels after hearing you?”

Ji Yuan was startled after hearing her, “Surely she isn’t that petty right?”

“Did you also say that after you have got her as your consort, you will also share her divine remedy to your three other brothers?” Xia Jiajia asked further.

“This, I did say that. But there is nothing wrong right?” Ji Yuan smiled weakly.

“To Xue Qianxue, it is extremely lewd. It is like sharing her with your three other brothers.” Xia Jiajia pointed out.

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes, “I didn’t think this way at all.”

“Then you have to add that you’ve no interest in someone that you’ve never met. You even said that people tend to exaggerate things about her and that she is only being conferred the title of a beautiful goddess only because she is a saintess.” Xia Jiajia pointed out.

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “I did say that…”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “And you even add that she must have plenty of suitors and that you doubt that she is even a chaste maiden.”

Ji Yuan: …

“What you’ve said got her so upset that she immediately stormed to your private room.” Xia Jiajia chuckled softly. “So, are your remarks lewd or not?”

Ji Yuan returned a bitter smile, “I did say that but the others are the worst offenders.”

“No matter how lewd they are but they are still praising her beauty but you…” Xia Jiajia was laughing so jovially that there were tears in her eyes. “I’ve never met anyone that can upset Xue Qianxue straight in her face like you did.”

Ji Yuan had suddenly pulled her aside, “Erm, let’s talk elsewhere. This place isn’t a good place to talk.”

Then he whispered to her, “You’re right. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Xia Jiajia was laughing softly, “So you’ve finally realized you have made an enemy out of Xue Qianxue?”

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