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Chapter 209: The Mysterious Floating Citadel (3)

Xingxin was hovering in mid-air as she looked quietly at Lu Qingyun before saying, “It is my duty to kill all the intruders that have entered this great hall.”

When she had said that, dozens of divine swords were suddenly forming from the metallic ball that was hovering in the middle of the hall.

Lu Qingyun muttered, “Isn’t this too unfair? She can hurt me but I can’t hurt her…”

Yan’Er chuckled, “Master, you are fighting a ghost now.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“Yan’Er, this isn’t the time for any joke. If I die, you will die too. Quick, think of something. Like, making friends with her.” Lu Qingyun said weakly.

Yan’Er nodded as she hovered to Xingxin, “Can we be friends and you do not hurt my master?”

Xingxin giggled as she nodded, “I am…only scaring him. No one has ever found their way to this hall and I can’t leave this hall too.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “No one? This place isn’t so hard to find.”

“It is actually protected by multiple layers of celestial arrays. It isn’t that simple to find this hall.” Xingxin said.

Lu Qingyun laughed awkwardly, “Really?” He had been following the winds until he had found this place and had failed to notice his surroundings.

Xingxin said quietly, “I am also not allowed to appear in front of any strangers.”

“Oh?” Lu Qingyun said.

Xingxin looked quietly at Yan’Er, “Because of Yan’Er and you. I found the courage to show up.”

Lu Qingyun blinked his eyes, not understanding.

Xingxin said slowly, “Yan’Er…has a physical form…I wish to have one as well…”

Yan’Er clapped her hands, “That is right. I have taken over the Horizon of the Heavens.”

Xingxin nodded slowly.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was frowning as he looked at Yan’Er. He had suddenly realized that these two spirit entities were communicating in secret. Xingxin never had the intention to hurt him and that was why Yan’Er was not panicking and was even playful.

Xingxin looked earnestly at Lu Qingyun, “Xingxin wishes to leave this accursed place…to go out. You have the Divine Sword Jade Light. It is a saint grade divine sword that is bathed in the pure profound energies of the Endless Abyssal Sea. It…will be a suitable vessel for my spirit entity.”

She struggled to find words before adding, “In return, I will divine harmony with your soul sea so that you can wield the Divine Sword Jade Light to its fullest potential. You shall be my master.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “I can wield the Divine Sword Jade Light to its fullest potential? Really?”

“Actually I don’t mind that but why me? You are the artefact spirit of this citadel and have an immortal soul. At least you have your freedom here.” Lu Qingyun pointed out.

“Because you are the true master of the Horizon of the Heavens…” Xingxin said melancholy. “…and also the same race as my masters.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “This Horizon of the Heavens, isn’t it just a divine sword?”

Xingxin smiled, “That is its true form but it is more powerful than just a divine sword. It will be able to restore my master’s strength.”

Yan’Er was nodding, “That’s right. Master’s strength will be restored in no time!”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he flashed out the true Divine Sword Jade Light, “Come inside then. I will take you outside. But before that, may I ask you something?”

Xingxin nodded as she hovered near him, “Yes master?”

“I don’t think I have the time to explore this citadel for any profound treasures. As a matter of fact, I should be burning the talisman anytime soon and to exit this place. Erm, I wonder if there are any valuable spirit herbs or celestial herbs that are in this place? I wonder if you can guide me to find them?” Lu Qingyun asked sheepishly, unsure if it was morally alright to make such a request. He was trying to plunder his newly spirit entity.

Xingxin smiled as she seemed to be able to read his thoughts, “Since I will be leaving this place, these things are of no use to me. It is better to bring some of it along.”

Then she chuckled, “Why don’t I bring all the profound treasures here so that master can have your pick?”

Lu Qingyun’s jaws almost dropped to the ground, “You can bring all the profound treasures to this place?!”

“Of course! Master has so fast forgotten that your Xingxin is the master of this great citadel.”

“This is great!” Lu Qingyun was really excited at the thought of seeing so many profound treasures. But he was soon sighing heavily, “My spatial ring and belt, I don’t think I can carry so many items…”

Lu Qingyun was now looking at the number of rare celestial herbs and spirit plants that were lay in front of him as well as a great quantity of profound treasures including the purest Heavenly Relics that he had ever seen.

“This…how do I carry all these?” He muttered as he looked at Yan’Er and Xingxin.

Although he had a spatial ring and a spatial belt but all items had a weight. It may be a spatial storage but the items were real and the weight of these items would affect his fluid movement. That was why most cultivators would only put a sword or two in their spatial rings and nothing else while they kept their other less important items in their spatial belt as a secondary backpack.

Putting a sword on a spatial ring had an advantage; it was almost the same as training with a sword that was in the hand constantly without attracting attention in the most unlikely of places.

And spatial rings and belts were only given to core protégés of a celestial clan usually. Although these spatial storages could only hold a backpack of items but that was more than enough usually. At the same time, it was very expensive to craft one and all the spatial storage items had the signature of their celestial clan of origin and the personal profound signature of the cultivator that it was given to, so was to prevent the others from using it.

Xingxin chuckled as she pointed to an exquisite jade belt, “This spatial storage belt is empty and is a profound treasure. It is equivalent to a hundred of master’s current storage belt.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “What is the point? I can’t move with such a heavy weight around my waist.”

Xingxin giggled, “It is a profound treasure and it is able to render the items within it weightless.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he quickly examined the exquisite belt before shouting excitingly, “Yan’Er, Xingxin. Quick! Find me all the best things that I can carry with me!”

Yan’Er looked around her and saw the hundreds of celestial herbs and profound treasures that were around her, “Which one is the best?”

Even Xingxin looked a little lost.

Lu Qingyun quickly said awkwardly with a heavy sigh, “Never mind, I think I will select these spirit plants myself. Two hours are not enough. We need two months to sort everything in this place. Just get me the oldest spirit plants and those spirit plants that have the most profound energies.”

Then he looked at the hundreds of profound treasures that were lying around, “Although profound treasures are important but it is really too numerous to take it away. I will just take a few and leave the rest of it to the other lucky cultivators to find.”

“Erm, I may need some high grade spirit stones too.” Lu Qingyun laughed weakly as he muttered. “It seems that greed is unsatisfied.”

He started to calm himself down as he thought, “I may just have the celestial herbs to make a sixth rank divine pill now. All I need is more time to research the celestial herbs that I’ve found. I will fulfill my old master’s dream as well as mine.”

Then he smiled to Xingxin and Yan’Er, “Let’s not be too greedy. I just need the cultivation resources for my future breakthrough to the sixth and seventh realm level. I’ve already have the two best profound treasures in my hand and that are the two of you here.”

He was actually not wrong. The Horizon of the Heavens and the Divine Sword Jade Light were the better profound treasures than any other profound treasures that could be found in the citadel.

And that was the main reason why Xingxin had manifested herself to him, drawn by the Divine Sword Jade Light that could make a potential vessel for her. Even if the entire artefact core of the citadel could be re-forged into a thousand divine swords, it was incomparable to a single saint divine sword and moreover this was a divine sword that was bathed in the profound energies of the Endless Abyssal Sea.

Xingxin and Yan’Er were both nodding with delight as they looked with earnest at Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun’s eyes seemed to be in a faraway place, “Now I am closer and closer to Keqin…I hope that she is well…will I ever meet her again…”

Suddenly Xingxin had interrupted his thoughts, “Master, actually there are plenty of fourth rank, fifth rank and even a couple of sixth rank divine pills here. Isn’t it easier to get the divine pills instead?”

Now that she was connected to Lu Qingyun’s soul sea, she was able to sense his needs.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he blinked his eyes, “Did you just say there are a couple of sixth rank divine pills in this place?!”

Xingxin grinned as she pointed to the pile of sealed bottles that she had earlier summoned into the place. “Over there master.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing heartily, “Why don’t  Xingxin…say so earlier…haha…”

Xingxin and Yan’Er were both laughing jovially too as they watched Lu Qingyun made a mad rush to the pile of sealed bottles as he muttered, “Even fifth rank divine pills are extremely precious…these are treasures beyond treasures…two hours are definitely not enough…”

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