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Chapter 12: One Hundred Years Ago (3)

Xia Jiajia had taken Ji Yuan to an Inn and they were now walking up the stairs to a reserved room.

Ji Yuan looked at her alluring figure as he chuckled, “Isn’t this a little too soon? We have just met. This isn’t too romantic, don’t you think so? But if that is what you want, then…”

Xia Jiajia was startled as she caught his hand that was on her butt, “You! What are you doing?”

Ji Yuan was startled too as he stammered, “I am just trying to warm us up.”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly as she pushed his hand away, “It isn’t what you think it is.”

Ji Yuan was gasping as he took a step back, “You are attached to someone already?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled softly, “I’m not. In fact, you are just my type.”

Ji Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. He had fallen in love with her at first sight and he was not about to let her go just like this. He quickly smiled, “Then why are we…erm…coming here?”

Xia Jiajia rebuked him gently, “There are more than one uses for coming to an inn and it doesn’t mean we have to share a room. Are you thinking of that?”

“Of course not!” Ji Yuan quickly said with a flustered look. “I am a renowned gentleman of the sword.”

Xia Jiajia giggled before she whispered, “We are dealing with Xue Qianxue. Just the two of us alone may not be able to deal with her, am I right? Therefore I’ve another friend here who is able to help.”

Ji Yuan growled lightly, “Actually you just need me…”

“We are here.” Xia Jiajia interrupted him as she pushed opened the door.

In the room was a handsome beardless young man with bright golden eyes. He was sitting upright and was sipping a small cup of wine. In fact, he was the most handsome man that Yuan Ji had ever seen.

Immediately there was an envious look in Ji Yuan’s eyes. His first thought was that this young handsome man was a golden celestial and he was immediately unhappy that Xia Jiajia was in his company.

Xia Jiajia immediately giggled as she pointed at Ji Yuan, “Look who I’ve brought here. This is Supremacy Ji Yuan, the protégé master of the Orthodox Sword Sect. He is also a Sword Saint and the head of the Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan smiled as he thought, “I didn’t know that I am so renowned. To have my renowned pronounced out by such a peerless beauty is so different from announcing it myself. Haha.” Then he stared coldly at the handsome beardless young man with his silent thoughts. “I am an upper sixth realm golden supremacy. Go away. You have no chance with my Jiajia.”

Xia Jiajia looked warmly at the handsome beardless young man before she introduced him with gentle chuckles. “This is Young Master Ling Feiyang. He is from the Flying Swords Divine Sect and is a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Ji Yuan smirked. Flying Swords Divine Sect? Never heard of this insignificant sect before. A mere fifth realm golden celestial and he wants to fight with me over my Xia Jiajia? Dream on!

Xia Jiajia smiled, “I’ll leave it to you gentlemen to chat while I go fetch some good wines for us to discuss over the table later.”

When the door was closed, Ji Yuan immediately said. “So you are Ling Feiyang?”

Ling Feiyang said, “It is my honor to know Brother Ji Yuan…”

Ji Yuan quickly interrupted, “Call me Supremacy Ji Yuan. We are not so close to be addressing each other as brothers yet. Right now, I’m your senior while you are my junior.”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly, “Yes, yes…”

“And what happens to your beard? Did you lose it during your golden body transformation? This is most unfortunate.” Ji Yuan mocked him.

Ling Feiyang smiled, “It is better this way. I can’t be bothered with the sight of an unsightly beard.”

Ji Yuan quickly reprimanded him, “This you are really very wrong to say that. The beard is the pride of real men.”

He began to stroke his beautiful long beard before he laughed, “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to appreciate it now. Do you know that Maiden Xia Jiajia is attracted to me because of my beautiful long beard?”

Ling Feiyang began to smile weakly, “Oh really?”

Ji Yuan put his hand on the table with a light slam as he said coldly, “If you are smart, you should know what to do. She will never like a beardless man like you. In fact, no maidens will like you at all. Got it? So don’t you have any lofty thoughts on her.”

Then he smiled, “Who knows that I may even give you a tip or two about cultivation practice. I can even consider you to be my brother. But you should know what to do, am I right?”

Ling Feiyang rolled his eyes before asking, “So you like her?”

Ji Yuan chuckled, “Of course. Didn’t I state my intention clear enough already?”

Then he added, “Look at you. You are drinking wine like a maiden. Do you even know how to drink at all? If you want to drink, you should drink it flask by flask!”

Ling Feiyang replied weakly, “I prefer to drink sip by sip.”

Suddenly the door was swung opened by Xia Jiajia as she carried a tray of wine flasks into the room.

“So how is your chat? Are the two of you getting along well?” Xia Jiajia laughed softly as she entered the room.

Ji Yuan immediately laughed aloud as he put his arm around Ling Feiyang neck, “Of course we are getting along well. We just have a great personal talk with each other.”

He quickly looked at Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, do you agree?”

Ling Feiyang smiled weakly before nodding, “Yes…”

Ji Yuan had suddenly patted Ling Feiyang’s chest as he laughed, “We are already getting along so well together.”

Xia Jiajia was suddenly gasping and she had almost dropped her tray.

Ji Yuan turned to Xia Jiajia to ask, “What is wrong? Maiden Xia, are you alright?”

Xia Jiajia smiled weakly, “I…I am…alright…come, let’s drink together as we discuss our plans.”

Ji Yuan nodded before he returned his attention to Ling Feiyang, “Brother Ling, really. Your chest is too soft. You should beef up a little, you know.”

Ling Feiyang: …

Ji Yuan had suddenly noticed that Ling Feiyang had rosy cheeks. “I see that Brother Ling isn’t a good drinker. No wonder you are only taking such small sips. Haha.”

Xia Jiajia said weakly to Ji Yuan, “I see that the two of you are really getting along so well. Let’s talk about how we are going to deal with Xue Qianxue.”

Ji Yuan nodded, “Alright.”

But he soon asked, “But I don’t understand why Xue Qianxue will be in this small desolate place? And she is traveling incognito.”

Ling Feiyang said quietly, “That is because I have a secret duel with her in two day time.”

Ji Yuan was roaring with laughter, “You are merely a fifth realm cultivator and you are dueling with a seventh realm saintess? This must be the funniest thing that I have ever heard.”

Ling Feiyang: …

“Do you think it is funny?” Ling Feiyang asked him.

Ji Yuan laughed heartily, “Naturally it is the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.”

“I’ve heard that someone will lose his beautiful beard in a few more days. This is also the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard.” Ling Feiyang chuckled as he took a sip of his wine. “A beardless Four Beautiful Bearded Cultivators.”

Ji Yuan: …

Ji Yuan suddenly slammed his hand on the table, “We need to deal with Xue Qianxue or she will think that she can push us around. So…”

He hesitated sheepishly before continuing, “So, what is the plan?”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “Actually we’ve already got a plan but we need Supremacy Ji Yuan help.”

“Oh?” Ji Yuan said curiously.

Xia Jiajia chuckled as she put a flask of wine to her mouth before smiling, “Do you dare to peep at her while she is taking her bath?”

Ji Yuan: …

“This isn’t such a good idea, right?” He stammered. “I may get killed.”

Xia Jiajia smiled, “We have heard that Supremacy Ji Yuan’s lightless skill is second to none in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Even your eyesight can pick up the tiniest of details.”

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, “I can’t really say my lightless skill is second to none but it is definitely in the top five. As for my eyesight, hehe, I can even see a fly from a mile away.”

Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyang were quietly looking at each other. They really did not know that Ji Yuan’s eyesight was this good.

“But she is a saintess. It won’t be easy to spy on her.” Ji Yuan pointed out. “As soon as we train our divine sense on her, she will surely know. Therefore this plan will not work.”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “No, this will work because I’ve already planted tiny mirrors in her temporary dwelling place. If you train your eyes on the mirrors, she won’t know. Therefore what we need is your eyesight.”

Ji Yuan was perplexed, “I am from the orthodox celestial clan and is also a sect leader. I am not a flower thief or a lecherous fellow. I really can’t do this and what is the objective of doing so? I don’t really understand.”

Xia Jiajia bended her head to Ji Yuan before she whispered, “We only want to know if she is a white tiger and mean no harm.”

Ji Yuan was gasping. “She is a white tiger?”

(A white tiger is a term that refers to the lack of pubic hair)

“This is for you to find out.” Xia Jiajia smiled. “You can use her secret to trade for your beard.”

Ji Yuan muttered, “I need to think. This is not an honorable thing that we’re doing.”

Ling Feiyang smiled, “What if Maiden Xia will agree to follow you from now on?”

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes blankly as he looked at Xia Jiajia, “Really?”

Xia Jiajia chuckled, “Naturally I will or do you want to lose your beard?”

Ji Yuan smiled bitterly, “Then let’s do it.”

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