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Chapter 210: The Return

The golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, numbering some thirty were sitting inside a celestial array as they retrieved one cultivator after another.

These beautiful golden celestials were all perspiring heavily as they had overdrawn their profound strength to return the cultivators from the sealed ancient celestial ruin back to the surface.

There were some that carried an anxious look on their countenances and they were namely Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng.

Feng Xiaoxiao was slightly startled to see the anxious look that was on Tang Xuefeng; she could see and hear her anxious heart with her Listening Heart Skill.

She thought, “This shouldn’t be right? He has made her cry. She should be hating him instead. Hmm, maybe my protégé sister wants to execute him with her own hands for humiliating her. Maybe this is the best outcome now…”

The six hours that had given to the exploration party were due and most of the cultivators had returned to the surface.

Now there were only three talismans that remained to be retrieved.

A cultivator was soon retrieved and he was not Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan looked extremely disappointed.

Standing near the edge were Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye as they watched keenly the return of every cultivator that was brought back by the golden celestials of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa; they shared an equally disappointed look.

Even Gongsun Ya had a look of disappointment as she muttered, “He has saved my life after all. I should show a little concern for him…”

Soon a second cultivator had been brought back into the cheers and claps of the exploration survivors. But he was not Lu Qingyun either.

And the final cultivator was also brought back but the cultivator was a she and not a he. Therefore she was not Lu Qingyun either.

Lie Xingyuan and Tang Xuefeng had completely lost hope now.

Lu Qingyun was not among the survivors…

Lie Xingyuan took a pleading look at Shen Yufeng, “There is still time, isn’t it? Can we extend our range and make another search with our divine senses?”

Tang Xuefeng quickly added as she said panicky, “I second it as well. There may be a survivor.”

Shen Yufeng was perplexed. It was obvious to her that the survivor that both maidens were waiting for was Lu Qingyun. What had happened while she was away?

“Alright. Since there is still a little time and we have completely exhausted our profound strength yet, we shall make a more thorough search.” Shen Yufeng said as she took a look at the other five sixth realm golden supremacies that were all nodding discreetly.

Since Tang Xuefeng had also made the request, it was hard to refuse her. After all, almost all the high ranking golden celestials knew that she was the daughter of their Heavenly Fragrance Princess.

Shen Yufeng shouted with her pretty voice, “Protégé sisters! Unite our profound energies into this celestial array. We will make another search!”

The divine senses of all thirty of the golden celestials began to delve into the Pangu Suppressing Arrays once more. They would sense that the profound energies mark of the five hundred cultivators had almost dissipated. Once that happened, the ancient celestial ruin would be closed once more.

Their divine senses quickly flew throughout the ancient celestial ruin hoping to detect the profound signatures of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa’s talismans.

But it was all in vain as their searches yield nothing.

Shen Yufeng said solemnly to everyone, “We need to pull back our divine senses now or we will lose our profound strength permanently in this Pangu Suppressing Arrays.”

Lie Xingyuan suddenly said, “No wait please! I can sense the profound signature of the talisman behind the mountains. It is not on the ground but in the air.”

“In the air?” Tang Xuefeng was startled. “Where?”

Shen Yufeng made a verification based on Lie Xingyuan’s account before she nodded, “Indeed.”

“Sisters, home it on the profound signature now!” She called out to all her protégé sisters.

When the talisman was burnt, it will leave a profound mark on the soul sea of the cultivator. They had no idea why this profound signature was in the air.

Feng Xiaoxiao smiled weakly, “Maybe a flying desolate beast has lifted him into the air or he has been eaten up by one.”

All of a sudden Feng Xiaoxiao was flustered because she had suddenly noticed the fierce glares of Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan that were upon her.

“I was only kidding…” She muttered almost incoherently.

“Bring this cultivator back.” Shen Yufeng said. “Quickly.”

There was a bright halo that flashed into sight as they brought the unknown cultivator back and everyone was now looking in his direction.

This cultivator was Lu Qingyun!

Immediately Lie Xingyuan, Tang Xuefeng, Ouyang Xue, Yin Shisi, Qian Jingjing, Leng Qiuyue, Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were all smiling as they began to surround him.

“Are you alright?”

“Are you hurt in any way?”

“Do you know that you are the last to return?”

“I’ve thought that I will never see you again.”

“Brother Qingyun…”

“Senior brother…”

Lu Qingyun was startled when he was suddenly surrounded by so many beautiful maidens and they were all asking after him at the same time.

“Erm, I’m alright…” He weakly replied.

Far away from Lu Qingyun; Shen Yufeng, Feng Xiaoxiao and all the other golden celestials were startled when Tang Xuefeng and Lie Xingyuan had suddenly broken ranks with them and had suddenly flew hastily to Lu Qingyun.

Shen Yufeng had a perplexed look as she muttered, “Lie Xingyuan I can understand but Tang Xuefeng?”

She took a look at Feng Xiaoxiao, “What is going on here? Maybe you should tell me a thing or two?”

Feng Xiaoxiao was blinking her eyes rapidly, “I…erm…don’t know…”

Faraway in the Divine Moon Realm;

Fan Yuqing was startled as she looked into the reflection of the copy of the Divine Sword Jade Light. “I can’t see his soul sea anymore. A spirit entity is now the host of the Divine Sword Jade Light. What is going on here…”

But she quickly calmed down, “As long as this divine sword does not break, it means that he is still alive…”

“Yun’Er, I can see that you may have already some lucky occurrences in the ancient celestial ruin. This is good. It seems that I am unable to stop you from awakening your true strength. No one can…”

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