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Chapter 15: One Hundred Years Ago (6)

Ji Yuan was cursing himself softly. He was now lost in the mountains.

He began to blame himself, “I should have waited until daybreak to leave the inn. I can’t see a thing in the darkness. Never mind. The first ray of the sun is here now. I can finally continue on my way.”

All of a sudden, his sharp eyes spotted an extremely beautiful maiden below him.

This extremely beautiful maiden was giggling softly and there was a soft golden animus around her as she leapt with a startling speed across the ground, touching only the tip of the grasses and rocks with her gentle steps.

She was extremely breathtaking and he found himself looking at her curved slim figure.

Ji Yuan was suddenly startled. It was because he had suddenly realized that this extremely beautiful maiden was a seventh realm saintess as evidenced by her light steps and speed that she was moving but she was not Xue Qianxue.

“Who is she? Why will there be another saintess in this wilderness? And why is she so happy about?”

Curious, he began to follow her.

Before long, he had followed her to a valley and she had stopped in her tracks.

She was looking all around her as she swept her divine sense into her vicinity.

But as Ji Yuan was actually quite far away and he had relied on his good eyesight to follow her, therefore he was not detected by her.

“Is she waiting for her lover?” Ji Yuan thought curiously.

All of a sudden Ji Yuan had turned ashen because this extremely maiden had suddenly turned her face around and he almost got a heart-attack as he had recognized Ling Feiyang.

“Why is he cross dressing into a maiden?” He was perplexed. “This is too sinful to my eyes. I didn’t know that he has such a fetish…”

He began to mutter, “I should go now. I’m not interested in a man…”

“Wait a minute.” He had a sudden thought. “Ling Feiyang is a seventh realm golden saint?!”

He was suddenly gasping with shock. “I think I may have offended him that day…”

“Why am I so unlucky recently?”

He was soon muttering, “Why is he in this wilderness? Don’t tell me he is meeting Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue to duel with her?”

How could he leave like this if that was the case? This was a golden opportunity to observe the secret duel that was between two seventh realm experts. Moreover since the two of them were his potential enemies, it would pay him good to observe their fights so that he could prepare himself in the future.

What luck!

Therefore he quietly waited.

Ling Feiyang was now quietly sitting on a large rock and he was humming a beautiful tune.

Ji Yuan was rubbing his eyes. “Why is that the longer I watch him, the more that I feel that he is really a maiden? But it shouldn’t be. He is always looking so lecherously at my Xia Jiajia…”

Suddenly another extremely beautiful maiden in white had arrived and she was indeed Xue Qianxue.

“You are late for our duel.” Ling Feiyang was seen giggling softly.

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “Why are you being so impatient? Or you can’t wait to lose to me?”

“Who says that I will be losing to you?” Ling Feiyang smiled. “If you are willing to concede defeat to me then I won’t tell anyone about it. If not, hehe.”

“Fat hope!” Xue Qianxue hummed coldly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

“So be it then.” Ling Feiyang laughed as he leapt down from the rock.

Xue Qianxue said coolly, “We are the two most beautiful goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. This duel will be interesting.”

“Indeed. Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue versus Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue. I wonder what will be the outcome of this duel.” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly as she unsheathed her precious sword.

Ji Yuan who had been listening to their conversations was stunned all of a sudden. “She is Ling Feiyue? She is really a maiden?! Ling Feiyang, Ling Feiyue.”

He was suddenly gasping, “Why is that I’m so stupid? There isn’t any man that is more dashing than me anyway…so she is a maiden…I should have realized this long ago…”

All of a sudden he had turned ashen as he suddenly remembered that he had patted Ling Feiyue on her ‘chest’ that day and had even threatened her because he had wanted to get her off from Xia Jiajia.

“Shit. I’ve just offended two saintesses in just a matter of few days…”

Ji Yuan: …

“Where can I find ten lives to tank against these two saintesses…”

But his thoughts quickly returned to the upcoming duel between the two saintesses. “If I can observe their swordplay for any weakness then I may still stand a chance. Heavens must be on my side for causing me to be lost in these mountains.”

He was also thinking, “Their secret duel must surely be extremely earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas. I should be supporting Xue Qianxue because she is from the orthodox celestial fraction. No wait, I should wish her dead instead. No wait again, I’ve also offended Ling Feiyue…maybe I should wish the two of them dead instead…”

“What a pity. Two beautiful goddesses dead in this wilderness and there is no one to pick their corpses. Maybe I should be the kind one here.” He added. “Wait, why is that I am excited below when I’ve thought of this? I am not thinking of checking their bodies or anything…”

Ling Feiyue was heard giggling, “I can now see why you are ranked as a beautiful goddess. You are indeed beautiful.”

Xue Qianxue smiled, “You are not bad looking yourself. The fluttering snow as white as the Goddess Maiden Qianxue and the spirit songs as vivid as the Goddess Maiden Feiyue.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “I must admit that the first line of the poem describes us perfectly. However the next line of this poem is a little lewd. To have the two beautiful goddesses to dance with the strokes of my beautiful beard is as heavenly as the sight of the immortal fairies.”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes with a bitter smile, “It is indeed a little lewd. The poet is definitely a lecherous man. After I am done with you, I will slice this poet into multiple pieces.”

Ling Feiyue giggled and said lovingly, “Same here. He will definitely be a dead man after today.”

When Ji Yuan heard the poem, he almost fainted on the spot. He had made this poem when he was half-drunk and how did these two saintesses know about it?

“He will definitely be a dead man after today?” Ji Yuan muttered after her. All of a sudden he had a startled realization. “Don’t tell me that it is all a plot to lure me to this place? Everything that has happened in the past few days are too much of a coincidence. Don’t tell me they had setup me because I penned that poem?”

The next line of their conversations confirmed his suspicion.

“Ji Yuan will be a dead man soon.” The two beautiful goddesses laughed at the same time.

The two goddess maidens were now pointing their swords at each other.

“This is my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay…”

“This is my Flying Spirit Sword Art…”

Ji Yuan’s attention soon returned to the duel; it was because his heart was pounding with excitement that he was about to witness the most earthshaking battle that he was about to see in his life.

Xue Qianxue had swiftly displayed her Beautiful Maiden Swordplay as she quickly sent three strokes to point Ling Feiyue. “This is the triple slash of the third stance of my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay. So are you afraid?”

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly as she raised her sword in an upward stance, “The fourth stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art will be able to neutralize your triple slash. Why don’t you try harder than this?”

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “I’m afraid that if I were to try harder, you will be dead in no time!”

“Prove it then.” Ling Feiyue giggled as she raised her sword fingers to display a defensive stance.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their sword display.

It was not because their sword display was so earthshaking that he was stunned but these two beautiful maidens were standing a good twenty paces apart as they displayed their swordplay and sword art; they were not even making any point of contact!

“This! Is this even a proper duel?!”

This went on for another thirty minutes and Ji Yuan had almost fallen asleep in the grass that he was hiding before Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue coolly declared. “I guess that it is a draw then.”

Xue Qianxue swung her sword to her back as she said casually, “Once I have mastered my Beautiful Maiden Swordplay to the Ninth level of the Flying Sword Maidens, I will definitely be able to break your swordart.”

Ling Feiyue giggled, “I have yet to reach the final stance of my Flying Spirit Sword Art, the Thousand Raining Swords. Do you think that your whatever Flying Sword Maidens is going to hold up against me when I am able to use my Thousand Raining Swords?”

“Don’t be too sure yet.” Xue Qianxue smiled. “Since our swordplay is a draw, why don’t we have a contest of our profound arts? My Sacred Maiden Profound Art versus your Six Realms Divine Art?”

Ji Yuan was immediately alert. “They are going to fight it out with their profound arts now? This will be the most earthshaking, moving the mountains and the seas scene that I will be witnessing. Xue Qianxue’s Maiden Profound Art is ranked among the top ten most powerful profound arts. This time Ling Feiyue is going to be dead for sure.”

Then he took a pitiful look at Ling Feiyue, “I am feeling a little pity for her already…” He could well imagine her getting crushed under the profound strength of Xue Qianxue.

Xue Qianxue smiled as she pointed to the huge boulder that Ling Feiyue was sitting earlier. “Why don’t we exercise our profound strength against that rock with our palms? The one that can imprint our palms deeper will be the victor?”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “Why not?”

Immediately the two of them had both delivered a thunderous explosive attack on the rock with their palms, sending the debris of the huge boulder up into the air.

The two saintesses quickly inspected the boulder and both exclaimed with an equal disappointment, “Seems like our profound strength are quite evenly match.”

By now, Ji Yuan was cursing softly to himself. “They are dueling like two maidens. No wait, they are maidens…well, they are dueling like two immature fighters. Where is the earthshaking duel that is supposed to happen?”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “It seems that we can only duel with our lightless skill.” She pointed to the mountain cliff above them. “Whoever can scale up this mountain cliff first will be the superior cultivator. What do you say?”

Xue Qianxue was smiling, “I’m not boasting but my lightless skill is definitely number one.”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she rolled her eyes, “We shall see about it.”

When Ji Yuan saw the steep mountain cliff, he was shaking his head. Even though he had claimed to have the superior lightless skill but this steep cliff was impossible for anyone to climb. “Are these two saintesses boasting a little too much?”

The two saintesses were heard saying, “Ready?”

“Let’s go!”

All of a sudden the two beautiful saintesses were scaling up the steep cliff as they tiptoed in rapid succession. Their profound animus was like halos that were following them as they flew up the steep cliff.

Ji Yuan was stunned by their feat as he stammered, “Their lightless skill is too formidable…” He did not find their weaknesses and instead, he had found their strengths. “That means that I cannot outrun them…crap, I forget to ask about Xue Qianxue’s lightless skill ranking that day…”

He quickly prayed for them to slip and fell to their deaths instead.

All of a sudden Ling Feiyue giggled and said, “Say Sacred Maiden, are you a white tiger? Because someone saw you that night.”

Xue Qianxue gasped softly and had turned ashen. This gasp had caused the internal profound energies that she had built up to give way.

It was because she had suddenly recalled Ji Yuan and what he had told her in the bathtub and that had caused her mind to blank out.

Immediately she was falling down the steep cliff like a falling meteor!

Xue Qianxue quickly tried to muster her profound strength but it was already too late as her profound animus consumed up the rest of her profound energies.

Ling Feiyue giggled as she continued to scale up the steep cliff, “I see that someone is going to have a really hard fall.”

Xue Qianxue closed her eyes and her eyes were teary…

All of a sudden a firm hand had caught hold of her and had cushioned her fall. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was actually Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan had rushed out in the last minute to catch hold of her because he had realized that he was the one that had caused her to lose this duel. Moreover, he felt a little guilty that night as well.

“Ji Yuan…it is you…” Xue Qianxue gasped with a flustered look.

Ji Yuan was muttering incoherently to himself, “Why are you so stupid to catch her. Do you know that you are about to lose your life to her?”

He quickly put her down and fled like a madman from the scene, leaving a stunned Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue behind.

“Before they recover from their wits, I must quickly flee as soon as possible….” He was muttering.

He had broken another taboo of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and that was to observe their duels secretly.

“Why am I so unlucky nowadays?”

“Good bye Jiajia…”

“Ji Yuan, wait!” Xue Qianxue shouted after him after she had regained her wits. But he was already long gone.

At the same time Ling Feiyue had landed quietly next to Xue Qianxue as she gasped softly, “Why is Ji Yuan in this place? He saw me…then he knows…”

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