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Chapter 16: Elder Yuan Ji

Ji Yuan was now Yuan Ji again as he finished recollecting the events that had happened a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago, there were the Two Goddesses of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and a hundred years later, there were now the Four Great Beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. The irony thing was that he had actually known every single one of them…

He was now a seventh realm sacred saint now except for a minor glitch; he had yet to gain the profound strength of a golden saint because he had burnt up all his inner cultivation sea in his desperate bid for a breakthrough.

At the same time, he had ended his seclusion prematurely because he had remembered his pledge to Xia Jiajia.

But now when he had returned, he was saddened to see that she had largely forgotten about him.

Not only that, to add salt to injury, she had even declared that his beautiful beard was in fact, ugly.

He muttered weakly, “I thought that she is attracted to me because of my beautiful beard. I am really blind. And to think that we have even exchange a pledge of love together in the past.”

All of a sudden he was rubbing his chin, “Actually I only lose a heaven-step precious sword but what I have in return is an earth-step divine sword. I didn’t really lose anything except for some hurtful feelings. Maybe I should forgive her?”

But he was soon shaking his head, “Just because she has a pretty face and a beautiful body, are you going to lose your last thread of your man’s pride and to forgive her for insulting your beard? No way is this going to happen.”

“Since she doesn’t know that I am really Ji Yuan and that she seems to be interested in me, maybe I should toy with her feelings first.”

“Am I that bad?”

“I’m supposed to be the gentleman of the sword….”

“Let’s not forget that I am in this state because of her…”

He was soon sighing because she had conspired with Ling Feiyue to set him up.

“No, this is just my guess and I’ve no evidence. If not why did she agree to my hundred years’ pledge? Aww Ji Yuan, you have almost made a big mistake and have wronged her. She did wait for me for a hundred years. I am the one that didn’t dare to tell her otherwise that I’m back…”

“No wait, I still got a vendetta to settle with her for causing my sect to be in this horrible state and for causing Ye Chengxi to suffer.”

“Also why did she change her name from Xia Jiajia to Xia Jiaqing?”

“Actually that is reasonable. Because Xue Qianxue is pursuing her and she is merely a fifth realm golden celestial back then. Therefore it is only reasonable that she is forced to change her name.”

All of a sudden, he was feeling a little guilty. “Actually it isn’t her fault. It is mine…”

He began to sigh heavily as he recalled the night that he was spying on Xue Qianxue when she was taking her bath and he was now drooling a little at the steamy scene. “I didn’t follow the script that is given to me. If I had only checked the mirrors instead…”

“If everything works according to plan, I may not be in this sorry state now…”

“Maybe I am already holding Jiajia in the bed now…”

Soon he had dozed off and he was dreaming that he was banging Xia Jiajia.

He had failed to notice that a peerless exquisite maiden was quietly listening to his mutterings. She was leaning quietly against the wall as she listened.

She was actually Xia Jiaqing.

She said silently, “Ji Yuan, thank you for finding so many reasons to forgive me. It is better that you do not know that this is really a setup for you. It is better for you not to know what really happens. Or you won’t forgive me…”

With a gentle tiptoe, she had quietly vanished from view.

Ji Yuan would never know she had been around because Xia Jiaqing’s lightless skill was actually even more superior to that of Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue and himself.

The next day the Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing had summoned all the elders to her presence in the Great Emperor Hall.

There used to be only four elders and now there were five elders.

She was soon smiling to Li Qiang, Hai Sheng, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao who were the original four elders before turning her attention to smile warmly at Yuan Ji.

“This is Elder Yuan Ji and he will be the fifth elder of the Emperor Hall Sect.” She chuckled softly as she re-introduced Yuan Ji to everyone again.

All four elders instantly expressed their shocks and protests against the ‘sudden’ appointment of Yuan Ji as Elder.

“How can Yuan Ji be an elder?”

“He is only a lowly cultivator!”

“In what way is he fit to be an elder of our great Emperor Hall Sect?”

“Did he use sorcery on our Palace Mistress?”

Actually the four elders had already known of Yuan Ji’s appointment through their networks and they were merely pretending to express their fake surprises.

“Oh? The four elders have some disagreements?” Xia Jiaqing yawned softly as she took a lazy look at them.

Li Qiang immediately stepped forward, “Indeed! On this issue, it seems that the four elders are united on this matter!”

Deng Qiu stroked his heavy beard as he hummed coldly, “This Yuan Ji is just a pretty face. Look at his beardless chin, he is just a young lad that still needs milk!”

Yuan Ji was immediately flustered and just as he was about to rebuke Deng Qiu angrily, Xia Jiaqing was suddenly looking at Hai Sheng with a soft chuckle, “Weird. Elder Hai Sheng, why is your face so red?”

Hai Sheng was immediately stammering, “I…I…” He was still suffering from the ill-effects of the Elated Happiness Powder and now looking at the enticing figure of Xia Jiaqing in front of him was enough to turn him hard on.

“Elder Hai Sheng, you do not look too well. Why don’t you retire first?” Xia Jiaqing offered a suggestion.

Hai Sheng immediately lowered his head as he rushed out of the hall, “Indeed I am not well today. I am still suffering from the grief of losing my son…”

Li Qiang was muttering, “The four elders here…the three elders here…”

Xia Jiaqing had suddenly clapped her hands as she yawned softly before walking off, “Dismiss…”

Li Qiang, Deng Qiu and Tang Ao began to stare coldly after her as though they could not wait to rip her clothing apart and to set themselves on her.

This was not lost on Yuan Ji who was quietly watching their lecherous eyes.

He cursed softly, “Why did Xia Jiajia have to put herself in the company of these wolves? Even her personal attendants cannot be trusted and are in cahoots with these elders.”

As soon as Xia Jiaqing and her personal attendants had disappeared from view, Li Qiang immediately said to Yuan Ji. “Elder Yuan Ji, do not say that I did not warn you first. The position of elder in the Emperor Hall Sect is not an easy position for you to manage.”

Deng Qiu smirked coldly, “Or a position that you can hold for even a few days. So watch your steps!”

Tang Ao laughed coldly, “An elder without the support of any protégés is just a toothless tiger. If you are smart enough, you ought to tell Palace Mistress that you are willing to step down from your elder position. If you do so, I will be willing to take you under my wing and…” He laughed before he added slyly. “…and under my protection.”

Yuan Ji had three options now.

One was to ingratiate himself with them immediately.

Two was to taunt them back.

Three was to keep quiet.

He immediately made his option and said coldly, “I like being an elder. Maybe I will even ask Palace Mistress to make me a grand elder and be in charge of the elders. This will be better than in charge of any protégés. Don’t you agree with me?”

When he had said that, the three elders were all so flushed with anger that they waved angrily at him. “Just you watch out! You stupid fellow. You still don’t know the rules of the game yet! You will regret this!”

When they had left the hall, Yuan Ji inhaled out a sigh of relief. “Actually I can’t beat them now. Maybe they did not dare to beat me up because they fear the Palace Mistress. But if I were to go out now, they will be waiting outside to beat me up.”

So he decided to stay inside the hall for a little while longer since he had nothing better to do.

All of a sudden, he was thinking. “Weird. I’ve thought that Elder Hai Sheng has been afflicted by the Elated Happiness Powder last night. How did he manage to have the strength to crawl here today?”

He began to rub his chin, “I think I should take a little look at his residence…”

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