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Chapter 214: Golden Transformation Crisis (1)

Lu Qingyun was pacing up and down outside a cave with an anxious look.

Tang Xuefeng smiled, “Look at you. You look like it is your consort that is in labor.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly, “Jingjing is undergoing her life and death tribulation to the fifth realm golden celestial level now. So how can I not be worried for her?”

Tang Xuefeng nodded as her golden eyes flashed into the wilderness of the mountains. “We ought to be better guardians for her then as it seems that we have some company soon.”

Lu Qingyun quickly said as he brandished his divine sword Jade Light, “Xuefeng, please help me to look after Jingjing and don’t let the desolate beasts approach her.”

“You can trust me to protect her.” Tang Xuefeng replied immediately as she brandished her half-step divine sword and stood guard over the entrance of the cave.

The three of them had been on the road for slightly more than a month now. During this one month, Qian Jingjing’s soul sea was slowly being healed by Yunqing and Tang Xuefeng had also taken noticed of Qian Jingjing’s injuries.

It was only then that Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing had realized that Tang Xuefeng was also a superb physician and she had patiently treated and restored Qian Jingjing’s broken meridians.

What divine pills could not do, Tang Xuefeng was able to accomplish it.

Lu Qingyun was startled that Tang Xuefeng was not just a genius in cooking, alchemy, celestial arrays but also in healing treatments.

“Is she a genius or what?”

Very soon Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were calling each other each other sisters this and sisters that in an intimate manner.

And suddenly Qian Jingjing had a divine revelation that she was about to breakthrough to the fifth realm level, startling Lu Qingyun and Tang Xuefeng.

So they quickly found her a cave for her to overcome her divine calamity.

Tang Xuefeng had said anxiously, “The spirit force in this area is too weak for her to sustain her breakthrough. She may fail. Moreover the desolate force in this vicinity is strong and during her breakthrough, she may attract plenty of high level desolate beasts that would attempt to devour her. Right now, she is like a beacon that is attracting all the unwanted attention.”

Lu Qingyun quickly took out dozens of high grade spirit stones and gave it all to Qian Jingjing, “Take all these. These can substitute for your spiritual force and restore your inner sea elixir.”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were both stunned when they saw the dozens of high grade spirit stones that Lu Qingyun had taken out.

“How come we didn’t know that Brother Qingyun is so rich?” Qian Jingjing teased him.

Lu Qingyun laughed before he said solemnly, “Jingjing, hurry inside the cave and setup your breakthrough arrays. I will take care of any threatening desolate monsters and will keep you safe.”

And that was the situation earlier.

Now Lu Qingyun was rushing out of the cave to confront the desolate beasts that were rapidly ascending from the desolate mists to devour Qian Jingjing, whose body was now dissipating a strong animus of profound energies. Her profound energies were made even more delicious to the desolate beasts in the vicinity because it had the added profound spirit of a powerful sentient entity. To consume Qian Jingjing would mean instant evolution to these desolate beasts!

Outside the cave where tall trees covered the mountains, dozens of desolate beasts had already gathered. However, not all the desolate beasts were alive as the different species had battled out for this ‘nectar’ that was attracting them.

Lu Qingyun was startled to see the sight of so many of these desolate beasts.

Among them was a powerful spiked seventh rank dire wolf that was now moving to claim its ‘prize’ and Lu Qingyun was blocking it.

Lu Qingyun could see that there were at least six sixth rank desolate beasts that had gathered up the mountains but these desolate beasts were not making a move yet because a more powerful seventh rank desolate dire wolf was now in the vicinity.

He was smiling weakly, “So I have to fight a seventh rank desolate beast now…”

In his hand was the divine sword Jade Light but all of a sudden, it was resonating softly.

“Master, Xingxin will aid you!”

Lu Qingyun could feel profound energies pulsing through his veins and he could feel the divine sword Jade Light was reverberating. “I’ve divine harmonized with my divine sword?”

All of a sudden the seventh rank dire wolf had dashed to him with a startling speed!

Lu Qingyun had no time to think further. He was actually thinking should he split his divine sword into two to execute two sword arts at the same time. But this time, he simply reacted out of pure reflexes and had executed his faster sword art which was the ‘Alpha Soaring Heavens as One’.


A powerful wave of profound sword energies had slashed mightily against the body of the seventh rank dire wolf and had sent it flying backward.

Immediately, this seventh rank dire wolf was immediately attacked by the other sixth rank desolate beasts for the wounds that it had received from Lu Qingyun was quite fatal.

Lu Qingyun was startled at the profound power that he had just displayed against the seventh rank dire wolf. It was definitely more powerful than when he had used it on the Seventh Rank King Raptor!

“This is the power of a saint grade divine sword….” Lu Qingyun was staring blankly at his divine sword.

After seeing Lu Qingyun’s profound power display, the other desolate beasts did not make a move.

Lu Qingyun was quite surprised as he thought, “What are they waiting for?”

But he soon got his answer as the ground was suddenly trembling.

It was because the gigantic form of an Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant was seen looming in the darkness. It was so huge that all the other desolate beasts dwarfed in size compared to it.

Lu Qingyun had turned ashen immediately.

It was because it would take a seventh realm golden saint cultivator to fight on par with an Eighth Rank Desolate Beast and even then they may lose their lives. Moreover, this Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant was a terrifying monster that even great saints may not be able to defeat.

Seventh rank and eighth rank desolate beasts were in two totally leagues!

Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes as he sighed heavily, “What luck…”

Lu Qingyun was suddenly smiling to himself, “Jingjing, I’ll protect you. If I can’t even protect you or Xuefeng, can I even protect my Keqin?”

His profound aura was now burning furious in a white and gold animus as he said with trembling voice, “Yan’Er, we are going all out. Do you regret having a good-for-nothing master like me?”

Yan’Er burst out of his inner cultivation sea and chuckled, “I love my master the most!”

“Master, Yan’Er has also divine harmonized with the Horizon of the Heavens now. Why don’t you try wielding it?”

With that Yan’Er had transformed into a beaming silver sword that was also reverberating along with the divine sword Jade Light.

Lu Qingyun lifted both divine swords up as two bright rainbow halos began to surround him. Immediately he could feel a crushing pressure that was upon him as he tried to lift the two divine swords with his profound strength.

The earth beneath him had immediately sunk into the ground, caused by the pressure of the profound aura that had suddenly enveloped him. But this was also making it difficult for him to swing his swords as every little movement was eating his profound strength.

Lu Qingyun sighed heavily, “Yan’Er, Xingxin. I’m afraid that it is still too difficult for me to wield two divine swords at the same time. I can’t split my profound strength between the two divine swords….I am still not strong enough…”

All of a sudden there was a sudden flashback as he recalled the first time that he had met Qin Keqin and how she had defeated the Ninth Rank Golden Roc.

“Keqin didn’t need much strength to defeat a Ninth Rank Golden Roc. She always focused all her attacks into one point. That is why she has invented the Heavens as One attack…”

Then he looked at Yan’Er and Xingxin with a weak smile, “This may be a little last minute but I need to divine harmonize the three of us together. We can only succeed or die.”

Yan’Er and Xingxin were startled but they were nodding immediately as they could read what was in Lu Qingyun’s mind.

“Let’s do it then!” Lu Qingyun mustered his voice to give a great shout.

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