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Chapter 215: Golden Transformation Crisis (2)

The monstrous towering figure of the Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant moved slowly toward Lu Qingyun.

All of a sudden its monstrous razor sharp tail had flashed with a black light; dozens of nearby desolate beasts and towering thick trees had immediately toppled over!

All the desolate beasts were now on the retreat; the disparity with a single eighth rank desolate monster was simply too great.

Today, nothing would stop this Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant from evolving into an all-powerful ninth rank Tyrant.

Lu Qingyun was smiling bitterly as he gasped at the towering Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant, “Jingjing, of all places for your breakthrough, you have to pick a place where the spiritual force is the weakest and the desolate force is plenty.”

He had only said this in jest.

In no way was he blaming Jingjing at all.

“This is the very first time that I am acting as a guardian to safeguard a friend’s breakthrough. I must not fail at all…”

Lu Qingyun had lifted his two divine swords as he said gently, “Yan’Er, Xingxin.”

The bright halos from the two divine swords on his right and left began to shift to his profound aura that was glowing a golden animus around him, becoming a single bright stunning halo.

Lu Qingyun saw the sword intents that were fluttering around him. “This is? I have realized a new sword art from my Flaming Phoenix Sword Art? This is the awakening of my fifth sword stance from the Flaming Phoenix Sword Art?”

He inhaled softly, “I shall name you the ‘Flowing Horizon Lights’ then.”

With that Lu Qingyun had leapt forward. This time round, there was no more drag on him. In fact he felt empowered by his two divine swords as he dashed like a flash of light at the Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant.

Dozens of sword strokes were unleashed by him instantly and his sword attacks became faster and faster as he attacked.

Each of his sword strokes was imbued with his profound energies that could shatter rocks. Moreover, he was wielding two saint grade divine swords that could even burn through the protective profound animus of most seventh rank desolate monsters.

There was heavy thunderstorm and the sounds of flash floods could be heard rushing down the mountains.

Tang Xuefeng was now standing in the rain and her eyes were teary.

Earlier, she could sense the presence of a seventh rank desolate monster and then the earthshaking form of an eighth rank Emperor Tyrant had suddenly emerged in the darkness.

She knew that Lu Qingyun was fighting this Eighth Rank Emperor Tyrant below the mountains and was helpless.

She had to safeguard Qian Jingjing and she had already slain two flying desolate beasts that had tried to sneak past her.

“Senior…” Tang Xuefeng was trembling in the rain.

For thirty minutes, she could hear the thunderous roars of this eighth rank desolate beast and the slashing of Lu Qingyun’s sword in the thick woods below. Even the entire mountains seemed to be moving because of their titanic clash.

All of a sudden, there was a dead silence that followed.

A while later, a tall shadow emerged in front of her; it was Lu Qingyun and he was being followed by Yan’Er and Xingxin who were supporting him in their physical form that they had assumed.

Tang Xuefeng did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw him. But her tears began to flow in the rain.

Lu Qingyun was bloodied all over and he was even limping. He was moving very slowly.

All of a sudden Tang Xuefeng had jumped into him and was crying in his chest, “Senior…you’re back. I’m so glad to see you again…”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “Xuefeng, why are you crying? I’m really alright.”

Yan’Er sobbed, “Master, you are not alright. You have broken all your rib bones when the monster crushed on you.”

Tang Xuefeng was shocked as she stared blankly at him, “Senior, you got to lie down immediately…”

Lu Qingyun was muttering as he suddenly coughed out a bout of golden blood, “It is a lucky thing that I am a golden celestial now….it not easy to kill a golden celestial…haha…”

Xingxin shook her head sadly, “Master, don’t get too conceit yet. Your injuries are extremely serious. There are injuries that not even a golden celestial can easily recover even with regeneration.”

Lu Qingyun muttered wearily, “Tell me about it if I don’t die…”

Tang Xuefeng panicky said, “Senior, you won’t die…”

She quickly supported him into the cave with great tenderness.

When they were in the cave, all of a sudden there was brilliant flash of golden light and the air was suddenly lingering with spiritual force energies.

Tang Xuefeng gasped softly, “Jingjing has successfully overcome her breakthrough to the fifth realm golden celestial level…”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly as he closed his eyes, “This is good to hear…I’ve managed to keep her safe…”


Yan’Er and Xingxin were both pleading to Tang Xuefeng, “Please help Master…”

Tang Xuefeng immediately replied with woeful eyes, “I will do my best.” And she panicky began to inspect his injuries.

Lu Qingyun had indeed almost suffered broken bones in almost every part of his body. If it was not for Yan’Er and Xingxin who were able to assume a physical form now and that they were using their profound energies to hold his golden skeleton together, Lu Qingyun would have crumbled to his injuries a while ago.

Tang Xuefeng gasped, “All his meridian channels are also broken. I can’t support him with my profound strength…in his current state, he is unable to absorb my profound energies to keep his regeneration going…”

Then with great tenderness, she had bended her head to kiss Lu Qingyun on his lips. “I can only transfer my profound strength to him in this way…”

She kissed him gently and could feel his soft lips. With great care and tenderness, she began to press her mouth into his.

Qian Jingjing had just emerged from the interior of the cave and was suddenly gasping when she saw the scene that was laid in front of her. “Brother Qingyun, Celestial Xuefeng…”

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