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Chapter 17: The Beast of a Man (1)

Yuan Ji was extremely confident of his lightless skill and his ability to follow anyone.

With a flash, he had already sneaked out of the hall when the protégés were looking in the other way.

“Where is Elder Yuan Ji?”

“He is here a moment ago…”

It did not take him long to find Elder Hai Sheng as he dashed back to his residence.

His residence was on top of a lofty mountain peak that was south of the Great Emperor Hall.

Elder Hai Sheng was shouting to the dozens of protégés that were lined up to greet him, “Get out of my way!”

He was running rapidly back to his own residence.

Although there were dozens of protégés along the slope that led to Elder Sheng’s personal palace, none of them had noticed Yuan Ji as he slipped past them like a shadow.

He had always thought that his lightless skill was second to none. But luckily he did not make that claim when he was with Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyue. It was only when he saw the lightless skill of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue that he had realized that their lightless skill was a notch better than his.

Before long, he saw that Hai Sheng had barged into a courtyard and was shouting, “Don’t let anyone come into this place. But if Fairy Ye Chengxi is here, allow her to look for me inside. Got it? If you got it then scram!”

Yuan Ji was startled. “Chengxi will be here?! She will be violated by Hai Sheng for sure. This Hai Sheng is still under the influence of the Elated Happiness Powder. I must think of a way to save her.”

Then he ruefully thought as he recalled Ye Chengxi’s beautiful looks, “With or without any Elated Happiness Powder, she will be violated by him for sure.”

His eyes quickly followed Hai Sheng beyond the courtyard and he was now running across a man-made lake toward a beautiful three-storey building.

Hai Sheng was now in front of the three-storey building and he had hastily pushed opened the gate as he made his way inside.

In no time he had barged into a beautiful scented room, startling an elegant maiden who was inside. This elegant maiden was astonishing to look at; she had lovely eyes that were drawn like a beautiful phoenix and a tiny mouth that gave her an alluring appeal.

Yuan Ji inhaled deeply when he saw her; this maiden was indeed a city-toppling beauty. Moreover her quiet demeanor gave her an allure that was irresistible.

This elegant maiden had quickly burst into tears when she saw Hai Sheng.

Hai Sheng laughed jovially, “My little beauty, are you surprised to see me back so quickly? Why are you so eager to put on your clothes and why aren’t you waiting for me in the bed?”

This elegant maiden immediately cursed him with her soft trembling voice, “Hai Sheng, you are a beast! You dare to violate your own daughter-in-law. Your son’s spiritual tablet and coffin is still in the hall. Yet you dare to do this beastly act on me. Are you still fit to be a highly respected golden supremacy and an elder of the Emperor Hall Sect?”

Hai Sheng was not angry but laughed, “You know that I am afflicted by the Elated Happiness Powder. This scented powder is extremely difficult to plunge unless the partner that I have copulated with is a top beauty. Only then will my internal fires be vented off quickly.”

Then he had grabbed hold of her waist, “I have no other choice but to look for you. If not, how will I be able to face the Palace Mistress just now?”

“Let me go, you beast of a man!” The beautiful maiden gasped as she swung her hands to beat Hai Sheng’s chest. But her hands lacked strength and it was like a soft tickle that made Hai Sheng even more excited.

“You have been in my residence for so long. Do you think that you ought to repay me for giving you the resources to become a fourth realm cultivator?” Hai Sheng laughed.

The fourth realm level was crucial to many of the cultivators. It was because this was the cultivation level that aging would completely cease for them. Therefore the sooner that they were able to reach this crucial level, the better. This was especially so for the maidens that treasured their youths.

“Or else it will be a pity for a flower like you to fade. You are indeed the top beauty in my residence.” Hai Sheng laughed. “Later when your close sister Fairy Ye Chengxi has come, I will bed her as well.”

The elegant maiden was shocked, “Leave Chengxi alone.” She screamed out softly, ” I…will submit to…you…”

Hai Sheng laughed, “But you are already mine since last night. There is nothing to submit from you.”

He began to push her to the bed as he torn off her silk robe from her, revealing her inner lingerie. With a loud chuckle, he had pulled off her inner lingerie to reveal her beautiful naked peaks.

“Hai Sheng, you will burn in hell!” The elegant maiden sobbed between her curses.

Hai Sheng did not even pay attention to what she was saying and had loosened her silk belt. “What an enticing figure. I really can’t get enough of you.”

He quickly pulled her dress off before pulling down her pants to savor her with his lustful eyes.

Hai Sheng was laughing, “You may not know this but my son only marries you to get closer to Fairy Ye Chengxi. Although you are a worthy replacement but you are not Fairy Ye Chengxi. Today, I shall collect the interest for my dead son from you and the Goddess Fairy Chengxi.”

Yuan Ji had originally only wanted to be an observer as he was curious how Hai Sheng had managed to purge the effects of the Elating Happiness Powder so quickly.

What he did not expected from Hai Sheng was that he had violated his daughter-in-law. And this daughter-in-law of his seemed to be a cultured and a gentle maiden. She was extremely soft spoken and her strikes lacked strength despite the fact that she was a fourth realm cultivator herself.

Immediately he had felt sympathy for her.

Moreover he was moved to anger when he had immediately thought of what would happen to Ye Chengxi later.

Hai Sheng was a sixth realm golden supremacy and he could easily overcome Ye Chengxi who was only a fifth realm golden celestial.

Therefore although he knew that he may not be Hai Sheng’s match but he had decided to take a bold gambit as he dashed into the room with his flying sword!

He had only got one chance before Hai Sheng could make his retaliation!

The instant that he had flown through the window, Hai Sheng had immediately turned around with almost supernatural reflexes. “It is you, Yuan Ji!”

Yuan Ji’s sword exploded through Hai Sheng sudden golden animus that had burst out to protect his body from harm.

Hai Sheng was a golden celestial of the sixth realm level. Whenever an attack happened against a golden celestial, the profound aura that was protecting a golden celestial would automatically be triggered. It was extremely difficult for a low level cultivator to hurt or to surprise a golden celestial.

Hai Sheng was laughing, “My profound aura is a sixth realm profound aura and I’ve the golden body of a golden supremacy. Do you think that your mere attack will even work on me? It is merely scratching me…”

All of a sudden Hai Sheng had ceased his laughter and he was foaming golden blood.

Slowly he looked down at the body and saw that Yuan Ji’s sword had actually pierced through his heart.

He was shocked. “How is this even…possible?”

Then he noticed that the sword that was in Yuan Ji’s sword was no ordinary precious sword but was in fact an earth-step divine sword that could easily penetrate through his golden body!

“How did you manage to lay your hands on a divine sword…you are…only a lowly cultivator…”

Hai Sheng quickly grabbed the divine sword as he attempted to pull it out of his body. Because he was a golden celestial, his wounds would quickly heal and even his organs would regenerate if the divine sword could be pulled out.

This was the great disparity that existed between a normal cultivator and a cultivator that had become a golden celestial!

Hai Sheng was smiling now. It was because Yuan Ji may have succeeded in a lucky strike against him but he lacked the profound strength to truly kill him.

In fact Yuan Ji would only be delivering a free divine sword to his hands instead.

Yuan Ji saw that Hai Sheng had grabbed the blades of his divine sword and he knew that he was in trouble.

Very quickly, he began to circulate all the profound strength that he could muster to temporary raise his profound strength level to that of a fifth realm golden celestial level.

Almost instantly the divine sword had channeled his profound strength into a burst of profound sword energies that exploded into Hai Sheng’s heart.

Hai Sheng was completely stunned as he took a step back. Did he just feel the profound power of a fifth realm golden celestial exploding through his heart?

But he could not think any further because this time round, he was truly dead as he collapsed onto the ground. There was now no more heart for his golden body to regenerate.

As for Yuan Ji, he had collapsed backward with weak steps and had to balance himself with his sword.

He was now smiling bitterly to himself.

He had lost all his profound energies that he had painfully cultivated when he had forcefully raised his profound strength to the fifth realm cultivation level to kill Hai Sheng.

He did not know whether he should be glad or not.

He was actually three times lucky in this strike.

One: he had a divine sword.

Two: he had managed to aim Hai Sheng’s heart.

Three: he had only one chance to muster his profound energies against Hai Sheng and Hai Sheng did not even use his profound strength to suppress his attack because he was not expecting Yuan Ji to seriously hurt him.

The elegant maiden was stunned by what had happened and she was shocked that Hai Sheng had actually died.

But she quickly regained her composure as she kneeled down tearfully, “Your humble servant Shangguan Yan thanks great benefactor…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was stunned; it was because he had suddenly remember that he had a protégé by the name of Shangguan Yan in the past and she was also Ye Chengxi’s junior protégé sister.

He smiled bitterly as he quickly said to her. “Please don’t thank me…” Half of his eyes were actually staring at her naked figure and he was now half-drooling.

He was actually not a pervert or was looking at Shangguan Yan in a lustful manner. It was just that this Shangguan Yan was too enticing to his eyes.

But unfortunately at this time, Ye Chengxi had walked into the room and was gasping with shock; especially when she saw a naked Shangguan Yan kneeling in front of Yuan Ji and a dead Hai Sheng in the background.

When Yuan Ji saw Ye Chengxi, he panicky blurted out. “It is not what you think it is…I can explain…”

Now that he had completely exhausted his profound strength, it would only take one stroke from Ye Chengxi to completely end his life.

And Ye Chengxi had already brandished her precious sword with a brilliant glare against Yuan Ji as she said icily, “You are a beast of a man!”

<Spoiler Alert for Shangguan Yan (In white text)>

Nothing actually happens to her. It is a ‘ruse’.

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