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Chapter 18: The Beast of a Man (2)

Fairy Ye Chengxi’s beaming long sword had flashed at Yuan Ji’s throat but the final strike did not come.

It was because her fingers were now trembling uncontrollably.

She could only mutter almost incoherently, “You are a beast of a man…you violate my junior sister…do you know that she’s your…” She would not tell him that she actually knew that he was his old master and could only say silently. “Master, Chengxi is so disappointed in you!”

“Sister Chengxi, this hero here saves me from this beast of a man.” Shangguan Yan pointed to the dead Hai Sheng as she said coldly. “In fact, he is my great benefactor.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi gasped softly, “What is going on here?”

Shangguan Yan was still sobbing softly when she had finished telling Ye Chengxi what had happened.

Ye Chengxi looked at Yuan Ji quietly as she averted her eyes, “So this is what has happened. He is really the real beast of a man.”

Then her eyes were panicky as she muttered, “But what shall we do now? Elder Hai Sheng is dead now…my Orthodox Sword Sect will be wiped out once this deed has been discovered.”

Yuan Ji interrupted awkwardly as he looked at Shangguan Yan. “This is not the whole truth. I’ve killed Hai Guotian too. If you want to take vengeance for him and to find someone to blame for your misfortunate, you can look for me. I am Yuan Ji. I am also the new Elder of the Emperor Hall Sect. You can look for me anytime to take your revenge.”

But Shangguan Yan hummed softly, “Good. Well done.”

Yuan Ji: ???

“She is not taking vengeance for Hai Guotian?” He thought curiously.

Ye Chengxi said tearfully as she hugged Shangguan Yan tightly, “Sister, I’m the reason why you are suffering in this place.”

Shangguan Yan shook her head gently, “It’s not your fault. It is all the work of our old master. He had left us just like this…”

Ye Chengxi said panicky as she stolen a secret look at Yuan Ji, “Do not be disrespectful to our old master. He didn’t know and I’m the useless sect leader here.”

“In this world, only you will still accord him with the greatest of all respect. I hope he is dead and will never come back.” Shangguan Yan said tearfully and her soft voice was trembling hard.

Yuan Ji: …

He was thinking, “I didn’t know that I am so unpopular and everyone is suffering because I am not around. But do you know that if I am still around, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue will not spare me or my sect. I have no other choice but to hide and to try for a breakthrough to fight them.”

He put on a strong resolve to find out what the plot that was against him a hundred years ago and to find out who the conspirers were for landing him into this woeful state.

Yuan Ji suddenly said, “I have a plan and we have to enact upon it immediately.”

Both Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were now looking curiously at him.

He inhaled deeply before he said, “Everyone knows that Fairy Ye Chengxi is here but they do not know that I am here. Therefore the plan is really simple. I will pretend to be a masked assailant and have Fairy Ye Chengxi to chase me for some time until we have enough witnesses.”

Then he gave Shangguan Yan a gentle look which caused her to flush lightly, “We will need Maiden Shangguan Yan’s help to be the main witness and to scream after us. She is actually the key witness to all these.”

“So what do you think of this plan?” He asked them.

“It is a good plan…” Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan said at the same time. They were suddenly looking at each other with a flushed look.

Shangguan Yan suddenly looked at Yuan Ji, “This is a good plan but there may be a little problem with it.”

Yuan Ji was curious, “Which is?”

Shangguan Yan said quietly, “I wonder if Master Yuan Ji still has the strength to flee from my Sister Ye Chengxi and the other pursuers once this plan is enacted?”

Then she looked at Yuan Ji intently before saying, “If you still have your profound strength, you will be able to dodge my protégé sister’s attack earlier. Or is there another reason why you are unable to evade her ordinary stroke?”

Yuan Ji: …

He had indeed used up most of his profound strength. In order to use his lightless skill, he would need his profound strength or he would be running just like an ordinary man and he would be breathless in no time.

“Please wait me a little while.” Shangguan Yan said quietly as she disappeared from the room.

In no time she was back with an exquisite box as she quietly opened it as she said shyly to Yuan Ji, “This is for you.”

Inside the box was a large crimson pill and Yuan Ji’s divine sense had told him that this large crimson pill was imbued with strong spiritual force.

Yuan Ji had actually recognized this crimson pill and he was stammering, “This is the Red Dragon Divine Pill, a fifth rank divine pill…but how…”

This Red Dragon Divine Pill was able to restore his lost profound strength more rapidly than any other profound pills that he had and it could also provide a quick burst of profound strength to him almost instantly.

Shangguan Yan averted her eyes shyly, “It isn’t mine but it is yours now.”

Yuan Ji was stunned.

Fifth rank divine pills were extremely precious and rare in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Even if his Orthodox Sword Sect was at its peak, he would still be unable to afford one-tenth of a fifth rank divine pill and moreover this was the Red Dragon Divine Pill. It had other spiritual properties besides just restoring one’s profound strength.

“Maiden Shangguan Yan, I believe that you have only one such Red Dragon Divine Pill. Do you know that this divine pill will be able to propel a fourth realm cultivator to a fifth realm golden celestial immediately? It is too precious for me to take. You should keep it for yourself.” He said quietly.

Shangguan Yan smiled at him shyly, “Isn’t this good for you then? You can be a golden celestial.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly to himself, “Actually I am a seventh realm saint now…I have used a secret profound art to lower my cultivation realm…”

Ye Chengxi was thinking, “Junior sister doesn’t know he is our old master…”

“Why don’t you want it? Isn’t this a profound treasure that everyone wants?” Shangguan Yan said curiously.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “This is really too precious for me to take. I can’t take it…”

“Why not? You are my great benefactor.” Shangguan Yan sighed softly before she added. “Or you are looking down at me and in your heart, you despise me?”

Yuan Ji was startled, “No, I don’t…”

“Then take it. This is my gratitude to you.” Shangguan Yan said firmly.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly. “This is really too precious. I really can’t take it…”

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had gently popped the Red Dragon Divine Pill into his mouth and was looking at him with great tenderness, “Do you want to force my hand? Right now, you can’t even defeat me and I’m a very, very weak cultivator.”

Suddenly Yuan Ji felt extreme guilt in his heart.

It was because he had remembered in the past he was always rebuking her harshly.

“Yan’Er, you are so useless. You are a core protégé and yet you are weaker than an ordinary protégé!”

“Yan’Er, we are a sword sect and you can’t even wield a sword properly? Where is your grip?”

“Why your sword strikes are always lacking in strength. You can’t even hurt an ant…”

“Yan’Er, how many times must I tell you already? You are completely useless and hopeless…”

“You are unfit to be a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect…”

And yet when the Orthodox Sword Sect was facing its greatest crisis, Shangguan Yan had stepped forward to sacrifice her happiness to buy time for her sect leader and senior protégé sister Ye Chengxi to save the Orthodox Sword Sect.

Now, she was even offering the Red Dragon Divine Pill to her great benefactor that she did not know was actually her old master.

Yuan Ji was completely ashamed of himself…

“Actually I am the one that is really the beast of a man…”

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