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Chapter 217: Gao Tianyou

The tavern was unusually crowded today.

It was because it was filled with the boastful shouts of the many orthodox cultivators that had just won a battle with the unorthodox cultivators.

But the sudden appearance of two young men and a young maiden had suddenly caused the tavern to be quiet and the hundreds of cultivators were now looking at them.

The two men were really dashing and the maiden was extraordinary beautiful. But it was the fact that all three of them had golden eyes and were obviously golden celestials that were attracting the sudden attention.

Golden celestials were really rare in the Nine Celestial Fraternity and had a lofty status.

All these cultivators in the tavern naturally knew which golden celestials in the Nine Celestial Fraternity were fighting on their side and these three were certainly not one of them.

There were only two conclusions in the hearts of all the cultivators that saw them; either they were newcomers or foes.

If they were foes then they must be courting their own death!

It was because there was a seventh realm saint in their midst now!

The two men and maiden were actually Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing.

Tang Xuefeng was now taking the guise of a man and she looked a little more dashing than even Lu Qingyun and she was causing the wandering eyes of the many female cultivators to look in ‘his’ direction dazedly.

Lu Qingyun did not expect to find so many cultivators in this tavern. After all, they had just arrived at this small garrison city and it was nowhere closer to the main camps of Saint Gao Tianshou.

He thought, “Maybe this is just a local celestial clan that is celebrating an occasion here.”

A steward immediately greeted them, “Great Celestials, what can I do you?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “I want three rooms to rest our legs for the next couple of days.”

The steward smiled weakly, “Great Celestial, we have only two rooms that are available now…”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “That is good enough too. We shall have two rooms then.”

Lu Qingyun was stammering, “This is a big city. We can check the other taverns first…”

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly as she winked at Lu Qingyun, “We’re both men. What are you afraid of?” She knew exactly what Lu Qingyun was thinking.

Qian Jingjing: …

Tang Xuefeng began to look at Lu Qingyun with gentle eyes as she inhaled softly. Her eyes were full of tenderness that was extremely mesmerizing.

Lu Qingyun quickly pulled his eyes away from her and he felt a little guilty. When he was heavily injured for the past two months, Tang Xuefeng had used her mouth to nurse him day and night as his own body could not could not muster any profound energies to kick in his regeneration.

Qian Jingjing giggled softly as she took Lu Qingyun’s arm, “Maybe we should take one room while Brother Tang Feng takes a room to yourself.”

The golden eyes of Qian Jingjing were also looking with great tenderness at Lu Qingyun. It was because Lu Qingyun had fought an eighth rank desolate monster to safeguard her and had almost lost his life. His injuries were so severe during the first few weeks that he could not take in any divine pills.

It was only with the patience care of Tang Xuefeng that Lu Qingyun had managed to hold on to his life.

Therefore she was only teasing Tang Xuefeng and there were no enmities between them for the attention of Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng chuckled softly, “This won’t do. You are not wedded to each other yet. Therefore I shall share the same room as my brother here.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He had actually wanted to tell them to share the same room but Tang Xuefeng was disguising herself as a man now…

This arrangement had to wait until they were in the safety of their rooms.

Tang Xuefeng was now saying to the steward, “What are you waiting for? Two rooms, so be it.”

The steward was immediately saying, “Yes, yes Great Celestials.”

All of a suddenly, four golden celestials had approached Lu Qingyun and his group.

Actually when Lu Qingyun and his group had entered the tavern, they had already noticed that they were being watched by these golden celestials and all the other cultivators. But they were cool and continued as usual.

Among the four golden celestials that had approached them, was a fine looking young man and he seemed to be the leader of their group.

In fact, he was also the first to greet them with a warm smile. “I’m Young Master Gao and is known by the name of Celestial Gao Tianyou.” As he greeted them, his eyes were wandering at Qian Jingjing.

Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were all gasping silently. They knew who Gao Tianyou was. He was the eldest son of Saint Gao Tianshou.

Although their surprises were subtle but Gao Tianyou immediately knew that he had their attention and he was grinning broadly, “And this is Saint Wu Lei.” He had pointed to a middle age man with a short beard.

Next he pointed to two middle-age men, “And these two are Supremacy Hai Zhongtian and Supremacy Liang Tiege.”

Except for Gao Tianyou himself, all his side-kicks were a realm or two higher than Lu Qingyun and his group!

Gao Tianyou smiled, “I wonder how I should address our Great Celestials here?”

Tang Xuefeng saw that Lu Qingyun was about to speak and she had quickly interrupted with a hand bow, “I am Celestial Tang Feng, the leader of the group.”

Then she smiled at Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing, “And this is my Second Brother Lu Yun and my Third Sister Qian Qian. They are all fifth realm golden celestials like me. We are actually not any ‘Great Celestials’. We ought to address your group as Great Celestials instead.”

Then she displayed a humbled hand bow toward the middle-age short beard man, “It is our honor to meet a seventh realm saint. Our cultivation is still so lacking.”

Saint Wu Lei laughed, “I am old already. The future belongs to the young.”

Gao Tianyou laughed too before he said a little more solemn, “We are all from the Valiant Arms Sect. May I know where you are all from and where you are going?”

Tang Feng smiled, “Actually we are just autonomous celestials from the other divine realms and we are on our way to join Saint Gao Tianshou in the fight against the three dark divine realms. And to think that we will actually meet the Valiant Arms Sect here and have the honor to meet Young Master Gao here. Are we lucky or not?”

Gao Tianyou and his group nodded as they listened. They actually knew that Tang Feng was spinning a story but it was also an acceptable story. It was because they had many celestials that had joined them from all over the Nine Celestial Fraternity. And many of them seemed to have a prominent background but they did not want to disclose it.

This was something that they did not want to force them to reveal as long as they were not spies from the dark divine realms and were contributing to the fight against the Devil Goddess.

What they needed now, were more powerful cultivators and cultivators that could sacrifice to their cause!

Gao Tianyou laughed as he took a glance at Qian Jingjing, “In that case, why not join my group instead? We are on our way back to my father’s main camp. I can even introduce you to more mind-like heroes.”

Tang Feng smiled, “It is actually our pleasure then.”

Lu Qingyun said excitingly, “It is great. We hope to lend our puny contribution to the fight against the dark celestials.”

But he was even more excited at the thought that he may have a chance to finally meet Qin Keqin again.

He was thinking, “She says she will be incognito as she aids Saint Gao Tianshou. If that is the case, she may be nearby whenever there is a major conflict. Therefore I may be able to see her again in the event of a major conflict.”

“Keqin, I miss you so much…”

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