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Chapter 24: What Have I Done?

Fairy Ye Chengxi was now walking around as she called out, “Sister. Yan’Er, where are you?”

The inner protégés had told her that Palace Mistress Shangguan Yan was taking a walk here with Palace Master.

“Where is she? Weird?” As she walked, she quickly swept her divine sense.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had appeared in a flustered manner and she was carrying Yuan Ji. “Sister, help me. Palace Master Yuan Ji has fainted.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was startled as she quickly inspected Yuan Ji; he appeared to be stoned and his eyes were staring blankly but he was also smiling and drooling.

“What happens to him? I’ve never seen anything like this?” Fairy Ye Chengxi was gasping softly.

Shangguan Yan smiled weakly, “I really don’t know what happens. He had suddenly fainted. You can help me to take him to the hall first?”

She had pointed to a small resting hall nearby.

Fairy Ye Chengxi panicky nodded.

As she helped Yuan Ji, she suddenly saw that he was wearing his robe in the reverse side. “This Palace Master is like a little child. He can’t even be bothered to wear his robe properly.”

Shangguan Yan said with a flustered voice, “Men are all like this. They don’t care.”

Actually it was Shangguan Yan who had helped Yuan Ji to dress up hastily when she had suddenly heard her sister’s voice calling out for her. It was because Yuan Ji was now in a trance and he could not dress himself on his own.

The scent that she had accidentally used on him actually worked extremely fast.

When the two maidens had moved Yuan Ji to the small resting hall, Shangguan Yan panicky said. “I’ve an ointment that is from Palace Mistress Xia. It is really effective for faints. I will go get it now. Sister, please don’t touch or move him until I’m back.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded quietly as she cast an anxious look at Yuan Ji. “I will wait for your return.”

Shangguan Yan panicky rushed out of the hall as she said softly, “I will be back very soon.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was now staring at Yuan Ji as she said silently, “What has actually happened? My old master never has any history of fainting spells. He is always healthy. Is it because of his failed breakthrough?”

In her mind, her old master had actually failed in his cultivation realm breakthrough and had even suffered a stunning blow to his cultivation realm, causing him to lose his golden body. That was why he had refused to acknowledge her when he had first re-appeared.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was soon heaving a melancholy sigh. “Your Chengxi is here. Even if you have lost your profound strength, I don’t mind. I will be with you…”

All of a sudden she had noticed that the pant that was inside Yuan Ji’s robe was wet and she was suddenly gasping. This wet patch was expanding rapidly in front of her.

She covered her mouth with shock, “Master…”

Yuan Ji was now in a delirium. He had totally no idea what was happening except that he was now having a fun time.

Yan’Er had suddenly disappeared from the scene and now she had been replaced by Fairy Ye Chengxi.

“Chengxi? Why are you here in my bedroom?” Yuan Ji was shocked.

Fairy Ye Chengxi had quietly bended her knees in front of him and said quietly, “Your Chengxi is here to serve you.”

It was only then that he noticed that Chengxi was only dressed in her lingeries.

Yuan Ji immediately said, “Chengxi, this won’t do. We can’t do this thing…”

“Yes, we can.” Fairy Ye Chengxi was quietly looking pitifully at him. “Master, Chengxi has always like you. Why are you so cruel to me?”

“I am cruel to Chengxi?” Yuan Ji stammered.

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded shyly as she leaned toward him while still on her knees. “Can you take Chengxi please?”


Yuan Ji was now staring at the face of a heavenly fairy that could cause men to sin. His willpower began to falter and he was suddenly taking off his robe…

When Shangguan Yan had returned to the small resting hall, Fairy Ye Chengxi was looking quite flustered.

Shangguan Yan quickly took a bottle for Yuan Ji to sniff.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan had noticed that Yuan Ji was not wearing his robe in the reverse anymore. “This…”

Fairy Ye Chengxi knew that Shangguan Yan had noticed it and she quickly said with hot flushes, “It won’t be good for a Palace Master to be wearing his robe the opposite way. Therefore I’ve helped him.”

Shangguan Yan slowly nodded as she averted her eyes from her sister

But both Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi was suddenly playing dumb. Some things were best not to say out.

Before long, Yuan Ji had recovered from his trance. “What happens?”

He was suddenly startled when he saw Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were both looking at him with a weird expression.

He had suddenly remembered what he had done to Shangguan Yan.

“This…did I get caught in the act by Chengxi?” He began to smile bitterly.

Shangguan Yan was too shy to explain and she was looking nervously at her sister Fairy Ye Chengxi. How much did she know? Did she guess?

But Fairy Ye Chengxi merely said quietly, “You have fainted earlier so we have brought you here. Are you feeling much better now?”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “So I have fainted? So that’s what happens. Look at me. I must have been cultivating too hard.”

When he had said that, he was looking extremely sheepish.

He was looking a little perplexed. He thought that he was doing it with Shangguan Yan but how come he was dreaming that he was doing it with Fairy Ye Chengxi?

All of a sudden there were angry noises from outside the hall.

In a short moment, an elderly senior protégé had walked into the hall with four protégés and they were carrying a tray.

This elderly senior protégé was Old Liu Xuan and he was lamenting loudly, “Palace Master, please take a look at this! This is so outrageous!”

Old Liu Xuan was also the sect’s law enforcer elder. Every few days he would run to Yuan Ji to complain about the lack of rules and laws in the sect.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and asked curiously, “What is it?”

He walked to the tray, followed by Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi.

As they approached, Old Liu Xuan sighed heavily as he removed the cloth that was on the tray; on the tray were a body lingerie and a panties.

Shangguan Yan was gasping softly. She quickly averted her eyes shyly because she had recognized her own lingerie that she had left behind earlier in a hurry…

Even Fairy Ye Chengxi was gasping softly as she stole a glance at Shangguan Yan.

Yuan Ji was staring blanking at the tray and he was smiling awkwardly, “Erm, so…”

Old Liu Xuan raised his fists in fury, “Palace Master, to think that we have an adulterous pair that dares to do such a thing inside the inner palaces of the Emperor Hall Sect. They must have thought that everyone is dead! We must find out who are the adulterous pair is!”

Yuan Ji replied sheepishly, “Surely we can close one eye this round?”

“No Palace Master! We must enforce the rule of law strictly and deliver the sect punishments to the offenders. They are doing it in the inner palace. This is total disrespect to you and a slap to your face!”

Yuan Ji was smiling awkwardly as he said silently, “Actually my face is quite thick.”

But he said with a weak smile, “So what does Old Liu Xuan proposes? The culprits must have long fled the scene.”

Old Liu Xuan laughed as he pointed at the lingeries, “Did Palace Master sees that it is still wet? Our sect has a profound treasure that can trace the culprit by sampling the blood.”

Shangguan Yan was now really flustered. She really did not want anyone to know that these lingeries belong to her.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Are you going to check us as well?”

Old Liu Xuan laughed, “Of course not. Our Palace Master, Palace Mistress and Fairy Ye Chengxi are above guilt.” Then he laughed even louder, “If Palace Master wants to do this thing, there are plenty of places for you to do it discreetly. Is there a need to do it in the wild?”

Yuan Ji: …

Shangguan Yan: …

Fairy Ye Chengxi: …

Yuan Ji replied weakly, “Go then and find out who are the culprits.”

Old Liu Xuan was delighted as he shouted with his hoarse voice to the other four protégés. “Come follow me. We are going to check all the three thousand protégés today! The honor of our Palace Master and the Emperor Hall Sect must be protected.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi said quietly, “I take my leave first. The inner protégés are still waiting for me to give them the instructions.”

With that she had hastily left the hall.

Yuan Ji muttered curiously, “Weird. Why is Fairy Chengxi acting so weirdly?”

With hot flushes, Shangguan Yan said almost incoherently. “She knows the lingeries belong to me…”

Yuan Ji was startled, “She knows? How did she know?”

Shangguan Ya smiled weakly, “I happen to wear the one that she gave me in the past.”

Yuan Ji: …

As he staggered back in shock, all of a sudden something fell from his robe to the floor; it was a body lingerie.

Shangguan Yan was in shock as she looked at Yuan Ji, “This belongs to my sister. How did you get it?”

Yuan Ji stared at the body lingerie that was on the ground with a perplexed look.

“I don’t remember…”

He was actually telling the truth.

All of a sudden Shangguan Yan remembered her sister flustered look when she had entered the hall and that even Yuan Ji’s robe had been adjusted by her.

She was gasping in shock as she stared at Yuan Ji, “Don’t tell me that…”

Yuan Ji: ???

But Yuan Ji attention was now in the direction where Fairy Ye Chengxi had gone. He was thinking, “Does it mean that she isn’t wearing any now…”

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