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Chapter 220: Saint Vs. Saint

Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were walking together when a shooting star was seen bursting through the clouds in the heavens above.

Qian Jingjing gasped, “Look! A shooting star! We ought to make a wish.”

Tang Xuefeng nodded, “We are so lucky to see one.”

Shooting stars were a really rare sight in the Celestial Realm because the entire Celestial Realm was covered with a thick cloud canopy, blanketing the entire heavens with white clouds that were rich with spiritual force.

Lu Qingyun was thrilled at the sight of the shooting star too and he quickly made his wish. “I wish to see Keqin soon…”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were all making their wishes too.

Lu Qingyun chuckled softly as he looked curiously at them, “So what are your wishes?”

Qian Jingjing giggled softly, “What is Brother Qingyun wish first?”

Lu Qingyun laughed dreamily, “I’ve only one wish and that is to find my master. So what are yours?”

He was silently thinking, “Keqin, why is that I can sense that you are around yet I can’t see you?”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng both laughed and replied at the same time, “I wish that Qingyun’s wish will come true.”

Lu Qingyun was startled. “The two of you…”

Then he smiled, “Thank you.”

“Brother Tang Feng, Brother Lu Yun, Maiden Qian Qian.” It was Gao Tianyou calling out to them. He was followed by Saint Wu Lei, Supremacy Liang Tiege and Supremacy Hai Zhongtian.

Gao Tianyou was laughing, “It is indeed a beautiful night today. Am I disturbing your rest?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “What can we do for you?”

“It is actually nothing but we have a great secret to share with you. Can you follow us out of the camp?” Gao Tianyou smiled warmly.

“A great secret?” Lu Qingyun was perplexed. “We can’t discuss it here?”

Gao Tianyou laughed before he said in a low voice, “The walls have ears. There may be spies from the dark celestials in our group. Therefore it is safer that we let you know elsewhere.”

Tang Xuefeng interrupted with a wry smile, “What if we tell you we’re not interested in your secret?”

Gao Tianyou laughed, “But you will.” Then he took a look at Qian Jingjing. “Actually this great secret involves the Spirit Sword Manor.”

Qian Jingjing was startled as she thought. “Why is he looking at me like this? He knows that I’m from the Spirit Sword Manor?”

Gao Tianyou suddenly heaved a deep sigh, “I’m afraid that the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm will soon be in trouble.”

Then he smiled at Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing. “Shall we go to one side before I tell you more?”

Lu Qingyun saw that Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing had an anxious look in their countenance even though they did not say it.

Therefore he replied for them. “Alright then.”

Gao Tianyou was smiling. “Follow me.”

Lu Qingyun, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing followed them out of the camp and soon they were quite far away from the camp.

Lu Qingyun was frowning lightly, “We’re already far from the camp. Is it necessary for us to go so far away?”

Gao Tianyou laughed jovially, “It does seem far enough now.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “So what is the secret?”

Gao Tianyou was suddenly smirking, “This secret will cost you your life.”

Lu Qingyun: ???

Gao Tianyou was now smiling now. It was really a simple plan. He would bring Lu Qingyun here and to kill him then he would take Qian Qian and Tang Feng by force. He had already planned this and knew that there was no escape from the four of them because they had Lu Qingyun cornered.

Just as he was about to reveal this ‘secret’, A mesmerizing voice suddenly said, startling everyone. It was because this mesmerizing voice was not from their group! “Maybe he won’t have a chance to know this secret yet.” Everyone had turned their heads around, only to see that a beautiful figure with a golden mask was on a tree.

Lu Qingyun immediately gasped, “The Devil Goddess!”

But Gao Tianyou said, “She is just her golden shadow. Their masks are not the same.”

Immediately Saint Wu Lei shouted, “Let me have a try at her first!”

Saint Wu Lei had immediately raised his precious sword and displayed a flying sword stance as he leapt to her at the same time.

The maiden in golden mask was suddenly laughing softly as she raised her precious sword to greet the attack. As she swung her sword, profound martial force began to cumulate around her sword and all of a sudden it condensed into an outburst of winds that were in the shape of a wolf!

Lu Qingyun was suddenly stunned and he had turned ashen. It was because he had recognized this sword technique as Yue Lingxi’s Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword’.

Not only was Lu Qingyun startled by the sword technique but Saint Wu Lei and his group were all startled as well. It was because her sword technique was not a sword energies attack and instead it was a condensation of profound power that formed the shape of a projectile attack.

In order for profound power to be so exceeding that it could be condensed into a projectile profound martial force that could have the range of a sword energy was extremely difficult for any cultivator to do so.

Even Lu Qingyun’s profound martial power was limited to a melee range that was three times the length of his swords.

A ripple of thunderous outburst had immediately struck Saint Wu Lei and he was immediately forced to discontinue his leapt toward the masked maiden and at the same time, he was forced to take five steps backward.

If he was not a seventh realm expert then this outburst of profound force would have immediately struck him dead or maimed him!

“Seventh realm saintess!” Saint Wu Lei was startled.

When he had muttered it out, Gao Tianyou and all the others were startled. This included Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng. However only Lu Qingyun was not surprised.

He was muttering, “What till you see her crazy regeneration ability. She isn’t a human or just an ordinary golden celestial.”

This was Saint Wu Lei very first time fighting a golden shadow of the Devil Goddess and he did not expect that a mere servant of the Devil Goddess would actually be a seventh realm cultivation expert!

Moreover for her to be able to use such a technique, he was afraid that her martial power may be above him and she could even be a great saintess as well.

This fight would not be easy for him to finish.

The fights of the seventh realm experts were always a prolong fight, relying not only on profound strength. Their state of divinities, determinations, emotions, profound aura animus and skills were all factors!

Saint Wu Lei did not dare to be careless anymore as he displayed his seventh rank golden aura to its fullest strength, immediately sending a soft ripple of outburst in the vicinity.

But the masked maiden merely scoffed as she chuckled softly, “Look at the fires that are in their camp. Thank you for your precious supplies of spirit stones for our war cause. Thank you for giving us an opportunity by coming here.”

Gao Tianyou was startled as he turned his head around. Indeed there was smoke that came from the direction of their camp.

He was suddenly panicky because he could not afford to lose this supply of precious spirit stones or he would be severely punished by his father and be a laughing stock to his ambitious second brother.

He quickly shouted, “Quick! We must head back to camp immediately!”

Saint Wu Lei hesitated for a while because he was still in the middle of a fight and may need some help in case things were not going his way. With two sixth realm golden supremacies aiding him, he was confident that he may be able to take down this seventh realm golden mask maiden. But if they were to leave now then the situation may not be good for him.

But luckily for him, the masked maiden had simply faded into the shadows. Her mission was done. There was no need to waste her precious profound strength to fight an equally difficult to beat foe.

Before she faded from view, she took a glance at Lu Qingyun. “Do you know that I’ve saved all your lives tonight? I am afraid he has to suppress this secret of his until he reaches the safety of his main camp. Consider yourself lucky that I am happened to be here.”

Then she muttered, “Why do I have to see you everywhere? You’re just like my little nemesis that I can’t win…”

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