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Chapter 25: All the Misunderstandings

Yuan Ji was now pacing up and down nervously outside one of the many inner halls of the Emperor Hall Sect. It was because Shangguan Yuan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were now talking inside.

He was dying to know what they were talking about.

Did he or did not touch Fairy Ye Chengxi during his trance?

That was the only question that was in his mind.

He completely could not explain why he had Fairy Ye Chengxi’s lingerie inside his robe.

Away from him, standing outside the outer hall were Old Liu Xuan and his four law enforcer protégés.

Old Liu Xuan was also pacing up and down nervously.

It was because Old Man Xuan had failed to find the culprits that had dared to defile the sanctity of the Emperor Hall Sect with their dirty acts.

“Alas!” Old Liu Xuan lamented loudly. “How do I tell Palace Master that I’ve failed him?”

He had tested the blood of all three thousands protégés in the Emperor Hall Sect, including his four law enforcer protégés but had yielded no results.

Earlier, he was even making a big ruckus about finding the culprits and dealing them the sect’s justice.

But now he was at a complete loss how to tell Palace Master.

He did not have the chance to tell Palace Master yet because the Palace Master was now pacing inside the inner hall. The inner hall was strictly forbidden to men other than the Palace Master of course.

Suddenly one of the protégés said nervously. “Master Liu, actually you don’t have to worry too much. I don’t know if I should say this or not.”

Old Liu Xuan growled, “If you got shit to say then quickly say it loud. Why beat around the bush?”

“I am afraid that master will punish me.” He replied even more nervously.

“As long as it is not disrespectful to Palace Master and the Emperor Hall Sect, you can say whatever you want.” Old Liu Xuan barked.

The same protégé lowered his head, “It may be a little disrespectful.”

Old Liu Xuan frowned, “Alright, alright. Quickly say it. You are acting just like a maiden.”

“Erm, I won’t get punish?”

Old Liu Xuan looked at him unhappily, “That will depend if what you will be saying is helpful or not.”

After a short hesitation, the same protégé looked at his fellow protégés before saying in a timid voice, afraid that Old Liu Xuan heavy fists may come upon him anytime. “Actually, your humble protégé here thinks that it may not be necessary for us to pursue this matter so aggressively or be afraid that the wrath of our Palace Master may come down upon us.”

Old Liu Xuan: ???

The same protégé explained timidly, “We have already checked the blood of almost all the protégés except for just a few. And these few…erm…” As he said it, he took a quick glance in the direction of the inner hall.

Old Liu Xuan was suddenly gasping, “We did not check Palace Master, Palace Mistress and Fairy Ye yet…”

The same protégé nodded nervously, “Look at these lingeries. It is so exquisite. One look and we can almost guess who it belongs to.”

Immediately Old Liu Xuan and the other three protégés were all gasping loudly.

“Shhh! Not so loud!” Old Liu Xuan suddenly said.

But his loud voice soon asked hoarsely, “Palace Mistress or Fairy Ye?”

The same protégé muttered weakly, “I think it belongs to Fairy Ye.”

“Why so?” Old Liu Xuan asked quickly. He was dying to know the truth. Although he was the laws enforcer elder but he lacked the detective mind. “Quick, tell me! Stop beating around the bush!”

The same protégé heaved a soft sign of relief that Old Liu Xuan was not scolding him so he quickly said, “Our Palace Master can do the deed openly inside any of the inner hall with no questions asked. But he had to do it outside. There is no doubt who this maiden is, right?”

Old Liu Xuan was gasping loudly, “This! Why didn’t I think of this?” Then he was laughing out loud. “Then it is perfectly alright. Come to think of this, this is no wonder why Palace Master suggests that we close an eye to this? Haha. It’s no wonder why I think Fairy Ye Chengxi was looking so flustered earlier. So this is the reason. Haha.”

Another protégé said in a low voice, “I don’t know if I should say this too. I hope that Master Liu will not punish me.”

Old Liu Xuan frowned, “If you also got any shit to say, quickly say it. I won’t punish you if you are not disrespectful to Palace Master or the Emperor Hall Sect.”

This protégé had a flushed face as he smiled, “Actually I think that the lingeries belong to Fairy Ye Chengxi. I am very sure about it.”

“Oh?” Old Liu Xuan and the other three protégés said at the same time as they looked curiously at him.

The protégé with the flushed face as he smiled lecherously, “I have noticed today that Fairy Ye Chengxi seems to be missing her body lingerie. I’ve been observing her figure for a long time now. I can’t be wrong about it.”

Old Liu Xuan and the other three protégés were now gasping out loud, “So the lingeries belong to Fairy Ye Chengxi…”

All of a sudden Old Liu Xuan said to the protégé with the flushed face, “You will be given twenty heavy strokes of the rod and I will be personally administrating it to you later.”

The protégé with the flushed face began to stammer, “Master Liu, I thought you say that you will not punish me for saying out my thoughts?”

Old Liu Xuan frowned, “I didn’t punish you for saying out your thoughts. I am punishing you for peeking and looking at Fairy Ye Chengxi so lecherously that even I did not notice that she isn’t wearing her lingerie. Have you forgotten that Fairy Ye Chengxi is our honorable elder? She is even ranked higher than me! For this disrespect, I am punishing you!”

This was true;

Although Old Liu Xuan was the law enforcer elder but he was not a true ‘elder’ of the Emperor Hall Sect. He was only an elder that was in charge of the law enforcer hall. Therefore even an honorable elder position was higher than him.

Then Old Liu Xuan was laughing jovially, “Who knows if she may even become our second palace mistress soon.”

Then his eyes were rolling lecherous with the three other protégés who were all drooling with him, “So this belongs to Fairy Ye Chengxi…I can sniff her fragrance already…she’s one of the four great beauties of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity…”

“Ahem!” He proclaimed loudly. “Since we are unable to find the culprits, we shall then report to our Palace Master as such. Case close. I am keeping these evidences for future use. I mean future…research use.”

The protégés: …

Inside the inner hall, Shangguan Yan was looking shyly at her sister Fairy Ye Chengxi.

“My dear Sister.” Shangguan Yan muttered. “May your sister know what really happens earlier?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was sitting quietly next to Shangguan Yan and her countenance was as flustered as the blooming spring flowers.

She shyly averted her glances and said softly, “Nothing has happened.”

Shangguan Yan smiled weakly, “It is all my fault sister. I didn’t know this will happen. I’ve forgotten to warn you not to look into his eyes.”

Yuan Ji was in a delusion due to the special scent that was accidentally used on him. The last maiden to look into his eyes would be the target of his fantasies.

So when Shangguan Yan had left the hall earlier to get the antidote, Fairy Ye Chengxi had replaced Shangguan Yan as his next target of delusion as she had looked into his blanked eyes.

That was the reason why Yuan Ji was suddenly fantasizing about Fairy Ye Chengxi instead of Shangguan Yan.

But usually the victim of the fantasies was safe as long as they kept themselves out of arm reach. That was the reason why Shangguan Yan had warned her sister not to touch Yuan Ji while she was away.

But when she had returned, something was not right and the only person that knew the truth was Fairy Ye Chengxi but she was not sharing.

“My good sister, are you really not sharing.” Shangguan Yan was looking at Fairy Ye Chengxi with pleading eyes. “Not after what he has done to you?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi grew even more flustered before she started to sob in Shangguan Yan’s embrace, “I…really don’t know this will happen…”

Shangguan Yan muttered softly, “Tell me sister. I’m sure Brother Yuan Ji will take responsible for his actions. What did he do to you?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi shook her head but at the gentle comforting of her sister, she slowly said. “I…was…just checking if he’s really alright…and I’m trying to feel his pulse…”

She purposely omitted the fact that she saw Yuan Ji’s wet patch under his robe that she was so startled that her knees gave away.

“Then he started to remove his robe and…force his lewd act on me…” Fairy Ye Chengxi was trembling as she buried her head deep in her sister’s bosoms.

“Lewd act?” Shangguan Yan was perplexed. “What lewd act?”

With great shyness, Fairy Ye Chengxi whispered almost incoherently in Shangguan Yan’s ears.

Shangguan Yan was so shocked that she gasped out loud, “He did that?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi averted her eyes with great shyness as she nodded.

“It is indeed very lewd…” Shangguan Yan was stammering as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Fairy Ye Chengxi lowered her glances, “He forced me into a kneeling position and…” She could not continue for it was too lewd for her to say so.

At that time, her knees had given away in front of Yuan Ji and suddenly she could see his thing in front of her face. As she gasped, Yuan Ji had moved to silence her with his lewd act.

“Good sister, are you willing to be with my Brother Yuan Ji?” Shangguan Yan suddenly asked her.

Fairy Ye Chengxi nodded shyly and she dared not to look into the eyes of her sister.

“What about our old master then? You’re not waiting for him anymore?” Shangguan Yan asked curiously. She knew that her sister was always pinning for her unrequited love for her old master.

Fairy Ye Chengxi lied as she said with great shyness, “I’ve decided not to wait for him anymore.” She knew that Yuan Ji was Ji Yuan her old master. But she did not dare to tell her sister. “Yuan Ji is a good man. He had helped me on so many occasions and killed those that I do not have the courage to do so. I feel safe with him around.”

Shangguan Yan nodded and she was also flushing, “Yes, he’s good man. Without him, we will still be living in the darkness of the four evil elders.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was suddenly melancholy, “But I don’t think he will be willing to take me as his consort.”

Shangguan Yan was perplexed, “My sister Chengxi is one of the greatest beauty in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Is he blind or is he a true priest? I don’t believe.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi did not dare to tell her sister that she had already offered herself to Yuan Ji previously to see his reaction and the result was disappointing. She had cried for many days afterward because she feared that she had ruined her good image in front of him.

“Actually sister, he has asked me to check with you if anything has happened between the two of you. If so, he is willing to bear responsible and you can state your condition to him. He says that as long as it is not against his code of honor, he will definitely try to make up to you.” Shangguan Yan said gently.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was disappointed when she had heard her sister. It was because he did not mention that he was willing to take her as his consort. In the end, her hopes were crushed.

Shangguan Yan lowered her voice to say, “Sister, I can tell that you are interested in him and I can tell that he is always looking at you in a weird manner. Maybe he is too shy to say so. Maybe we can exaggerate the accounts?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi was startled, “Exaggerate the accounts?”

Shangguan Yan nodded quietly, “He doesn’t know anything. People that are afflicted with my scent cannot differentiate what is real or delusion, what has happened or what has not happened.”

Then she averted her eyes from her sister, “What if my sister has lost your chastity to him in this instance? It doesn’t matter if it is true or not. As long as he doesn’t touch you before you wed to him, he will not know. Even if he does know, it will already be too late. If he does touch you, either way he has to wed you.”

Fairy Ye Chengxi gasped before she nodded shyly.

With that, Shangguan Yan had stepped out of the inner hall and Yuan Ji was waiting for her nervously.

“Well, did my Yan’Er finds out anything?”

Shangguan Yan nodded, “My sister has lost her chastity to you.”

Yuan Ji gasped with shock as he took three steps back. He could not believe what he had done. He had defiled his most precious disciple Chengxi. But if he had not done the deed, how did he have her lingerie inside his robe then?

With a sad and heavy heart, he asked with a heavy sigh. “Did she say what compensation she wants?” No matter what she wished for, he would try his best to fulfill it.

“There is only one. You have to take her in as your consort.” Shangguan Yan said quietly.

Yuan Ji took another three steps back in shock, “She says that?! But I can’t. I mean I can’t take her as my consort…”

Shangguan Yan interrupted gently, “Why not? She is the renowned Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi.”

Yuan Ji stammered with great righteousness, “The others will think that our Emperor Hall Sect is trying to swallow up the Orthodox Sword Sect. We will be a bully in the eyes of the celestial fraternity!”

“Do you really care about the reputation of the Emperor Hall Sect?” Shangguan Yan asked curiously.

“Well, this place is left behind by Xia Jiaqing. I ought to take care of it for her. Haha. Moreover, you can’t force someone to love another. Haha.”

Shangguan Yan quietly said, “My sister says if you don’t take her as your consort, she will kill herself this very night.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

This was like the ultimate weapon that could nuke all his endless other excuses…

Yuan Ji began to sigh heavily. If one day his Chengxi were to discover that he was actually his old master, she would be extremely miserable and shocked. He did not want to ruin her future but he had already ruined it. Of all days and places, why did he have to do it in the most unlikely of all places and had even chosen such a bad timing?

Now he felt like he was cleaning up his own mess for his three minutes of flirt.

“So the answer is yes?” Shangguan Yan asked him with a gentle smile.

Yuan Ji sighed heavily before he nodded.

“Good!” Shangguan Yan was smiling all of a sudden. “I’ll go and tell my sister the good news.”

“Yan’Er, wait.” Yuan Ji suddenly said. “There’s something I want to tell you while I was pacing here earlier.”

Shangguan Yan curiously asked. “Brother Yuan Ji, yes?”

Yuan Ji returned a weak smile at her, “You know earlier today, I was really touched by you. I had heard your talks with the inner protégés.”

Shangguan Yan gasped softly as she looked at him shyly.

“Although I’m not as good as your old master but I will promise to be good toward you.” Yuan Ji said firmly.

Shangguan Yan chuckled softly, “You are already way better than my old master. Don’t believe what I’ve said earlier about my old master. In front of the inner protégés, I can’t really say anything that is disrespectful to my old master. My old master is really a badass and I don’t like him at all.”

When Yuan Ji heard her, his pupils had turned white as he took another three steps back. But this time, there were no more steps for him to take because he had rolled down a flight of a hundred step platform stair and had fainted immediately with great shock.

He had finally consummated his unison with Shangguan Yan today because he was so touched by her and that he had thought that she had admired his old self like a god. Now the reality struck him like a great thunderbolt.

“Big Brother Yuan Ji! My lord!” Shangguan Yan gasped in shock.

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