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Chapter 27: The Big Confrontation (1)

Yuan Ji was now in the Green Verdant Great Hall of the Emperor Hall Sect.

This Green Verdant Great Hall was actually an audience hall that could accommodate thousands and it was usually used to host the various cultivators from the other celestial clans or used as an assembly hall.

And now right, hundreds of cultivators from more than twenty celestial clans had gathered in this hall.

He was not exactly accommodating them but he was actually being ‘confronted’ by them and they numbered almost nearly a thousand.

On his side was Shangguan Yan, Fairy Ye Chengxi, Old Liu Xiu and three hundreds of his protégés.

These cultivators had come to settle their ‘scores’ with the Emperor Hall Sect, either by talks or by force. It was because the three month grace period was now up.

Yuan Ji took a sheepish look as he stole a glance at Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan.

At the same time Fairy Ye Chengxi was shyly looking at him and when she saw that he was looking at her, she quickly averted her eyes in the other way.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was not only the honorable elder of the Emperor Hall Sect but she was also now the Second Palace Mistress of the Emperor Hall Sect; he had taken her as his consort just a few days earlier.

Toward Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi, he felt disgusted, shame and guilt at the same time toward them for not telling them who he really was. But that only lasted like three minutes and for the next three days and nights he was always in their bed chambers until he was suddenly confronted by the leaders of the some twenty celestial clans and that was why he was here now.

Right now the leaders of the some twenty celestial clans were all having a staring game at Yuan Ji and his protégés.

They were expecting the morale of the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect to be low but what they saw instead was the fierce determination and the spirited look of hundreds of protégés that were staring back at them.

They were silently thinking, “What is going on?”

“Isn’t their morale supposed to be horrible?”

“They have no strong experts except for Fairy Ye Chengxi to fight us now…”

“This new Palace Master Yuan Ji is merely only a fourth realm expert. He can’t possibly be our match.”

The fierce determination and spirited look of the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect did not just end with this hall. Along the way here, the celestial leaders of the some twenty celestial clans had already noticed the lack of fear and even a kind of solidarity to stand with the fate of the Emperor Hall Sect.

One of the celestial leaders had even tried to recruit the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect to his side but instead he was met with scorn.

Even threats of extinction did not seem to work against even the common protégés!

What was going on?

Although the Emperor Hall Sect had suffered a severe setback three months ago when most of its experts had perished overnight but its protégés had never felt more spirited and happier than when Palace Master Yuan Ji was in charge. Even though the Emperor Hall Sect was now a paper tiger and was terribly weak now but the morale had never been higher.

It was because three months ago, all the scums of the Emperor Hall Sect had all been mysteriously killed.

However, not a single protégé actually had the desire to seek vendetta for them.

The only remorse in their hearts was that their previous Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing was now missing.

Many of the protégés were actually lamenting that they could no longer see Xia Jiaqing around. After all, Xia Jiaqing was also regarded as one of the four great beauties in the celestial fraternity and she was extremely enticing to look at. Although she was often unkind to the four elders and their cronies, she had never been unkind to the common protégés who had regarded her as their goddess.

In a celestial clan that had no scums left, the morale was naturally high.

Moreover they had two newly palace mistresses that were popular with them as well.

Therefore the remaining protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect had decided to perish or live along with their new Palace Master Yuan Ji against the confronting celestial clans today!

To perish or live with the Emperor hall Sect!

This was their secret oath that they had all made today!

Yuan Ji, Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi naturally did not know of the secret oath of their protégés; it was because they were too busy with their ‘cultivation research’ in the bed chamber and they were having their ‘multiple breakthroughs’.

Therefore they did not emerge until all the confronting celestial clans had all come knocking together to demand ‘justice’.

Now Yuan Ji was asking the confronting celestial clans, “So what do you want?”

All the leaders of the some twenty celestial clans were now all struggling to shout their demands at the same time.

“Palace Master Yuan Ji! The Emperor Hall Sect has occupied the western region of the Five Heavens Peak for so long. Do you think that you ought to make reparations to the celestial clans in that region now?”

“We have come to settle a score with you. Last year, the Emperor Hall Sect had injured several of our protégés!”

“It is time for the Emperor Hall Sect to give up some of its territories…”

“If you do not cede the Northern Heavens Peak to us, we will not hesitate to attack the Emperor Hall Sect…”

“Disband your Emperor Sect Hall and surrender your cultivation resources to us…”

“We want Fairy Ye Chengxi to come with us…Shangguan Yan too, if you do not mind…”

Yuan Ji was frowning unhappily. All the demands ended up with in return, they would allow him to live so long as he was willing to surrender the profound treasures, the cultivation resources or the territories of the Emperor Hall Sect.

He did not even bother to listen more because he knew that today they were like vultures that were now feeding upon the carcass of the Emperor Hall Sect.

He was cursing silently, “Jiajia, are you playing a prank on me?”

But he could not resist a furious shout, “At first I am willing to listen to your demands. But some of your demands are just so ridiculous.”

Then he pointed his fingers at them, “Some of the things happened donkey years ago and now you are looking for me to settle a score? Why don’t you look for the Emperor Sect Hall earlier to settle this score?”

He did not need the ability to read their minds to know that they were all saying one thing in their heads. “It is because the Emperor Hall Sect is weak now and the Palace Master is only a forth realm cultivator.”

Next he shouted angrily at another group of leaders, “Your demands are even more ridiculous. You want my female protégés and even my Second Palace Mistress Ye Chengxi to go with you?! And you there, even want my First Palace Mistress Shangguan Yan?!”

As his eyes wandered from the confronting leaders to leaders, he was suddenly surprised to spot the banners of the Mystic Eye Sect among the confronting celestial clans.

He growled furiously, “I thought that the Mystic Eye Sect is a neutral celestial clan that only sells information? Why are you here?”

Indeed the Mystic Eye Sect was a neutral celestial clan that had setup a celestial guild in all the major hubs of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. Their main business was to sell all kinds of information and in the past Yuan Ji had even brought Xue Qianxue’s information from them.

A fat man had humbly stepped out and laughed, “Indeed, indeed. I am Elder Sui from the Mystic Eye Sect.”

Yuan Ji gave him a perplexed look and a light growl, “And why are you here for? Did the Emperor Hall Sect owe your sect something?”

He could not believe that even the Mystic Eye Sect was here to fish for troubles.

Elder Sui laughed aloud as he humbly said, “We’re only here to be spectator and nothing else.”

“Oh?” Yuan Ji replied curiously.

“Do you agree that sometimes information is only reliable if it is witnessed firsthand?” Elder Sui asked him casually.

Yuan Ji nodded and replied, “So?”

Elder Sui laughed, “So we want to know if the Emperor Sect Hall will be wiped out today and in whose hands the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi will fall into today. Some of my clients will be interested to know this information at firsthand.”

Yuan Ji asked with a perplexed look, “They should be asking for my whereabouts after today.”

“I’m afraid that no one is interested in your information.” Elder Sui chuckled and he was being followed by the laughers of several hundred cultivators that were behind him.

Yuan Ji: …

He muttered unhappily, “Is my information so worthless?”

Fairy Ye Chengxi could not resist a soft chuckle when she had overheard him. Her ears were really sharp!

Then she took a sheepish look around her and lowered her glances with a flustered look, “Sorry.” She apologized to her side quickly.

Shangguan Yan was looking at Fairy Ye Chengxi and her beautiful eyes appeared to be laughing as she trembled lightly. It was because she was trying her best not to laugh at Yuan Ji.

A celestial leader had stepped forward and was waving his sword. “Stop the crap. Don’t blame us for ransacking the Emperor Hall Sect!”

Yuan Ji asked, “You are?”

The celestial leader laughed, “Elder Kong Fu of the Mighty Sword Pavilion! Middle-tier Fourth Realm Cultivator!”

“What are your grievances again?” Yuan Ji asked. He had completely forgotten.

“The Northern Five Heaven Peaks…”

Yuan Ji was growling, “I ask for your grievances and you reply me with your demands. I guess that we can only settle our grievances with our swords now.”

Elder Kong Fu was laughing. “This is my very intention too.”

All the cultivators behind him were all laughing. It was because the Mighty Sword Pavilion was renowned for its sword arts. Even a fifth realm golden celestial may struggle under the attack of its superior sword art.

Fairy Ye Chengxi quickly stepped forward, “Brother Yuan Ji, please allow me…”

But Yuan Ji interrupted her with a gentle smile, “How can I bear to let my beloved Chengxi take the challenge in my place?”

He turned to Old Liu Xuan and said quietly, “My sword.”

Old Liu Xuan quickly stepped forward with a heaven-step precious sword in both hands for Yuan Ji to take.

Elder Kong Fu laughed, “What is the use of a heaven-step precious sword? I only need the use of a half-step precious sword and I can send you to cry in front of Fairy Ye Chengxi and to show her that she has followed the wrong man. You are a piece of dung that covert a fairy flower.”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes and his pupils almost turned white. It was not because he disagreed with him but he had suddenly thought it may sound true after all!

How could he deserve the love of his precious disciple Fairy Ye Chengxi?

He had lied to her about his identity. He really felt unworthy of her and yet he could not resist her at all.

Therefore he could only sigh and said, “Indeed I am a dung.”

When he had said that, all the protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect were panicky shouting. “No, Palace Master, you’re not!”

At the same time, the cultivators from the opposing side were all laughing out loud. “Yes, he is indeed!”

Elder Kong Fu laughed jovially. “Let me take care of this piece of a dung then!”

Yuan Ji had unsheathed the heaven-step precious sword with his left hand, “Please give me your instructions then!”

Elder Kong Fu laughed as he moved to attack Yuan Ji with his sword, “I will definitely give you plenty of my instructions!”

The instant that he had swung his sword, his profound martial power began to cause a strong ripple that caused everyone to take a step or two back!

“Elder Kong Fu is so impressive…”

“This is the profound sword art of the Mighty Sword Pavilion! Today, we will have a real eye-opener…”

“This Palace Master Yuan Ji is dead for sure…”

“The Emperor Hall Sect is really blind for having a trash as a sect leader…”

“Pity Fairy Ye Chengxi. She is going to be a widow today…”

Just as everyone was singing their praises to Elder Kong Fu, Yuan Ji had swung the sword that was in his left hand and had sent Elder Kong Fu to fly all the way back to the entrance of the hall.

Everyone: …

Did they see what they were seeing?!

Even Fairy Ye Chengxi was gasping.

Many of the cultivators were blinking their eyes blankly; they did not even see anything and Elder Kong Fu was sent flying backward…

The protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect were staring blanking at their Palace Master…

Yuan Ji was frowning, “So weak? So this is the sword art of the Mighty Sword Pavilion? Haha.”

“I am sect leader of the Profound Sword Sect, Yu Changhai. Please give me your instructions!” A peaked fourth realm cultivator had suddenly announced with a great shout.

“This is the sect leader of the Profound Sword Sect! The profound sword art of the Profound Sword Sect cannot be estimated…”

But barely had the praises ended, Yu Changhai was sent flying backward with a crashing hard knock against the iron pillar of the hall.

Everyone: …

Yuan Ji swept his eyes around him, “So who else is there that wants to challenge me?”

Another cultivator had stepped forward and shouted. “I’m Elder Xu Guoqi from the Spirit Weapons Clan!”

“This Elder Xu Guoqi is really formidable. He specializes in sword energy attacks. This time that Yuan Ji is a goner for sure!”

Elder Guoqi raised his sword forward and imbued his sword with his profound energies. In the next instant, he had sent a quick burst of sword energy as a projectile toward Yuan Ji!

Sword energy attacks were only usable by a rare few fourth realm cultivators. Roughly only 1 in 10 of the cultivators would be lucky enough to have the ability to convert their profound energy to sword energy.

Even a seventh realm cultivator may not necessary be a sword energy practitioner. Therefore sword energy practitioners were greatly feared for their ability to make a long range energy attack. Moreover the penetrating power of a sword energy attack was legendary and it could easily cut down the armors and profound aura of the opposition.

Yuan Ji raised his sword in an upward to downward swing before a wave of sword energy had suddenly burst from his sword like a ground dragon, tearing through the ground tiles in a straight line and immediately caused Elder Guoqi to fly backward and sustaining serious injuries.

As for Elder Guoqi’s sword energy, it was just a puny burst of sword energy. The instant that Yuan Ji had unleashed his sword energy, it was quickly dissipated into nothingness.

Everyone was stunned!

“This is a Sword Energy Wave!”

A Sword Energy Wave was more powerful than any sword energy bursts and only a few formidable sword energy practitioners were able to use it. Any sword energy practitioner that could use one was naturally a genius and could be regarded as a powerful sword cultivator.

“This…this is impossible right? He is only a fourth realm cultivator?!”

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone had suddenly realized that the Emperor Hall Sect was not as weak as they had supposed.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was smiling secretly, “Has my old master regained his profound strength already? I should have realized that he is only toying with them when he is only using his left hand. He is three times as fast when he is using his right hand. Do they know that my old master is actually a Sword Saint and they are only courting their deaths for challenging him to a sword duel.”

Yuan Ji frowned, “Are there more challengers?”

Naturally there were more challengers because he could see that there were five golden celestials that were standing at the back.

And now these five golden celestials were now looking at Yuan Ji with interest.

They did not act earlier because they were not interested to fight any cultivators that were below the fifth realm level.

The only strong opponent in their eyes were Fairy Ye Chengxi, who was a fifth realm golden celestial.

But now, they were now being forced to act or they would have wasted their time in coming here!

And now Yuan Ji was patiently waiting for them to introduce themselves.

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