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Chapter 223: The Great Banquet (2)

The Devil Goddess was laughing and her mesmerizing figure was moving to and fro, “You have such an interesting banquet here and you’re not inviting me?”

Saint Gao Tianshou smiled, “I don’t think you are here to enjoy the banquet, am I right?”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “That’s when you are wrong! I enjoy banquets the most!”

It was true that the Devil Goddess enjoyed banquets the most in the past when she was terrorizing the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Saint Gao Tianshou laughed, “But unfortunately we do not welcome you for our humble banquet. Moreover you will soon be our prisoner.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly, “You want to capture me today? Do you think that it will be an easy matter?”

Saint Gao Tianshou lifted his fingers and made a small flicker.

Immediately two golden saints had flashed toward the Devil Goddess. These two golden saints were the elders of the Valiant Arms and their combat abilities were only second to Saint Gao Tianshou.

“Elder Gong Nantian here!”

“Elder Xu Qiang here!”

Under the attack of powerful two saints, even the Devil Goddess may find it a little hard to remain undefeated.

Moreover she was in enemy territory now and the presence of her air was naturally weaker than them.

All of a sudden two of her golden shadows had stepped forward with their palms that were aimed at the two golden saint elders.

There were thunderous thunderclaps as both sides exchanged blows with their palms.

In a blink of an eye, the two elders were forced to take three tremendous steps backward, much to their startled shock!

“This…” Elder Gong Nantian gasped. “They are also seventh realm experts? This is impossible…”

Elder Xu Qiang was also gasping too and he could feel the trembling of his fingers. “Their profound strength is actually above us?”

“The golden shadows of the Devil Goddess are also seventh realm experts?!”

Many of the golden celestials were caught by surprise.

According to the updates on the three dark divine realms, the dark celestials had only nine saints in total. And all the saints were male with the only exception of the Devil Goddess of course. Moreover, the Devil Goddess was rumored to be the only Great Saintess.

As for Elder Xu Qiang and Elder Gong Nantian, they were both middle-tier seventh realm sacred saints. It was really hard for them to meet an opponent that had the superior profound strength than them.

“They must have taken some divine pills to boost their profound strength…”

“That’s right…”

“This must be the only reason!”

“They are indeed heretics. To think that they will stoop so low as to take some heretic drugs to boost their profound strength…”

“We have eighteen saints in this hall. Even if all their golden saints are here today, we still outnumber them. So what can two extra two saintesses do to us?”

“If we all attack the Devil Goddess together, this victory is ours. We don’t even need months or years to win the war.”

The Devil Goddess chuckled softly when she had heard them. “Actually I didn’t bring any of my golden saint divine lords with me. If I know that I am being outnumbered by eighteen saints here, I may not want to come after all.”

“This Devil Goddess is really too brave.”

“Or foolish!”

Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng were now looking at Lu Qingyun who had been observing the Devil Goddess.

Qian Jingjing whispered, “Brother Qingyun, what do you think? Should we step in to help?”

Tang Xuefeng was also whispering, “Saint Gao Tianshou may order us all to attack at the same time. In this way, we can help him to weaken the strength of the Devil Goddess and provide a firmer winning condition for him.”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “I have never dream that the Devil Goddess has such a heroic spirit and guts to come here alone. Maybe I am wrong about the Devil Goddess.”

He turned to said quietly to the two maidens, “The main battle is between the eighteen saints and the Devil Goddess. The rest of us are just punching bags.”

Then he whispered to them, “The third golden shadow that is standing next to the Devil Goddess is a Great Saintess.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing gasped softly, “How do you know?”

Lu Qingyun had of course recognized Yue Lingxi as the third golden shadow from her shoes.

He replied, “She was the one that had attacked Saint Wu Lei that night.”

Qian Jingjing was perplexed, “How did Brother Qingyun know that she is a Great Saintess? She didn’t exactly show her strength that day.”

Lu Qingyun did not want to lie to her so he replied weakly, “She is Yue Lingxi, my ‘sister’.”

Qian Jingjing was gasping with shock. Yue Lingxi had nearly killed her when they had met in the Moon Demon Forest. –Chapter 194

Saint Gao Tianshou was now saying as he raised his heaven-step divine sword, “The name of my divine sword is ‘Sacred Valiant Lightning’. It is a heaven-step divine sword and is naturally one of the most powerful divine swords in existence.”

He was smiling proudly at his divine sword. “You must know this divine sword is a profound treasure of our Valiant Arms Sect for thousands of years but I am the only one in recent history that is able to wield it. It is because I am the only great saint in my sect that had been tempered by the six-stage golden lightning tribulation. Because of this, I am able to wield the Sacred Valiant Lightning.”

The Devil Goddess smiled coldly, “I have heard that once the Sacred Valiant Lighting is unleashed then all its opponents will be pulverized by the power of the golden lightning. But I have also heard that it is actually just a myth and no one has ever seen it before.”

Saint Gao Tianshou roared with laughter as he raised his divine sword and a golden globe of lightning was now enveloping his divine sword now. “Very soon, you shall see if it is only just a myth.”

He had planned to use his secret trump card against the Devil Goddess in their final battle and that day had come sooner than expected.

With his Sacred Valiant Lightning Divine Sword, he could kill the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows almost effortlessly.

“The Devil Goddess has always fought with her bare hands and she may not grasp the power of the divine swords. She will soon regret coming here today.” These thoughts had flashed in his eyes as he stared coldly at the Devil Goddess.

All of a sudden Saint Gao Tianshou had given a great shout that shook the entire hall. “My divine sword has the divine power of the Divine Tribulation of the Six-Stage Golden Lightning. It is not any ordinary lightning that anyone can hope to withstand.”

A golden sphere of lightning had fired from his divine sword toward the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows.

“This is the same power of the Divine Tribulation! This is your lightning calamity!” Saint Gao Tianshou shouted as the tiles of the hall were completely ripped apart by the furious charge of the golden lightning.

Everyone was gasping and was startled by the tremendous power that was just released by Saint Gao Tianshou’s divine sword.

Everyone could feel the electrifying pulses of the golden lightning and were paralyzing everyone in that instant.

This was truly the lightning calamity of the Six-Stage Golden Lightning Tribulation and right now Saint Gao Tianshou was duplicating the power of the divine calamity with his divine sword.

Even Lu Qingyun was completely stunned by the paralyzing golden lights that had suddenly exploded into the hall!

The Devil Goddess was startled as she took a step back, “Oh no!”

She had not expected that Saint Gao Tianshou would have such a secret weapon in his hands!

Dozens of golden lightning had flown and exploded on the bodies of the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows now.

“Devil Goddess!” the golden celestials on her side were all gasping and shouting panicky.

Saint Gao Tianshou said coolly, “This is the end of the Devil Goddess and the start of a new era.”

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