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Chapter 28: The Big Confrontation (2)

These five golden celestials were all the elders or leaders of the various celestial clans that had come to confront the Emperor Hall Sect.

And now they were all staring coldly at Yuan Ji.

“Celestial Tie Quan from Golden Lotus Sect!”

“Celestial Huo Tianyun from the East Heaven Horizon Sect!”

“Celestial Mei Jianwang from the Five Venoms Clan!”

“Supremacy Guo Taiming from the White Blossom Peak!”

“Supremacy Chen Kun from the Flying Crane Pavilion!”

Yuan Ji knew that these five golden celestials were not going to be handled easily. It was because one of the them was even an expert in using poisons and he was Celestial Mei Jianwang from the Five Venoms Clan.

Moreover, there were also two sixth realm supremacies as well.

Even Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were looking a little fearful for him.

Yuan Ji had now regained his profound strength to the fifth realm. He could still manage with the three fifth realm golden celestials but it would be a different matter with the other two sixth realm supremacies.

It was because the other two sixth realm supremacies had the stronger profound strength and they had all attained the divine state of the spirit level. They were a totally different nut to crack.

And he did not have unlimited profound strength to fight them one by one either.

Right now, he was using his sword on his slower left hand. He could always switch his sword to his faster right hand to gain a surprise advantage but it would not be too effective against the two sixth realm supremacies. He may have his own trump card but he could not rule out that they may have their own trump cards too.

Also, the very reason why he was now using his left hand was because he did not want to reveal his sword skills to Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan. He had fallen in love with them now and he dreaded the day that they would know his true identity.

For now, he would be Yuan Ji and not Ji Yuan the Sword Saint.

Unknown to him, Fairy Ye Chengxi knew of his left hand sword skills a long time ago. She was always particular attentive to her old master. There were a few times that she had secretly observed that he was practicing a new sword art with his left hand and he had only practiced it when no one was around.

Fairy Chengxi knew that he had been secretly training his left hand to be his new secret trump card for a long time.

Her old master had always told her, “Even if I am your old master, you can’t share with me all your secret trump cards. Nowadays you can’t even trust your own master or personal protégés.”

Suddenly Yuan Ji and all five of the golden celestials were now staring at one another.

“What are they doing?”

“Why are they just standing there and doing nothing?”

“They are staring at each other?”

“What do you juniors know?”

“Can you see their sword intentions that are between them? They are actually fighting in their spirit forms now! This is the way the top experts fight!”

“But I really do not see anything at all…”

“That is because your cultivation level is too low…”

“I really don’t see anything…”

“Same here…”

“I feel that that they are just staring at each other…”

After staring at each other with their big and small eyes for quite some time, finally Yuan Ji was the first to break the silence as he smiled coldly to the five golden celestials, “Good! You are all here. So which of you will fight me first?”

The five celestials were now all looking awkwardly at one another.

This was a very good question.

Supremacy Guo Taiming said, “I am a golden supremacy. If I make a move first then the heroes of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity may mock at me for bullying a cultivation junior.”

Supremacy Chen Kun stroked his beard, “I totally agree with Supremacy Guo here. Why don’t we let the rest make a move first?”

Celestial Mei Jianwang smiled, “My specialty is poisons. This is the way I always fight. I should not be using any poisons on a cultivation junior, am I right?”

Celestial Huo Tianyun were now looking at Celestial Tie Quan, “Out of respect for your Golden Lotus Sect, I should at least let you make the first move?”

Celestial Tie Quan laughed heartily, “Oh no, I insist on letting Brother Tianyun have the first move instead.”

“No, after you.”

Yuan Ji frowned, “Arguing is just a waste of time. Why don’t the five of you select the strongest one among you to have a go at me first? In this way, the heroes of the fraternity will not mock at you for bullying a junior like me.”

“That is a good idea.” Celestial Huo Tianyun, Celestial Mei Jianwang and Celestial Tie Quan were now looking at the two golden supremacies.

Supremacy Chen Kun and Supremacy Guo Taiming were now looking awkwardly at each other, “This…”

All of a sudden Supremacy Chen Kun stared at Yuan Ji and said, “It is impossible that you are just a fourth realm cultivator. Your profound strength is clearly above them earlier. Why don’t you state your true cultivation realm to us instead?”

Even Supremacy Guo Taiming was nodding.

Yuan Ji knew that he would not be able to hide his true profound strength from them as they had already observed his strength earlier. They were after all sixth realm cultivators that could use their divine sense to gauge the profound strength of their opponents’ attacks.

With a great shout, Yuan Ji dispelled the mystic profound art that he had used to suppress his cultivation realm and revealed his golden eyes once more, startling everyone.

“Palace Master Yuan Ji is actually a golden celestial?!”

“He is actually a golden celestial?!”

All of a sudden the defeated opponents earlier were all laughing, “See! I got defeated because only because he had hidden his cultivation strength. This is not disgraceful at all.”

The three earlier defeated opponents had finally found a face saving measure now and were largely relieved.

Even Fairy Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan were startled.

Fairy Ye Chengxi was perplexed, “I’ve thought that old master has suffered a cultivation reversal? He is able to regain his golden celestial body?”

Shangguan Yan was really delighted as she clenched her hands close to her bosoms as she said silently, “He is actually a golden celestial…I am not wrong in him…”

Yuan Ji had never lost his golden celestial body. He was only a seventh realm saint that had lost his profound strength temporary. His breakthrough was actually a great success. But because he was eager to exit his cultivation retreat so that he could fulfill his promise with Xia Jiajia on their hundred year waiting pledge, he did not wait for his profound strength to recover first and ended his cultivation retreat early.

However his breakthrough was not totally without any hitch; he had lost his beautiful beard in the outcome.

All five golden celestials were now thinking, “Luckily we did not challenge him first.”

The reason why they were all hesitating was because they were golden celestials and had a lofty status in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity. All their little victories and losses would be recorded in the celestial history. They could not afford to lose their faces and reputations!

Moreover they were also aware that Elder Sui from the Mystic Eye Sect was here today and he would tell the entire fraternity about it if they happen to lose their faces. Then they would be a great laughing stock in the eyes of everyone.

Supremacy Chen Kun laughed, “So you are also a golden celestial. Then may we know what is your cultivation realm now is now? Celestial or Supremacy?”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “Maybe I’m a Celestial. Maybe I’m a Supremacy or maybe I am actually a Saint. Why don’t you find it out yourself?”

The five golden celestials were now all thinking, “He has got to be a mere Celestial. This is actually a bluff. If he is a Supremacy or a Saint, he would have display his profound aura to us by now.”

The two Supremacies were now thinking, “We can win…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had taken out his earth-step divine sword from his spatial ring as he whistled. “Since this is a battle between golden celestials and I don’t want to lose at all, I ought to use my divine sword to meet the challengers.”

All of a sudden the five golden celestials had turned ashen.

Was he kidding them?!

Now then he had taken out his divine sword?!

This was not any precious sword but a divine sword and moreover this was an earth-step divine sword capable of felling any golden celestials!

None of the five golden celestials presented or the one thousand confronting celestials presented could actually afford to own one divine sword. As a matter of fact, even if all their cultivation resources were all added together, they still could not afford to purchase one-hundredth of an earth-step divine sword.

“Ops!” Yuan Ji suddenly said as he accidentally cut his forearm with his divine sword and his blood began to drip on the ground. “Look at me, I am so careless and silly. How can I fight anyone in my condition?”

But no one was laughing at Yuan Ji or dared to laugh at him and they were all gasping.

It was because Yuan Ji’s wounds were rapidly regenerating in front of them.

When a cultivator had become a golden celestial, they would gain a golden body that can quickly regenerate their wounds and even lost organs. At this point, they will be regarded as half-step immortals. But of course, to regenerate a lost organ may not be as easy as it sound and may require several months or years depending on the cultivation realm of the golden celestial.

The same logic followed for light wounds like cuts.

Now all five golden celestials were staring in disbelief at Yuan Ji. It was because Yuan Ji’s regeneration ability was clearly above them. Did it mean that he was actually a higher level cultivator than anyone of them?

Even if he was not a higher level cultivator than them but the divine sword that was in his hand would give him a clear advantage in his attacks.

They all knew that he was a sword energy practitioner from his display earlier. When sword energies were used with a divine sword, the result was usually devastating. One to one, they may all lose to him.

But if they attacked him five to one, Fairy Ye Chengxi may stepped in and the fight would become a Five versus Two.

Although they still had an advantage but they would lose all their faces…

Suddenly Celestial Tie Quan was laughing, “Actually I am only here to befriend Palace Master and nothing else. I am not like the rest.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “You are Celestial Tie Qian? I remember you, my friend!”

“Haha. Yes, my friend.” Celestial Tie Quan laughed as he retreated behind.

Everyone: …

Celestial Mei Jianwang gulped as he suddenly said, “Actually I am here to witness the heroic presence of the new Palace Master of the Emperor Hall Sect. Now that I’ve met you, I am really happy.”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “You are Celestial Mei Jianwang? You look equally as heroic as well!”

“Haha, really?” Celestial Mei Jianwang laughed as he retreated behind.

Celestial Huo Tianyun was the next to laugh aloud, “I am actually here to check if Palace Master Yuan Ji needs any help or advice on the affairs of the Five Heavens Peak.”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Naturally I will need Celestial Huo help in the future.”

“Really? Haha.” Celestial Huo Tianyun retreated to the back as he shouted. “Feel to ask me anytime. Anytime!”

Everyone: …

Supremacy Chen Kun was smiling to Yuan Ji, “Palace Master, you are injured? Do you need my help? My celestial clan has some good healing remedies for you to apply on your wounds. Actually I am just curious to see what is going on around here and has no intention to fight today. Do I look like an aggressor to you? I’m just a friendly cultivator that wants peace.”

Yuan Ji patted him on his shoulder, “I’m also a cultivator that wants peace. Supremacy Chen Kun is indeed kind to offer me your healing remedy. I am so touched by your gestures!”

Supremacy Chen Kun laughed as he quickly stepped behind, “Then I will give you three big chests of my celestial clan’s best healing remedy.”

“So much? Alas Supremacy Chen Kun, why are you being so generous to me?” Yuan Ji laughed heartily.

“Erm…” Supremacy Guo Taiming stammered. He was now the only golden celestial left to oppose Palace Master Yuan Ji. “Actually…”

“You are here to befriend me too, am I right?” Yuan Ji asked as he gave Supremacy Guo Taiming a light kick.

“Yes, yes. That’s right. Haha.” Supremacy Guo Taiming.

Supremacy Guo Taiming had immediately turned ashen as he quietly whispered, “You are Ji Yuan? You are back already?” It was because only Ji Yuan would use to kick him in this manner. This was their secret code.

“Shhh! Not so loud, my friend. I will explain to you later. I don’t want anyone else to know.” Yuan Ji whispered to him.

Guo Taiming and Ji Yuan were actually the best of friends in the past.

Yuan Ji had now turned to say solemnly to everyone, “We are all celestial clans that are from the Five Heavens Peak. Maybe in the past the Emperor Hall Sect has been bullying you and taking away your interests. But from now onward, I will see to it that your interests will be protected. As for the profound treasures that the Emperor Hall Sect had taken away from you in the past, I will return them all to you.”

Guo Taiming immediately shouted loudly to everyone, “What are you all waiting for now? Quickly give thanks to Palace Master Yuan!”

When he had said that, all the opposing cultivators were suddenly all shouting. “Palace Master Yuan is wise!”

“We are all willing to follow Palace Master Yuan and the Emperor Hall Sect!”

The protégés of the Emperor Hall Sect were all suddenly stunned by the sudden turnaround as they stared blankly at one another.

They had all taken the Perish or Live with the Emperor Hall Sect oath together and they did not even have the chance to see any action.

Shangguan Yan and Fairy Ye Chengxi were now looking at Yuan Ji with idiocy. With him around, perhaps things would only get better now…

All of a sudden a protégé was running panicky into the hall and he was shouting, “Bad news Palace Master! Bad news!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he asked, “What bad news?”

The protégé inhaled heavily before he stammered out panicky, “The Hundred Flower Divine Palace is here…to kick our doors!”

When everyone heard that it was the Hundred Flower Divine Palace that had come knocking, everyone had turned ashen immediately.

Even Yuan Ji had taken two steps back in shock. “When did we make an enemy out of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?!”

The Hundred Flower Divine Palace was the most mysterious celestial clan in the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity, either orthodox or unorthodox. But when they did come knocking, it was never good news and it often ended up in the total destruction of that celestial clan.

In the past there were the eight most powerful patriarch celestial clans instead of the current seven. Because the eighth patriarch celestial clan had offended the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, it was completely annihilated from the celestial fraternity. Overnight ten thousands high level cultivators were all killed or forced to flee.

It was a mysterious celestial power that can destroy any celestial clan in a blink of an eye and no one really knows where the true whereabouts of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace is.

The protégé stammered, “There are two saints from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace…we are unable to stop them from storming inside…”

Yuan Ji had turned really pale and Shangguan Yan had fainted in the arms of Fairy Ye Chengxi.

Fairy Ye Chengxi said with woeful eyes, “Brother Yuan Ji, your Chengxi is willing to share woe and weal with you. We will fight the Hundred Flower Divine Palace together.”

Yuan Ji began to laugh bitterly, “We have so many celestial clans in this hall today. Why do we need to fear from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?”

But the cultivators from the twenty odd celestial clans were all looking at the floor in shame. None of them had the courage to fight the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

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