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Chapter 224: The Great Banquet (3)

After the dozens of golden lightning had flashed through the hall and exploded in front of the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows, the entire hall was covered with a thick smog and debris were fluttering everywhere.

It was as though the entire place had been struck heavily by a meteor and the aftershocks continued to ripple nonstop.

Half of the golden celestials in the hall had been floored by the power and force of the six-stage golden lightning.

But in the epicenter of the attack, the Devil Goddess and her three golden shadows were standing unharmed, protected by their golden animus that was shining brilliantly.

All the onlookers were trembling now and were looking at the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows with great shock.

It was because the brilliant of their profound aura had indicated to all of them that they were all great saintesses of the highest level!

Upper seventh realm experts!

The upper seventh realm sacred saint level was the hardest tier of the seventh realm level to breakthrough. It was almost like a standalone tier.

In order to overcome from the middle tier sacred saint level to the upper tier sacred saint level, the saint must first overcome a lightning tribulation first. Only if they could survive the life and death tribulation of the lightning tribulation would they be able to overcome this last barrier to become a Great Saint.

But it would not be easy. Failure to do so would mean death instantly.

And there were three types of lightning tribulation; the three-stage silver lightning tribulation, the six-stage golden lightning tribulation and the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation.

The three –stage silver lightning was the most commonly encountered but it was equally as deadly, killing a majority of the saints that were attempting it.

The more powerful a cultivator was, the more powerful the lightning tribulation was.

And Saint Gao Tianshou had survived a six-stage golden lightning tribulation and he had broken the middle tier barrier to become a Great Saint.

The six-stage golden lightning tribulation was rarely encountered and it was even harder to survive it.

But Saint Gao Tianshou did and he had become the second Great Saint after Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan to survive the six-stage golden lightning in recent history.

And he was the only Great Saint among the eighteen saints that were presented in this hall.

That was exactly how uncommon a Great Saint was.

That was the very reason why the other three divine realms had flocked to his banner and had even proclaimed him to be their alliance leader.

But now, they were seeing the presence of four great saintesses!

Saint Gao Tianshou and all the other golden celestials simply could not believe what they were seeing.

If the sight of four great saintesses were surprising enough, the fact that they had all survived a six-stage lightning tribulation had completely caught everyone off-guarded.

It was because a six-stage lightning tribulation was thirty-six times more deadly than a normal lightning and four times deadlier than a three-stage lightning tribulation.

Most golden celestials would have been pulverized instantly regardless of their profound strength.

But for the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows, they had actually survived through it. Was this not the most astonishing thing to happen?

Was it even real?

The Devil Goddess said coolly, “You can only use the sanctorum power of your divine sword only once, am I right? Is this your trump card? This attack must have sapped half of your profound strength if I am not wrong about it.”

Saint Gao Tianshou hummed coldly, “I really don’t understand how did you manage to survive the six-stage lightning of my divine sword? You have a profound treasure that can ward off my lightning?”

The Devil Goddess chuckled, “Profound treasure? Do we need one? Did you see anyone of us using one? Even if you are able to use your six-stage lightning ten times on us, you still won’t be able to kill any one of us here.”

“Rubbish!” Saint Gao Tianshou shouted. The terrifying power of the six-stage lightning was not something to be underestimated. Even if Saint Gao Tianshou were to take the six-stage lightning tribulation again, there was no telling that he may survive it. Moreover, it was ten times.

The Devil Goddess said coldly, “Do you know why? I guess you still haven’t figured it out yet. The four of us had survived through the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. That is why your six-stage golden lightning is unable to hurt us.”

Everyone was gasping with shock when they had heard the Devil Goddess.

“She has survived through the nine-stage purple lightning? This isn’t possible…”

“And there are four of them now…”

“We are fighting four Devil Goddess?!”

“Aren’t the other three just her weaker followers?!”

“Four great saintesses…”

“Four great saintesses that had overcome the nine-stage purple lightning…”

“In recent history, only three great saintesses had ever overcome the nine-stage purple lightning. They are said to be the Great Saintess Feng Minyue, Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng and Great Saintess Ye Jing…” *Fluffy Cultivation Chapter 113-115

Even Saint Gao Tianshou appeared to be shocked.

The Devil Goddess chuckled as she looked in the direction of Saint Yuan Chenggong, Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang, “Why are you still here? Do you know that your camps have already been taken over by me?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong shouted, “Rubbish! I have over twenty thousand cultivators in my camp. Do you think that you can take over my camp with your mere talks? Your main forces are now attacking this place at this very moment. Do you think we will believe your bluff?”

Saint Linghu Fei said coldly, “That’s right. It is only her trick to get us out of the way. Her only aim is Saint Gao Tianshou.”

Saintess Su Rushuang nodded, “Therefore all the more we ought to protect Saint Gao Tianshou. We have a hundred over golden celestials in this very hall and we outnumber them four to one. Even if they are great saintesses, they are still unable to fight our combined strength.”

“Everyone attack them at the same time!” Saint Gao Tianshou gave a spirited shout. “Today we will get the Devil Goddess and end the war!”

Immediately dozens of golden celestials had all charged into the middle of the hall where the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows were.

But Lu Qingyun remained unmoving.

And when Lu Qingyun did not move, so did Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng.

Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes.

In front of him was the Devil Goddess herself and the target of his secret dream to get rid of her.

But today when he had finally seen the Devil Goddess herself, why was he feeling that she had a more heroic air than Saint Gao Tianshou?

Although he could not really see her golden eyes clearly as she was donning a mask but why was he feeling that her eyes were as playful as Qin Keqin?

Qin Keqin had the most playful eyes that he had ever seen, especially when she was rolling her eyes teasingly.

He was suddenly feeling his spatial space for the secret transmission that Qin Keqin had left behind for him.

Qin Keqin had two great saintesses as her sisters. And two of them were also the two of the greatest saintesses in the Nine Celestial Fraternity, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue. Everyone knows that these two legendary saintesses had overcome the nine-stage purple lightning tribulation in the past.

The Devil Goddesses also had two golden shadows who were Great Saintesses and they had also overcome their nine-stage purple lightning tribulation. Was this too much of a coincident?

He knew that the third golden shadow was Yue Lingxi and there was no doubt about it. But there was no way Qin Keqin would know who Yue Lingxi was but yet they were in each other company?

Lu Qingyun was sighing to Yan’Er and Xingxin in his inner cultivation sea, “Yan’Er, do you think that she is…”

Yan’Er shook her head, “Their profound signature is different.”

Lu Qingyun replied quietly, “Some cultivators are known to have the ability to alter their profound signatures. It is not hard at all for any seventh realm experts.”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun said in a low voice to Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng, “Wait here for me. Don’t take any action please.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were both startled by him but it was too late to stop Lu Qingyun as he had already charged into the battle foray!

Just as Tang Xuefeng was about follow after Lu Qingyun, an old voice said after her. “Wait here or I will take you away now.”

Tang Xuefeng was startled as she quickly turned her head around. It was because this voice seemed so near yet she was not able to sense his presence at all!

Even Qian Jingjing was startled by this sudden old voice and had turned her head around.

Away from them, a golden celestial was standing in the shadows of the hall quietly.

Tang Xuefeng gasped softly, “Godfather!”

Qian Jingjing looked curiously at her, “Godfather? You have a godfather? Aren’t you from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa?”

The Heavenly Fragrance Villa was an all-female protégés sect. Therefore there were no men in its ranks.

Tang Xuefeng smiled weakly, “He’s is indeed my godfather and he is also the Great Saint Tang Yiren. I’m using my god-father clan name.”

Qian Jingjing was greatly startled as she gasped softly. Another Great Saint!

There was another great saint that had successfully survived through the six-stage golden lightning and he was none other than Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan. And he was actually Tang Xuefeng’s godfather?!

Tang Xuefeng did not want to lie to Qian Jingjing so she sighed softly to her, “My father is actually Saint Yun Xinghe, the divine ruler of the Celestial Sword Clan.”

Qian Jingjing gasped with shock.

The Celestial Sword Clan along with the Divine Sovereign Clan and the Holy Ascension Sect were the three most powerful celestial clans in the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. Under their clan banner, were numerous golden celestials and they also had the three of the largest divine realms in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

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