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Chapter 30: I Need Information!

Elder Sui from the Mystic Eye Sect was now alone with Yuan Ji who had requested a personal audience with him after the Hundred Flower Divine Palace had left.

And he was now grinning broadly.

It was because he was still alive after the encounter with the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Not only alive but he would be a rich elder soon!

That was because any reliable information from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace was worth thousands of spirit stones and there were many clients that would be willing to pay for the inside working of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace; after all, the Hundred Flower Divine Palace was one of the three most mysterious and untouchable celestial clans in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Today he had seen the two elders of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Their names, how they looked like and even their cultivation level were worth tons of spirit stones!

It was a pity that he had not seen what their old master the Divine Palace Master looked like or he would be several times richer and maybe even the next sect leader position of the Mystic Eye Sect would be his next for getting this valuable information.

He was already thinking of selling the information of the Divine Palace Master in this manner; the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace which his protégés called their ‘old master’ was always surrounded by ten beautiful saintesses. It was impossible to get near to him…

Spirit Stones!

Spirit Stones!!

Spirit Stones!!!

Spirit Stones!!!!

Spirit Stones!!!!!

Spirit Stones!!!!!!

The tons of spirit stones were now raining like rain drops in Elder Sui’s eyes now and he was all smiles now.

When Yuan Ji saw his expression, he was frowning. “I know that the Mystic Eye Sect isn’t from the Five Heavens Peaks but do you have to goad like this in front of me?”

Elder Sui was unable to wipe the smiles that were on him as he chuckled, “It is always our good principle to put on a happy face in front of our clients.” He quickly put forth an excuse.

Then he quickly said, “I’m sure that Palace Master Yuan wants to buy some information from me?”

Yuan Ji nodded quietly.

“You want some information about the Hundred Flower Divine Palace?” Elder Sui asked as he laughed.

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes, “I think I’ve seen enough of the strength of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace already.”

“Oh? Haha.” Elder Sui laughed sheepishly and he was cursing Yuan Ji silently. “Then what do you want?”

Yuan Ji took a look at him before he asked, “Are you cursing me in your heart?”

“Of course not!” Elder Sui laughed, “We will never curse our clients.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am only teasing you to lighten the mood. You see, I am a little nervous after what had happened.”

Elder Sui laughed, “Don’t worry about that. I perfectly understand it.” But he was cursing silently again. “Damn you. You will soon be a dead man. Hurry and tell me what you want and give me all your spirit stones for my information.”

Yuan Ji said with a heavy sigh, “I want to know some information about Xue Qianxue.”

Elder Sui was delighted, “If you want to know if she is attached or have any suitors, that will be 100 spirit stones.” He was silently cursing Yuan Ji, “He will soon be a dead man and he is asking about Xue Qianxue? He is such a lecherous cultivator.”

Yuan Ji was frowning unhappily, “I’ve thought that that information is 10 spirit stones a hundred years ago?”

Elder Sui laughed, “That is exactly what you have said. That is a hundred years ago. Now the numbers of her suitors have increased and the competition to get rid of one another have also intensified.”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “Is that so? Luckily I am not interested in this expensive information. Haha.”

Elder Sui: …

“Then what do you want?!” Elder Sui was screaming and cursing Yuan Ji furiously in his heart now. He was now in a hurry to get back to his sect now to record the information about the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.

Who knows if the Hundred Flower Divine Palace would suddenly change its mind and decided to kill everyone here? This sort of thing frequently happened in the past. Until the information was sealed in the sect, then he would be able to rest on his laurels. And of course his contribution points would also be flying up to the ceiling in no time!

“Erm, I want to know if there is any feud between Xue Qianxue and the Orthodox Sword Sect?” Yuan Ji asked. He prayed that the answer would be a no.

Elder Sui replied unhappily, “This information is worth 10 silver. You can have it free of charge. Consider it my gift for Palace Master Yuan.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “So cheap? Well, thank you. But why aren’t you smiling like you were earlier?”

Elder Sui forced himself to smile delightfully, “I am smiling.”

Then he said, “There is still an outstanding head bounty that is placed by her Celestial Orthodox Sect for Ji Yuan. This bounty currently stands at 10 000 high grade spirit stones. She wants him dead or alive.”

Yuan Ji was stunned as he gasped, “10 000 high grade spirit stones? Is she crazy? She is willing to spend 10 000 high grade spirit stones just to get Ji Yuan?”

Elder Sui smiled, “My sect is curious too and will be willing to pay anyone highly just to know the reasons as well.”

Then he put his head near to Yuan Ji and whispered, “Well, this information is free of charge for you. There is a rumor that Ji Yuan had taken the chastity of Xue Qianxue. Prior to the sudden disappearance of the Sword Saint Ji Yuan, it was said that they had met in a small place and even had a quarrel.”

Yuan Ji whispered back, “Actually I know that Sword Saint Ji Yuan will not do anything like this. First of all, he can’t beat Xue Qianxue. Secondly, he doesn’t have that kind of a gut. Thirdly, he is also renowned as the Gentleman of the Sword.”

Elder Sui laughed, “You are not him. How do you know he won’t really do that?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Well, I am just guessing. Haha.”

Elder Sui asked him with a curious smile, “I wonder why Palace Master Yuan is interested to know about this information?”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes to quickly cook up with an excuse before he whispered softly, “Well, my new consort Fairy Ye Chengxi is quite anxious to know about her rival Xue Qianxue. You know, these great beauties are always envious about each other.”

Elder Sui laughed, “True, true!”

Then he said, “Well, here is another free information for you then. The Goddess Ling Feiyue has also put a 10 000 high grade spirit stones for the head of Sword Saint Ji Yuan. This is really so weird. It actually started with 1000 high grade spirit stones but the two of them seems to be having a competition increase it every 10 years.”

Yuan Ji was frowning now. He could understand his feud with Xue Qianxue. But Ling Feiyue? He had only accidentally touched her boobs because he had thought that she was a man. Although watching her duel and touching her was punishable by death but offering 10 000 high grade spirit stones to get him dead or alive was just too ridiculous.

It was not only overkill but it was ridiculous a lot and most celestial clans would never dream of even seeing 10 000 high grade spirit stones in their treasuries in their entire life time.

“No, coming from the two goddesses, they will.” Yuan Ji thought miserably. “It is because they are two of the loftiest goddesses in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity and are also middle-tier saintesses. One small step more and they will be great saintesses. They will not allow anyone to trample upon their pride and honor. Therefore they will surely rip Ji Yuan apart, leaving behind not even bones.”

Then he thought with a heavy sigh as he rubbed his chin, “In this world, only I know the reasons for their furies against Ji Yuan. It is something that they will not reveal to anyone and only by killing Ji Yuan will their hearts be at peace.”

“Luckily, I am not Ji Yuan anymore. Well, at least not until I got back my beautiful beard of course.”

Then he smiled to Elder Sui and said, “Thank you. I got to go now. I have something to settle with a friend of mine first.”

Elder Sui laughed, “Then I shall take my leave now. Good luck in your duel with the Old Divine Palace Master of the Divine Palace Master. Farewell, farewell!”

After Elder Sui had taken his leave, Yuan Ji muttered. “I am going to need more than luck.” Then he looked at the earth-step divine sword that was in his hand. “Luckily Jiajia had left behind a divine sword for me. There is still hope yet.”

Then he said unhappily, “I have a score to settle with a good friend of mine now. If it isn’t for you, I won’t be in this fine mess today!”

If he was not wrong then this good friend of his was actually the primary source of all his bad luck!

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