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Chapter 226: Messy Aftermath (1)

Lu Qingyun was still staring blankly in shock when Saint Yuan Chenggong had suddenly approached him with a smile, “May I know the name of this hero?”

Lu Qingyun muttered blankly, “Lu Yun.”

He was still thinking of the incident earlier; he had slashed the body of his most beloved Keqin and master. Although he did not use all his profound strength and was only merely trying to stop her from killing Saint Gao Tianshou but he did not expect the Devil Goddess to go all out with her profound strength against Saint Gao Tianshou.

Was he wrong trying to defend the righteous and peace of the Nine Celestial Fraternity from the Devil Goddess?

But it turned out that his playful master who had actually aided him to become a powerful cultivator was none other than the Devil Goddess herself.

He had only learnt of the whole truth today and he could not believe what he was seeing.

His master was actually the infamous Devil Goddess that everyone had scorned and the number one super villainess in the entire fraternity. How could he have accepted such a truth?

It was impossible for him to accept such a truth…

He had suddenly remembered an incident that there was one time that they were out in the street and Keqin had threatened to break off with him if he dared to buy the portrait of the Devil Goddess. It was because the real Devil Goddess was not ugly at all. – Chapter 148

His heart was now weeping, not because his master was the Devil Goddess and she had lied to him but because he had actually lifted his sword to wound her, causing his heart to bleed with a deep wound.

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were now next to him and they were calling quietly to him, “Second brother Lu, are you alright?”

They were very startled when Lu Qingyun had dared to approach the terrifying Devil Goddess and they could see that there were at least ten instances that the Devil Goddess could kill him. But luckily, the focus of the Devil Goddess seemed to be wholly on Saint Gao Tianshou and not Lu Qingyun.

Tang Xuefeng had quietly called for her god-father to save Lu Qingyun for interrupting the vengeful attacks of the Devil Goddess. Just as Great Saint Tang Yiren was about to intervene, the Devil Goddess and her golden shadows had all retreated quietly without laying their hands on Lu Qingyun.

Therefore he did not intervene and had also quietly slipped away.

What Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing could not understand was why did the Devil Goddess merely give Lu Qingyun only a push out of the way?

They could clearly see that the Devil Goddess was grasping onto her wounds with her other hand. Perhaps her injuries were really severe. After all, the sharpness of a saint grade divine sword had no comparison. That could be the only explanation.

But Tang Xuefeng was sharper than Qian Jingjing and all the others in the hall.

Although everything happened so fast and the Devil Goddess was quickly taken away by her four golden shadows but not a single of the four golden shadows took a vengeful swipe at Lu Qingyun.

Was it because they were all too concerned about the injuries of the Devil Goddess and they were more eager to get away. It was a real possibility.

But then she had also noticed that some of the golden celestials seemed to only make a half-felt attack on the retreating Devil Goddess and her group.

She could understand why if they were conserving their profound strength for their defenses but she was an array expert and she was really good in remembering the movements of all the cultivators presented. She had noticed that some of the righteous celestials seemed to have an easier time throughout the battle and the heretic celestials also seemed to be lenient against the same group of righteous celestials.

Therefore Tang Xuefeng was thinking, “What is going on around here?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong patted Lu Qingyun on his shoulder with a loud chuckle, “You’re perhaps now the greatest hero of the Nine Celestial Fraternity for wounding the Devil Goddess. It is a heroic act that we ought to celebrate.”

Saint Linghu Fei gave Lu Qingyun a respectful bow with his hands, “Great hero Lu, please allow me to give you a humble bow with my hands!”

Lu Qingyun said bitterly, “I’m not any great hero.”

Saint Linghu Fei laughed, “Surely you can. Moreover you have a saint grade divine sword in your hand and you have won back some of the pride that we have lost today.”

Even Saintess Su Rushuang was nodding as she smiled at Lu Qingyun, “You’re indeed the number one great hero in the Nine Celestial Fraternity now.”

Then she said quietly, “Saint Gao Tianshou and his sons are all dead now. We’ve no one to lead us now. So I hope that Great Hero Lu will lead us in the fight against the Devil Goddess as our alliance leader. What do you think?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong immediately said, “I second that. We need Great Hero Lu to lead us at this critical point.”

Saint Linghu Fei was nodding too, “I am also agreeable to that. Since all three of us are in unison about this then why don’t we make Great Hero Lu as our alliance leader straight away?”

Many of the golden celestials were stunned by this sudden proclamation and they were all staring at the three divine rulers and Lu Qingyun.

Actually although many of the golden celestials were lying on the floor but there were only ten real causalities. It was because once a cultivator had become a golden celestial, it would be really difficult to kill them unless their vitals were all shut down.

Out of a hundred odd over golden celestials, seventy golden celestials could still stand while twenty other golden celestials had received such a severe beating that they would need months to recover.

The remaining golden celestials could still be considered a mighty force and moreover there was no way the Devil Goddess could recover from her wounds in such a short time. The heavy wounds that were caused by a divine sword would render her golden body’s regeneration ability to a slow snail.

Therefore the Devil Goddess was as good as out of combat action now.

Lu Qingyun answered bitterly to the three divine rulers, “Shouldn’t you take care of the funeral of Saint Gao Tianshou and the dead first?”

The three divine rulers were all looking weakly at each other. Actually they had a hidden motive to make Lu Qingyun as their alliance leader.

One was that he had a saint grade divine sword that could intimidate his opponents.

Two was that he had actually wounded the Devil Goddess and was a perfect lightning rod to attract all the attention of the vengeful heretic celestials. Who knows if he may end up dead like Saint Gao Tianshou in another assassination attempt.

Three was that he was only a fifth realm golden celestial and was easy to control.

Therefore there was no hurry to make any one of them the alliance leader first. They could always wait for later to get rid of this ‘Lu Yun’ later and obtained his saint grade divine sword.

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed, “Of course we will take care of the funeral of Saint Gao Tianshou but appointing a new alliance leader is equally important as well.”

Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang were both nodding in agreement, “That’s right.”

All of a sudden a trembling Supremacy Liang Tiege who was holding onto the dead body of his sworn brother Supremacy Hai Zhongtian was shouting angrily. “Our divine ruler has just been killed and you’re all appointing a mere fifth realm cultivator as your puppet? This I am not convinced at all!”

He stepped forward and pointed his sword at Lu Qingyun while shouting mightily. “If you want to be alliance leader then you have to get past my sword first!”

Saint Wu Lei had also stepped forward angrily, “And my sword too!”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “Don’t provoke me today. I’m…not in a good mood today.”

Supremacy Liang Tiege hummed coldly as he flashed to Lu Qingyun with all his profound power on his sword, “Whether you’re good mood or not, you will be a dead man today!”

In everyone’s eyes, there was no way Lu Qingyun could survive an attack from a golden supremacy and moreover Supremacy Liang Tiege was now attacking with all his profound strength.

Even Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were gasping as they raised their swords to defend Lu Qingyun.

But Lu Qingyun was faster and was faster than anyone had expected.

In that instance, he had raised his divine sword and had cut down Supremacy Liang Tiege, splitting his golden body with his profound strength and shattering his precious sword into hundreds of broken pieces.

As Supremacy Liang Tiege dropped down dead, all the golden celestials that were watching the scene could not believe what they were saying.

Not only was Lu Qingyun faster with his sword that anyone of them had expected but his profound strength was also above Supremacy Liang Tiege. In front of this Lu Yun, Supremacy Liang Tiege seemed like a defenseless low level cultivator.

Lu Qingyun’s swordplay had always been faster than most cultivators while he was only a low level cultivator. But his speed attacks would often lack the profound power because he was only a weak cultivator in the past.

But now it was a thing in the past. Not only was he strong in his profound strength now but the foundation of his profound strength was built on an inner cultivation sea that was three times as vast as any normal cultivator of his level.

Moreover he had the added profound strength of the awakened annihilating seed in his soul sea now. Therefore his profound power had already exceeded that of a peaked golden supremacy.

Plus with the added profound power of his saint grade divine sword in his hands, Liang Tiege would need a divine sword in his hand to even handle a single stroke from Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun stared blankly at the dead body of Liang Tiege. This was the very first time he had ever killed someone. Liang Tiege was the very first person that he had killed but why was that he did not feel remorse at all?

In that earlier instance, he had recalled the malevolent air of Liang Tiege that had wanted to kill him a few days ago and he had acted unrestrained. He had always been able to restraint himself but why was this not the case today?

Saint Wu Lei was enraged as he raised his precious sword to attack Lu Qingyun.

Although this Lu Yun could shatter Supremacy Liang Tiege’s precious sword but there was no way that he could shatter a saint’s precious sword. It was because when a cultivator had exercised their profound strength to empower their attacks, their profound power and animus would also affect the swords that were in their hands, protecting it from damages while increasing the killing effectiveness of their swords.

Moreover Saint Wu Lei was a seventh realm saint and the profound strength between them was like heaven and the earth!

Today this Lu Yun would die!

All of a sudden there was another saint grade divine sword that was in Lu Qingyun’s other hand and there were two divine halos that were surrounding them.

“He is able to divine harmony with his divine sword?!”

“Not one divine sword but two divine swords at the same time. Is it even possible at all?”

“He has two saint grade divine swords?!”

Everyone was stunned at the sight of Lu Qingyun’s two divine swords.

Even Saint Wu Lei was startled but he had already attacked halfway therefore this Lu Yun must still die today!

In the entire history of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, there were no fifth realm golden celestials that could kill a seventh realm saint in a one to one fight.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun’s profound aura had suddenly shifted and it had exploded into an outburst, startling all the onlookers. It was because Lu Qingyun’s profound aura had suddenly increased from the fifth realm level to the sixth realm level now in full visibility of everyone as he broke through the limitations of his fifth realm level.

This stunned all the onlookers; did they see him completing a full realm breakthrough right in front of them and it was completed in barely a blink of an eye?!

Was such a thing even possible in the first place?

Actually Lu Qingyun potential was actually much higher than anyone was seeing now and given the right condition, he could breakthrough to the seventh realm level at a moment notice.

But now because Lu Qingyun was suddenly attacked by such a powerful opponent, his instinct immediately took over from him to resist the incoming attack.

Only a sixth realm golden supremacy could successful use a spirit entity to its fullest potential. After Lu Qingyun had fully divine harmonized with both his divine swords during the battle with the eighth rank Emperor Tyrant, he had already fulfilled all the sixth realm conditions for a breakthrough.

The sixth realm level, also called the spirit level was hard to breakthrough for many fifth realm golden celestials.

While the fifth realm energy level could be easily understood by most of the cultivators, the spirit level was on another cultivation level that was extremely difficult to grasp.

But not to Lu Qingyun. It was because through the constant exposure with Yan’Er and the recent divine harmony with her, he had long grasped the spirit level. But he lacked for a breakthrough was a state of divinity to trigger his breakthrough.

There must be a strong will for a breakthrough and a state of divinity must be established for a breakthrough.

And when Saint Wu Lei had attacked Lu Qingyun, the state of divinity was quickly formed instinctively.

Five small bursts and one major burst would be seen in the blink of an eye from Lu Qingyun’s profound aura when the breakthrough was completed.

Lu Qingyun had breakthrough from the fifth realm lower tier, middle tier, upper tier to the sixth realm lower tier, middle-tier and upper tier in the blink of an eye. That was the indication that his profound aura was now showing to everyone!

Saint Wu Lei was stunned by what he saw and he was even more startled when Lu Qingyun had cut him down in mid-air with his two divine swords.

It was a clean kill.

Everyone was stunned by the scene and was staring in disbelief that a saint was killed in such an easy manner. But seeing is believing. After all, saint grade divine swords could easily triple the profound power of a cultivator.

In the hands of a sixth realm expert, a saint grade divine sword was equivalent to the deadly strike of a great saint. Moreover there were two saint grade divine swords in this Lu Yun’s hands.

Many of the golden celestials were stammering, “He…he…has breakthrough six times…is this even possible…”

Each time a breakthrough occurred; vast reservoirs of the cultivator’s inner spiritual sea had to be consumed. Therefore it was not possible for someone to breakthrough six times in a row!

But they were not Lu Qingyun and they had no idea how unfathomable Lu Qingyun’s inner spiritual sea was now, especially after he had spent a ‘year’ inside the Endless Abyssal Sea.

The three divine rulers were now staring blankly at Lu Qingyun and they were all thinking of the same thing. “Did we just choose a monster to be our alliance leader instead?”

But to Lu Qingyun, he was muttering sadly. “So I’ve just killed another now…I told you not to provoke me today…”

He, together with Yan’Er and Xingxin were one body that was in one harmony. They had all decided that Liang Tiege and Wu Lei both deserved to die.

The last 2 chapters are all long chapters ^^;

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