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Chapter 227: Messy Aftermath (2)

In the secret location in the mountains was the camp of the Devil Goddess;

The tent of the Devil Goddess;

Fan Yuqing was grasping her wounds weakly as cold sweat perspired from her forehead. Surrounding her were Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Ye Jing and Yue Lingxi.

Feng Minyue said quietly, “This is the best paste for wounds in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. I will advise sister saintess not to exert yourself lest your wounds re-opened. This will take at least a month to get rid of the lethal profound energies of the divine sword that is in your wounds. Until then, you will be in this weaken state. Even exercising your profound strength may cause your wounds to re-open. You’re now a mere mortal now.”

Xuan Danfeng exclaimed out coldly, “I want to kill this Lu Qingyun now! He has actually used the divine sword that our sister saintess had given to him to wound her. This is too ridiculous!”

Yue Lingxi said quietly, “If you’re not wearing the Sky Heaven Lithe, your wounds will be much deeper. To think that even the Sky Heaven Lithe offers little protection against a saintly divine sword.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “He is so different from the last time…”

Fan Yuqing chuckled weakly, “You’re all wrong about him. Did you see that he only taking aim on my non-vitals?”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted, “One more inch and all the non-vitals will become vitals. I can’t believe that you can still defend him. It is better for you to find another man. You need to break up with him for sure.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “He knows who you are now and he can still bear to bring his sword onto you. Didn’t you say that his lofty ambition is to deliver the Nine Celestial Fraternity from the dark terror of the Devil Goddess? This is the real him.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “But I’m really the Devil Goddess right? I can’t deny this fact. I didn’t want to evade his strike because I didn’t want to waste an opportunity to kill Saint Gao Tianshou. So it isn’t his fault. He did try to warn me…”

Xuan Danfeng frowned softly, “Stop defending him anymore.”

Fan Yuqing looked at them with her soft eyes as the memories of the past returned to her, “Some of you are there too. Do you still remember that time when he rather chose to end his own life rather than lift his finger to hurt me?” – Fluffy Cultivation Chapter 163

Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng: …

Fan Yuqing was trembling and there were tears in her eyes, “I have never forgotten how he had chosen to end his lofty existence for my sake. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for him to reincarnate?”

Then she added woefully, “So what if he had slashed me? I know that he did not mean it and that’s enough already. I can see the sorrows and the regrets that are in his eyes. I know it hurts him more than anything else.”

Everyone: …

Ye Jing said quietly, “He is not Dongfang Jun.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “He is my Yun’Er now.”

Ye Jing: …

“You’re hopeless…” Ye Jing had turned around and she was trembling. “Don’t curse me when you regret it later.”

“I won’t…” Fan Yuqing said dreamily.

“Up to you, junior sister.”

“Who’s the junior sister?” Fan Yuqing frowned lightly.

But she was soon inhaling weakly with a weak smile, “We did get rid of Saint Gao Tianshou and his ambitious sons, am I right? From now on, there will be peace in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. We can finally retire to our hideout now and lead an ordinary life. Thank you everyone. Without all of you here, we can’t pull off this dangerous stunt off.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “We have to thank your other shadows that are in the camps of the righteous celestials too. Their acting is pretty good too.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded too, “If not, we won’t be able to even enter the main hall too and will just be wasting our precious profound strength before we even get to see Saint Gao Tianshou.”

All of a sudden there was a voice calling out from outside the tent, “Devil Goddess, you have a visitor. He says he is Zhou Dafu.”

Fan Yuqing giggled weakly, “What Zhou Dafu? He is Zhou Hai.”

Then she shouted, “Bring him in.”

When she had said that, everyone began to put on their masks.

In a little while time, a masked man with a black hood had entered the tent.

He was indeed Zhou Hai as he took off his mask, “Ah, my goddess! Are you seriously injured? That Lu Yun is too much! I almost want to expose him as that good-for-nothing cultivator Lu Qingyun! How can he do this to you?”

Fan Yuqing said weakly, “I’m alright and I won’t die. So how are things on your side?”

Zhou Hai said, “All the cultivators from the other three camps are now re-grouping in the Citadel City of the Lofty Sky Reaches. The war has not ended yet.”

Then with a short hesitation, he said bitterly. “The three divine rulers have made Lu Qingyun as the alliance leader now.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly, “Is this a joke?”

Zhou Hai said solemnly, “He had killed Supremacy Liang Tiege and Saint Wu Lei with a single stroke of his sword. Not only that, he had breakthrough six times in a row to become an upper tier golden supremacy now.”

Everyone: …

“That’s not all. He actually has two saintly divine swords and he is able to divine harmony with both divine swords. I’m afraid that he may be the strongest golden celestial in the camp of the righteous celestial now.”

Everyone: …

Fan Yuqing was gasping, “He…has become so strong now?”

“Two saint grade divine swords…” Yue Lingxi was gasping softly. “He has divine harmonized with two saintly divine swords?”

Feng Minyue muttered softly, “Lu Qingyun is now the alliance leader…”

“He had breakthrough six times in a row?!” Xuan Danfeng was stunned.

Ye Jing was also gasping with shock, “Is it possible that he is even more dangerous than Saint Gao Tianshou?”

Xuan Danfeng muttered, “We can still win him. We have so many great saintesses here. Let’s think of another plan first.”

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances, “We’re only lucky this time that Saint Gao Tianshou’s secret trump card does not work too well against us but he is going to be a different opponent.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “If we can lure him away from the other golden celestials, surely we can kick his ass. It doesn’t matter if he has two saint-step divine swords.”

Fan Yuqing was now shaking her head weakly.

“The Divine Sword Jade Light has a great secret. It is able to divide itself into ten heaven-step divine swords and attack simultaneously. The sum of ten heaven-step divine swords is greater than any single saintly divine weapon. Once the owner is able to divine harmony with her, it is the single most powerful saint sword in the Celestial Fraternity.”

She added woefully, “Even if all of us join hands together, you will only be throwing away your lives. A saintly weapon will need another saintly weapon to neutralize.”

Yue Lingxi was also smiling bitterly, “The divine harmonized Horizon of the Heavens also contains one of the three strongest desolate forces in the universe. I am afraid that the Lu Qingyun that we know previously is now no longer the Lu Qingyun that we’ve known in the past. One saintly sword is more than enough for us to handle and moreover he has two.”

Fan Yuqing inhaled weakly before she said, “I happen to be divine harmony user of two saintly weapons too, the Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute. Maybe in this world, I am the only one that can restraint him.”

Yue Lingxi asked in a low voice, “Is he going to turn into…”

Fan Yuqing shook her head, “I don’t know. I hope not…”

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