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Chapter 229: Prelude to Peace

Fan Yuqing was startled to hear from the envoy of the orthodox cultivators that they had wanted a peace talk.

“Is this a ruse?” She thought.

“Then we shall meet Alliance Leader Lu in three days later at the Clarity Valley of the Melody. You can go now.”

She promptly dismissed the envoy and took off her mask and looked at Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Yue Lingxi and Ye Jing.

“Do you think that this is an ambush?”

Xuan Danfeng nodded, “It may be a possibility. We have just killed Saint Gao Tianshou and they may be pulling the same similar stunt on us. They know that they outnumber us and we have lost our element of surprise now.”

Fan Yuqing’s golden eyes looked a little dazed. Actually before they had received the envoy, they had all known from Zhou Hai and their other informants that Lu Qingyun was the one that had wanted the peace talks and he was met with much opposition.

Feng Minyue looked at her and said quietly, “You don’t really care about the peace talks, am I right? You are just thinking that he is engaged to Yun Xuefeng now and you’re brooding because of that?”

Fan Yuqing: …

They had an earlier discussion before the envoy had even come and yet Fan Yuqing was still asking them whether if the peace talk was actually a ruse. This only shows that she was not paying attention to their analysis at all.

Her mind must have wandered away when she had heard that Lu Qingyun had suddenly been engaged to Yun Xuefeng and that was the reason why Fan Yuqing was looking lost now.

They could understand her because she had only Lu Qingyun in her heart and she had often talked about ending this conflict quickly so that she would return to the Heavens Ridge Villa to see Lu Qingyun again.

Fan Yuqing averted her eyes, “He must have hated me so much after he had known that I’m the Devil Goddess. It is impossible between the two of us now. And now he has even engaged to Yun Xuefeng. She is really a nice maiden. I like her as well.”

Yue Lingxi said, “Do you need me to go teach him a little lesson?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I will go as well to give him a few slaps to wake him up.”

Ye Jing was frowning, “There are so many saints there now. Before you can even reach him, the two of you will be slaughtered by them first. Don’t forget that Great Saint Tang Yiren and Lin Wucheng have just arrived on their side.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Ye Jing, why don’t you join us?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Sorry, I value this worthless life of mine.”

“Lin Wucheng is actually on our side. Why are you afraid of?” Xuan Danfeng laughed.

“This still doesn’t change the fact that we are courting our own deaths if we go there with just the few of us here.” Ye Jing shrugged her shoulders.

Xuan Danfeng returned a weak smile when she had heard Ye Jing. Although she was also a great saintess like Ye Jing but Ye Jing was on par with the Devil Goddess. Without Ye Jing to help them, it was really courting their own death if they were to storm the main camp of the orthodox cultivators.

As a great saintess, she can fight 1-2 saints at the same time but Ye Jing was on a totally different league than her; she could fight 5-6 saints at the same time and could emerge almost unscathed. After all, Ye Jing was once a super villainess that had once rampage throughout the Nine Celestial Fraternity on her own.

In a sense, Ye Jing was no less horrible than the Devil Goddess in her terror. The only difference between the two of them was that Ye Jing was endorsed by the Great Goddess Heaveness and all her crimes were forgiven and she had turned from a super villainess to a super heroine.

Feng Minyue was frowning softly, “It seems that all of you have regained your profound strength already? Since you are all so free, why don’t you help to do some patrolling in the vicinity? I have noticed plenty of hostile activities in our vicinity lately. And that envoy earlier was followed by no less than ten golden celestials and they are secretly planting their arrays along the way. So why don’t you go and give these golden celestials a warning or two first?”

Yue Lingxi coolly said, “I’m going back to my tent to cultivate first. I’ve lost more profound strength than anyone of you.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Actually I have not restored my profound strength to the peak yet.”

Ye Jing laughed lightly, “I was just warning them not to be hasty only. I need to cultivate my profound strength too or else we won’t be their match in time for the peace talk.”

Before Ye Jing had left the tent, she winked at Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing. “Maybe it is time for the Nine Celestial Goddess to make her appearance.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently as one by one, Ye Jing, Yue Lingxi and Xuan Danfeng had left the tent.

There was only Feng Minyue now.

Feng Minyue quietly asked her, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, what do you think of the peace talk?”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “It is not a peace talk. It is a duel to the death for either one of us.”

Feng Minyue sighed softly, “Must things go this way?”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly.

Feng Minyue said quietly, “I will go and kill this Lu Qingyun first before that happens.”

Fan Yuqing said weakly, “If you do so then I will kill myself straight away.”

Feng Minyue: …

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