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Chapter 231: The Sixth Rank Divine Pill

The three divine rulers had immediately confronted Lu Qingyun after the peace talk had ended.

“Alliance Leader Lu! Do you know that you have just given up such a good opportunity to get rid of the Devil Goddess?” Saint Yuan Chenggong said angrily.

Lu Qingyun returned a quiet smile, “I know.”

“You know? And you are giving her a month to recuperate her injuries?” Saint Yuan Chenggong could not believe what he was hearing.

Lu Qingyun said, “I’ve the full confidence to defeat the Devil Goddess. But in the meantime I need one month of cultivation to prepare myself as well.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong asked him in disbelief, “You can win the peaked Devil Goddess one to one?”

Saint Linghu Fei and Saintess Su Rushuang returned a perplexed look at each other.

Lu Qingyun nodded as he looked at everyone around him, “That’s right.”

Then he added, “On the contrary, if I challenge the Devil Goddess just now, I may not be able to win her.”

“Why is that so?” Saint Yuan Chenggong was frowning. He did not understand and he doubted anyone would also understand.

Even Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing were looking at Lu Qingyun and they did not understand too.

Lu Qingyun smiled before explaining, “Let me ask you all. Do you know who the real Devil Goddess is?”

Everyone was suddenly startled by his question.

“What do you mean?” Saint Tang Yiren asked on behalf of everyone.

Lu Qingyun said, “No one has really seen the face of the Devil Goddess. She has four other golden shadows on the same level as her. How do you know which one is truly the Devil Goddess?”

When he had said that, everyone was startled and was looking at one another.

“I may or may not have injured the real Devil Goddess. I may even be fighting against her substitute.” Lu Qingyun pointed out.

“I need to assure that I am fighting the real Devil Goddess and that is why I’m giving her a month to recuperate. That one month isn’t for her but for me to prepare myself fully. Got it?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong muttered, “Now this makes a little sense…”

Lu Qingyun said, “Prepare an alchemy chamber for me. I’m going to concoct a powerful divine pill for my upcoming duel.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed, “We have many alchemists in our ranks. Just let us know what alchemy pills you’re intending to concoct and we can simply give them the orders. There is no need for our Alliance Leader Lu to concoct it yourself.”

Lu Qingyun asked coldly, “Do they know how to prepare a sixth rank divine pill? Because that is my intention.”

When Saint Yuan Chenggong and all the others heard Lu Qingyun, they were greatly shocked. It was because in their knowledge, there was no alchemist that could concoct a sixth rank divine pill in the current fraternity. Maybe in the past yes but not anymore now.

And this Alliance Leader Lu was now claiming he was going to concoct a sixth rank divine pill?

Was he joking with them?

Saint Yuan Chenggong laughed, “I didn’t know that Alliance Leader Lu is actually also an alchemist. Maybe I can get a few alchemists to aid you instead.”

Lu Qingyun replied nonchalantly, “No need. I don’t wish to share my alchemy secrets. Don’t you know that it is rude to pry into someone’s alchemy secrets?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong: …

“Indeed, indeed.” He replied weakly to Lu Qingyun.

Saintess Su Rushuang smiled, “Sixth rank divine pills are all miracle divine pills. May I know what divine pills will you be concocting? Do you need any rare spirit herbs? Just let us know and we will try our best to gather for you.”

She was only pretending to be helpful and was tactful in her choice of her words. She did not believe that Lu Qingyun would succeed in concocting any sixth rank divine pills. It was because even a fifth rank divine pill would take years to concoct and moreover he was trying to concoct a sixth rank divine pill.

Lu Qingyun replied, “I will be trying to concoct two sixth rank divine pills. One for aiding me for a breakthrough to the seventh realm sacred saint level and the other is a sixth rank rejuvenation pill for healing and recovery.”

When everyone heard him, they were stunned.

A seventh realm sacred saint breakthrough pill was extremely precious and he was concocting one to make a breakthrough himself?

Was he joking with them?

It was like the dream pill of many golden celestials that had not attained to the seventh realm level yet. It was not unheard of but it was extremely difficult to obtain especially when the ancient alchemists were not around anymore.

Then Lu Qingyun said, “If there is nothing else then I shall take my leave first.”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing had immediately followed after him.

When they were alone, Qian Jingjing asked. “Brother Qingyun, you’re making a sixth rank divine pill? Is it even possible?”

She knew that her Brother Qingyun was an alchemist but she did not know that he was such a high ranking alchemist.

Lu Qingyun smiled as he nodded lightly, “Thanks to Xuefeng, I have some new inspirations that I think I may be able to try. Moreover I have all the necessary regents now for the attempt.”

Tang Xuefeng was looking at him with an astonishing look. It was because she did not know that Lu Qingyun was actually such a high level alchemist. It was no wonder he had been so curious to ask him about the alchemy methods that she had invented.

But there was something that had bugged her till now so she asked quietly, “Brother Qingyun, you know the Devil Goddess?”

Even Qian Jingjing was looking at him curiously. “Earlier, my legs are shaking when I saw the Devil Goddess. But Brother Qingyun, how did you manage to remain so calm in front of her?”

Tang Xuefeng added quietly, “She seems polite toward you unlike to the others.”

Lu Qingyun returned a faint smile to them before he walked off with a heavy heart. “Xuefeng, Jingjing. Sorry…if you know what I will be doing, you will surely stop me…”

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing could tell that their Brother Qingyun seemed to be weighed down but he was also not sharing any of his troubles with them.

As a matter of fact, he had been keeping very quiet to himself.

They could not help but felt anxious for him.

Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing had never seen him like this before.

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