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Chapter 232: Concocting the Impossible (1)

The first day that Lu Qingyun had entered the alchemy chamber, there was a thunderous explosion that shook the protective arrays around it.

It startled all the nearby cultivators and quite a few of the cultivators began to rush to the alchemy tower that Lu Qingyun was at to have a look.

But they were all stopped by Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng who were meditating outside his alchemy chamber.

Tang Xuefeng merely told them, “It is alright. It is normal.”

And then she had turned away all the cultivators.

Saint Yuan Chenggong was mocking Lu Qingyun in front of the other two divine rulers, “He says he is concocting a sixth rank divine pill? What a joke. Does he even know how hard it is to concoct a single fourth rank divine pill? Fifth rank divine pills are already considered miracle pills. Sixth rank divine pills are all mystical pills that are extremely difficult to produce. Even the alchemists of legends can only produce one or two sixth rank divine pills in their entire lifetime.”

Saint Linghu Fei nodded, “What an arrogant fellow. Let’s see what he can produce in a month time then. We shall spread the news that he is concocting a sixth rank divine pill. When he fails to produce one then he will be a laughing stock in front of all everyone.”

Saintess Su Rushuang returned a weak smile at them, “I think maybe we should have a little faith in him.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong was frowning, “You are chickening out of our secret triple alliance?”

Saintess Su Rushuang stared blankly for a while before she said quietly, “Saint Gao Tianshou is already dead. We have never thought that the Devil Goddess will be so daring as to confront him in front of so many of us. Maybe we should really consider a peace talk with the Devil Goddess…”

Saint Linghu Fei interrupted, “This is all heretic talks! We have all come so late to this point to give up. What about the heroic sacrifices of the many celestials under our banners? We cannot allow their blood to be shed in vain!”

Saint Yuan Chenggong raised his finger up as he said coolly, “Brother Fei here has a point here. We are already so close to getting rid of the Devil Goddess and leaving our names in the celestial canons. We cannot give up now.”

Saintess Su Rushuang asked, “But they have agreed to have an honorable duel and news of this duel has spread by now. One side will die and everyone must agree to abide by the honor of this ancient tradition. If we do anything dishonorable to this ancient celestial tradition, we will not only be a laughing stock but we will even lose our positions in our divine realm.”

She paused to add quietly. “We will be targets of all the dissentions and the hundreds of celestial clans from all over the Nine Celestial Fraternity. My celestial clan cannot afford to take this risk.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong frowned, “Saintess Su, don’t be afraid. We will be there to support you. My Divine Sovereign Clan will lend you all the support.”

Then he said with great righteousness, “If the honorable duel is carried out immediately and we have won, I have nothing more to say. But this Alliance Leader Lu has insisted on delaying the duel so that the Devil Goddess will be able to recover from her injuries. Isn’t this asking for trouble and isn’t this as good as conceding the victory to the dark celestials?”

Saint Linghu Fei nodded, “I totally agree with Brother Chenggong here.”

Saintess Su Rushuang stammered, “We…we will lose?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong returned a nod. “Isn’t that obvious?”

Saintess Su Rushuang asked, “Any proof?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong smiled coldly, “Do we need proof? A sixth realm supremacy against a great saintess like the Devil Goddess. Isn’t victory already certain on the side of the dark celestials?”

Saintess Su Rushuang shook her head, “I don’t believe. He is now engaged to the heiress of the Celestial Sword Clan. He will lose everything.”

Saint Yuan Chenggong hummed coldly, “You have better believed me. Our best course of action is to…:

He began to whisper in a low, low voice…

Lu Qingyun was frowning in the alchemy chamber.

It was because he had blown up the alchemy furnace.

“The quality of this furnace is so poor?!” He was astonished. “How am I going to concoct my pills then?”

Then he had suddenly remembered he had a divine cauldron that he had taken from the ancient celestial ruin. “I shall use that then.”

“Xingxin, will you get me that divine cauldron?”

Immediately, Xingxin had displayed a large silver cauldron in front of him and it had landed resounding on the floor; it was extremely heavy.

But luckily the entire alchemy chamber was actually sound proof as long as the protect arrays were still in place.

Tang Xuefeng had helped him to create a new and better protective array after the explosion on the first day. For that, he was extremely grateful.

He began to sigh deeply, “I can’t believe that the materials here are so poor here. Even the protective arrays are only sub-par. Luckily Xuefeng is around.”

“Xingxin, do we have another cauldron? I need one more to concoct another type of divine pill.”

Xingxin immediately replied delightfully, “Yes we have one more!”

Immediately she had displayed a large golden cauldron.

When Lu Qingyun saw the golden cauldron, he began to frown lightly. “How come I don’t remember seeing this cauldron at all?”

Xingxin chuckled, “That is because there are too many profound treasures for master to notice that day. I saw that master is particularly interested in the spirit herbs and the profound pills therefore I take the initiative to squeeze in this cauldron. I never thought that master will actually be using it today.”

Lu Qingyun laughed. “Luckily you did.”

Then he turned to Yan’Er and Xingxin with a solemn expression. “Yan’Er, I want you to help me with the golden cauldron and Xingxin, I want you to help me with the silver cauldron. I’m going to try to concoct two sixth rank divine pills. Now, this won’t be easy and I need your spiritual fire to help me.”

Yan’Er clapped her hands delightfully, “Yan’Er is super happy to help master!”

Xingxin was nodded gently, “I love to help master too.”

Lu Qingyun inhaled deeply, “We have only less than a month to finish the two divine pills. Usually that will take ten years but we will be doing it in two weeks instead. In order to accomplish this impossible task, we need very strong fires.”

He began to sigh with a bitter smile, “And naturally the strongest fire in the Three Known Realm is my Great Annihilating Fire.”

His thoughts had quickly returned to Qin Keqin while he was saying that, “Keqin, trust me. Your Yun’Er will never hurt you again. Let me atone for all my mistakes.”

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