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Chapter 36: Xue Qianxue

Xue Qianxue was giggling to herself as she played with the scented flowers of her bath pool. She was really delighted because she had finally captured Ji Yuan and right now he was her prisoner.

She was now looking dreamily into the reflection of the pool as she recalled the time when Ji Yuan had accidentally dropped into her bathtub and giving her a shock that she could not erased from her memory.

She quietly held onto her bosoms as she remembered his light touches on her…

And the time that she had a fall from the cliff and Ji Yuan had caught hold of her…

And the silly look that was on his face when she had angrily declared to him that he must shave off his beard and deliver his portrait to her in three days…

She remembered how he had tripped on the floor as he made his getaway from her…

She dreamily replayed these scenes over and over again as she muttered silently, “Ji Yuan, Ji Yuan…”

Her alluring eyes were now flashing as she muttered, “I wonder did I give him such a fright that he is going to hate me forever? Actually I did not mean to frighten him but I was too excited to see him again.”

“I wonder what his impression of me is?”

“Should I explain to him?”

“Maybe I should have let him calm down first?”

“You have delivered yourself to me after a hundred years…finally…”

“The Great Poet Ji Yuan is truly as dashing as the rumors have said. His beardless self is the most beautiful sight in the world…”

Then she was giggling softly, “Ling Feiyue. I’ve captured the Great Poet Ji Yuan ahead of you. If you know about this, I bet that you will jump down to the desolate mists below the mountains. But don’t worry, I will never let you know nor will I give you the chance to rescue him…”

Again she began to recall the scene when Ji Yuan had caught hold of her body as she fell down from the tall cliff. At that time she was quite teary. Although the fall would not kill her or even cause her any lasting injuries, after all she was protected by her golden body but she would be a laughing stock in front of Ling Feiyue.

When he had caught hold of her in mid-air, her heart was suddenly beating very fast.

It was then that she had realized that she had truly fallen in love with Ji Yuan.

Ji Yuan had put her down gently before he had fled the scene hastily.

She had tried to call out his name after she had regained her wits but it was already too late. Even if he had heard, he would not stop because she knew that he was afraid of them and that he had broken a taboo by observing her duel with Ling Feiyue.

She did try to track him down by going to the Orthodox Sword Sect to look for him but what she had found out was shocking; Ji Yuan had already handed over his sect leader position and he would be attempting his seventh realm level breakthrough in a secret location.

She had not thought that her actions would actually force him to take a gambit for an attempt breakthrough to the sacred saint level.

Since that day, she had been having constant nightmares at the thought that she may have killed Ji Yuan indirectly.

But now she could finally sleep and dream in peace.

It was because Ji Yuan was still alive and the best part was, he seemed to have lost his beard too.

Behind the bath chamber curtains, a few of the holy maidens were already standing for hours as they waited for the Sacred Maiden and they were whispering among themselves.

“Weird, I have never seen our Sacred Maiden so happy like today.”

“You must know that the happier our Sacred Maiden is, the longer she will stay in the pool. She has been in there for three hours now. This is a new record…”

“I’ve heard that she has news of Ji Yuan today.”

“From that handsome man that has come today?”

“I’m new here. That Ji Yuan is someone that our Sacred Maiden hates? I’ve heard that there is a huge bounty on his head.”

“Probably. Sometimes when our Sacred Maiden has a nightmare, she will call out his name.”

“When she is smiling in her sleep too, she will also call out his name…”

“So does she hates him or not?”

“Who is this Ji Yuan?”

“You don’t know? He has the title of the most beautiful bearded cultivator and I’ve heard that before he got his beard, he was also the most beautiful handsome cultivator.”

“How can anyone be beautiful and handsome at the same time?”

“Did you see that dashing man that comes today?”

“He is handsome and beautiful at the same time.”

“Heh, I will like to know his name too…”

“Our Sacred Maiden only locks him up and did nothing to him?”

“But I feel that the other young masters are equally handsome too. I don’t understand why our Sacred Maiden has a fixation on anyone or even that Ji Yuan.”

“You may not know this but Ji Yuan is also known as the Great Poet Ji Yuan. He has talent…”

“You’re all wrong! I’ve served our Sacred Maiden far longer than any one of you. She hates this Ji Yuan actually.”


“Tell us about it…”

“Have you heard of poem that is titled, Two Goddess and My Beautiful Beard?”

“Oh that! I thought that it is such a good poem?”

“The fluttering snow as white as the Goddess Maiden Qianxue and the spirit songs as vivid as the Goddess Maiden Feiyue. To have the two beautiful goddesses to dance with the strokes of my beautiful beard is as heavenly as the sight of the immortal fairies.”

“This poem is actually lewd. He is stroking our Sacred Maiden with his hands…”

“I didn’t think that way…”

“Now you know why she hates this Ji Yuan?”

“This Ji Yuan is courting his own death!”

“Yes, he deserves death for such a lewd poem!”

“He dares to stroke our Sacred Maiden? He is simply having a death wish!”

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