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Chapter 37: Friend or Foe (1)

At this moment Yuan Ji was now locked in a dark room and he was feeling very cold.

He had spent the whole night circulating his profound energies within his soul sea to resist the chilling cold that was afflicted to him by Xue Qianxue.

He had not expected that her Sacred Maiden Profound Art would be this formidable. He had literally spent the whole night trying to dissipate her profound energies that were afflicting him.

Normally he had no problem purging the deviation energies of his opponents because he was an expert sword energies practitioner. But her profound art was proving to be difficult for him to dissipate.

Therefore he ended up cursing her silently the entire night.

“She is an orthodox cultivator and yet she had attacked me without giving me any warning. Where is her martial code of honor? Is she still an iron blood man?”

“Never mind about that iron blood man part, she is a maiden…she is only a despicable orthodox cultivator…if it is a one to one fair fight…never mind that too, she probably can thrash me as well…”

While he was cursing her, he was also sighing heavily at the same time.

It was because he had thought that he would make use of Xue Qianxue to take his vendetta on Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyue. But his plan had backfired because he had never thought that Xia Jiajia and Xue Qianxue were in the plot against him together.

He was not afraid of death but he had two beautiful consorts and countless number of innocents that were at the Five Heavens Peaks that would be slaughtered by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace if he did not turn up for his duel with their old master.

He did not expect Xue Qianxue to forgive him after what he had done to sully her honor.

“Guo Taiming! You really got me into a fine fix this time. Even if I have become a ghost, I will not spare you.”

He knew by now that it was his poem that had got him into this fine mess.

He could only lament with deep melancholy, “Why did I have to create this accursed poem?”

But he was soon frowning, “Xue Qianxue, Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyue are all seventh realm saintess. I am merely a lowly sixth realm supremacy back then. Do they even need to go one big round just to ‘fix me’?”

The more that he had thought of it, the more perplexed he was.

“This doesn’t make any sense at all.”

“I’m very sure that Ling Feiyue is out to get Xue Qianxue. It is because it is impossible for them to know that I will pop up during their secret duel. I don’t even know that I will show up either because I was lost in the mountains.”

“Oh no!” He was startled by a sudden thought.

“They are not out to get me but to get Xue Qianxue. I am merely a pawn for them to get rid of her. If I am not mistaken, she must have fallen into their clever stratagem as well.”

“In a game of chess, the final objective is always to get the king. I’m definitely not the king but Xue Qianxue is. Xue Qianxue may think that she is smart but her opponents are smarter.”

“Should I tell her about it?”

“She probably won’t believe me. Before I can see her again to explain, I will probably be killed by her.”

“I don’t believe that they are after my worthless beard but their main objective is actually the Celestial Orthodox Sect and the Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue.”

“But what is the connection?”

He suddenly remembered the words of wisdom that his old master had once taught him. “Don’t be fooled by the webs of deceits. The more you look into it, the more is the entanglement. Look at the keys and then guess the outcome.”

“Xue Qianxue, Celestial Orthodox Sect, me…”

“That’s it! What if I don’t turn up for the duel? Then the Hundred Flower Divine Palace will have an excuse to exterminate the Celestial Orthodox Sect…”

“Xue Qianxue! This time, you’re really in trouble!” Yuan Ji gasped aloud.

“I will be in trouble?” A sweet voice asked.

Yuan Ji had suddenly turned ashen.

It was because he had recognized Xue Qianxue’s voice.

Indeed it was Xue Qianxue as she unlocked the cell door and entered through it.

“You are cursing me?” Xue Qianxue lit a lovely smile when she saw him.

Yuan Ji could sniff her light fragrance immediately. It was a light fragrance that he could still remember after a hundred years.

He thought, “She must have just taken a bath…”

But he quickly said bitterly, “I dare not.”

Xue Qianxue giggled softly as she displayed a dozen flasks of heavenly wines, “Care to have a drink with me?”

Yuan Ji was startled, “Drink with you?”

Xue Qianxue winked at him, “What? Are you afraid that I may drug the wine?”

Yuan Ji hummed coldly as he took one of the wine flasks and started to gulp a mouthful. “This, I am not worried because I am already in your hands.”

Xue Qianxue was suddenly chuckling nonstop before she exclaimed with a wry smile, “Actually I have drugged the wines and you’ve fallen for it.”

Yuan Ji: …

This time Yuan Ji was truly angry. He immediately stood up and shouted at the top of his voice, “You’re such a vicious maiden! You call yourself an orthodox cultivator and the Sacred Maiden of the Celestial Orthodox Sect, yet you are not adverse to using drugs…”

Xue Qianxue was startled by his outburst as she interrupted him with a hurtful look, “I’m only teasing you. Why did you have to raise your voice against me? Just because you got a loud voice, you think you can raise it in such an unruly manner? Yes, there is a drug in the wines but it is only a tonic medicine to purge the chills that are afflicting you.”

Yuan Ji blinked his eyes before he said awkwardly, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you. It is just that I…”

Xue Qianxue hummed coldly, “It is just that you are upset with me, am I right?”

Yuan Ji nodded slowly before he said firmly, “Indeed!”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes as she sat quietly next to him, “Indeed you have the right.”

Yuan Ji was startled when she had suddenly sat next to him. In fact, she was so near that he could feel the comforting warmth of her body.

But he said bitterly, “What is the point of saying all these? I am already in your hands. But let me go. I promise you that if you let me go, I will return to this place after my duel and will allow you to deal with me in any manner you please.”

Xue Qianxue hummed softly, “Do you think that you will be alive after your duel for me to deal with you? For your own good, you should stay here until the time of the duel is over.”

Yuan Ji replied coldly, “What for? By then, all my love ones will be dead. What is the point of hiding in the shadows? I will rather be the only one that is killed than any of my love ones.”

Xue Qianxue was trembling lightly, “I’ve heard that you have recently married two consorts. One of them is the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi. You must have loved them a lot.”

Yuan Ji replied proudly, “I do.”

Xue Qianxue sighed softly to herself. “Maybe if I didn’t play that trick on you a hundred years ago, it will be just the two of us. But now, it is too late for regrets.”

She said quietly without looking at him, “I can let you go but only on two conditions.”

Yuan Ji was startled. She was willing to let him go?

But he quickly asked, “Which two?”

Xue Qianxue smiled quietly, “Firstly, you will finish up all these wines with me tonight. Secondly, you will be willing to befriend me.”

Yuan Ji was startled by her two conditions. “It is so simple? Then why did you set me up for?”

Xue Qianxue replied shyly, “Nothing. My reasons are not important anymore. So what do you think?”

Yuan Ji sighed as he looked away, “I’ve no reasons to decline your two conditions. In fact, I welcome it.”

“Good! Let’s give a toast to our friendship then!” Xue Qianxue giggled.

“Alright then!” Yuan Ji said.

As they turned their heads at the same time, all of a sudden they had knocked their heads together and their lips had touched.

Yuan Ji was flabbergasted as he thought, “I’m dead again…”

Xue Qianxue was flustered and she was trembling lightly.

The two of them did not move immediately but were dumbfounded on the spot.

Yuan Ji’s heart was pounding very fast. “Her lips are so tender and sweet…”

Xue Qianxue’s heart was also pounding very fast and it took all her will to pull herself away from him in a flustered manner. “Ji Yuan…”

Yuan Ji was now panicky explaining, “No wait! Listen to me! This is an accident! I don’t know why whenever I am around you, all sorts of clumsy accidents happen. But I swear that this is really an accident too! I swear by my soul sea…”

Xue Qianxue had suddenly put her fingers on his lips, “I’ve changed my mind now. I don’t want to be just friends with you.”

All of a sudden the two of them were looking dreamily at each other.

Yuan Ji was struggling with all his willpower against her heart melting golden eyes, “You must never touch her. You can touch all the maidens in the celestial fraternity except for her. Because if you do, you will not only ruin her but you will become the enemy of all the young masters of the celestial fraternity. Therefore you must stay very calm…”

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