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Chapter 38: Friend or Foe (2)

Under a normal circumstance, Yuan Ji would never dare to touch Xue Qianxue. It was because he did not want to die without even knowing why. It may even be a plot to test his integrity for all he knows.

But Xue Qianxue was really too peerless whether it was in her looks or her enticing heart-melting eyes. Moreover he had to recall the time that he had seen her naked in her bathtub.

That was usually how most lowly cultivators would die for not able to control their lower body especially when the target was a seventh realm saintess.

“Since I am about to die one way or another, I may as well kiss the number one goddess in the orthodox fraternity a few more times…”

And Yuan Ji had suddenly pressed himself onto Xue Qianxue as he kissed her passionately, half expecting for her to suddenly retaliate and kill him with a single blow. Instead she was moaning softly and inhaling deeply at his every tiny touch.

When he saw that Xue Qianxue was actually closing her eyes and surrendering to his attacks, his actions got more and more outrageous; he had already started to fondle her and he had even loosened her silk belt.

He could see that Xue Qianxue was looking at him with deep flushes on her cheeks but she did not make a move to resist him.

Therefore he got even bolder and started to remove her silk robe from her until he was now staring at her thin body lingerie that covered her beautiful curves.

He began to inhale deeply as he reached into her skirt to pull down her inner pants.

“She didn’t resist? Is she going to let me continue in this manner?”

Xue Qianxue was averting her eyes shyly and she did not dare to look into his eyes.  She could only rebuke him silently. “Ji Yuan, how dare you violate me! In the past it is with your eyes and now it is with your hands…”

All of a sudden she was gasping softly; it was because Yuan Ji had loosened her body lingerie and had lifted up her skirt at the same time.

Yuan Ji was also gasping. All his hidden thoughts and caution had completely vanished when he saw her divine body that was spread out in front of him.

His heart was pounding extremely hard; Xue Qianxue was really too beautiful. From her beautiful shy countenance, to her twin peaks and to her maiden’s forbidden ground.

He was gasping silently as he looked below her body, “She is really a white tiger. I’ve made a lucky guess at that time…”

But before he knows it, he was already pressing upon Xue Qianxue and he was already stripping hastily.

When their passionate battle had ended, it was many hours later.

Xue Qianxue was now cuddling onto Yuan Ji and she was looking coquettishly at him.

Yuan Ji was also looking sentimentally at her. He could not believe that he had actually captured the number one goddess in the orthodox fraternity and she had actually lost her chastity to him.

Was this a dream?

Until now, he could not believe it.

Was he under a spell of delusion like the last time he had with Fairy Ye Chengxi?

But it felt so real, especially when he had run through her divine body…

It had to be a dream right? Because the Sacred Maiden Xue Qianxue would never fall in love with him…

“You must be wondering why.” Xue Qianxue shyly said.

Yuan Ji nodded quietly, half afraid that this wonderful dream would burst at any time and that it was only a delusion.

He muttered, “Why did you set me up for? And now…”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “And now we are lovers? You mustn’t let me down or else I won’t spare you. No matter where you are I will hunt you down.”

Then she quickly averted her glances, “Actually I have admired you for a long time.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he blinked his eyes with disbelief, “You have admired me for a long time?”

Xue Qianxue nodded shyly, “I have long heard of the Great Poet Ji Yuan.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I’m truly sorry that it is my poem that has offended you.”

Xue Qianxue inhaled softly as she used her fingers to caress his chest, “What if I tell you that I am actually not offended by it?”

Yuan Ji: …

“I don’t believe.” He laughed weakly.

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “You don’t believe me?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “You can tell me about it first.”

He could not resist adding, “From the beginning.”

Now that he had conquered Xue Qianxue, would she be willing to tell him the truth?

Xue Qianxue inhaled softly before she quietly said, “One day, I was in the study room and I was…”

She had suddenly giggled, “I was reciting some of your great works when Xia Jiajia had approached me out of the blue.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he interrupted, “In your study room? How is it possible? Isn’t the Celestial Orthodox Sect heavily guarded?”

Xue Qianxue nodded, “That is what I’ve thought too. I was actually startled as well. As she was an intruder therefore I had attacked her. However after exchanging thirty strokes with her, she managed to persuade me to listen to her explanation.”

Yuan Ji really could not believe what he was hearing. Xia Jiajia had actually exchanged thirty strokes with a middle tier seventh realm saintess and she had dared to enter the forbidden grounds of the Celestial Sword Sect.

“She told me that she knew of my incoming duel Ling Feiyue and that…”

Xue Qianxue was giggling again, “And that she knew that the Great Poet Ji Yuan would be in the nearby vicinity as well. Therefore she offered to help me to fix a meeting with you.”

She began to look shyly away, “I asked her how and she told me that we can make use of your poem the Two Goddesses and My Beautiful Beard to…”

“Promise me that you won’t get upset?” Xue Qianxue had suddenly asked him as she gave him a heart-melting look.

Yuan Ji began to smile bitterly, “I won’t.” But he was cursing silently. “Qianxue, I didn’t know that you can be so gullible and can fall into a clever disguised ruse just like this.” All of a sudden he was smiling secretly. “Never mind, her gullible is a good thing. In the end, she has fallen into my hands instead…”

“She offered me a plan to get rid of your beautiful beard.” Xue Qianxue was quietly looking at Yuan Ji, waiting for him to get angry with her. She inhaled a soft sign of relief when she saw that Yuan Ji was still as composed as ever.

How could Yuan Ji be upset at her at this time? He was too busy fondling her naked body that was in his embrace to do petty things like losing his temper.

“I’m really curious to know how you look like without your beard. That is why I’ve agreed to go along with her plan.” She shyly looked away before adding. “I’ve heard that the Great Poet Ji Yuan is really a dashing man. Today, I have finally known what you really look like without your beard.”

Yuan Ji laughed softly before he shamelessly said, “I’ve always known that I am a dashing man…”

Xue Qianxue interrupted him as she winked at him, “Unfortunately that is not true at all. You are not in the least bit dashing at all. I really regret plotting against you.”

Yuan Ji: …

He had just got face slapped by her remarks.

Xue Qianxue was lying of course. It was because she was too shy to admit that Yuan Ji had met all her expectations and more.

What she had told Yuan Ji was not the whole truth too but a watered down version. However, it was as close to the truth as she had said it.

Xia Jiajia had told her, “I have heard that there is a one and only portrait of the beardless Great Poet Ji Yuan in the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. If you want to know his beardless look, I do have a stratagem for you to force him to shave off his beard. But I wonder if Sacred Maiden Xue is willing to go along with this plan of mine?”

Yuan Ji had suddenly asked Xue Qianxue, “Erm, since you are not in cahoots with Xia Jiajia, why did you lie to me earlier?”

Xue Qianxue chuckled softly, “I like to see if I am able to provoke the Gentleman of the Sword.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Well you have succeeded.” He was forced to admit. In fact, he was jumping up and down earlier.

He quickly asked, “Do you know who Xia Jiajia is? What is your background?”

Xue Qianxue shook her head, “She is on par with my level.”

After a short pause, she added quietly. “Maybe more.”

Then she looked melancholy at him, “She is so beautiful. So you miss her?”

Yuan Ji’s heart almost stopped when she was suddenly looking and questioning him just like this. Therefore he decided to tell a white lie. It was because he did not think it was wise to tell her that he had actually liked Jiajia the most and that they even had a hundred year pledge with each other.

He quickly replied, “Do you know that she is actually Xia Jiaqing?”

Xue Qianxue was gasping, “She is one of the four great celestial beauties? Palace Mistress Xia Jiaqing? I really did not know.”

Then she lowered her woeful glances, “I’ve heard that she is missing now and that you have taken over as Palace Master of the Emperor Hall Sect. So you have thought that I may know her and that is why you have come to look for me?”

Yuan Ji: …

“She is still so persistent in her questionings…” He thought.

So he had decided to tell another white lie. “I’ve actually come to warn you about a plot against you and your Celestial Orthodox Sect. Most important of all, I’ve been thinking of you for over a hundred years and I’ve come specially to see you.”

Xue Qianxue was gasping softly, “Really?”

Yuan Ji nodded firmly, “Really.”

Xue Qianxue frowned lightly when she had suddenly noticed that Yuan Ji’s heart was beating very fast. “Why is your heart beating so fast?”

“Erm, it is because a most beautiful maiden is resting on me and she is not wearing anything.”

“You’re such a badass…” Xue Qianxue was suddenly giggling as she gave him a painless hit with her hand on his chest.

Yuan Ji was thinking, “Whew. I am safe now?”

All of a sudden Xue Qianxue was looking at him intently, “Do you know Ling Feiyue?”

Yuan Ji: …

He was gasping silently. At this point of time, he had to be very tactful with his words.

“I don’t know her at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve a feud to settle with her.” He began to say with great righteousness.

“You know her and yet you have a feud with her?” Xue Qianxue asked him suspiciously.

Yuan Ji pretended to sigh heavily, “You should know. I was setup by Xia Jiajia and Ling Feiyue. They are plotting to get you and I am the victim.”

Xue Qianxue paused to ponder, “But even then…”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes. Somehow he got a feeling that one of these days, he would be killed by Xue Qianxue, Xia Jiajia or Ling Feiyue. But the most pressing one was how to answer Xue Qianxue’s questions.

He had come to find Xue Qianxue to answer his many questions but now he had found out that he was actually answering to her many questions instead.

It seemed that they were both victims of a deeper conspiracy.

And it seemed that in order to find Xia Jiajia and to find out who she was, he had to find Ling Feiyue first.

All of a sudden he decided on a way to keep Xue Qianxue quiet; he had suddenly grabbed her gentle and he had forced her to bend forward, “Qianxue, you’re too beautiful and I’ve not got enough of you. Let me saddle you…”

Just as Xue Qianxue was nodding shyly to him, a dozen bright lights had blinked into the dark cell as several protégés of the Celestial Sword Sect had entered through the imprisonment array.

“Punishment Elder! You see! One of the holy maidens has secretly visited the prisoner and now they are having their dirty business here…”

“This holy maiden is really daring!”

“We can even hear the sounds of their dirty love making from outside the imprisonment array…”

“Cripple both their cultivation soul sea!”

“How dare they defile the sacred grounds of the Celestial Sword Sect…”

“We must let the Sacred Maiden know immediately and request for her to melt down the harshest punishment on these two adulterous pair!”

All of a sudden the dozen holy maidens and high ranking elders were stunned by the view in front of them!

Their Sacred Maiden was completely naked in front of them and Yuan Ji was ‘riding’ her when they had suddenly appeared within the imprisonment array.

“Our Sacred Maiden is here…”

“This beast of a man…”

“Kill him!”

“Did he…did he….”

Yuan Ji was completely stunned. “No wait! This is a misunderstanding!”

Xue Qianxue was weeping all of a sudden. It was because she had now lost all her repute in front of the elders and protégés of the Celestial Sword Sect.

Although she was the sect’s Sacred Maiden but she was not above the strict laws of the Celestial Sword Sect. The punishments of the sect’s senior elders and the Matriarch Sacred Maiden would come swiftly to her.

Yuan Ji quickly seized a robe to cover Xue Qianxue before he said gravely, “Yes, I’ve violated the Sacred Maiden. I am the beast of a man. This is a fitting punishment to her for trying to imprison me here.”

“Seize him! What are you all waiting for?” The Punishment Elder shouted to the holy maidens.

Xue Qianxue gasped silently as she shook her head, “Ji Yuan, no. You will surely die…”

But Yuan Ji returned her a silent nod. “Qianxue, I am happy to know you even if it is so brief. You are the most beautiful and most adorable maiden that I’ve ever known. I shall bear the blunt of this shameful act.”

With another sigh, he muttered. “Good bye my Yan’Er, Chengxi and…Jiajia.”

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