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Chapter 234: 7th Realm Sacred Saint Level

These were the common rules when attempting for a breakthrough and most celestials would religiously follow it;

One, the heart must first be calmed.

Two, never attempt a breakthrough when you are injured especially when suffering from internal injuries.

Three, find a quiet place with high purity of spiritual force.

Four, obtain a divine sword, the higher grade the better to act as a soul link to bolster up the cultivator elixir inner sea. There was a higher chance if the cultivator was able to divine harmonize with the divine sword.

Five, prepare as many high grade soul jewels for emergency uses.

Six, ready as many celestial treasures as possible that can aid your chances.

Seven, pray for the blessing of the heavens.

The Sacred Saint Profound Pill that Lu Qingyun had created was very similar to the Rainbow Saint Pill that could be used to aid a sacred saint level breakthrough. The only difference was that his was not rainbow hue in texture.

Moreover, the one that he had created may not be useful to most celestials other than himself. It was because it was created using his annihilating fire and was more unstable in nature.

But regardless, it had the same divine properties of expanding the celestial practitioner’s spiritual boundaries temporary, making an attempt at breakthrough possible.

In order to attempt for a sacred saint breakthrough, the practitioner’s spiritual boundaries must be a peaked sixth realm golden supremacy first.

There were two ways that a breakthrough attempt could occur.

One was that it occurred naturally when the celestial practitioner had attained to an awakening state of divinity that allowed the practitioner to grasp the spiritual boundaries of the sacred saint level.

Two was that the celestial practitioner could find a way to forcefully expand their peaked spiritual boundaries for it to occur.

Lu Qingyun was now a peaked sixth realm golden supremacy and he was now taking the second option.

After taking the Sacred Saint Profound Pill, he began to close his eyes for a deep meditation and focused on his soul sea to will his breakthrough.

His soul sea was now boiling in a great diaspora of spiritual energies as it sought to expand beyond its spiritual boundaries, caused by the effect of the Sacred Saint Profound Pill.

In a few moments, Lu Qingyun would be facing his life and death tribulation soon.

In his soul sea, Yan’Er and Xingxin were both hovering restlessly around the phantasm soul of Lu Qingyun and they were extremely anxious.

All of a sudden from the heavens of the soul sea, a dark storm had descended!

This dark storm had the shape of a colossus head and two wicked claws.

Lu Qingyun opened his eyes as he stood above the restless spiritual waters of his soul sea. “The Divine Tribulation has come!”

In both his hands were his two divine swords and he was raising both swords high toward the phantom monster that was descended by the Divine Tribulation.

The Divine Tribulation would come whenever a celestial practitioner attempted a heaven-defying breakthrough to a new realm. This would occur during the fifth, sixth and seventh realm level breakthrough.

The celestials had another name for the Divine Tribulation and it was also called the Life and Death Tribulation.

It was because failure would kill the celestial practitioner and success would transform the celestial body of the celestial practitioner toward an immortal body at its most final stage.

At the fifth realm level, the celestial practitioner would be a half-step immortal. At this realm, they would gain their first golden body and would no longer age. In fact, their regeneration abilities would be rapid and even be visible to the eyes. They would then be known as the golden celestials.

At the sixth realm level, this was the spirit level. The profound strength of the golden celestial would expand beyond the soul sea and their animus and soul would be enhanced greatly, causing their profound aura, profound defenses and profound power to be greatly enhanced.

The difference between a fifth realm and a sixth realm golden celestial was so great that most would consider a sixth realm golden celestial closer to the seventh realm level than a peaked fifth realm level.

At the seventh realm level, the golden celestial would reach the soul level. Their divine sense would be greatly enhanced and all aspects of their profound abilities would improve another notch. It was also way harder to kill a Saint level cultivator as their divine senses were so acute that they all had uncanny reflexes to evade any attack.

Now Lu Qingyun was attempting for his seventh level breakthrough.

This was actually his first life and death tribulation because he could not remember having facing the previous two attempts before.

Therefore he was a little nervous.

It was only now that he could read Yan’Er memories and had realized that she had taken the fifth realm divine tribulation for him.

“Yan’Er, thank you.” He said gratefully.

Because he was now a half-step to the spirit level when the spiritual boundaries of his soul sea had temporary expanded from the sixth to seventh realm boundaries, Lu Qingyun was now aware that it were the combined soul strength of Yan’Er and Xingye that had aided him to overcome the sixth realm level without even a single hassle.

For that he was also extremely grateful and he was now muttering. “Thank you Yan’Er, Xingxin. You are all my goddesses.”

But now he had to battle the Divine Calamity that was taking the shape of a monstrous phantom and was now descending rapidly upon him.

Some Golden Supremacies were known to have lost their spirit entities fighting the Divine Calamity. It was not just a battle between the celestial practitioner and the divine calamity but also one that included their spiritual entities.

But Lu Qingyun was not prepared to allow his two spirit entities to take any risks. Therefore he extended his annihilating fire profound aura to envelop over to Yan’Er and Xingxin.

It was then that the Divine Calamity had completely descended, raining its shadow form onto Lu Qingyun.

This shadow form was actually consisted of a million phantoms!

From afar, it was as though they were a gigantic phantom.

Lu Qingyun could feel that his soul body was now being consumed by the Divine Calamity as tens of thousands of phantoms began to pass through to him.

He willed all his fortitude to resist the Divine Calamity and used the divine swords that were in his hands to banish the dark shades of the Divine Calamity as much as possible. Every dark shade that was banished was one less pain for him.

Yan’Er and Xingxin were also aiding him to banish as many dark shades as they could.

“Master!” They were both calling panicky to him. “You should withdraw your profound aura to protect yourself. Your profound strength is weakening rapidly.”

Lu Qingyun smiled gently as he struggled weakly, “It is alright. I don’t have intention to fail.”

If he could overcome to the sacred saint level then it would mean that he was worthy of his Keqin and he did not let her down.

“I love you, Keqin…”

He found renew strength in his solace for his Keqin.

With a mighty shout, he gathered all the profound energies in his soul sea to form his profound strength once again. “I…must…not…fail….”

Time passed and all of a sudden the alchemy tower had a golden auspicious cloud just a few hours after the earlier two auspicious omens were seen.

Everyone was startled.

“There is another auspicious omen again?!”

“This one is a golden halo…”

“Someone has breakthrough to the seventh realm sacred saint level?”

“This one has come from the alchemy tower too…”

“Is it our Alliance Leader Lu?”

“It is impossible right? He only just had a breakthrough to the sixth realm level not long ago. Therefore it isn’t him.”

“Alliance Leader Lu has just become a golden supremacy. He needs time to cement the foundation of his soul sea first…”

“I’ve heard that he has regained his profound strength…”

“He isn’t a half-step golden supremacy but a full golden supremacy now…”

“Even if he can regain his profound strength, it is impossible to be him. I’m afraid that he is 300 years earlier…haha…”

“I also think so that it is not our Alliance Leader Lu…”

“Maybe it is an elderly alchemist in the alchemy tower…”

“Yes, we agree…”

The three divine rulers were startled and they were all looking at one another now.

Saint Yuan Chenggong had a perplexed look as he said to the other two divine rulers, “Surely it isn’t him, am I right? This speed is clearly impossible.”

Saint Linghu Fei smiled bitterly, “It must be a pure coincidence. It is clearly impossible for this to happen. Remember, he has not even been a golden supremacy for a month yet. Therefore we can rule him out completely.”

Saintess Su Rushuang was smiling weakly, “He did say that he is concocting a sixth rank divine pill that is used for a seventh realm sacred saint breakthrough. From what I can see, he seems to have succeeded already. And…”

She began to look at the direction of the alchemy tower from the towering windows of the inner palace that they were at, “And it seems that he had taken the pill and has now succeeded in his breakthrough now.”

All of a sudden there were thunderous wildfire shouts everywhere in the city.

Everyone was shouting wildly, “It is really Alliance Leader Lu!”

“He is a saint now!”

“Alliance Leader is a Saint now!”

There was no need for any messengers because everyone was shouting at the same time.

When Lu Qingyun had emerged from the alchemy tower with Qian Jingjing and Tang Xuefeng, everyone could see his golden profound aura that marked him as a saint that had still not faded away.

With a mere few minutes, the news that Lu Qingyun was now a seventh realm golden saint had spread like wildfire!

Saint Yuan Chenggong was startled when he had heard the shouts. He was stammering, “He has really become a saint?!”

Saint Linghu Fei was smiling even more bitterly, “This isn’t a joke, right?”

Saintess Su Rushuang hummed coldly at them, “I told you so. It seems that we have all underestimated this Alliance Leader Lu of ours and we ought to have a new evaluation of him.”

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