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Chapter 40: Saint Vs. Saint

Zhao Songjin had made another attack on Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue but this time the two sisters had matched her profound sword attack with equal ferocity.

In another blink of an eye, they had exchanged several dazzling display of their sword strokes.

But all of a sudden it seemed that the Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had the upper hand as they slashed against Zhao Songjin to her left and right with the same exact swordplay.

Zhao Songjin gasped softly as she took several steps back to disengage from them, “Dual swordplay?”

Yuan Ji who was observing the fight was also startled that the swordplay of Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue was actually so good. “They have combined their speed attacks with this unique sword play of theirs. Even though this Zhao Songjin has the superior profound strength but she will not be gaining any advantage against them unless she can break their swordplay.”

All of a sudden Zhao Songjin was smiling as she danced out of the way from the attacks of Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

“Why did you stop now?” Hua Wuwu hummed coldly. “Or are you afraid?”

Zhao Songjin chuckled softly, “It is because it is unnecessary now.”

All of a sudden a golden lightning had streaked from the heavens above and had suddenly struck the towering metal pillar that Yuan Ji was being chained into.

There was a bright thunderous golden flash as the towering pillar exploded its shockwave throughout the execution pillar.

Zhao Songjin chuckled, “It is because it won’t be necessary for us to fight anymore.”

With that she nodded quietly at the Matriarch Sacred Maiden.

The Matriarch Sacred Maiden had secretly ordered the celestial array to continue because no matter what had happened, Yuan Ji must die and the disgraceful thing that he had done to Xue Qianxue must never be revealed to anyone.

In the meantime Hua Baiyue had quickly flown to the charcoal Yuan Ji and had cut off his shackles as she quickly examined his injuries before gasping, “He…is dead…”

The Matriarch Sacred Maiden Han Yuchi smiled coldly, “Of course he is dead. No one below the sacred saint realm can survive a hit from the golden lightning. Even if he is a saint, he may not survive too.”

Then she added. “Since the two of you are from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, I can close one eye to your transgression this time round. But! There will be no next time. Leave now.”

Hua Baiyue hummed coldly, “You’ve dared to kill a man that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has wanted. The Hundred Flower Divine Palace will never forget this slight!”

Zhao Songjin interrupted her with a cold scoff, “You’re mistaken. It is you who has come too late to stop the execution. If you have spoken more nicely maybe this time would not happen at all. You have better leave now. The rest of my protégé sisters may not treat this transgression too kindly.”

Hua Baiyue hummed coldly as she carried the body of Yuan Ji with her both arms. “Sister, let’s go!”

Hua Wuwu nodded and the two lovely young maidens had disappeared in just a few blinks of an eye as they sped swiftly away.

Zhao Songjin had secretly stolen a glance at where Xue Qianxue was before she smiled slyly, “You have only yourself to blame for giving us such a good handle against yourself. In term of cultivation level, I am in no way inferior to you but you have the good blessings to become the Sacred Maiden while I am pushed aside. From now onward, I shall be the Sacred Maiden of the Celestial Orthodox Sect and shall be privy to the Sacred Maiden Profound Art.”

Xue Qianxue’s silent wet tears had flowed down her cheeks. “Ji Yuan, may the heavens watch over your soul…”

“Senior Sister, what shall we do? We have failed in our mission. Our Divine Palace Master will surely be unhappy with us.” Hua Baiyue smiled bitterly.

Hua Wuwu returned a deep sigh. “We have been around the Celestial Orthodox Sect for three weeks but we cannot find where he was. Therefore we can only act on the day of the execution. To think that they will want him dead so fast. We are alas…a little too late.”

After they had left the Celestial Orthodox Sect, they had quickly found a nearby cave and now they were discussing their next course of action.

“Let’s pile some rocks at the entrance of this cave. This shall be Yuan Ji’s tomb.” Hua Baiyue suggested.

“This is a great idea…” Hua Wuwu nodded.

All of a sudden she had stopped and had turned around to give Yuan Ji a hard kick, causing Yuan Ji to cough out aloud.

“How come you are not dead yet?” She said coldly.

Hua Baiyue was startled as she looked at Yuan Ji, “You are not dead yet? Why didn’t you say so?”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly as he blinked his eyes at the two lovely young maidens. “I didn’t even know I can speak again so how can I tell you?”

He had regained his consciousness earlier and had used a control heart technique to conceal his life pulses after he had suddenly realized that he was now alone with the two lovely young saintesses.

His plan was a simple one. As soon as they had left then he would revive himself. He did not want to fall into their hands as the ruthlessness of the Hundred Flower Divine Flower was well known.

But he had never thought that Hua Wuwu’s divine sense could be so sensitive to his tiny heartbeat.

Hua Baiyue was smiling now, “So he is not dead! Great!”

Yuan Ji muttered, “I am not feeling great at all.”

Hua Baiyue was suddenly frowning. “He is eavesdropping on us…”

Hua Wuwu shot him with a perplexed look. “Weird. How come he isn’t dead yet?”

All of a sudden she had reached out to grab Yuan Ji’s hands but Yuan Ji quickly returned a defensive stance as he parried off her fingers.

This caused Hua Wuwu to take a step back with a soft gasp, “You are actually a seventh realm golden saint?!”

Yuan Ji was startled as well. When he had exercised his profound strength to fight off Hua Wuwu, he could feel that his profound strength had actually returned. No, it was not his sealed profound strength that had returned but his entire soul sea was now vibrating with profound energies of the seventh realm level.

“I’ve regained my profound strength to my peak?” Yuan Ji was astonished. “How did this happen?”

He really did not know because his profound strength had been sealed for the past three weeks.

Hua Wuwu gasped softly, “You’ve really deflowered Xue Qianxue?”

Yuan Ji was gasping too. He had suddenly remembered a rumor that had been circulating in the past. If the chastity of the Sacred Maiden was taken, it would be able to aid the taker in his realm breakthrough and even had the effect of strengthening the purity of the soul sea’s profound energies.

Hua Baiyue stared blankly at Yuan Ji, “Obviously the answer is yes!”

Yuan Ji put on a straight face as he said, “Of course not! We’re very pure friends.” He could not allow anyone to tarnish Xue Qianxue’s reputation, including himself.

“Believe it or not, it is up to you.”

Hua Wuwu was smiling now, “Luckily he is a seventh realm saint or else that golden lightning will surely get him.”

Hua Baiyue nodded, “But he can actually survive one? This is already a great feat.”

“It is only a six-stage golden lightning and only just one golden lightning. It is nothing to be proud of. Our old master had survived through the nine-stage purple lightning. Now that is a feat that is worth praising.” Hua Wuwu said.

“Yes, him comparing to our old master is like a random dung on a beautiful road.” Hua Baiyue smiled.

Yuan Ji was frowning lightly at their comments.  He returned a thought. “If I am a random dung then your old master must be the master of my dung. Haha.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now taking a displeasure look at him as they said together, “What are you smiling at?”

Hua Baiyue smiled curiously, “You like to be a dung?”

Yuan Ji chuckled softly as he could not resist saying, “I am imaging myself as the dung that is on your old master’s face.”

“You!!” Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now so enraged that they had suddenly attacked him at the same time.

But Yuan Ji was no longer the fifth realm cultivator that he once was. Nor was he a low level cultivator now.

Therefore he was now exchanging several blows with them and the shockwaves of their shadow blows were resounding throughout the cave.

Yuan Ji was gasping in his heart, “So this is the profound strength of a seventh realm golden saint. Maybe I should use these two saintesses to test my new profound strength? Maybe that is a bad idea. I can get kill by the two of them if they are a little serious.”

He could tell that these two sisters were actually quite lenient with him when they had attacked him. It was unlike earlier when they were fighting with Zhao Songjin.

It was because he knew that they were only keeping him alive for the duel with their old master and not because they really wanted to be lenient with him.

All of a sudden Zhao Wuwu had stopped attacking him as she threw him his ring and belt, “These are your spatial ring and belt. Take care not to lose them again.”

Then she was smiling coldly, “Seems that you’re quite poor except for an earth-step divine sword.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji had a light tremble as he rubbed his spatial ring. Inside was the earth-step divine sword that was a pledge from Xia Jiajia to him.

He muttered silently, “Jiajia…”

He could lose all his stuff except for this earth-step divine sword. It was because he could not afford to lose the only thing that Xia Jiajia had left for him.

“Thank you!” Yuan Ji said.

Hua Baiyue giggled, “You are so weird. Earlier we have saved you and you didn’t even say a single thank you. But when we have returned your stuff to you, you are actually grateful?”

Yuan Ji laughed. “That is because I have some old memories here. Do you know that I’ve accidentally dropped this spatial ring into a pit of feces before?”

All of a sudden the two lovely young saintesses had bolted from the cave.

Yuan Ji: …

“They like their cleanliness a little too much?”

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