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Chapter 41: The Two Saintesses

Yuan Ji was now dozing in a quiet pool in the wilderness.

After a while, two lovely maidens had suddenly appeared; they were Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue.

They were looking none the pleased with Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji laughed softly when he saw them, “So have you completed the tasks that I’ve assigned to you?”

Hua Wuwu folded her arms, “We are not your servants or guardians.”

Hua Baiyue gave a gentle kick to Hua Wuwu before grinning, “Charcoal Yuan, it is done.”

“This will be the very last time that we will be helping you.” Hua Wuwu groaned unhappily. “This is against our palace rules.”

Yuan Ji laughed before he turned to say solemnly to them, “Thank you!”

He had actually asked them to pass a message to Xue Qianxue to inform her that he was still well and he had asked her to be strong.

They were naturally reluctant to help him.

He had said to them, “I had overheard that the two of you had been roaming the premises of the Celestial Orthodox Sect for the past three weeks. This is a most outstanding feat. You can actually go undiscovered for this long. If I were to go myself, maybe I will be caught in no time. Surely you don’t want me to be captured and executed by them again?”

When he had threatened them that he would be going back to the Celestial Orthodox Sect, they were forced to help him.

He quietly asked, “Did Qianxue say anything to you?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled softly, “It seems that you had really deflowered her already. Because she had said to us that she will miss you and ask you not to rescue her.”

Yuan Ji was startled, “Ask me not to rescue her? Does she know that there is an evil plot against her?”

Hua Wuwu said, “It takes us more than a week to finally have a chance to pass your message to her. Where she is now, is heavily guarded. Moreover there is a profound tracer on her that will be hard to remove. I will suggest that you listen to her for the time being. She says that she may know who her plotters are now and she will be careful.”

Hua Baiyue nodded, “The person that she is most anxious about is you. You didn’t see her tears when she had learnt that you are still alive.”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “Qianxue…”

Hua Baiyue interrupted his thoughts as she chuckled, “So our charcoal Yuan is no more? You are little beauty Yuan Ji again.”

Yuan Ji was a golden celestial of the seventh realm level. In just a week, he had already shed off his burnt skin and he was now looking as good as new.

“I don’t understand.” Yuan Ji muttered. “The two of you aren’t so bad. Why don’t you leave the Hundred Flower Divine Flower?”

Hua Baiyue giggled, “Well, our old master is more beautiful than you are. Our love for our old master is unwavering and cannot be shaken.”

Yuan Ji muttered almost incoherently, “Disguising. He is only using the two of you to be his melting cauldron.”

Hua Wuwu laughed, “So what? We enjoy being the melting cauldron of our old master.”

Yuan Ji: …

He was sighing in his heart. These two lovely beauties would surely have no lack of suitors if they had set their sights away from their disgusting old master and the two old great saints.

“So, why are you following me?” He finally popped the question.

Hua Wuwu rolled her eyes before she smiled, “We have to ensure that you do not run away from the duel like a coward.”

“Do you have to add like a coward?” Yuan Ji frowned lightly. “I won’t run away for sure.”

“Then why are you here and not at the Emperor Hall Sect?” Hua Baiyue winked at him. “You’re trying to escape, didn’t you?”

“Of course not! I’m just trying to look for a friend.” Yuan Ji protested immediately.

“He will surely be a lecherous ghost when he dies. Even when he is at his death’s door, he is still thinking of looking for Xue Qianxue.” Hua Baiyue said as she looked at her sister.

“Definitely a lecherous ghost when he dies.” Hua Wuwu giggled.

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly. “I’m really looking for a friend. Before I die, I must find her at all costs.”

“Confirm he is going to be a lecherous ghost.” Hua Baiyue chuckled.

Yuan Ji: …

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had grabbed Hua Baiyue ankle and had pulled her into the pool with him.

There was a loud ‘SPLASH’ as Hua Baiyue fell into the pool!

“How dare you!” Hua Baiyue began to punch and kick him furiously.

“Seem like you are enjoying yourself.” Yuan Ji chuckled softly.

“Go to hell!” Hua Baiyue threw a powerful punch that rippled through his golden body.

At the same time Hua Wuwu had kicked the back of his head as she cried out, “You dare to take liberties with my sister!”

Yuan Ji sighed softly as he ignored their punches and kicks.

Their attacks were not weak at all and most cultivators would not be able to take their blows.

But luckily for Yuan Ji, he was an initial tier seventh realm golden saint. Although their blows hurt but it was non-lethal. Moreover he knew that they were not serious about hurting him or else they would not have donated to him so many of their precious spirit herbs to treat and speed up the recovery of his injuries.

Finally he got up of the pool as he said. “I have fully recovered now and I got to go now.”

“Where are you going?” Hua Wuwu was startled.

Yuan Ji smiled and replied, “I am going to somewhere dangerous. I’m going to look for Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue now.”

Hua Baiyue made a soft growl, “Can’t you find a cave or something and stay out of troubles for the next four months?”

Yuan Ji laughed as he leapt from the pool to dry land. Almost immediate, his profound animus had dissipated all the droplets from his clothing and his clothing was completely dried.

Then he had turned to look at the two saintesses, “So, are you coming with me or not?”

“Fat chance!” Hua Wuwu said.

“Fat hope! We are not going to be your bodyguards. Save your efforts.” Hua Baiyue giggled. “You can go and die yourself. This time we are closing our eyes.”

“You know. I know that you will be following me anyway. Rather than constantly spying on me, I giving you a choice to keep a closer tabs on my every movements so that you can account to your Divine Palace Master. I must be the kindest fool in the entire fraternity to ask the two of you to follow me.” Yuan Ji smiled.

“If you’re not coming with me, don’t blame me if you happen to lose track of me. I must warn you first that I’ve regained my profound strength now and my lightless skill isn’t weak. I may even be able to shake off the two of you off anytime.”

Seeing that they were feigning not to hear him, he smiled coolly. “Alright then. I am taking off now.”

“Wait!” Hua Wuwu panicky said. “We will come with you but…”

Yuan Ji asked, “But what?”

Hua Baiyue said shyly, “Can you please turn around first? I am a little wet at the moment.”

It was only then that Yuan Ji had noticed that he could see through the soaking wet clothing of Hua Baiyue…

“What are you looking at?” Hua Wuwu forcefully turned his back around before saying to Hua Baiyue, “Sister, you can come up of the pool now.”

As Yuan Ji turned his back around, he asked. “So, why don’t your old master just send you to kill me instead of having an honorable duel with me? Isn’t it much easier?”

But Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue looked the other way, pretending they did not hear him at all.

Whenever he had asked them for anything about the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, they were extremely tight-lipped.

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