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Chapter 237: Duel for Honor (2)

The duel of words lasted for another hour between the Devil Goddess and Lu Qingyun before Fan Yuqing began to laugh coldly, “Great Hero Lu, I won’t fall into your tricks. You want to make me feel guilty forever and to remember you forever. But I won’t. It is because you have already used this trick on me in the past.”

Lu Qingyun replied coldly, “I don’t know what you mean by that.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “You want to be killed by my sword, don’t you? I won’t fall into your trick.”

“You think too much.” Lu Qingyun hummed coldly. But he could not resist adding, “Isn’t it better then? At least I will no longer be under the shadow of your schemes anymore. You can go and look for your Dongfang Jun.”

Fan Yuqing began to stammer, “How do you…know about Dongfang Jun?”

Lu Qingyun laughed coldly, “I not only know about Dongfang Jun but I also know that the one that you love is actually him. That is why you have never allowed me to really touch you. But I have known about it all the time.”

Fan Yuqing was now flushing behind her golden mask, “Rubbish!…”

“Rubbish?” Lu Qingyun laughed coldly. “Then do you remember this?”

Do you know that when you had left me…

You have left behind a void that is in my heart…

At that time when you had left me forever…

My heart has been in solitary ever since…

Ever since that my heart had always been sorrowful…

My melancholy heart bears the loneliness for your return…

Fan Yuqing was gasping, “You’re eavesdropping on me?”

“So you are admitting now that your true lover is Dongfang Jun?” Lu Qingyun hummed coldly. “I’m not the man of your heart because you’re the Devil Goddess and not the Qin Keqin that I’ve known.”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes before she asked quietly, “So you have been jealous all this while?”

Lu Qingyun said bitterly, “So what if I am? It will not change anytime at all. I am just a fool to believe that the first love of my life is only toying with me.”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly laughing jovially, “This is so funny. Sorry, I can’t resist this…”

Lu Qingyun said coldly, “Laugh all you want at this fool. I don’t mind.”

Fan Yuqing continued to laugh while she chuckled, “But this fool is still willing to sacrifice his own life for me. He is indeed a great fool. The greatest fool among all the fools.”

“That is none of your business.” Lu Qingyun said nonchalantly. “If you have laughed enough, you can make your move now. Don’t forget that this is a duel of honor. Only one of us will walk out of here alive and end this war.”

Fan Yuqing stopped laughing as she said gently, “You’re indeed a cute fool. Do you know that Dongfang Jun is already dead? Yes, I love him because he had given up his life for me rather than to hurt me.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “He is dead now?”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “He had been dead for a long time. Many centuries in fact.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly. He had been so silly to be upset with a dead man…

Fan Yuqing said, “And now you are doing the exactly same thing as him because you’re Dongfang Jun and my Yun’Er.”

Lu Qingyun looked blankly at her, “What did you say?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “You’re his reincarnation. I’ve been searching for his reincarnated soul for a long time. Surely you are not envy of yourself? If so, then you must be the greatest fool in the entire fraternity.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “I…I am actually Dongfang…Jun? For real?”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “Why do I want to lie to you?”

Lu Qingyun was looking extremely sheepish, “Keqin…”

Fan Yuqing looked up to him, “Yun’Er…”

Lu Qingyun was smiling bitterly, “Am I still your Yun’Er?”

Fan Yuqing replied shyly, “You’ve always been my Yun’Er.”

Lu Qingyun said awkwardly, “And am I still your man and you’re my woman?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “This has never changed.”

Lu Qingyun was trembling now, “Keqin, I am sorry. I really didn’t mean to hurt you with that slash.”

Fan Yuqing said nonchalantly, “I don’t mind. I am not seriously hurt. I know that it pained you to hurt me and I can feel from your eyes. Why do you think why I haven’t made any moves yet?”

Lu Qingyun inhaled softly, “Thank you for forgiving me.”

Fan Yuqing asked him, “So what about your engagement to Tang Xuefeng? You’re taking her as your consort?”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “It is only a sham to get the support of her godfathers to aid me.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Is that so? But that not what my spies tell me.”

Lu Qingyun laughed jovially. “So you are jealous?”

The two of them were now looking at each other.

It was as though the time had frozen in place for them.

As they looked at each other, the memories of their time together had flashed to them.

The very first time that they had met…

The time that Qin Keqin had made Lu Qingyun her personal protégé…

They had met again at the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse and she had brought him to her hideout…

The first time that they had shopped in the streets together…

The time that they were caught in the rain together and had shared the same umbrella together…

He had carried her back all the way back to the Heavens Ridge Villa…

And many more…

After a long time, they managed to pull themselves from their dreamy eyes.

“But…” The two of them said together.

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “What is it that you want to say?”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “But this honor duel is still going on. Only one of us will be able to get out of here alive. So what should we do?”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes shyly, “Indeed. I was about to say the same too.”

“Therefore we must still settle this duel.” Lu Qingyun sighed heavily.

Fan Yuqing nodded, “Either you die or I will die.”

Lu Qingyun chuckled, “Or both of us will die together.”

Fan Yuqing giggled, “Do you know what I am thinking now? Why don’t we…”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “Why don’t we do it then.”

Fan Yuqing nodded. “Let’s do it then. You jump, I jump. We both jump. Yun’Er, are you afraid?”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he shook his head, “Keqin, I am not afraid. I want to be with you forever and always.”


All of a sudden to the shock of all the speculators, the Devil Goddess and Alliance Leader Lu had suddenly leapt down to the desolate mists below at almost the same time…

“What is going on?!!”

“Did they jump off the mountain cliff together?!”

“This? What?”

Saint Yuan Chenggong and Saint Linghu Fei were stunned. “Our saint grade divine swords…”

Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Ye Jing, Yue Lingxi, Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing had all rushed panicky forward at the same time.

But all they could see were just the blanket of desolate mists that were below the mountains.

All of a sudden Tang Xuefeng and Qian Jingjing had also jumped into the desolate mists at the same time…

Saint Tang Yiren, Saint Lin Wucheng and everyone were stunned.

Saint Tang Yiren almost fainted from shock. The only heiress of Saint Yun Xinghe was now gone from under his watch…

Feng Minyue was trembling hard as she stared blankly at the desolate mists below. Even if one was a golden celestial, they would be killed from falling down from such a great height to the bottomless abyss below.

And even if they could survive, the spiritual force below the desolate mists was too weak to sustain their profound abilities, making it almost impossible for them to regenerate.

Ye Jing muttered almost incoherent, “Last time you had jumped down and managed to survive for 200 years below. Do you think you will be so lucky again…”

Yue Lingxi was staring blankly at the desolate mists, “Why did they jump down together…”

Saintess Su Rushuang was looking at everyone, “So this duel is…a draw?”

From this day on, the Devil Goddess and Alliance Leader Lu were never heard of again in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Without the Devil Goddess, the three dark divine realms were broken into three again and the Nine Celestial Fraternity once again had twelve divine realms instead of ten.

The terror of the Dark Goddess’ reign had finally ended, bringing upon the start of a new era.

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