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Chapter 43: The Real Arrogant Cultivator (1)

Yuan Ji was now back at the tea house and he was smiling as he said to Li Ye, “Please help yourself with all these dishes!”

Li Ye said respectfully, “Thank you for your hospitalities. I am really honored to share the same table as you.”

Then he took a look at the two lovely young maidens who were sitting at the same table as him, “Maidens, you are not eating?”

Yuan Ji chuckled softly, “They are merely my personal attendants therefore they can’t eat until I’ve finished with my meal. They can only eat the leftovers…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji could feel two swift kicks under the table that were aimed at him.

Li Ye was stammering as he looked at Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue, “But they are also golden celestials. Is not that nice to call them your personal attendants?”

Yuan Ji laughed. “They just worshipping me that’s all and won’t dare to eat in my presence.” It seemed that Li Ye was not so stupid after all so he decided to change to another approach.

He could tell that Li Ye was constantly looking at the two lovely maidens and was in fact secretly drooling at their lovely appearances.

All of a sudden Hua Wuwu picked up the chopsticks and said coldly, “Who say we are his personal attendants and are his worshippers?”

Hua Baiyue lifted up the rice bowl that was in front of her as she stared coldly at Yuan Ji, “Hmph! Shameless! We eat whenever we want to. Stop sticking gold into your shameless face.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially as he said, “Look, the dishes are really good.”

Hua Baiyue took a look at Hua Wuwu, “Sister, this is really good.”

Hua Wuwu frowned lightly, “Is that so?”

She took a fearful bite before she said quietly, “Not bad at all.”

Li Ye was smiling weakly as he looked at Yuan Ji, “They are not your personal attendants? Are they your sisters?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I don’t have two such ugly sisters…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji was kicked off his seat and he had landed on the ground with a tremendous impact, startling all the nearby guests.

From the ground, Yuan Ji could see that the two lovely maidens were not wearing anything under their dresses except for their undies.

“What a lovely sight…” He began to mutter. “This is the best dishes…”

Li Ye was shocked as he panicky helped Yuan Ji to his feet.

“Palace Master Yuan, what had happened?” He could only see Yuan Ji had suddenly backflip from his seat and did not see the two powerful kicks that were delivered by the two lovely saintesses that were under the table.

Yuan Ji muttered with a weak smile, “Nothing. I just thought of something and was overtly too excited. Haha.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were both giggling at the same time as they said at the same time, “He is always so clumsy with his hands and legs.”

Yuan Ji laughed as he introduced, “They are indeed my sisters. This is Yuan Wu and this is Yuan Yue.”

He did not reveal their real names to Li Ye because he knew that the two young saintesses may be unhappy with him if he did so. He was already grateful to them for being around him. With two saintesses to ‘protect’ him, he felt a lot safer. This was especially so when he was entering the dark territories of the unorthodox fraternity.

Li Ye quickly greeted them, “Maiden Yuan Wu, Maiden Yuan Yue. You’re also fifth realm cultivators too?”

Hua Wuwu returned a casual nod. They were not revealing to anyone that they were actually saintesses in public or to anyone.

Li Ye smiled, “We are on the same cultivation level. I hope to learn a thing or two from the two of you in the future.”

Yuan Ji was secretly laughing. “My dear Elder Li Ye, they are only interested to be a melting cauldron for their old master. You and I have totally no chances with them.”

Li Ye quickly said to Yuan Ji, “Palace Master Yuan’s sword energies fingers are also quite startling. This profound art of yours can be considered as an epitome level finger energies skill. I’m really impressed by it earlier.”

Yuan Ji returned a rather forceful smile.

It was because he had ‘cheated’ by combining it with the startling recovery speed of the seventh realm sacred saint level.

To the ‘naked eyes’ or rather the divine senses of all the onlookers, it had appeared that he had only the profound strength of a fifth realm cultivator.

Therefore when he had executed his sword energies fingers twelve times continuously before his profound strength receded, it was naturally viewed as an epitome level profound art.

“Brother Li Ye, you know that you should restrain from fighting with a higher realm cultivation expert. This is not the martial fraternity of the Mortal Realm. It is really alright to concede to a higher cultivation expert. Over here, it is not shameful to concede. Moreover we are in the orthodox fraternity. No one will really kill you unless it is a real feud.”

Li Ye returned a deep sigh, “Actually I am quite mindful to get out of troubles. I’ve actually only wanted to cultivate in peace. But do you know that these arrogant supremacies are really too much? They are forcing the vulnerable maidens to drink with them and they are full of vulgarities.”

Yuan Ji had a sudden sheepish look as he said awkwardly, “Actually these vulnerable maidens can always reject their advances. No one is really forcing them to drink with these arrogant supremacies.”

The reason why he was suddenly sheepish was because he was actually one of the many ‘arrogant’ supremacies in the past that did this thing quite often.

It was because the golden celestials that had attained to the Sixth Realm Golden Supremacy Level were in the top 33% of their cohort and even if they did see a lovely maiden with golden eyes, they would just assume that she may be a lower or equal realm level. It was because seventh realm cultivators were the top 1% and were rarely encountered.

Li Ye replied righteously, “When I have cultivated to the sixth realm golden supremacy level, I will beat up these bullies.”

The reason why he was saying quite righteously was because he was trying to impress upon Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue as well.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I’m sure that you can reach the sixth realm level in no time. Ascended Celestials usually have the potential for greater heights.”

Li Ye grinned proudly, “I’ve Palace Master Yuan to thank for that.”

Yuan Ji chuckled with a fake smile, “I shall await the day that Brother Li Ye will be upholding justices for the weak then.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue muttered almost incoherently as they stared at Yuan Ji, “Hypocrite.”

They were actually thinking, “Can’t this Li Ye sees that this shameless Yuan Ji is now forcing us to eat and drink with him as well?”

Actually most golden supremacies like Yuan Ji were only flirting with the maidens that they had encountered. Most of them would never force their wills or use their superior cultivation strength upon the weak. They were mostly all talks and no actions. Although they were shameless but they were still not shameless enough to do so unless they did not want their reputations and faces anymore.

This was the ‘so call culture’ of the Orthodox Fraternity of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.

Li Ye slammed his fists on the table, “Now I’m on fire! One of these days, I will stop the shameless antics of these arrogant supremacies. Do you know that this is called sexual harassment?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly as he said silently, “One of these days, you may accidentally offend a saint when he is doing his sexual harassment and you will be bashed up for interrupting his mood.”

When a golden celestial offended or interrupted a saint, he was naturally a fair game for retaliation.

All of a sudden there were loud noises that had come from the lower storey of the tea house. “Young Master, my men have told me that they are still here. You must help me to teach them a lesson!”

Yuan Ji was frowning softly, “It is that Duan Tian again. I didn’t think that he will be back so soon to seek his vendetta. It seems that he is back with someone stronger.”

Li Ye was startled, “Palace Master Yuan, do you need my help?”

Yuan Ji chuckled out loud, “I’m not afraid. At most he can only find a peaked supremacy or someone with a better profound art to deal with me. Even if the helper is a saint, I am not afraid. Haha.”

As he laughed, he was looking at Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue. With two saintesses around him, would he really lose?

Li Ye looked at Yuan Ji with an almost hero-worshipping look, “I didn’t think that I will be looking at Palace Master Yuan’s heroic feats again. It will be a great eye-opener for me again.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Not at all, not at all…”

All of a sudden his countenance had frozen in place; it was because Duan Tian was now leading a really fine looking young man up the stairs.

When this fine looking young man had appeared, all the maidens including Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now gasping softly.

It was because his handsomeness was several notches higher than Yuan Ji and he was the type of man that could make any maidens’ hearts to pace irregularly.

This fine looking young man had a silver fan as he smiled gently and his bearing was extremely enchanting.

But it was not why Yuan Ji had frozen in place. It was because this fine looking young man was actually Ling Feiyue who was disguising herself as a man and Ling Feiyue was a middle-tier saintess!

Li Ye hummed coldly, “It is only a good-for-nothing young master. I’m sure that Palace Master Yuan will be able to teach him a lesson.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Young Master Ling Feiyang! These are the two men that are shaming our protégé clan. Please help us to teach them a lesson!” Duan Tian said angrily.

Ling Feiyang smiled as she trained her golden eyes at Yuan Ji and Duan Tian, “Oh? These are the two arrogant men?”

His smiles were really gentle and all the maidens were now staring blankly at him. Indeed, his gentle smile was like the most beautiful smile in the whole world that appeared to sweep any maiden off their feet.

But to Yuan Ji, it was a nightmare.

He rubbed his chin as he thought, “Although I am about to look for you but I have not readied my plan of action yet. But why am I so afraid of her? She is a saintess. I am a saint too. Moreover I have two saintesses nearby to help me. Three saint cultivators versus one saint cultivator. I won’t really lose…”

All of a sudden Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had stepped back and said at the same time, “We don’t know these two men well. They force us to drink and eat with them!”

Hua Wuwu added with a woeful look, “They force us to accompany them!”

“They are the real bullies.” Hua Baiyue added with a frightful look.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Li Ye was also stunned as he looked at the two lovely maidens and then looked at Yuan Ji, “But…but…”

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