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Chapter 240: Return to Heavens Ridge Villa

When Fan Yuqing and Lu Qingyun had once again stepped into the Heavens Ridge Villa, they were immediately greeted warmly by all the grand elders, elders and protégés of the Heavenly Ridge Villa.

Ouyang Xue, Shi Guanyin, Yun Xing, Kong Guxin, Mu Han and Wang Ming who were the six grand elders all had a pleasant surprise. It was because they had all thought that their acting sect leader and senior brother would never come back again.

Ouyang Xue and Yin Shisi shyly greeted Lu Qingyun, “Senior brother! You’re really back!”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “That’s right. We’re back.”

Everyone could see that Lu Qingyun was now holding onto the hands of Qin Keqin but none of them were actually surprised to see that.

After all, there was a rumor that they were together and almost all the leadership of the Heavens Ridge Villa had already known about this for a long time, no thanks to the gossips that were spread by Mu Han.

Lu Qingyun and Fan Yuqing were not the only couple that was holding hands; they had learnt that Mu Han and Yun Xing were also a couple now.

Yun Xing chuckled, “I’ve only agreed to partner him to save him the trouble of coming to my martial hall to pick a fight with me. Now I can finally have some peace. Now I always win in the quarrel because if I tell him to turn right, he will now turn right. If I tell him to turn left, he will always turn left. No arguing!”

Mu Han returned a weak smile, “I guess that I am the stupid one.”

Ouyang Xue laughed softly, “But you are so smart to net my master.”

Mu Han laughed, “I am the winner at night…”

All of a sudden Yun Xing had given him a kick, “Don’t talk rubbish in front of the others. This is so embarrassing.”

Everyone was laughing jovially.

Shi Guanyin smiled sweetly, “Alas, our sect leader and senior brother are just back in time for my wedding.”

Lu Qingyun and Fan Yuqing were startled, “You’re getting married?!”

Lu Qingyun asked, “Who is the lucky fellow?”

All the other grand elders answered for Shi Guanyin with a laugh, “It is her long time secret sweetheart Elder Ling Feijian from the Flying Armament Sect.”

Shi Guanyin chuckled, “Not so loud. You’re all making me feel so awkward.”

Then she turned to Fan Yuqing and asked, “Sect Leader Qin, so when are you going to get marry to senior brother?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Mmm, he can continue to dream on.”

Lu Qingyun: …

Fan Yuqing returned a shy look at everyone before saying, “I’m thinking of passing the leadership of the Heavens Ridge Villa to my Yun’Er. As for Qin Keqin, I think that it is too inappropriate for me to use anymore if I want to marry him.”

“Therefore…” She took a shy look at Lu Qingyun before looking at everyone again. “Therefore, I will use a new name. What do you say?”

Shi Guanyin laughed, “Why don’t you use the name of the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing? We’ve all known your secret identity now.”

Mu Han laughed jovially, “That is right.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “It is too renowned for my liking.”

Yun Xing smiled, “You’re such a beautiful goddess. Everyone in the Heavens Ridge Villa and New Empyrean City knows that you’re Qin Keqin. Even if you change your name many times, you can’t change your beautiful face.”

Kong Guxin stroked his beard with a wry smile, “That is so true.”

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly, “Any better suggestions?”

Ouyang Xue smiled, “Why don’t you just disowned senior brother as your personal protégé?”

Yin Shisi smiled, “We can have senior brother to join the Clear Sky Pavilion first and then he will rejoin the Heavens Ridge Villa because he is seeing our sect leader.”

Shi Guanyin chuckled, “Or joins the Flying Armament Sect?”

Wang Ming laughed, “In this way, our Sect Leader Qin is still our sect leader. The only change will be that our senior brother will no longer be our senior brother but he will be a husband to our sect leader.”

Ouyang Xue smiled shyly, “When he rejoins the sect, he can be appointed as our acting sect leader while Sect Leader Qin can be appointed as our permanent sect leader.”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes, “But I don’t want to be a sect leader…” It was because she did not want to be struck in running the affairs of a sect and it would be ‘un’fun for her. Her heart belonged to the Nine Celestial Fraternity and there were still many places that she had not visited.

Shi Guanyin laughed as she pointed out, “You can always let your acting sect leader to be in charge. And if the two of you decides to go away for a while, we do not mind at all.”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “You mean I can delegate all my duties?”

All the grand elders and Yin Shisi were nodding with a big smile on their countenances.

They knew that she did not want to be their sect leader but this time they were trying to make her stay.

Fan Yuqing was the founder of their Heavens Ridge Villa and she had been using two aliases whenever she visited New Empyrean City. It was because she was a great saintess and her lifespan was extremely long, outliving most of the cultivators from the original Heavens Ridge Villa.

Therefore very few people had actually suspected that their Founder and the Acting Sect Leader were actually the same person.

Fan Yuqing clapped her hands with great delight, “Then I am alright with it.”

She rolled her eyes as she pointed her fingers at Lu Qingyun as she said sternly, “Lu Qingyun, from today onward, you are hereby expelled from the Heavens Ridge Villa. The reasons for your expulsion are too many to be put into words. Your expulsion will take effect immediately. From now onward, you are not allowed to step into the Heavens Ridge Villa!”

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun frowned lightly, “Keqin, can you please expulse me after we have done with the visit? I’ve only just stepped into the Heavens Ridge Villa. You don’t have to be so serious about it…”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “No, out you go immediately!”

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun: …

Lu Qingyun rolled his eyes and asked, “What if I’m not leaving? What will do you with me?”

Fan Yuqing caressed his face gently as she laughed jovially, “Nothing. I’ll just ignore you.”

When she had said that, everyone was laughing jovially.

Their adventures had only just started!

It is a really fun write for The-Good-Nothing Cultivator. I really love the romances between Lu Qingyun and Fan Yuqing aka Qin Keqin. They are from two opposing sides but eventually manage to get together.

If you enjoy the The-Good-For-Nothing Cultivator, please check my next story The Romantic Cultivator here or at Webnovel.

The Good-For-Nothing Cultivator is a sequel to the Fluffy Cultivation and A Martial Odyssey at the same time. There are a few recurring characters from both the Fluffy Cultivation and A Martial Odyssey. It is also an independent read.

It had 450k words or an roughly 450 Chapters. I tend to write pretty long chapters sometimes. (laughs).

Thanks for all the great supports and reads!

I may write an epilogue in the future.

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