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Chapter 44: The Real Arrogant Cultivator (2)  

Li Ye was stunned that Yuan Ji’s two sisters had suddenly abandoned them.

Duan Tian displayed a proud grin as he stared fiercely at Yuan Ji, “You didn’t expect me to be back so soon, didn’t you?”

Then he said humbly as he stole a glance at Ling Feiyang, “This is Young Master Ling Feiyang, If you’re wise enough, apologize to us immediately and we will be gracious enough to let you off.”

Ling Feiyang nodded and asked him, “What is his name?”

Yuan Ji growled, “I am right in front of you. You don’t have to ask him. I am Li Yuan!”

But Ling Feiyang ignored him as ‘he’ looked in the direction of Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue and asked with great gentleness, “Are the two maidens alright? Did he touch or offend you in any way?”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had run to his side. As they cuddled together, they replied woefully. “He was stroking our legs earlier. He is really a beast of a man. Please address our injustice for us!”

Yuan Ji was laughing in his heart. “I’m only a supposedly fifth realm cultivator. How on earth will I be able to bully two golden celestials, assuming that she believes that the two of you are really fifth realm cultivators. Haha. I’m sure Ling Feiyue isn’t so stupid to believe these two vixens…”

“I believe you.” Ling Feiyang replied gently to the two maidens.

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“She actually believes these two vixens?!” He was in disbelief.

Ling Feiyang said with great gentleness to the two maidens as ‘he’ comforted them, “Since this Li Yuan can defeat even a great supremacy like Duan Tian here, he must be someone with an extraordinary background or has a powerful profound art. Rest assures that I will address your injustice for you.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were almost swept off from their feet from his encouraging words and they were looking at him with great interest now.

Li Ye had secretly whispered to Yuan Ji, “Palace Master Yuan, what is going on here? Aren’t they your two sisters?”

Yuan Ji whispered back with a straight face, “Actually this is our stratagem. When things go south, my two sisters will be able to deliver a strike from the back to aid us. In this way, we are on undefeated ground.”

Li Ye whispered with a startled look, “Delivering a strike to the back isn’t an honorable thing, am I right?”

Yuan Ji continued to put on a righteous straight face, “Although it isn’t entirely honorable but their strikes won’t be a lethal one and will be used to aid us to escape once things go south. Sometimes even a hero has to accept humiliation in this manner. At most when we’re stronger, we will challenge this Ling Feiyang again in another honor duel.”

“I get it now!” Li Ye gasped. “But we are risking Yuan Wu and Yuan Yue to save our own skins. Alas. They’re really courageous heroines. I am really impressed by them.”

Yuan Ji: …

He replied weakly, “Yes, me too…” But he was quickly cursing them silently. “My foot!”

Ling Feiyang continued to say to the two lovely young maidens, “I will help you to break both his dirty hands today to appease you.”

The steward that was nearest to Ling Feiyang was grinning as he chipped in, “Young Master Ling. Please pardon me for saying so. Earlier, I even saw that this Li Yuan was lecherously looking under their skirts.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were both gasping all of a sudden as they began to fluster before turning their icy stares at Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji was startled as he said silently, “I have no feuds with this steward. Why did he accuse me for doing something that I did not do?! Is this a plot?”

All of a sudden many of the crowd was all saying at the same time;

“Yes, we saw him looking under their skirts earlier…”

“He is really a lecherous cultivator…”

“We didn’t dare to say a word earlier because he is a Great Celestial and even his friend is also a Great Celestial…”

“Now that Young Master Ling is here, we can now speak our minds freely…”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin when he noticed that even Li Ye was looking at him with great suspicion now. He weakly muttered to himself, “It is only for just a few blinks of an eye. Does it even count? These people are too much…”

Li Ye whispered to him, “Palace Master Yuan…did you…”

Yuan Ji whispered back, “You actually believe them and not me? Have you forgotten that they are my sisters? Why would I be peeping at my own sisters? Moreover haven’t you heard that I’ve married the Goddess Fairy Ye Chengxi?”

Li Ye muttered, “True, true.” But he did not dare to say out his inner thoughts. “Some people have that fetish.” Then he added silently, “There are no limits to a lecher’s heart.”

Ling Feiyang replied coolly to the crowd, “Then I shall blind his eyes.”

Everyone was clapping and shouting, “Good! Good! Good!”

Yuan Ji was growling silently, “Why is that they are treating us like arrogant great celestials instead of that Duan Tian? I didn’t even have the chance to be an arrogant great celestial for more than a hundred years now.”

Ling Feiyang had now turned to him to say quietly, “Li Yuan, why don’t we have a little spar outside the teahouse?”

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “Do you think that I will be afraid of a beardless fellow like you? Why don’t you grow your beard to match mine before you speak the bold words?”

Ling Feiyang raised ‘his’ beautiful eyelid to look at him, “You do not seem to have a beard either!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he smiled awkwardly to himself, “I’ve forgotten about this part. There goes my famous battle quote now.”

But he laughed it off awkwardly before he jumped off from the teahouse to the street below.

He was swiftly followed by Ling Feiyang and the rest.

They were all high level cultivators here and jumping off from the third storey of the teahouse was actually a small feat that was not worth mentioning.

But it soon garnered attention from the crowd that was in the streets.


“It is Young Master Ling!”

“Young Master Ling is teaching another arrogant great celestial a lesson. Let’s go and take a look!”

“It is really Young Master Ling!”

“He is so dashing…”

“The other guy is not bad looking too. He is actually quite beautiful looking but he pales in comparison with the noble and gentle air of Young Master Ling.”

“Young Master Ling has never lost a fight before. His opponent is going to suffer a humiliating defeat today!”

Yuan Ji was groaning secretly, “When did I ever become an arrogant great celestial? This Ling Feiyue is from the unorthodox sect and I’m from the orthodox sect. I am supposed to be a good guy…”

All of a sudden he had a sudden thought, “If I remembered correctly, she claims to be a fifth realm golden celestial from the Flying Swords Divine Sect in the past. If that is so, then she won’t be displaying her seventh realm profound strength in the open. It is because she did not want anyone to know that she is only using the Flying Sword Divine Sect as her proxy identity to roam freely in the orthodox fraternity. Therefore, I won’t really lose to her.”

So he raised his voice to say, “Li Yuan, upper tier fifth realm golden celestial here. Please give me your instructions!”

Ling Feiyang returned a light nod as he said gently, “Ling Feiyang, upper tier fifth realm golden celestial from the Flying Sword Divine Sect. Please give me your instructions.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were gasping softly as they looked anxiously at Ling Feiyang, “Fifth realm…please be careful.”

Yuan Ji was really unhappy to see that they were more concern about Ling Feiyang than him. He began to mutter silently. “If I am killed then I shall see how your Divine Palace Master is going to punish the two of you. Maybe I will just let Ling Feiyue kills me just to see your regretful expressions.”

But he was soon sighing, “They are actually my foes from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Why am I forming an emotional attachment with them? They can do whatever they want and it is actually none of my business.”

Li Ye shouted to Yuan Ji, “Brother Li Yuan, be careful!”

Yuan Ji rolled his eyes and had a sheepish look. “At least I’ve got one concern supporter here. But he is a man and not a maiden…”

Ling Feiyang said gently, “My weapon will be my fan here. What about yours?”

Yuan Ji replied as he took out his divine sword from his spatial ring, “I will use a sword.”

When he had taken out an earth-grade divine sword, all the onlookers were startled and the more powerful cultivators with the more acute divine senses were all gasping, “It is an earth-step divine sword! He actually has such a formidable weapon…”

The hearts of the maidens in the streets immediately sunk when they saw that Yuan Ji had an earth-step divine sword and they were fearful for Young Master Ling Feiyang.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were staring coldly at Yuan Ji and were saying unhappily, “Cheater! Bully! Shameless!”

Yuan Ji was grinning at everyone’s miseries, especially the hearts of all the maidens in the street. He did not care for their feelings because his only objective was to defeat ‘Ling Feiyang’.

“What?” he grinned, “Did we have an agreement beforehand that divine weapons are not allowed?”

He had a look of awesomeness as he said coolly, “My supporters to my back and Young Master Ling’s supporters to his back.”

Then he added with a wryly smile, “I can even defeat Duan Tian who is an upper sixth realm golden supremacy. Do I even need to fear from a mere fifth realm cultivator?”

Duan Tian began to shout angrily, “That is only because I was too careless and I allow you to strike first. I didn’t think that you will be so despicable to use your full strength at the very start.”

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “Does it matter? Or do you want to duel with me again?”

As he rebuked Duan Tian, he had suddenly noticed that the supporters on his back were mostly the older ladies who were envious of the young maidens that were crowding in support for Ling Feiyang and there was not even a single pretty face.

He was completely speechless.

In the past when he had his beautiful beard, all the beautiful young maidens were all on his side.

He began to growl silently, “I must get back my manly beautiful beard as soon as possible. This is so demoralizing.”

Ling Feiyang said to him, “I don’t mind that you have a divine sword. We can continue our duel now?”

Yuan Ji nodded as he immediately displayed a defensive sword stance. “This Ling Feiyue is really too sure of herself. She has no idea that I’m a saint as well. Today is the day that I will humiliate her in front of everyone.”

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