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Chapter 56: The Secret Cultivation Hall (2)

Yuan Ji had suddenly grabbed Ling Feiyue by her waist and he was slowly drawing her near to him.

Ling Feiyue was startled when he had suddenly grabbed her. But she soon regained her composure and closed her eyes in anticipation.

Yuan Ji gulped when he saw that she had closed her enthralling eyes. Was this a yes?

He was not going to waste this golden opportunity to kiss a goddess. Therefore he bent his head a little lower to kiss her on her lovely red lips.

He saw that she did not resist at all but was embracing him now.

So he took it a step further by holding her tighter to him. As he was kissing her passionately, he was also feeling her smooth back and was feeling her bottom as well.

Ling Feiyue gasped softly when she had felt his fingers below her.

She gently pushed him away and was smiling gently, “You must be browsing some dual cultivation technique just now, am I right? You look horny.”

Yuan Ji put on a straight face and laughed, “Of course not. I am here to warn you.”

“Warn me? For?”

Yuan Ji began to say solemnly, “There is something fishy about this place. It seems to be a time trap and you are not yourself earlier.”

Ling Feiyue frowned lightly, “I am not?”

Yuan Ji said, “Feel your profound strength.”

Ling Feiyue immediately circulated her vital breath and was startled that she seemed weaker now. “What is going on here?”

Yuan Ji said solemnly, “At first I’ve thought that it is my excitement that have caused my profound strength to decline but then I realized that we seem to be in a time trap that is slowly snapping our profound strength at an accelerate rate.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as her eyes flashed around. “This is a trap? Isn’t this the reward room?” Come to think of it, she felt that her behavior was a little out of the norm now that Yuan Ji had mentioned to her.

Yuan Ji nodded, “It may be the reward hall but it is also a double edged sword. When I saw your earlier expression, I am actually quite startled.”

“What expression?” Ling Feiyue shyly asked.

“You seem to be obsessed by these cultivation slips. With your attainment, it seems unlikely that you will be bothered with most of the cultivation slips here.” Yuan Ji pointed out.

“Is that so?” Ling Feiyue muttered with a flushed look. But she was thinking, “But some of the cultivation slips are some of the most powerful profound divine arts that I’ve never seen before. Anyone else will also be tempted.”

“Do you know where the rewards of the trial had come from?” Yuan Ji suddenly asked her.

Ling Feiyue was suddenly frowning lightly, “From the Immortal Realm? No one really knows.”

Yuan Ji asked, “Then do you know where the Heavenly Relics that are used to craft divine swords come from then?”

Ling Feiyue slowly nodded, “When an enlightened celestial fails the ascension, there may be a chance for the Heavenly Relic to appear from the bones of their failed ascension.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “You are right.”

Ling Feiyue nodded slowly, “This is actually common knowledge.”

Yuan Ji explained next, “I suspect that the rewards from the trials come from the dead bodies and items of the cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue was gasping softly. “I have never thought of this way before. Where did you get this idea from?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin and said, “It is because we are not the highest existence here and there is still the Immortal Realm where even more wondrous things can still be seen. If we can cultivate through the spiritual auras and use the cultivation resources in the mountains, the trials may be a living entity that cultivates by feeding upon the profound strength of the dead cultivators. There must be a source of energy to replenish the trials or it won’t make any sense at all.”

Ling Feiyue asked curiously, “Then why not kill all the cultivators that enter the trial instead? Why not make it even more dangerous?”

After a short hesitation, Yuan Ji replied with a smile. “If all the cultivators are killed then there will be no one to feed the trials anymore. Or maybe that is an immortal law in this place that affects its behavior.”

Ling Feiyue averted her glances to the shelves as she said gently, “Maybe.”

“Therefore, we need to quickly make our pick and get out of here.” Yuan Ji continued.

Ling Feiyue nodded but she was soon smiling, “Give me a few more hours. I’ve barely started. I need some time to make my pick. Maybe you can spend some time to study the behavior of the trial first. Let me know if you have a good answer later.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji sighed silently, “She isn’t paying attention to what I’ve just said and she needs several hours…”

“One hour maybe?” Ling Feiyue chuckled softly when she saw his expression.

“No. I will help you to pick.” Yuan Ji frowned.

“This isn’t a good idea. How do you know what I will need?” Ling Feiyue protested weakly.

But Yuan Ji had already grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him.

Ling Feiyue gasped softly when he had pulled her hand.

“I’m not his woman yet but he is treating me like I’m his little lover? Maybe I ought to remind him that I am the Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue? He ought to show me a little respect…” She was secretly sighing in her heart.

Soon they were at a shelf and Yuan Ji showed her the cultivation slip that contained the True Sacred Saint Profound Art.

Ling Feiyue was startled after she had started to browse it and she was soon gasping with shock. “This is a supreme profound art. Did you know that several centuries ago, there was a terrible catastrophe that had befallen the entire Desolate Celestial Fraternity just because a fragment of the True Sacred Saint Profound Art had been found in a trial?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I do not know. I was not born yet.”

“In the end, tens of thousands of cultivators from hundreds of celestial clans were all fighting for it. It was so terrible that dozens of prominent celestial clans were all wiped out after that catastrophe.” She sighed.

“Who got that fragment in the end?”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace.” Ling Feiyue said.

Yuan Ji was startled, “The Hundred Flower Divine Palace again…”

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Only when the Hundred Flower Divine Palace got its hand on it, did the fighting stop. It was because the challengers to the Hundred Flower Divine Palace were all killed by the top experts from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. That’s why.”

“The Hundred Flower Divine Palace is really so formidable?” Yuan Ji asked curiously.

“Even the other two most unfathomable palaces of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, the Evil Cultivation Palace and the Water Melody Palace were all soundly defeated by the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. That is how fearsome the Hundred Flower Divine Palace really is.”

“So the Hundred Flower Divine Palace has a fragment of this True Sacred Saint Profound Art now.” Yuan Ji rubbed his chin.

“But why are you giving it to me instead of keeping it for yourself?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously as she looked at him shyly at the same time.

“You’re already a great saintess. You don’t need the most powerful profound arts to help you to overcome your opponents. You only need those profound arts that can aid your eventual ascension to the Immortal Realm. With luck, you may even be the first celestial practitioner to do in several centuries and your name will be remembered in the hearts of everyone in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

He paused to add, “The profound art within the True Sacred Saint Profound Art will be able to strengthen your cultivation core and moreover you got several thousands of years to delve into its mysteries.”

Ling Feiyue clutched onto the cultivation slip in her bosoms as she looked bleary at him, “Thank you…my future lord is so nice to me.”

Yuan Ji laughed but he was actually thinking, “I won’t be your future lord if I am a dead man in four months’ time. It is better that you find yourself a more worthy lord. But I am content to have kissed the beautiful lips of the Goddess Ling Feiyue and have her in my embrace for a short while.”

Ling Feiyue was truly extremely touched in her heart. Originally she had already admired Ji Yuan before she had set him up. This was something that she was too shy to tell him about it and she had kept to herself. But this admiration was slowly turned into a quiet love for him now.

For over a hundred years, she had a mix feeling about Ji Yuan and even blamed herself for his sudden disappearance.

But now, it seemed that things were looking good for them but then he had a life and death duel in four months.

She silently said, “Ji Yuan, I won’t let you die. I will help you to fight the Hundred Flower Divine Palace even if it means the destruction of my entire sect!”

Yuan Ji suddenly said, “Come, follow me. I show you the cultivation slip that I will be picking.”

Ling Feiyue nodded with a smile, “The cultivation slip that you found must surely be a most impressive profound art. Let me guess. Is it a dual cultivation art? Because you are looking at me so lecherous earlier.”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “Not really.”

Soon he had taken her to a shelf and showed her the cultivation slip that contained the Divine Heart Recite.

“What is it?” Ling Feiyue took the cultivation slip from him to read.

She was soon frowning lightly, “It is only an intricacy formula for calming the heart. This cultivation skill is not even a profound art. Don’t pick this and choose another better one.”

Yuan Ji smiled, “I’ve already decided on it.”

Ling Feiyue was stunned, “But why? It is useless.”

Yuan Ji sighed softly, “I don’t have much time to pick up any cultivation practice. I have only less than four months’ time.”

Then he grinned, “The reason why I am picking this is because I’m afraid that I will be nervous when I’m fighting the old master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace and this heart intricacy formula may be useful to me.”

Ling Feiyue: …

“But of course that isn’t the most important reason. In front of you, I am still so shy. So I need this Divine Heart Recite to calm my heart down when I am facing a goddess like you…”

Ling Feiyue interrupted him woefully, “Don’t pick this cultivation slip please.” She knew that he was only saying that to pacify her.

But in the end, Ling Feiyue had failed to persuade Yuan Ji.

And they soon took the cultivation slip to the exit portal.

As they stepped through the exit portal, they soon found themselves in an open space. In front of them was black stele and the cultivation slips that they had taken had transformed into cultivation scrolls.

Ling Feiyue opened up her cultivation scroll with trembling fingers and she was soon gasping, “This is really the full cultivation methods of refining the cultivation core to a golden core…”

At the same time that Ling Feiyue was inspecting her cultivation scroll, Yuan Ji was also doing the same.

Yuan Ji’s eyes were soon staring with excitement as he took a quick look.

This Divine Heart Recite was actually a much more superior heart intricate formula than the one that he was practicing to control his heartbeat and the one that he was practicing was actually an advance heart intricacy formula.

Therefore this Divine Heart Recite was actually a Divine Profound Art.

He had taken a gambit on it because he was intrigued by it. Luckily for him, he was not disappointed.

There were actually only three stages to this Divine Heart Recite, the Absolute Spirits, the Undying Fighting Spirit and the Natural Instinct.

The first stage was the Absolute Spirits, unaffected by the superiority of the opponents and a single-minded on concentration.

The first stage was similar to his own heart intricacy and he quickly mastered it with just a look by combining it with his own.

The second stage was the Undying Fighting Spirit that cultivates his spirit level to a heighten sense.

He began to recite silently, “As long as the will of the practitioner lives on, the fighting spirit will never cease. My will is the absolute and my faith is unshakable…”

Although he was already a seventh realm expert now, attaining both the soul level and the spirit level but just reciting the intricate formula of the Undying Fighting Spirit alone was still not enough to grasp the state of divinity that was required to merge it into his innate consciousness.

The third stage was the Natural Instinct in which his natural speed and reflexes would increase over the limit.

Yuan Ji was rubbing his chin as he pondered, “Natural Instinct. This is interesting.”

He took another look and was soon frowning. In order to accomplish this principle into his innate strength, he had to first merge his body, soul and spirit as one first.

But luckily for him, there were actually several cultivation methods within the Divine Heart Recite for aiding him to master it.

The Divine Heart Recite was more complete than he had actually expected and there were ten additional cultivation methods that were given in the scroll for him to realize all three stages of the Divine Heart Recite.

It was like giving him ten additional free cultivation profound arts!

Heaven, Earth and Mortal as One!

Perfect Heartbeat!

Awakened Seventh Sense!

Three-in-One Reflex!

Attunement to the Spiritual Aura!

Divine Sense Revelation!

Profound Energies Attunement!

Immortal Body!

Supreme Soul Force!

Spirit Perceptions!

Yuan Ji was now cursing silently, “I have picked the easiest to learn useful cultivation practice and now I have ended up with eleven cultivation practices to master. This is too ridiculous…”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue just stood there for a long time to study their new cultivation practice and it was only when they were disturbed by a booming sound from the mountains in the horizon that they had realized that they had been secretly cultivating their new cultivation practice for an unknown number of hours.

They had completely forgotten that they were still in the middle of an on-going trial!

The two of them were looking at each other sheepishly.

“Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Ling Feiyue smiled gently as she gave him a most adorable look, “I’m the one that didn’t want to disturb you. This True Sacred Saint Profound Art is really good. Are you sure you don’t want it? This is after all a supreme profound art that everyone wants.”

Yuan Ji shook his head as he said at the same time, “I don’t have the time to master something as profound as the True Sacred Saint Profound Art. Moreover the new cultivation practice that I’ve picked seems pretty good too. That is enough for me.”

Ling Feiyue was smiling in her heart. “He is so good to me. He has given me such a valuable cultivation profound art and he has only taken an inferior cultivation practice. From now onward, I’m going to follow you forever…”

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by Yuan Ji who said, “Look at us. We haven’t touched the black stele yet and what was that booming sound earlier too?”

Ling Feiyue smiled, “Let us touch this black stele here and see what the third level trial entails?”

Yuan Ji nodded and with that the two of them had touched the black stele at the same time.

They were both gasping at the same time.

It was because this was a slaughter trial.

“Slaughter trial?!”

They had to slaughter or be slaughtered for merit points in order to go to the next trial level.

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