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Chapter 57: The Slaughter Trial (1)

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were now staring quietly at the black stele now.

According to the black stele, they would have seven days to accomplish this trial or they would be forcefully expelled from this place.

And according to the black stele, they had only one day left now!

The information of the trial was now flowing into their minds as profound energies.

“Seven days to complete the trial…1 day remaining…”

“Accumulate 100 merit points or more before entering the blue portal to the next exit…”

“Killing a first realm cultivator will gain you one 1 merit point…”

“Killing a second realm cultivator will gain you 3 merit points…”

“Killing a third realm cultivator will gain you 5 merit points…”

“Killing a forth realm cultivator will gain you 10 merit points…”

“Killing a fifth realm cultivator will gain you 25 merit points…”

“Killing a sixth realm cultivator will gain you 50 merit points…”

“Killing a seventh realm cultivator will gain you 100 merit points…”

“Killing a cultivator with merit points will gain you 3 merit points for every 10 merit points they have…”

“Erm, we have been in the Cultivation Hall for six days?” Yuan Ji was the first to ask.

Even Ling Feiyue was shocked to realize that the time flew fast while they were inside the Cultivation Hall. Luckily Yuan Ji had realized that something was amiss and had suggested that they left the place as quickly as possible.

She had also realized that she lost quite a bit of her profound strength without realizing it while she was inside. So she quickly popped in a fourth rank golden pill that was used for replenishing lost profound strength.

“Here!” She threw one more of the golden pill to Yuan Ji who caught it with his fingers.

Yuan Ji was frowning lightly, “Golden Dragon Rejuvenation Pill. Alas, I have only taken only once in my life time and was lucky to have found only one in my lifetime.”

Ling Feiyue returned a gentle smile to him before saying, “I have a dozen of these pills with me and more in my sect. Do you want some more?”

Yuan Ji muttered something incoherently before he said. “No thanks.”

“You’re cursing me?” She was suddenly frowning. She really had sharp ears and she could pick up some incoherent sentences of Yuan Ji describing her as from a rich celestial clan.

Yuan Ji put on a straight face and laughed, “I am just saying that it is good to know someone from a rich celestial clan.”

Ling Feiyue flashed her eyes as she fanned herself before asking suspiciously, “Really?”

“Really. Haha.”

Yuan Ji continued with a solemn look.  “Anyway back to this trial. We have only one day to complete this trial so we should make haste.”

Ling Feiyue nodded before she smiled, “It won’t be easy to find the other cultivators. By now, they should all be in hiding now and they must have marked their territories. As soon as we enter their territories, the weaker ones may not even choose to fight with us. After all we are two golden celestials.”

Yuan Ji nodded as he rubbed his chin. He had cheated once when he was a fifth realm cultivator. At that time he had just become a golden celestial and had used his mystic eye concealing art to suppress his golden eyes.

Although he had won the slaughter trial but he did not feel great about it.

“Any bright ideas?” Ling Feiyue asked him.

Yuan Ji said coolly, “Let’s move in a straight line first and find the next level portals…”

When he had said that, Ling Feiyue was smiling. “I know your plan. Since this is the last day already, everyone will be trying to get the last of the merit points in order to qualify for the next level trial. Therefore they will all be watching the next level portal or will be nearby.”

Yuan Ji smiled, “That’s right.”

“This is a badass plan. We are two saint level cultivators here. Anyone that tries to attack us will be in for a surprise.” Ling Feiyue smiled.

“Unless it is necessary, we should restrain our profound strength first. If we display our higher realm profound strength first, no one will be willing to fight us.” Yuan Ji added.

Ling Feiyue nodded, “Totally agree.”

“Let’s go now!” Yuan Ji laughed as he threw his cultivation scroll into his spatial ring.

With that, they had hastily sped forward.

Two hours later as the two of them sped into a path with two tall cliffs, there was a soft feminine laughter. “Look we have two pigs here who are delivering themselves to us today.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled.

It was because their divine senses did not alert them to any intruders nearby.

As they looked up, there was a group of cultivators on top of them; one handsome man and six beautiful veiled maidens were seen standing on the top of the ledge just above them.

And all six of them were golden celestials!

Although they could not tell what their realm levels were but they could tell from their unsettling presence that these six were all dangerous opponents!

Yuan Ji quickly said with a wary look at the six golden celestials, “They are dangerous.” With that he had already unsheathed his divine sword.

Although Ling Feiyue was also alarmed but she whispered to Yuan Ji, “We are going to have some fun soon.”

Yuan Ji returned her a weak smile, “Unless of course they are also seventh realm experts.”

Ling Feiyue said with an amused smile, “There aren’t so many seventh realm experts around. And we are the two here.”

“Yun’Er go! Settle them!” A veiled maiden in black in the group said to the handsome man.

Yuan Ji was gasping now because he saw that the beautiful veiled maiden in black that had spoken seemed to give off a most mesmerizing air and her golden eyes seemed to be sucking him in.

And the profound strength of her voice clearly marked her as a seventh realm saintess!

He quickly pulled his eyes away from her and just in time to see the handsome man had leapt from the top of the ledge and had unsheathed a half-step white divine sword in mid-air.

“Is he going to leap from this distance?” Yuan Ji was startled at his lightless profound skill.

All of a sudden this Yun’Er was suddenly upon him as he seemed to have accelerated in mid-air.

Yuan Ji was startled as he shouted, “Seventh realm expert!”

The profound aura of this new enemy clearly marked him as a seventh realm expert and Yuan Ji was immediately in his best form of concentration; he did not dare to be careless!

Ling Feiyue was also alarmed but she was soon smiling, “I’m so big mouth, Heh.”

She was not anxious. After all, she was a great saintess with formidable divine skills. There was nothing for her to be panic about.

She immediately flashed her fan at the attacker.

The afterimages of this attacker’s sword were flashing with tremendous profound force that it broke Ling Feiyue’s fan and pushed back Yuan Ji in the same instant, startling them.

Ling Feiyue was also startled as she unsheathed her heaven-step fan which quickly metamorphed into a divine sword. “He has an unusual strong profound strength…”

The sword strokes of this Yun’Er were also extremely fast.

It was so extremely fast that Yuan Ji was now switching to his right hand to fend off his strokes.

Even Ling Feiyue was using now displaying her profound aura to empower her sword strokes with additional profound power.

In several blinks of an eye, more than a hundred strokes were exchanged furiously as their surroundings began to implode the ground with the exchange of their profound strength.

Ling Feiyue’s profound aura had suddenly expanded in an outburst of profound power as she expanded her Unrighteous Moon Profound Force as she forced the attacker back.

But to her surprise, the attacker was just pushed back only a few steps before he had stabilized himself, completely unaffected by the profound power of her Unrighteous Moon Profound Force and even his half-step divine sword had become a heaven-step divine sword.

Ling Feiyue and Yuan Ji were startled that the attacker’s sword would suddenly upgrade itself in the middle of the battle!

But Yuan Ji had immediately discovered an opening when the attacker’s sword was upgrading itself. So he quickly mustered the 7th Level of his Major Heavens Sword as he unleashed three sword energies waves onto the ground.

But this time instead of three sword energies waves, his sword energies waves had split into two smaller waves upon hitting the ground and it had become two high velocity projectiles. All in all there were six flying fluttering sword energies that flew at high flying velocity at the attacker.

Ling Feiyue was startled when she saw his secret technique as she muttered silently, “This sword technique is totally different when we are dueling with each other. So he is really hiding this sword technique as his trump card.”

The six flying sword energies were faster than any sword energies that Ling Feiyue had ever seen. Even if the target was not ripped apart by the sword energies immediately, it would be able to wound him seriously.

But the attacker suddenly had two heaven step divine swords in his hands as he swept all the sword energies clean.

Yuan Ji: …

Two heaven-step divine swords…

The attacker was also gasping, “A high level sword energies practitioner.”

He quickly swung his two swords at Yuan Ji and two afterimages of his sword flew out and struck Yuan Ji’s sword.

Although Yuan Ji had raised his sword arm to parry the two incoming sword energies but he was still sent flying backward!

“Ji Yuan!” Ling Feiyue shouted after him before she furiously swung her sword at the attacker.

But the attacker used the same technique on her to send her scurrying seven steps backward with his two phantom sword energies which were an exact copy of his divine sword. But luckily for her, she was protected by her profound aura which neutralized the sword energies.

Yuan Ji coughed out a mouthful of golden blood as he stared blankly at the attacker, “His sword energies are in the perfect sword energies form…”

Perfect sword energies carried the afterimages of the swords that it was imbued with unlike the usual sword energies which were just a burst of profound energies.

His 8th Level Major Heavens Sword also contained a special technique for solidifying sword energies into a perfect sword energies form but he doubted that it would be as clearly visible as this attacker.

Ling Feiyue now knew the severity of the situation and she had quickly regrouped with Yuan Ji.

“This guy has two heaven-step divine swords. We need to put in all our best now.”

Yuan Ji whispered to her, “I’m already using all my best. You mean you haven’t?”

The attacker had also realized that he was dealing with two seventh realm experts now and he knew that Ling Feiyue’s profound aura seemed to be a powerful profound art.

Therefore with a wave of his wave he had conjured eight more heaven-step divine swords which hovered around him.

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled. They had never seen anyone with ten divine swords before!

Moreover it was not just ten ordinary divine swords but ten heaven-step divine swords!

“Don’t panic.” Yuan Ji said coolly. “He can’t use all ten divine swords at the same time. It is more of a psychology impact. Even if he can use it, he will also be draining his profound strength very fast.”

All of a sudden the afterimages of the ten half-step divine swords were flying and piercing them with their sword energies form which exploded furiously upon impact.

Ling Feiyue quickly used her body to shield Yuan Ji but all of a sudden she was shoved aside by Yuan Ji as he took three sword energies as direct impact.

“Ji Yuan!” Ling Feiyue coughed out weakly as she grabbed Yuan Ji away from the sword energies strafing.

Yuan Ji turned weakly to look at the attacker who was looking just as fresh as ever.

He muttered in disbelief, “This is too exaggerating. That guy can fight the two of us so casually and he isn’t even using his full strength yet.”

“Run. I can still hold him back for a while. Once his companions join in the fight, we will all die here today.” He secretly whispered to Ling Feiyue.

Ling Feiyue knew that he had taken the three sword energies impact for her because he wanted to help her to conserve her profound strength so that she would be able to escape from here.

The attacker muttered, “I’m sorry. This is a trial and the two of you are worth a 200 merit points or more. Now if you don’t mind letting my companions to kill you painlessly…”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly as he stood up weakly, “Actually I do mind but our fight isn’t over yet.”

“When I start the fight, I want you to run as quickly as possible. Don’t worry, this is a trial. I won’t die as long as he doesn’t aim for my heart.” He whispered to Ling Feiyue.

Ling Feiyue hummed quietly, “I refuse to listen to you. It is just our bad luck to meet such a strong opponent on this level.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Actually it more like we are unlucky to meet someone who is this rich to afford ten heaven-step divine swords.”

The six beautiful veiled maidens had now flashed next to the tall and handsome cultivator.

The veiled maiden in black that had spoken earlier was now saying to him, “Yun’Er, it seems that we have met a couple here. They’re pretty strong. Why don’t we let them off? They seem pretty much in love. It will be such a waste for them to perish here today, don’t you think so?”

Yun’Er frowned lightly, “But today is the last day of the trial and we don’t have enough merit points yet.”

“Don’t worry, we are only here for the fun. Moreover we still got the time.”

The beautiful veiled maiden in black who was speaking turned to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue with a delightful look as she said to them, “I’m Fan Yuqing. So what is your name?”

“Li Yuan.”

“Ling Feiyang.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue said at the same time. They did not report their true names as they were still wary of them.

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes as she giggled, “Please pardon us for attacking you earlier. We need the merit points too. This is Lu Qingyun. His sword art is really good. Behind me are my sisters Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Tang Xuefeng, Qian Jingjing and Yue Lingxi.”

Lu Qingyun bowed with his hands politely to Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue, “I hope that you are not offended. I am just eager to get the merit points to complete the trial here…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted him with a soft chuckle, “We should have already gone to the next level if it isn’t for you delaying us by going off to search for your spirit plants.”

Yuan Ji asked cautiously as he interrupted them, “Why did you spare us?”

Fan Yuqing rolled her eyes before giggling softly, “Because I saw that this maiden here who is disguising as a man tries to shield you and you are also trying to shield her. I am just touched, that’s all.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as she muttered, “What sharp eyes you got.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled, “I’ve used my Seventh Heaven Sense to discern your aura. You can’t hide your gender aura from me.”

Yuan Ji was now looking at Lu Qingyun as he said, “This Brother Lu here, your sword art is really so remarkable. I have never seen anyone as good as you.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I am not as good as you think I am.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly. If he was not good as he had claimed then his own sword art must be crap.

Ling Feiyue asked curiously as she looked at them, “I wonder where you’re from? I have never heard of you before.”

She was alarmed secretly because these golden celestials had an unsettling strong aura and she was curious to know where they were from.

Lu Qingyun replied, “We are cultivators from the Nine Celestial Fraternity and we’re just here to experience the trials of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity.”

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