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Chapter 59: The Treacherous Fourth Trial

As soon as Yuan Ji had stepped into the fourth level of the trial, a beam of light had flown from the heavens and he had caught hold of it.

It was a blue crystal.

“Crystal Celestium?” Yuan Ji was startled.

The reason why he was startled was because this Crystal Celestium could improve the profound power of a weapon by 10% if it was socketed in the hilt.

It was indeed a rare profound treasure!

Ling Feiyue got only a fourth rank profound pill and she looked a little disappointed at her reward. She was quite startled by Yuan Ji’s reward as she cast an enviable look. “How many merit points did you have in order to get this reward?”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially, “More than 1000 merit points.”

Ling Feiyue: …

“That is a lot…”

Yuan Ji nodded, “That Mo Xingku seems to have killed quite a lot of cultivators. Almost all my merit points had come from him.”

Ling Feiyue smiled at his remark but she was soon saying solemnly, “What do you think of that earlier group? Our temporary allies earlier?”

Yuan Ji pondered for a while before he said, “That Lu Qingyun isn’t the strongest or the leader. Fan Yuqing appears to be their group leader and she is the one that is issuing the orders to her group.”

Ling Feiyue nodded before saying, “I think that she may be a great saintess even though she didn’t display her profound skills. Her steps are extremely light.”

“I think so too. And that Yue Lingxi as well.” Yuan Ji added with a soft sigh.

“But for some unknown reasons, they are only interested in letting Lu Qingyun fight their battles for them and they barely lift a finger.” Ling Feiyue said.

Then she added, “When they do lift a finger, their swords are all extremely swift. All the cultivators that I had tossed to them were all killed in a single hit. I can only say that their group is mostly seventh realm saintesses.”

Yuan Ji said quietly, “They are not even alarmed when they are being surrounded by thousands of cultivators just now. It is as though they have the confidence to settle them even without Lu Qingyun to defend them.”

Ling Feiyue said quietly, “Mmm, Fan Yuqing. I’ll remember her.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “So you’ve already determined that she is the most dangerous?”

Ling Feiyue slowly nodded, “She is definitely the strongest opponent among the seven. Even that Yue Lingxi also gives me a sense of unease. You must know that I am a great saintess now and very few opponents will give me a sense of unease. Not even Xue Qianxue.”

“Actually I am more curious in knowing how that Lu Qingyun managed to influence the rewards.” Yuan Ji laughed jovially.

Ling Feiyue scoffed at him silently when she had heard his remarks.

Yuan Ji quickly said, “So where are we now?”

He saw that they were in a misty valley now and like the previous trials, there was a black stele just in front of them.

Ling Feiyue laughed softly, “We just have to touch this stele and we will know the details of the trial very soon.”

“Thank you.” Yuan Ji said all of a sudden.

“Why are you thanking me all of a sudden? It’s not as though you do not know that you have to touch the stele.” Ling Feiyue smiled as she stole a shy glance at him.

Yuan Ji sighed softly before saying, “Thank you for aiding me against Mo Xingku. Without your sudden attack, I may not be able to bypass his profound defense.”

He knew that the earlier sudden attack by Ling Feiyue had weakened Mo Xingku’s profound aura hence he was able to make use of the opportunity to display his killing stroke.

“Oh that? It is really nothing at all.” Ling Feiyue returned him a sentimental look before saying shyly. “We are on the same side so we ought to help each other. Let’s see what the trial for this level holds for us first, alright?”

Yuan Ji nodded as he returned a reluctant look at her, “Alright.”

In the next instant, he was upon the black stele with Ling Feiyue.

As he reached out to touch the black stele, he had accidentally touched the hand of Ling Feiyue who gasped softly at his touch.

“I ask you to touch the stele and you have touched my hand?” Ling Feiyue said with a fluster look.

Yuan Ji replied awkwardly, “This is an accident.”

Ling Feiyue hummed softly before she placed her hand firmly on the stele.

She was soon followed by Yuan Ji who was grinning at her and the two of them were just staring blankly at each other.

Yuan Ji was secretly sighing, “Maybe the maiden that I love the most is actually Ling Feiyue and not Xia Jiajia. Why didn’t I get to know her better a hundred years ago instead of threatening her because I had thought that she was my hatred love rival?”

Ling Feiyue was actually not upset with him for touching her hand. After all, he had already kissed her in the secret cultivation hall. She was actually only teasing him and was trying to make it a little harder for him to get fresh with her.

“This trial….” Yuan Ji was soon frowning lightly.

Ling Feiyue said, “We just need to find the portal to the next trial level. It sounds easy?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin before saying, “Maybe it is a little too easy for a level four trial, right?”

Ling Feiyue had a quick giggle, “Why? You are afraid of meeting the desolate beasts along the way?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am actually reluctant to fight a seventh rank desolate beast along the way. But with you around, I’m not afraid.”

Ling Feiyue waved her fan, “Are you a man? You actually want to hide behind my skirt?”

“Not when someone here is two tiers above me and is a great saintess.” Yuan Ji laughed jovially.

“I’m not going to be your protector. So all the best to you.” Ling Feiyue waved her fan and she had already marched off.

“Where are you going?” Yuan Ji asked after her.

“That is none of your business.” Ling Feiyue said without turning back. “And don’t you dare to follow me.”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders as he walked behind her.

Ling Feiyue paused in her tracks and had suddenly turned around to rebuke him, “Did I just warn you not to follow me?”

Yuan Ji chuckled, “But there is only one path currently. Surely you don’t expect me to fly over the mountains?”

“You’ve better take the other path once we have come to a crossroad.” Ling Feiyue warned him with a gentle rebuke before she continued on her way.

“I’ve thought that someone had just said that we are on the same side and we ought to help each other?” Yuan Ji chuckled behind her.

Ling Feiyue hummed coldly, ignoring him as she increased her walking pace.

Yuan Ji was smiling and was muttering, “I am blind to the other paths. The only path that I will be taking is the path that you are taking.”

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