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Chapter 103: Eon Firmament Mountains (3)

The elderly golden celestial took them to their village and they could see many bamboo huts. There were no fanciful buildings or palaces in this place.

He soon said to his fellow cultivators, “You can all go back first.”

“Yes Elder Mo Bei.”

The other golden celestials and cultivators were all quite respectful to him as they replied politely to him. It seemed that he had the highest status in the group.

It was only then that Yuan Ji knows that the name of this elderly golden celestial was Mo Bei.

Yuan Ji thought that it was impolite not to introduce himself so he said, “Elder Mo Bei, I am Yuan Ji…”

“Qianxue, why are you here?” Elder Mo Bei had turned to Xue Qianxue with an unhappy frown. “Do you know that everyone is looking for you?”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were startled secretly. This Elder Mo Bei actually knows Qianxue?!

Xue Qianxue giggled softly, “Not everyone. At least not my Patriarch Uncle Mo Bei, heh!”

“He is your Patriarch Uncle?” Yuan Ji was startled.

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. Patriarch Uncle, this is my sister Ling Feiyue. We are both tied to our lord Yuan Ji here.”

When Elder Mo Bei had heard Xue Qianxue pleading with him with the phrase ‘Maybe just for a little while, please!’, he had immediately recognized her. It was because she had often used this catchphrase in the past when she was talking with him.

Elder Mo Bei was startled. He stroked his long beard as he stared unhappily at Yuan Ji, “You lucky bastard. You have actually stolen the hearts of the two greatest peerless maidens in the entire fraternity.”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Junior here greets Patriarch Uncle.”

“Unfortunately, you seem to be a beardless ugly fellow. Poor you. You must have lost your beard during your bodily transformation. You must know that a real man is only a true man if he has his beard. Only then can his Dao heart be complete.”

Yuan Ji: …

Isn’t this his old catchphrase?

He muttered awkwardly, “One of these days, I will surely be able to regrow my beard. All I need is to find a divine remedy from a well-known alchemist.”

Elder Mo Bei laughed as he patted Yuan Ji on his shoulder, “Good! At least you have not lost your manly spirit yet. I like you!”

Yuan Ji laughed too, “I am beginning to miss my beautiful long beard. Say, Elder Mo, your beard is indeed beautiful. How did you maintain it?”

Elder Mo Bei said with great pride, “Hahaha. I like you and I will be glad to share it with you…”

Xue Qianxue had suddenly interrupted them unhappily, “Hmph! We are here to discuss business and not about any ugly beards!”

Elder Mo Bei, Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji protested weakly, “We are only chatting to break the ice between us…”

“You can talk about anything except beards.” Ling Feiyue interrupted with her gentle voice as she shot Yuan Ji a warning look. “Don’t forget your matrimony vows!”

Yuan Ji: …

He had suddenly remembered when they had bowed down below the heavens and earth to be unison as one, he was not supposed to mention his beard or entertain any lofty thoughts of getting his beard back again.

“Wait a minute. That is supposed to be the opposite! I take them as my consorts and they are supposed to follow my rules!” Yuan Ji was frowning silently. “How come their rules are still effective against me? Didn’t we have a gentleman’s agreement? This is a blow to my alpha male pride…I need to speak to them privately later on this.”

Then he turned to Elder Mo Bei with a grin, “Elder Mo, since we are getting along so well then maybe later we can have a little talk together?”

Elder Mo Bei was suddenly not as cold to Yuan Ji as earlier. He had suddenly found out that this beardless young man was actually quite humbled and polite!

Moreover he was also willing to learn his beard growing tricks!

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Elder Mo Bei laughed jovially, “I like you, young man. But why is that I found your name to be a little familiar?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Is that so? I didn’t know that I am so renowned…”

Xue Qianxue interrupted sarcastically, “He is that Yuan Ji who is supposed to duel with the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace.”

Elder Mo Bei inhaled deeply as he stared blankly at Yuan Ji with a loud gasp, “You are that idiot Yuan Ji that everyone is talking about?”

Actually the village was not big and there were still many cultivators around plus Elder Mo Bei old voice was actually quite loud. Now when he was gasping loudly, almost everyone that could be seen could hear him loud and clear.

When he had said that, everyone else was gasping and muttering like wildfire, “Did you hear that? He is actually that idiot Yuan Ji that we are all talking about recently!”

“I’m so thankful that I got my wish to see that face of that idiotic man…”

“Actually he is quite dashing…”

“He is only a beautiful vase…”

“You call that beardless man a handsome man? He is still drinking milk!”

“I thought that Yuan Ji is a manly cultivator who dares to challenge the Divine Palace Master but he is actually just a beardless cultivator…”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

He began to stammer feebly, “Elder Mo, please don’t get the facts wrong. I didn’t challenge the Divine Palace Master. He is the one that has challenged me…”

“Everyone knows that you have stolen from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Look at you. Stealing is bad enough and you have to steal from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. Seriously, I don’t know what tricks that you have used to steal the heart of my niece Qianxue. Maybe I am wrong in you. You are nothing but a rascal!”

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue: …

Xue Qianxue feebly said, “Patriarch Uncle, we are still in public. Don’t talk so loudly. Alas, don’t say anymore. We’re actually here to see Patriarch Great-Grandfather.”

Elder Mo Bei said, “Your Patriarch Great-Grandfather Mo Ming won’t see anyone so easily. Moreover he is truly in his cultivation retreat. Why don’t you stay in this village first while I inform him?”

Xue Qianxue said politely, “Alright. Thank you Patriarch Uncle.”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were now looking curiously at Xue Qianxue and there was a little surprise on their faces.

Yuan Ji stammered, “Divine Mo Ming is your Patriarch Great-Grandfather?”

Xue Qianxue giggled, “That is right!”

Yuan Ji was now frowning, “No wonder you say you have a way to see Divine Mo Ming. Now I know why.”

Elder Mo Bei had turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a wary look, “You’re really Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue?”

Ling Feiyue nodded lightly as she returned a steady gaze.

“I have heard that you have kidnapped my niece here and now…” He turned to look at Yuan Ji once again with a cold look. “And now, she has married this dying man here. I believe that the two of you have better give me a good explanation. It is because I am actually not pleased with it.”

Then he pointed at the cultivators around him. “And my Mo Clan will also be not happy about it!”

Yuan Ji was smiling awkwardly. This old man sure can change his face quite fast…

Xue Qianxue gave an exasperated sigh, “Patriarch Uncle! You have misunderstood! Your Qianxue has followed them willingly! In fact I was a prisoner at the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “What is going on here?”

Xue Qianxue said quietly, “It is a long story. When I see Patriarch Great-Grandfather and the other elders, Qianxue shall explain. Alright?”

Elder Mo Bei turned to stare at Yuan Ji, “Beardless young man, do you know that my Qianxue is a middle-tier saintess? In what way are you fit to be with her?”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “I am now a great saintess.”

Elder Mo Bei was startled, “Really?”

He was soon laughing heartily, “My niece is definitely a genius among geniuses!”

Then he was suddenly startled as he stared at Yuan Ji, “You mean you have taken two great saintesses as your consorts? Who exactly are you?”

This time round Yuan Ji was grinning with pride. He was extremely prideful that he got two peerless maidens who were also great saintesses as his consorts.

So he replied proudly, “I am actually Sword Saint Ji Yuan…”

Elder Mo Bei had suddenly roared with rage, “You are Ji Yuan! Everyone! Take him down!”

Immediately all the nearby cultivators had unsheathed their swords!

Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were all startled, “What is going on?”

Elder Mo Bei thundered, “He is an enemy of the orthodox fraternity! He had killed Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo and many other heroes of the orthodox fraternity.

Elder Mo Bei had immediately displayed his profound aura and his animus had proclaimed him as a great saint!

Behind him were several bursts of strong profound animus as well, indicating that there were as many as six saints and thirty supremacies!

Hundreds of swords were now pointing in their direction.

Yuan Ji was stunned. This village actually had so many cultivator experts!

Even the inconspicuous blacksmith and a weak scholar that they had passed by earlier had an aura of a middle-tier saint!

When everyone was displaying their profound animus, there were more saints’ profound signatures that were bursting forth from beyond their line of sight!

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Chapter 102: Eon Firmament Mountains (2)

As the Mystic Crane flew with great speed forward, Yuan Ji could see that multiple spiritual arrays were now activating and were shooting beams of profound energies at them.

He spotted more than ten spiritual arrays and he was stunned.

It is because spiritual arrays are often powered by one or more precious heavenly relics which are extremely rare to obtain. And superior heavenly relics can be used to forge divine swords.

This Diviner Mo Ming is really a rich cultivator!

These profound energies beams were actually not that powerful but could knock them down the bottomless abyss below and that was something that Yuan Ji did not want to see.

Yuan Ji had already drawn his sword as he stood up. “Feiyue, hold me steady. Qianxue, guide the Spirit Crane.”

“Yuan Ji, what are you doing?” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue were both gasping at the same time.

“I will be alright. Don’t worry.”

Yuan closed his eyes for a while as he concentrated on his divine sense.

When he opened his eyes again, he began to inhale softly as he raised his celestial sword with his right hand.

This was not lost on Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. It was because they had already noticed that whenever Yuan Ji was using his right sword arm, he was really serious. Therefore they did not dare to disturb him or break his concentration.

Yuan Ji was saying silently, “Now that I am a middle tier saint, I should be able to use my Major Heavens Sword to the Eighth level. The realm of the physical sword energy…”

His old master had once told him that if he is lucky to reach the seventh realm middle sacred saint level in the future, he will be able to practice the Eighth Level of the Major Heavens Sword. However there is a little problem with it. The cultivator will have to cultivate behind closed doors for decades or even centuries to comprehend the sword energy physical form. It is because sword energies do not have any physical form at all!

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he did a last minute comprehension. “I saw Lu Qingyun displaying the physical sword energies form. It doesn’t look so difficult. He is insanely fast with his swords. But I am not slow either.”

He had suddenly raised his sword with all his speed and profound energies that he could muster and the afterimages of his sword had flashed forth into a beam of profound energies that was directed at them.

When the afterimages of his sword had touched the profound energies, it had shattered the beam of profound energies into nothingness!

Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were startled when they saw the afterimages of his sword flying forth. Even without asking Yuan Ji, they knew what it was. It is said that the ultimate form of sword energy is the restoration of its physical form. When the physical form is formed, it is able to travel much further and is more condensed with profound energies.

That was why Yuan Ji was able to send his sword energies flying out to meet the incoming profound energies without causing his sword energies to dissipate into the air. And this was accomplished without the aid of a powerful celestial array!

Yuan Ji chuckled, “It isn’t too difficult after all. I have Brother Lu Qingyun to thank for.”  He had quietly observed Lu Qingyun during the trial.

He was soon releasing one afterimage after another of his celestial sword into the incoming beams of profound energies, all with uncanny precision and imploding the offensive profound energies into nothingness.

Xue Qianxue muttered, “Our lord is so awesome…”

Ling Feiyue beamed with pride as she looked up at Yuan Ji from his back, “Yes he is…” She was feeling extremely blissed to have shared this lifetime with him again. She was determined not to let him go this time.

Xue Qianxue had suddenly caught sight of the melancholy look that was on Ling Feiyue and she was a little anxious.

It was because she seemed to understand what Ling Feiyue was thinking.

They were actually thinking of the same thing. They will not dishonor their lord Yuan Ji from his duel. But they can choose to challenge the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace before him!

If they can exhaust or deal a heavy injury to the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace ahead of the duel then the odds of Yuan Ji winning the duel will also increase!

Even without thinking about this, the two of them were already in line with this strategic plan.

However they still lack a little confidence to pull this off. If Saintess Fang Zhenfei will be willing to join them then their odds will definitely be better. However when they had met her on her profound ship, she had rejected them immediately even without allowing them to enter into discussion with her.

Xue Qianxue sighed in her heart, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei or Xia Jiajia whatever your real name is, you are too smart. How can there be anyone as smart as you in the entire cultivation fraternity? You saw through our plans even before we had opened our mouths and rebuked us.”

Actually Ling Feiyue was also thinking the same at this moment. “If Xia Jiajia loves Yuan Ji, why doesn’t she offer to help us? Is her mission more important than Yuan Ji? Maybe she is truly smart and is only striving to be an immortal in the future. Maybe in her heart, we are just her bad karma. She is too rational, too intelligent, too calculating and too…cold hearted…”

Xue Qianxue continued to sigh, “If Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo is still alive to support us, we may still stand a little chance…”

Ling Feiyue had secretly stolen a glance at Xue Qianxue before she said silently, “I have brought the information regarding the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. It is said that Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace always have two great saint elders by his side as well as ten saintesses as his protectors. Just me alone is not sufficient and Yuan Ji doesn’t want me to use my influence as sect leader of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect to help him. I can’t risk Sister Qianxue too. She is with child. Therefore I have to do it myself.”

Quietly she had already formulated a most daring plan. Before their duel, she would offer herself to the Divine Palace Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. When she was near him then she would assassinate him!

Yuan Ji had suddenly shouted, “All clear! We are safe now!”

The Spirit Crane had sped past the shooting range of the celestial arrays and they had landed on the floating island where the warning was given from.

Immediately after they had landed, a dozen golden celestials and a hundred cultivators had quickly surrounded them with their swords.

There were soft murmurs among them when they saw how graceful the two veil maidens were when they had alighted from their Spirit Crane.

Many of the female cultivators were now giggling softly when they saw Yuan Ji.

But many were also astonished at the sight of a nine-tail spirit fox that was following Yuan Ji.

An elderly golden celestial had stepped forward to say coldly, “You have ignored our warnings and dare to step into our forbidden conclave. Please leave now or we won’t be polite to you.”

Xue Qianxue had immediately stepped forward and said politely, “Great Celestials, we have accompanied our lord here to seek an audience with Diviner Mo Ming. Please, we have something important for him to divine.”

The elderly golden celestial hummed coldly, “Our master will not see anyone anytime soon. He is in his cultivation retreat now. So please leave!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled as she danced a little as she tiptoed forward. She was really enthralling and many of the cultivators were mesmerized by her small giggles. They were all thinking that behind her veil, she must be a great beauty.

She winked at the elderly golden celestial as she giggled, “Maybe just for a little while, please!”

Yuan Ji who was watching her, was quite amused. She must be trying to use her charms to seek an audience with Diviner Mo Ming. Unfortunately she is not Little Princess and she did not know any Bewitching Profound Arts. Even her natural charms will surely fail against this elderly golden celestial.

One look and Yuan Ji can tell that this elderly golden celestial is a great man of culture and a highly enlightened celestial who is immune to honey traps. Moreover this elderly golden celestial was being surrounded by so many celestials. He will surely lose a lot of his own faces if he even hesitates about turning away Xue Qianxue.

He was not the only ones who were feeling amused. Almost all the cultivators around him were all feeling amused and were all giggling.

The elderly golden celestial blinked his eyes many times before he replied to Xue Qianxue, “Alright. I will make an exception this time. Come with me.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

After Yuan Ji had heard him, he was rolling his eyes with shock. When did Xue Qianxue’s cuteness level become so formidable that she can charm such a highly enlightened golden celestial?!

Even the other cultivators and golden celestials were all shocked, “This…this…what is going on…”

Ling Feiyue also stunned as she looked helplessly at Xue Qianxue and was wondering what was going on…

Xue Qianxue clapped her hands and was giggling with great delight. “Thank you. You’re so kind!”

Yuan Ji was left to stammer almost incoherently, “I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it…”

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Chapter 101: Eon Firmament Mountains (1)

Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue, Xue Qianxue and Xiaobai were now sitting on the giant mystic crane as they took flight from the mountains.

The terrains of the Desolate Celestial Fraternity are mostly mountainous and it is difficult to traverse quickly from one mountainous region to the other.

The celestials are actually only occupying the mountains above the desolate mists that blanket the mountains like an endless sea of clouds.

Below the desolate mists are uncountable number of desolate beasts and it is considered suicidal to go under the desolate mists.

That is why all the more powerful celestial clans have their sects high on the mountain peaks, away from the desolate mists. Also the mountain peaks that these powerful celestial clans occupy are also rich in spiritual force and are excellent grounds for cultivating.

When the mountains are rich with spiritual force, this means that the desolate force below the desolate mists are weak and therefore do not have high ranking desolate beasts around, making it safer too to establish the presence of a major celestial clan.

Similarly, if the spiritual force in the mountains are weak then the opposite happens; the desolate force below the desolate mists will be stronger and will have many high ranking desolate beasts and spirit plants.

Right now they were heading toward the mysterious Eon Firmament Mountains in a hope to see Diviner Mo Ming.

Along the way, Yuan Ji had a heavy heart.

It was because he was still thinking of Little Princess. Why did she give him the Memory Stone all of a sudden? He knew that she was being chased by the major orthodox clans and was injured. Was it because she knows that she may not have too long to live?

All of a sudden he had come to realize that maybe Little Princess’ threats of killing him and wishing him that he was never born was only empty threats to hide her bashful intentions for him.

For the very first time he was actually quite anxious for her.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was secretly looking at Yuan Ji as she touched his chest with her paws. Although she could not see what was in the memory stone but it seemed to her that when Yuan Ji had returned to look for Little Princess, the killing intent that was displayed earlier by him was no longer there.

Instead, it was replaced by a heavy heart and despair.

Yuan Ji’s heavy heart was not lost on Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue. They had suddenly noticed that Yuan Ji had a gloomy look when he had returned and it did not go away even when they were on the flight now.

Ling Feiyue turned to smile gently at him, “What did you lost? Is it important? Maybe we can help you to replace it?”

Xue Qianxue was also looking at him with a lovely smile, “Yes, what is it? Maybe we can help?”

When Yuan Ji saw the smiles that were on the two beautiful maidens, his heart managed to lighten a little. “It is actually nothing important. I…I am just thinking about my duel that will be forthcoming in less than 2 weeks. I am just sad that I will lose the two of you soon.”

Ling Feiyue said quietly, “I will join you in the netherworld if you die.”

“Don’t be silly. You have just overcome the super rare Purple Lightning Tribulation and you will have a long life as a celestial.” Yuan Ji rebuked her lightly.

Ling Feiyue averted her eyes, “This is nothing compared to our three past reincarnations together where you give up your life for me.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Xiang Li, look what have you done to her…” Yuan Ji was frowning to Xiang Li in his soul sea.

Xiang Li pretended to have a pitiful look but she was giggling in secret as evidenced by her soft giggles and trembles.

Xue Qianxue was now looking firmly at Yuan Ji as she touched her belly, “After I have settled my child, I will come to join the two of you!”

Yuan Ji: …

“Don’t be ridiculous and I won’t die. The Old Master of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace will find that I am a very hard nut to digest.”

“You mean a hard nut to crack?” Ling Feiyue smiled as she corrected him.

“No, hard nut to digest because he can’t crack me so he has to swallow me. But in the end I am also indigestible.” Yuan Ji said with all seriousness. “So he has to pass me out due to indigestion. Even if he is seventh realm saint, he can’t use his profound energies to digest me so he has to pass me out as poop.”

When a cultivator reaches the fifth realm level and form their golden celestial body, they no longer have to eat and drink so there are no such things as a toiletry system for them. Even if they drink or drink, the food that they consume can be vaporized quickly into energy in their body and the toxic energy expulsed through cultivation.

That was why tricks that worked against the lower realm cultivators like poisons are no longer effective against golden celestials.

All their profound life energies are derived by cultivating the spiritual force that are in the air much like the desolate beasts that depend upon the desolate force below the desolate mists.

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

Even the Abyssal Null Goddess was staring at the vulgarities that were mouthed by Yuan Ji: …

Xue Qianxue murmured, “Yuan Ji, this is so crude. Can you not use languages like this?”

“It is too vulgar.” Ling Feiyue agreed. “Even unorthodox cultivators don’t talk like this.”

Yuan Ji was smiling bitterly. Actually everyone talks like this. It is only the upper class cultivators that don’t…

But he decided to keep his mouth shut and did not share his thoughts with them.

“Xiang Li, there is nothing wrong with my talk, right?

“Yea! Nothing wrong at all.” Xiang Li replied happily.

“Xiang Li, you are truly my only confidant. Haha.” Yuan Ji laughed.

“That’s right! That’s why we are able to divine harmony with each other. Hehe.” Xiang Li answered him.

“So, when are you going to do your banging again? I need some entertainment.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Xiang Li, I need to sit down to talk to you. Why are you so vulgar?” Yuan Ji growled.

“I am vulgar?” Xiang Li answered, not understanding.

“That is right.” Yuan Li coughed before he said with great seriousness. “Ahem. I don’t blame you because you have no idea of the intricate relationships between men and women here. First all, we are all people of culture here…”

All in all, he spent about thirty minutes to explain to Xiang Li.

Finally he asked, “So do you understand now? In short, these are taboos! You should not freely mention things like this.”

Xiang Li giggled, “Xiang Li completely understands! So when are you going to bang hard next?”

Yuan Ji: …

“I think you have completely missed my point here…”

“I didn’t mention directly now and I am indirectly about it. Isn’t that what you have said earlier?”

Yuan Ji: …

“Then what should I say?” Xiang Li asked him curiously.

“You should ask when I am free to do it.” Yuan Ji reprimanded her gently. “This is more discreet.”

“Oh…” Xiang Li muttered. “So when are you free to do it?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “That’s right. That is how you ask me. Haha. As long as we touch down on this stupid bird, I will bang them hard.”

“YES!!!” Xiang Li clapped her hands with delight.

All of a sudden Xiang Li was muttering to herself. “This doesn’t sound right somewhere? Did he just use the word bang directly?”

The Spirit Crane is a spirit flying beast that can fly ten times faster than a griffon flying beast, five times faster than a lightning eagle and its speed is secondary only to a phoenix.

In just a single day they had already reached the majestic views of the Eon Firmament Mountains as thousands of mythical birds and floating islands appeared in front of them.

“This place is so beautiful…” Ling Feiyue was gasping. I have heard that this place is as close as the immortal realm as it can get.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess yawned silently. The Immortal Realm is much more beautiful!

Yuan Ji was looking at the terrain below closely before he said, “What the heck? This mountain range isn’t connected to any other mountains and it is surrounded by desolate mists.”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “That is right. The only way to reach this mountain range is to mount a flying beast to it. Diviner Mo Ming is said to stay in one of the floating islands around the tallest peak.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Which floating islands? There are so many…”

All of a sudden there was a thunderous voice that was echoing in the air that was directed at them. “LEAVE THIS PLACE or YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LEAVE ALIVE!!!”

Xue Qianxue chuckled, “Here you go. We just have to follow this voice.”

Yuan Ji: …

“Erm, Qianxue. Do you think that it is wiser for us to heed to this warning?” Yuan Ji put forth a word of caution. After all, only a caution hero would live long. “I can sense that this place is surrounded by powerful defensive arrays and formations. It is dangerous for us to continue further.”

Xue Qianxue winked at him, “You got only less than two weeks to live. Why do you still need to be so cautious for?”

Yuan Ji frowned, “I am only cautious for the sake of the two of you…”

“Go forward. Full speed!” Xue Qianxue urged her Mystic Crane forward, completely ignoring Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji: …

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Chapter 100: Memories of the Past

Yuan Ji was running like a lightning bolt through the mountains in the direction that Little Princess had pointed to.

Xiang Li was startled that Yuan Ji could actually run so fast. He isn’t exaggerating about his lightless profound art.

Yuan Ji had rarely displayed his swiftness movement art to his limit because he did not want to let anyone to know his real limits and also because he rarely fled in an actual fight.

All of a sudden he saw Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue at a small clearing and there was even a large spirit crane that was near them.

He stammered as soon as he was near them, “You are both alright???”

Xue Qianxue gave him a curious look before she chuckled, “Of course we are alright or else we won’t be standing here. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Yuan Ji was stunned before he asked, “Did you see anyone else here?”

Xue Qianxue turned to look at Ling Feiyue with a perplexed look and they both answered, “No. Why should there be anyone else?”

Ling Feiyue laughed softly, “Look at you. Don’t tell me that you are lost while you are looking for us? There is nothing to panic about. We are just about to ride on this spirit crane to look for you.”

Yuan Ji turned to the giant spirit crane with a bitter look, “This crane…is it expensive?”

Xue Qianxue immediately giggled, “Not expensive. It is cheap.”

Yuan Ji had a sigh of relief, “That is good…”

Xue Qianxue raised her fingers and laughed, “In fact, it is free. Hehe!”

“Free? What do you mean?”

While Yuan Ji did not know how much a flying mount would cost but flying mounts were beyond the reach of the ordinary cultivators. Even the sect master of the Emperor Hall Sect could not afford one. Also, everyone knows that Spirit Cranes and Phoenixes can cost a leg and a hand in the cultivation fraternity.

“Why don’t you buy a phoenix then…” Yuan Ji mumbled.

Ling Feiyue giggled, “Actually we try to but they do not have one in this place. So we have to settle with a Spirit Crane. It is just 100,000 high grade spirit stones.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“I thought you say it is free?” Yuan Ji said bitterly. “Do you know I can do many things with 100,000 high grade spirit stones?”

Ling Feiyue kicked him lightly, “Why are you looking at us like this? It is not spending your money but ours! Anyway we went to the auction house and we sold some stuff for 1mil high grade spirit stones. Therefore 100k high grade spirit stones are really nothing at all!”

Yuan Ji was completely speechless, “What did you sell?”

“Did you remember that we have the empty shell of the celestial sword? We sold it for 1mil high grade spirit stones. It is a buyout by the auction house and we didn’t even need to go through the auctions.”

“That useless piece of metal is worth so much?!” Yuan Ji was stunned.

Xue Qianxue interrupted with a chuckle, “Although it may have lost its divine properties as a celestial sword but it is still a former celestial sword. There are many sword cultivators that are willing to spend a large fortune in order to comprehend the Dao of the celestial sword for a breakthrough. Moreover when we sold it there is even a wisp of a sword spirit in that sword.”

Yuan Ji was gasping with disbelief, “I should have picked that worthless piece of a metal that day. The rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer everyday…”

Ling Feiyue smiled as she took out a spatial pouch, “We have decided that you ought to receive a 30% commission since you have a share too.”

Yuan Ji grumbled, “I have already taken my fair amount of share and got a celestial sword on my own. I don’t care about that piece of scrap metal or any high grade spirit stones. Don’t insult the pride of a sword saint with spirit stones.”

“Alright then.” Ling Feiyue nodded and kept the pouch.

Yuan Ji’s rolled his eyes and his heart was hurting with various emotions as he watched Ling Feiyue kept the pouch away. Actually if you insist a little longer that I take it, I will take it…

Goodbye 300,000 high grade spirit stones…

“Yuan Ji, can you wait a little longer?” Xue Qianxue smiled.

“I have not fully contracted with this spirit beast yet. It just takes a while only. Then we can be on our way to the Eon Firmament Mountains.”

Yuan Ji nodded, “I can go over that side to take a little nap first.”

“Here, catch this!” Ling Feiyue had suddenly tossed him a spirit talisman as she winked at him. “You are going to need this to spirit bind with your spirit beast too. You can make use of the time to create a spirit bond with Xiaobai.

Yuan Ji smiled, “There is no need. We are already getting along very well together. There is no need to bind her into a spirit contract with me. Xiaobai is already following me wherever I go.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess said bitterly to herself. “I’m already bonded to you by a slave collar…”

“Moreover in the future when I have decided to sell her, it will cost a bomb to remove the spirit contract. It is better that I leave it this way. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji had quietly walked behind a thick tree as he sat down.

He was sighing heavily as he took out the memory stone. If he was not wrong about it then this memory stone contained all his humiliations. Why did the Little Princess return this to him all of a sudden?

He said to his soul sea, “Xiang Li, stay hidden and don’t come out.”

Seeing that Xiang Li did not reply, he guessed that she must be cultivating.

Actually Xiang Li already knows that he was about to check the memory stone. She was giggling silently as she stayed invisible to him. “I am so curious what it is in there.” She loves secrets and had no privacy issues about it.

With a heavy sigh, Yuan Ji began to rub the memory stone and focused his divine sense into it.

His divine sense was soon deciphering the images that were inside;

He saw a short bearded young cultivator and that was his younger self. At that time his beard was not that long and beautiful.

He seemed to be heavily drunk as he barged into a private room where a stunning maiden with a mesmerizing allure who was sitting on the table drinking all by herself. Standing around her were four other golden celestials.

The stunning maiden immediately frowned unhappily, “Who is this drunkard? Who let him in? Doesn’t the tavern owner know that we have reserved the entire tavern?”

Several stewards that were behind Ji Yuan were all scared out of their wits as they stammered for words, “Great Celestials…we try to stop him…but he is too strong for us…he seems to be a fourth realm cultivator…”

He was already banging the table but before he could bang it another time, he was seized by the four golden celestials.

“Outrageous! How dare you bang the table in front of our Little Princess?” One of the golden celestials shouted at him.

“Let your servant cripple his cultivation core!”

“I will just kill him for our Little Princess!”

He laughed, “All you young masters and young mistresses of the powerful celestial clans are all so haughty. Do you think that you can buy everything with your wealth?! Haha!”

The stunning maiden frowned lightly, “Let this crazy man go. He seems to have suffered a setback. We shouldn’t let him spoil the mood of this princess.”

“Now scram!” One of the golden celestials shouted as they released him.

But he had displayed a quick flash with his hands as he took a cup of wine and splashed it into the face of the stunning maiden, grinning drunkenly, “So what if you have four golden celestials? They are not as fast as me…”

“Arghh! Little Princess…your servants didn’t protect you well…”

The four golden celestials were all so shocked at what Ji Yuan had done that they were now beating him to the ground with their fists and kicks.

Little Princess was trembling uncontrollably because this was the first time that someone had ever dare to splash wine into her face.

Her jovial mood had suddenly soured immediately and she was staring at Ji Yuan coldly, “What is your name?”

“Ji Yuan! I will never change my name! My name is Ji Yuan! Do you have the guts to fight me one to one?”

Little Princess said coldly, “There are fates that are worse than death. Do you think that you can provoke this princess here and get away just like this? Ji Yuan, you will regret the day that you are born!”

“Let me chop him into eight pieces!” One golden celestial panicky offered.

“I will skin him alive…”

“I will boil him alive…”

“I will crack all his bones…”

The four golden celestials were panicky now. It was because if their Evil Palace Master were to know that his Little Princess was splashed with wine in her face in front of them, all of them would lose their lives. It did not matter if they were golden celestials or not. The methods of the Evil Cultivation Palace were always cruel.

Worse, they would suffer a fate that was worse than death itself!

It was not an exaggeration that they were also trembling hard now.

The only person that was not trembling was Ji Yuan.

Little Princess was full of indignant as she said coldly, “Get me ten barrels of wines. He dares to splash this princess face then I will splash him back! This princess here will make him rue the day that he was born!”

“Little Princess, we are in the territories of the righteous orthodox sects and we are traveling incognito. It is best that we keep a lower profile. I have heard that the protégés of the Mystic Profound Pavilion are nearby. Why not give him a clean death?”

“You dare to question my orders?!” Little Princess said unhappily and there was a killing malevolent air between her eyes.

The four golden celestials immediately replied, “Your subordinates dare not disobey Little Princess’ orders…”

“Then do it! Get me ten barrels of wine!”


Little Princess had soon picked him up and said coldly, “You didn’t know that we are surrounded by celestial arrays that can record your foolish acts?”

With that she had really took the ten barrels of wine and dipped one bowl after another bowl to slash it on his drunken face.

Yuan Ji was muttering as he interrupted the memory stone, “I have only splashed her once and she is splashing me so many times?! She is too petty…”

All of a sudden he had turned a little ashen, “Wait a minute here. I was the one that had provoked her? She did not capture me while I was drunk?”

He rubbed on the memory stone again…

There was only Little Princess and him alone now. He was lying on the ground and looking as drunk as ever.

Little Princess had slapped him lightly on his cheek, “I am finally appeased now. It will be better if you are not drunk so that you can witness the humiliation of getting splash into your face. But it is alright. I know who you are now. You are Ji Yuan, a core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect.”

He muttered drunkenly, “That’s right! I am Ji Yuan! The core protégé of the Orthodox Sword Sect! Come duel with me in the Five Heavens Peaks if you dare! I’m not afraid of you!”

“You are talking big! You’re just a lowly fourth realm cultivator and you are challenging a saintess? Hehe! You are courting your own death!” Little Princess was laughing heartily. “Mm, he is so funny. What did he say earlier about his background? He is a core protégé of a Sword Saint? Mm, if I lower my profound strength to the fourth realm level, I may even learn a trick or two from his sword arts.”

“On second thought, what if I have accidentally killed him? I should wait until he is a golden celestial. Cultivators below the fifth realm levels are really weak to handle…they can’t regenerate their wounds fast enough for me to torture…”

“Never mind. This princess here shall let you go. After you are back to your sect, I will show you the edited version of what happens here. Naturally the edited version shall contain the version of your humiliations and not mine. Hehe.”

As she said that, she could not resist giving him a hard kick or two.

He was suddenly aroused from the hard kicks and he was now jumping on her as he hugged her drunkenly, “Don’t leave me…that Jin Yilong is not a good guy…”

Little Princess was startled as she kicked him away with a thunderous impact, “Don’t touch me! You badass rascal…”

But before she could finish, he had flashed to her again and was hugging her again. “Please don’t leave me…”

Little Princess: …

Again she kicked him away, “I’m warning you for the last time…”

But again, he had flashed like a light to hug her again.

“This badass cultivator’s lightless profound art is too startling…where did he learn it from…” Little Princess was stunned.

Again she kicked him away and this time she had broken his ribs.

“Heh! This will teach you a lesson for ignoring my warning.”

But once again he had picked himself up and was hugging her. In his drunken state, he could feel no pain whatever so.

“I am warning you. If you don’t let me go, I shall kill you immediately.” She raised her palms forcefully in order to disable him but was soon disappointed that she could not knock him unconsciousness.

“Where are your accupoints?! Stop moving!”

“I shave off your beard if you continue to hug me like this…”

Then with a grin, she really did pick up her sword to shave off his beard forcefully.

But she was soon gasping softly after she had completely shaved off his beard, “You have such a handsome face behind your ugly beard. Only ugly men carry a beard so that they will look more handsome but not for you…your old sweetheart may not want to leave you if she knows that you got such a pretty face hehe…”

All of a sudden he was forcefully kissing her on her lips and had pinned her down.

But this time Little Princess did not resist anymore and was kissing him back.

Soon they were rolling naked on the ground and they were extremely passionate.

“Ji Yuan, from today onward, you shall accompany me till the end of times alright? Do not leave me or I will be heartbroken…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji caught the sight of her bloody undies and was gasping, “Don’t tell me that she is still a chaste maiden when I had taken her?!”

The memory stone had actually ended here.

Yuan Ji was trembling hard.

He had only remembered waking up with injuries all over and was beardless. Whenever Little Princess was around him, she would take out this memory stone to threaten him of his humiliation. But he had not expected that this memory stone actually contained the memories of her humiliation at the same time. She did not edit her humiliations out…

His only impression of that time back was that he was captured by Little Princess and was made into her dual cultivation slave, creating a dark blemish in his Great Dao.

Turn up that there were several times that Little Princess had actually wanted to let him go but he was too drunk to realize what was going on.

Come to think of that, although Little Princess was aware of his identity, she had never really come after him except for that one time when he was chased all over by the Black Hand Guild.

He had suspected a link between the Black Hand Guild and the Evil Cultivation Palace. Ling Feiyue was actually not the leader of the Black Hand Guild; she was only teasing him. She had found out from a secret source about his past history.

“Maybe it is not too late to apologize to her?” All of a sudden Yuan Ji had bolted like a lightning.

“Yuan Ji, where are you going?” the two maidens called out to him when he had suddenly sped off.

“I’ll be back shortly. I have erm…drop something.” He shouted back.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei had suddenly said to the two maidens that were behind her. “I have changed my mind. Dress her wounds well. Even though her divine sword is sharp but she is after all, a great saintess and won’t die so easily.”

“Mistress, is that alright? After all, we have spent considerable amount of time before we can nail her.”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei inhaled softly, “If she isn’t injured from fighting with the top experts of the three other major orthodox clans, we won’t have such luck. Since she is willing to keep her promise to surrender to me then I ought to be a little merciful.”

Then she muttered, “I have thought that she may attempt to kill Ji Yuan earlier. If so, she would already be dead in my hands by now.”

“Maybe it is not because she doesn’t want to kill Ji Yuan but she couldn’t kill him in her present condition!”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei said quietly, “From her eyes, she doesn’t seem to hate Ji Yuan. This, I am very sure. Quickly dress her wounds or she will surely die. Do you want me to do the work myself?”

“Yes mistress…”

When Yuan Ji had arrived at the place where he last saw Little Princess, he was disappointed that she was no longer around.

“Little Princess, where are you?!”

“Come get me?”

“Do you dare to fight me?”

With a heavy heart, he forced himself to turn back.

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Chapter 99: Who’s the Pursuers (2)

Little Princess smiled coldly at Yuan Ji, “Long time no see. So how have you been?”

Yuan Ji lied, “Yes, it has been three hundred years now.”

Actually the two of them were lying at the same time.

It was because the two of them had obviously seen each other at the broken temple that was near the Holy Maiden Peaks.

Little Princess pointed at the nine-tail silver fox, “It seems that you have a lucky occurrence lately and got yourself an extremely rare spirit beast. This nine-tail silver fox can be grinded to make some good dual cultivation profound pills.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji said coldly, “I’m warning you not to have any funny ideas on my Xiaobai! If you want to kill me today, I am afraid that you will be greatly disappointed today. Although I have just been through a tough battle but I have actually used very little of my profound strength. Moreover…”

He grinned before flashing his celestial sword, “Moreover I believe that my sword here is equaled to your cultivation strength now. Although you may be a great saintess but I am actually not afraid of you. Let me tell you something interesting. I’m now a middle-tier saint.”

“Also, I have actually learnt from the Mystic Eye Guild that you are injured. Therefore you are not in your peak, am I right?”

Little Princess inhaled softly, “You have advanced too quickly. There may be repercussions.”

Yuan Ji laughed, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m perfectly alright. In fact, you should be worrying about yourself.”

Little Princess smiled, “Do you think that you can defeat me even if I am not in my peak? What if the rumors are wrong? What if you are wrong?”

Yuan Ji grinned, “I still have several trump cards to ensure that I can defeat you…”

“And your trump card is to lure me to Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue so that the three of you can group together to fight me?” Little Princess was smiling. “What if I tell you that it is no longer possible and I have them in my hands?”

Yuan Ji was suddenly trembling, “What did you just say?! Are you joking? There are few opponents that can take the two of them down at the same time. They are both great saintesses!”

Little Princess giggled softly, “Of course not if I am fighting them with profound arts. But what if I use despicable means like my Mystic Dreams Powder, Idiotic Divine Sands and Extreme Happiness Delirium Ash? You know what I am capable of, am I right? I will say that you are only too familiar with my means. I can even conceal my golden eyes and surprise them too.”

Yuan Ji heart had grown cold instantly!

Xiang Li could feel his heart growing cold and she was cursing Little Princess in his soul sea, “You’re right. She may have a pretty face but heart is extremely venomous!”

“What do you want?” Yuan Ji said slowly.

“Now you are talking sense. What do I want?” Little Princess was humming coldly before she said icily, “Why did you tell the Celestial Orthodox Sect that Zhao Songjin is on my side? Do you know that she has now betrayed my Evil Cultivation Palace? Do you know how many protégés that I have lost?!”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “And how did you know that I am the one that tells the Celestial Orthodox Sect? I am actually not the one.”

Little Princess answered, “Obviously you tell Xue Qianxue and let her tells the Matriarch Sacred Saint. Do you want me to say it for you?”

“So you have been keeping tags on me?” Yuan Ji hummed coldly.

Ever since he had escaped from Little Princess three hundred years ago, he had noticed that there would be an unusual perfume fragrance in his sect every ten years. He had a good sense of smell and moreover, he could never forget the perfume fragrance that Little Princess had always been using. Therefore he knew that she was lying that she did not see him for a long time.

Because of her, there was a dark blemish in his Great Dao and he would get frequent nightmares that Little Princess would suddenly raid his sect overnight.

In fact, he had become increasing paranoid.

He could still vividly remember when he was captured by her, she had shaved him clean and even had his portrait drawn. This was not the only thing that had happened. She had even recorded his humiliations in a memory stone to remind him that she had a handle over him!

Then she had forced him to dual cultivate with her multiple times a day over an entire month before he managed to find a way to escape.

Yuan Ji raised his voice at her, “You have better tell me where Feiyue and Qianxue are now or don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Little Princess pointed her fingers in a direction, “Hmph! They are over there. If you hurry then you may get to see them for the very last time!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he grabbed Xiaobai, “Let’s go…”

“Wait a minute!” Little Princess said coldly as she threw a stone to him. “This thing is useless to me now. You can have it back!”

Yuan Ji was startled as he caught hold of it. This is a memory stone. Why did Little Princess give it to me? Don’t tell me that she have completely humiliated Feiyue and Qianxue, forcing them to dual cultivate with someone else and recorded it in this memory stone?! She is too wicked!

But he did not have the time to ponder and he hastily headed in the direction that Little Princess had pointed to.

In his arms were ‘Xiaobai’.

The Abyssal Null Goddess could feel the warmth of Yuan Ji’s hands on her bosoms again. She was looking confused ever since earlier when Yuan Ji had grabbed her to run along with him. At first she had been struggling because his dirty hands had been too rude.

But now she no longer struggled. Protect me, you say? I don’t need you to protect me once I have my profound strength back. But since you are so rude to me, I consider it your debt to protect me until I have fully regained my profound strength…

After Yuan Ji was gone, Little Princess bit her lips and said coldly, “Ji Yuan! I hate you!”

Her mind had flashback to when Ji Yuan had just escaped from her and she had specially made a trip to the Five Heavens Peaks to see him. Then she had seen the Saintess Yuluo with him and they were quite intimate…

In her rage, she sent a message to Saintess Yuluo’s father, Sect Master Jian Kang and told him that her adulterous daughter was now with someone else. She really did not mince her slanderous words in that message.

Many years later when Ji Yuan had become a sword saint, she had even auctioned off his portrait to put a damper into his spirits.

Slowly she had turned around as a veiled maiden in blue who was accompanied by two lovely maidens were seen approaching her.

Little Princess hummed coldly, “Saintess Fang Zhenfei, why did you have to go against my Evil Cultivation Palace? Do you know that my father will surely avenge me? And my two brothers will soon exit their cultivation reclusion. They are all above me!”

As she said that, there was a drool of golden blood at the side of her small lips. She had actually been seriously injured and she was only suppressing until now.

Saintess Fang Zhenfei said nonchalantly, “I have fulfilled your last wish to see Ji Yuan. Now it is time for you to fulfill your promise to me.”

Little Princess smiled bitterly, “I don’t understand how you can manage to track him down so easily. I have thought that I may have several more weeks to live.”

“And I don’t understand why you have to frame him even when you are dying.” Saintess Fang Zhenfei said coldly. “If I know that you will do something like this, I will not fulfill your last wish.”

Little Princess chuckled weakly, “They are just unlucky to meet me here. I may as well send these righteous cultivators to their deaths.”

Then she added with a melancholy sigh, “You won’t understand. I want him to curse me daily. Got it?”

Saintess Fang Zhenfei hummed, “So do you want me to end your life or you will do it yourself?”

“I shall not bother you!” Little Princess had unsheathed her divine sword and flashed it on her throat.

With a soft slump on the ground, she had succumbed onto the ground and her golden blood was spilled from her neck.

The fluttering blue skirt of Saintess Fang Zhenfei could be seen in front of her before her eyes had closed…

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Chapter 98: Who’s the Pursuers (1)

Yuan Ji had quickly run out of the city to the mountains outside. With his light profound arts, he did not even need to go through the gates but he had scaled the tall city walls in a few blinks of an eye.

“What the heck! His lightless skill is insane…”

“This is not real…”

Even some of the golden celestials were dumbfounded by his lightless skill display.

Yuan Ji had always been renowned for his lightless profound art. There were almost no places that he could not get into or considered too difficult for him to reach.

Soon there were only a few dozen pursuers that were still following Yuan Ji and they were mostly golden celestials. None of the pursuers that were still following Yuan Ji were weak in their lightless profound art or profound strength.

Yuan Ji soon found himself in a rugged forest that was surrounded by tall cliffs all around him. He had reached the dead end now!

Saint Wu Saint roared with laughter, “He has run into a dead end. Now he is finished!”

“Indeed he is!” a nonchalant voice said.

Saint Wu Saint turned to his back and saw that it was spoken by a handsome golden celestial in white robe.

When he saw him, he was smiling immediately. “I wonder who it is. So it is the Eldest Young Master, Saint Zhan Long of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan.”

Many of the cultivators were now muttering when they had heard that it was Eldest Young Master Zhan Long of the Great Inevitable Divine Clan!

It was because the Great Inevitable Divine Clan was one of the seven major orthodox clans and it was also the most powerful of them all!

Naturally Eldest Young Master Zhan Long invoked awe and admiration immediately. Moreover he was also a middle tier saint!

Yuan Ji raised an eyebrow as he looked in the direction of Eldest Young Master Zhan Long with a grin. All in all, he saw that he was being surrounded by more than thirty golden celestials and a hundred low level cultivators that were mostly fourth realm cultivators.

Actually fourth realm cultivators were not low level cultivators and were the main fighting group in the celestial fraternity. But to the golden celestials including Yuan Ji, they were low level cultivators.

In turn, the fourth realm cultivators had thought of themselves as high level cultivators and those beneath them as low level cultivators.

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long had several golden celestials with him and he was smiling, “Elder Wu Heng. Long time no see. I have heard that there is a protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect earlier so I am also giving chase. Judging from his lightless profound art, he isn’t weak at all.”

Saint Wu Heng was smiling, “There is no better help than having Eldest Young Master Zhan Long here to nail him down. I actually don’t care about the rewards on him. I only want his nine-tail spirit fox.”

“Haha. Is that so? So am I actually.” Eldest Young Master Zhan Long chuckled softly.

Saint Wu Heng: …

Saint Wu Heng forced out a weak smile, “In that case, I will be happy to give the nine-tail silver fox to Eldest Young Master Zhan Long. This is just a gesture of our future friendship.”

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long laughed as he bowed with his hands, “In that case, I will be happy to make a friend out of you then. Haha.”

Saint Wu Heng was soon laughing. He was actually thinking that he should not try to anger Eldest Young Master Zhan Long because he was going to be the future sect master of the powerful Great Inevitable Divine Clan. It was better to make a friend out of him instead. Moreover Eldest Young Master Zhan Long was a middle tier saint while he was only an initial tier saint.

Actually the other golden celestials that were presented had also wanted the nine-tail silver fox for themselves but when they had heard that Saint Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long had both wanted the spirit fox for themselves, they immediately dropped the lofty idea of obtaining it.

Yuan Ji was actually watching them as they chatted. It was as though they were treating him as an invisible person!

He really did not know whether to laugh or cry because he was the master of Xiaobai and no one had thought of asking him for his opinion.

Xiang Li was giggling, “That is because you can’t escape anymore and they can take away your life at any moment. So, are you afraid?”

Actually Xiang Li did not need to ask Yuan Ji about his state of emotions after she had merged with his soul sea. She could actually feel all his little emotions as they were linked as one now.

“Afraid?” Yuan Ji was laughing to Xiang Li in his soul sea. “Not a chance!”

Saint Wu Heng had now turned to Yuan Li to say, “I am Saint Wu Heng, initial mortal-step saint, Elder of the Burning Heavens Pavilion!”

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long laughed as he introduced himself, “Saint Zhan Long, middle mortal-step saint…”

“Eldest Young Master Zhan Long is a middle tier saint…”

One by one, all the thirty golden celestials were all reporting their cultivation realm levels and their tier grades.




This was actually a formality before a death duel and everyone was giving a slow introduction of themselves. It was because in their eyes, this hated protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was as good as dead!

After Yuan Ji had heard their introductions, he gave Xiaobai a few rounds of warm pat before he put her down gently. “Go to one side and don’t get hurt.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess reluctantly gave him a forlorn look before moving aside. Are you really going to fight all of them alone?

Yuan Ji grinned as he looked at all his opponents, “Do you know why I have lured all of you out of the city? It is because I don’t want to hurt the innocents and I’m afraid that my Xiaobai will be hurt in the process.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess was startled. He is afraid that I may get hurt?

“Haha, he is talking big now.”

“He is full of bull shits…haha…”

“I bet that this is his last face saving measure before he dies…”

Even Saint Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long were smiling coldly.

With Eldest Young Master Zhan Long who was almost an unkillable middle saint here, no one believes that this ‘Li Yuan’ would survive.

Yuan Ji added, “Actually I’m not Li Yuan and I am not from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect…”

Saint Wu Heng interrupted him, “Do you think that it is actually meaningful to wriggle yourself out of this situation now? Save your explaining and draw your sword like a real blood and iron man!”

Yuan Ji grinned, “I didn’t say that I didn’t want to fight.”

When he had said that, he had unsheathed his divine sword.

When everyone saw his divine sword, there was a silent damper in their blood curling hearts. In fact their earlier excitements had become a light tremble for some of them.

It was because their divine senses had told them that this was a celestial grade divine sword!

In short this was a half-step celestial sword to be more exact.

But it was enough to command awe because even a half-step celestial sword was better than the best heaven-step divine sword by several notches!

Saint Wu Heng had suddenly gulped as he looked at his half-step divine sword.

With Eldest Young Master Zhan Long looked at his heaven-step divine sword and had suddenly felt a lack of luster in his sword.

Slowly he said to Saint Wu Heng, “I’ve changed my mind. I will let you have the nine-tail silver fox and I will take his sword!”

Saint Wu Heng was delighted as he quickly answered, “Deal!”

Yuan Ji laughed softly, “I haven’t introduced myself yet and you’re already thinking of sharing my loot.”

Saint Wu Heng laughed, “We already know who you are. Li Yuan, fifth realm golden celestial of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. There is no need to tell us your cultivation tier because we are not interested.”

Now a cultivation tier consisted of the grade and step combined.

“Sword Saint Ji Yuan, seventh realm middle mortal-step golden saint of the Orthodox Sword Sect.” Yuan Ji purposely reported his name and cultivation realm to the fullest.

This totally smirked of sheer conceit if one was to report their cultivation realm in such a lengthy manner.

But at this moment none of the cultivators including Eldest Young Master Zhan Long was smiling. In fact many of the fifth realm golden celestials and the low level cultivators were taking slow steps to the back.

One cultivator managed to stammer out. “He is the Sword Demon Ji Yuan…and he had killed…Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo…”

“Isn’t Saintess Jian Yuluo a middle-tier saintess?”

“She is…I have heard that she is a peaked middle saintess too…”

“And she died fighting him?”

Saint Wu Heng had quietly turned to the cultivators that were behind him as he asked politely, “How many other saints do we have in our company?”

He was not paying attention to the introduction earlier as he had been staring coldly at Yuan Ji to unnerve him.

“One, two…three…”

Saint Wu Heng laughed aloud, “We have five saints here. So what are we afraid of? This is a pure massacre!”

“Actually I am only a half-step saint. I had my breakthrough a year ago and have only regained my profound strength to the sixth realm level…”

“I’m also a half-step saint. My profound strength is only regained at the fifth realm level. Sure I can forcefully raise my profound strength to the seventh level but I will be screwed for a long time and even my cultivation base will be affected…”

Half-step saints were still seventh realm saints. They could burn their spiritual force to temporary raised their profound strength to the seventh realm level but they would suffer a backlash.

When Yuan Ji had killed Elder Hai Guotian while saving Shangguan Yan, he had forcefully raised his profound strength realm level to the fifth realm and suffered a minor backlash. Although he could raise his profound strength realm level to the seventh realm but he was more calculating and did not want a major repercussion. That was why he had only raised it to the just nice level to kill Elder Hai Guotian.

Saint Wu Heng was exasperated, “What the heck is this? We actually have two half-step saints here?! Why do we have half-step saints roaming the streets instead of in their cultivation chambers?”

When he had said that, a third of the golden celestials were sheepish even though they were not saints. It was because they all had their own recent breakthroughs at various stages. And they were all cursing Saint Wu Heng, “We are not as rich as you. That’s why it takes us longer…”

Elder Wu Heng hummed coldly, “Never mind. We can all depend on Eldest Young Master Zhan Long here. Haha.”

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long: …

“Actually there is nothing to be afraid of. Go get him now. I will further increase his body part rewards by 100 times!” Eldest Young Master Zhan Long said coldly. “Kill him!”

When everyone had heard him, they were all highly motivated and had all began to charge toward Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji grinned as he swung his sword forward and immediately a wave of sword energy like a coiling dragon was displayed in front of him!

This was the new profound art that he had created with Ling Feiyue!

Immediately several of the cultivators were completely demolished by his sword energy wave.

Yuan Ji grinned as he had flashed forward to a half-step saint and a golden supremacy, “Want to try my sword stroke?”

With a single wave of his sword stroke, he had sent the saint and the golden supremacy to crash onto the ground with a thunderous impact!

It was only then that everyone could see that Yuan Ji’s divine sword had a double halo that indicated that he had perfectly harmonize with his divine sword!

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long was startled. It was because he had not even divine harmony with his sword yet. But he quickly composed himself to rally to everyone, “Ji Yuan doesn’t have any powerful profound arts. He is a pure sword cultivator. Moreover he is using a celestial sword. The drain to his profound strength will be heavy. Very soon, he will be completely exhausted by us.”

As he said that, he had suddenly noticed half of the original one hundred plus had all fallen in a blink of an eye. All of them were crushed by a single sword stroke by Ji Yuan!

When cultivators fought with their profound arts, profound strength was not the only factor. Profound strength was a necessary factor in using powerful profound arts that produce profound power.

When two swords were clashing against each other, the profound power produced will determine if one side had the ‘superior strength’. And this ‘superior strength’ was a mixture of profound strength and power.

Weaker cultivators could actually still overcome a stronger cultivator by using a powerful profound art at the expense of using more profound strength to generate the profound power to fight a stronger cultivator evenly. However they would still lose if they still could not be able to gain advantage because their drain of profound strength would be much greater than their opponents.

When there was a profound power disparity of 30%, an opponent would be forced to take a small step back, taking another step backward for every additional profound power disparity.

When profound power disparity of 100% occurs, opponents would be knocked back and even if the attack was parried, they would still lose additional profound strength during the exchange.

When profound power disparity of 200% occurs, a crushing blow would occur, causing the opponents to be in a state of defenseless unless the differences in profound power would be matched.

Right now, Yuan Ji was swinging his sword and almost all the cultivators were totally crashed by his profound power with a single hit!

When he had displayed his sword energies, even golden celestials were flying left and right with no defenses to speak of.

It was because swords could aid the profound power that was produced and sword energies had more profound power at the cost of profound strength!

Even though Yuan Ji did not have any divine profound arts that could produce powerful profound power but he got a celestial sword that could enhance his profound strength into profound power. Moreover, he had also divine harmony with his sword and the profound power that could be produced was also much greater!

Usually a power difference of 100% is enough to send fear to the opponents. Now many of the cultivators were witnessing a power difference of 200% to 300%.

“Too strong!”

“He not only has a divine sword but this is a celestial grade…”

“He is a middle tier saint too!…”

“And a sword saint…”

“He is too unstoppable…”

“I don’t want to die…”

“My profound aura is like air against him…”

“He is a beast…”

“Don’t kill me please…”

“I am only a lowly peak golden supremacy with a precious sword and no divine arts. Please have mercy on this good-for-nothing poor cultivator…”

“I still have my family to feed…”

Suddenly all the celestial clans other than the groups from the Burning Heavens Pavilion and the Great Inevitable Divine Clan had all fled the scene…

Sword Saint Ji Yuan was too OP for them to handle…

Many of the cultivators were now breaking ranks and fleeing!

And the battle did not even last for ten blinks of an eye for this to happen.

Saint Wu Heng had raised his sword as he displayed the Burning Heavens Sword Art, a sword art that could enhance his sword strokes by 100% profound power at a cost of a lot of profound strength.

As for the rest of his group, they had also displayed the Burning Heavens Sword Arts but because they were at a lower mastery than Saint Wu Heng, they could only manage to produce 30-70% profound power of what Saint Wu Heng could handle.

As for Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and his group, they were all displaying their epitome profound arts against Ji Yuan.

Together Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and Saint Wu Heng were at the front line now as they led their fighting group against a lone Yuan Ji.

Naturally with two saints joining hands together, Yuan Ji was now forced to redistribute his profound power more evenly into his sword strokes and the earlier crashing defeats of the cultivators had quickly vanished.

Although they had stabilized the situation but Yuan Ji was still moving through their ranks like an unstoppable fighter and he was still felling cultivators left and right.

Saint Wu Heng had already received several stabs by Yuan Ji. If he was not a saint then he would already be cut down by him.

Even Eldest Young Master Zhan Long had also received several bloody wounds.

It was because all the cultivators had suddenly discovered one fact; whether it was attacking speed, profound strength, profound power and recovery, none of them could compare with him.

Their wolf-pack tactics did not seem to work on Yuan Ji at all!

It was because Yuan Ji’s sword arts cost little to his profound strength and he had a startling recovery rate. Moreover he was extremely precise in his attacks that he was drawing blood with almost every attack against the weaker cultivators.

To fight Yuan Ji to say the least, was extremely demoralizing.

Soon even Saint Wu Heng had fallen to the ground, exhausted by his powerful sword art and exhausted from his fight with Yuan Ji.

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long was forced to eat mud on the ground after Saint Wu Heng had dropped to the ground.

He was left to mutter almost incoherent, “This is impossible…we are both middle-tier saints. Why is he…so much stronger than me…is it because of the sword that is in his hands…”

Today they had finally realized how strong a Sword Saint was.

And Yuan Ji was still looking as fresh as ever and he was not even injured.

In the entire battle, Yuan Ji flashed little of his defensive golden profound animus. It was because he did not need it if his opponents could not hit him. As long as his opponents could not overpower him, he could focus all his profound strength into his attacks.

He did use his golden profound animus occasionally during the battle but it was not to defend against attacks or to narrow down the profound power disparity but to use his profound animus to move faster so that he got more room to execute his sword strokes.

Yuan Ji had a look of disappointment as he grinned at Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and Saint Wu Heng, “At first I was a little worried that I may see a divine profound art or two. Turn up that the two of you are only sword cultivators.”

Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and Saint Wu Heng were trembling as they lay flat on the ground, “Sword Saint Ji Yuan, please have mercy on us…we promise you we won’t hunt you ever again…please let us go…”

“So I am a Sword Saint now and not a Sword Demon?” Yuan Ji mocked them sarcastically.

He waved his sword before saying coldly to them, “Go before I change my mind.”

Saint Wu Heng, Eldest Young Master Zhan Long and many others quickly mustered whatever little strength that they could muster to make their hasty retreat.

As Yuan Ji was about to walk away, he saw a female cultivator that was being left behind by Saint Wu Heng. He had of course recognized this lovely golden celestial.

She was limping slowly away. But instead of being afraid of him, she was smiling to him. “So you are Ji Yuan. You are indeed as dashing as the rumors have said. You look good without your beard. I’m Mu Wan’Er.” Then with a bashful look, she limped away.

All of a sudden there was a terrifying scream in front that shook the entire mountains.

Yuan Ji was startled as he quickly flashed forward to take a look.

He had only appeared in the vicinity when he saw the dead body of Saint Wu Heng and Eldest Young Master Zhan Long.

In front of him was an alluring maiden that was extremely enchanting to the eyes. However when Yuan Ji had caught the sight of her face, he had immediately turned ashen.

It was because she was Little Princess!

And right now Little Princess was saying to the rest of the survivors, “It is all thanks to Ji Yuan that I have managed to lure the top experts from the two major orthodox clans out of the city. Now scram!”

All the surviving cultivators were scared out of their wits as they bolted immediately!

Little Princess had now turned to look at Yuan Ji with an enchanting smile, “I have finally found you at long time.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Can’t you fight me fair and square? Do you have to frame me up?”

“Why are you so afraid of her?” Xiang Li was asking curiously.

“It is because she is a most venomous maiden and a dark blemish in my Great Dao…”

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Chapter 97: Amber Frost City

Two weeks later, Yuan Ji was in the nearest city with his two beloved consorts and his nine-tail silver fox spirit beast. He had no idea where he was and only learnt that this city was called the Amber Frost City and upon arrival, he learnt that it was a city with more than a hundred powerful influences.

For the past two weeks, he was actually getting quite anxious that he had not found any settlement yet.

Two weeks may not be a long time but in two weeks they had actually traveled more than a thousand miles from the unknown ancient tomb!

As saints, they had startling recovery and vital breath cycle. Therefore they could travel ten times faster than a fourth realm cultivator and they did not even need to rest or sleep for the past two weeks.

Cities and towns were actually very rare in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity so it took them quite a while to find one. Most cities were actually trading cities with hundreds of influences. Naturally, in every city, the seven major orthodox clans also had a branch.

When they had arrived inside the city, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were causing heads to turn in their direction. Although they were wearing a veiled hat that covered their entire face but they were exuding an enticing demeanor that was causing everyone to look into their direction.

Moreover Yuan Ji was actually a dashing man plus he had an extremely rare spirit beast that was following him.

It was impossible for his group not to attract any attention at all.

“Yuan Ji, we are going to purchase two flying mounts. Do you want one too?” The two maidens had said to him. For the past two weeks, they were slowly learning to call him Yuan Ji instead of Ji Yuan.

“Buy a bigger winged mount that can take the three of us. There is no need to spend extra spirit stones on an extra mount.” He rebuked them lightly. These two maidens were spending spirit stones like water.


Yuan Ji said to them, “Wait for the two of you outside the city. In the meantime I will be paying the guild of the Mystic Eye Sect a visit first to purchase some information and picking up the current gossips. I will look for you shortly.”

He paused before saying, “And be careful.”

As the two maidens walked off, they were giggling and whispering out of earshot from Yuan Ji.

“He didn’t even know that bigger flying mounts are several times more expensive than a normal size flying mount…”

“Bet that he didn’t know how to ride a flying mount…”

“How come?”

“Cos he is too poor…”


Yuan Ji naturally did not know that the two maidens were talking behind his back. He was admiring their beautiful backs as he looked dreamily in their direction. “I have such good consorts. Moreover they are also great saintesses. Right now, they must be praising me behind my back. Haha.”

“But I have only less than two weeks to be with them…” He sighed softly.

“Then you ought to make the full use of your time and bang them often.” Xiang Li chuckled inside his soul sea.

Yuan Ji frowned, “If you are not around then I will probably be more active.”

Yuan Ji had quickly finished his business in the Mystic Eye Guild, an information branch of the Mystic Eye Sect and it turned out that he did not need to pay a lot for the latest gossips. It was because it was the talking point of the city and the entire fraternity.

The Celestial Orthodox Sect had suddenly executed three saintesses, six supremacies, a dozen golden celestials and countless ordinary protégés for being a mole for the Evil Cultivation Palace. This news shook the entire Orthodox Fraternity and surprised many that the Celestial Orthodox Sect would be so heavily infiltrated by the Evil Cultivation Palace. 

That was not the end.

The Celestial Orthodox Sect, the Profound Heaven Manor, Mystic Profound Pavilion and the Burning Heavens Pavilion had joined hands recently as they wiped out three major bases of the Evil Cultivation Palace!

Even Little Princess of the Evil Cultivation Palace was said to be seriously injured during the latest battle.

This was a major setback for the influence of the Evil Cultivation Palace!

“How did the secret bases of the Evil Cultivation Palace be found out so easily?” Yuan Ji wondered. “Zhao Songjin is now the new Sacred Maiden. She is the biggest mole and yet she is alright? This is indeed very weird.”

He had also learnt that Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue were also the talking point.

Ling Feiyue had been declared a common enemy of the Orthodox Fraternity and an expedition was now being organized to attack the Spirit Blue Moon Sect by the Six Major Orthodox Clans. The only major orthodox clan that was missing was the Saintess Fang Zhenfei’s Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect.

The charges that were trumped against Ling Feiyue were that she had openly attacked the Seven Major Orthodox Clans and had even disrupted the Sacred Maiden Ceremony by kidnapping Xue Qianxue.

For her open challenge, this had become a blood feud and punitive actions had to be taken against the Spirit Blue Moon Sect.

“Weird. Didn’t I meet the sect masters of the Profound Heaven Manor and the Mystic Profound Pavilion not too long ago? I’m sure that they are aware that Qianxue is following Feiyue on her own free will.”

“What? Ling Feiyue’s Blue Moon Sect is actually conspiring with the Evil Cultivation Palace to destroy the Seven Major Orthodox Clans. This is too ridiculous.”

“Xue Qianxue may be under the cultivation spell of the Evil Cultivation Palace and the heretic cultivators…”

Yuan Ji was left to shake his head furiously. “These people really know how to create false charges and their face saving measures.”

The Celestial Orthodox Sect did not dare to declare Xue Qianxue as a traitor because they want to have some face-saving measures. Therefore framing the Evil Cultivation Palace and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect was the most logical option.

In this way, they could also preserve a chance that they may be able to persuade Xue Qianxue to return to the Celestial Orthodox Sect too.

“Sword Saint Ji Yuan is now Sword Demon Ji Yuan. He had killed Third Young Master Jian Menghao, Sword Saintess Jian Yuluo, Young Mistress Jin Yuyun and many other golden celestials two weeks ago…he had gone missing for a hundred years but had recently been discovered to be a cultivation slave of the Evil Cultivation Palace…what the heck is this!”

As Yuan Ji was pondering over the many gossips on the information slips that he had purchased from the Mystic Eye Guild on the streets, there was a loud shout behind his back. “This is the person with the nine-tail silver fox!”

“Hero! Please wait! Please sell me your nine-tail silver fox! I can offer you a good price!”

He turned around to see a group of five golden celestials and dozens of cultivators that were approaching him hastily.

The golden celestial that was shouting to him had suddenly halted his steps because he had suddenly recognized Yuan Ji.

“It is you!!!” the golden celestial was flushed with rage when he saw Yuan Ji.

“You are Li Yuan!” the golden celestial was actually Saint Wu Heng from Burning Heavens Pavilion.

The other four golden celestials, including a female cultivator seemed to have recognized him too and they were looking quite startled to see him. These golden celestials were all at the lightning trial with Saint Wu Heng that day, so naturally they had all recognized him.

The female golden celestial gasped with with pleasant surprise, “It is him…”

Yuan Ji looked at Saint Wu Heng with a weak smile, “You are not dead yet?”

He had met Saint Wu Heng and his group in the Lotus Sword Mansion Trials. To be exact, during the Fourth Trial while he was taking the Lightning Trials. He had not expected to meet them again so soon.

Saint Wu Heng hummed coldly, “Do you really think a saint can be so easily be killed? Although I am not dead yet but two of my juniors had died because of you!”

Yuan Ji grinned, “So what do you want?”

Saint Wu Heng smiled coldly, “However I have quite a forgiving nature. If you leave behind your nine-tail silver fox then I can consider our feuds to be cancelled. What do you think?”

“What if I don’t? You want to rob me or attack me in public?” Yuan Ji was quite amused.

According to the rules of the Orthodox Fraternity, no one could be hold accountable for actions that were conducted during a trial. This was the unspoken iron rule for thousands of years.

Moreover Yuan Ji did not attack Saint Wu Heng’s juniors directly. Therefore there was no way he could be hold accountable for it.

So even if he did not want to sell his nine-tail silver fox, there was nothing that Saint Wu Heng could do to him.

In public, Saint Wu Heng and his group would not dare to gang up to attack or rob him. After all, this was the Orthodox Fraternity!

Saint Wu Heng was smiling coldly, “Li Yuan, have you forgotten that this is the Orthodox Fraternity? How dare an unorthodox cultivator like you dare to be so bold here.”

Yuan Ji grinned back, “Why shouldn’t I be so bold? There is no rule that states that an unorthodox cultivator cannot roam the streets of the Orthodox Fraternity. Haha.”

“Although there is no such rule but you’re from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and the Spirit Blue Moon Sect has just been declared an enemy to be exterminated on sight by the orthodox clans.” When Saint Wu Heng had said that, he and his group had suddenly all drawn out their swords.

Yuan Ji was stunned.

He had completely forgotten that he had reported his celestial clan of origin as the Spirit Blue Moon Sect as payback to Ling Feiyue…

If he knows that the Spirit Blue Moon Sect would be declared an enemy of all the orthodox clans then he would never have pretended that he was from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect. He really did not expect that Ling Feiyue would be so bold despite her gentle demeanor.

Of all the thousands of celestial clans, why did he have to choose the Spirit Blue Moon Sect and to frame Ling Feiyue that day?

Unfortunately in this world, there is no medicine for regrets.

He had thought that he was being very smart back then and now it had backfired on him…

Now they were free to rob him…

Saint Wu Heng shouted loudly to everyone in the streets, “He is Li Yuan and he is from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect!”

When he had announced that Yuan Ji was from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect, almost everyone had unsheathed their swords at the same time.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji saw that there were hundreds of angry stares in his direction.

“There is a handsome bounty for each protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect that is killed…”

“If he is a golden celestial then he is worth a thousand high grade spirit stones…”

“Is he one of the golden celestials that had stormed the Celestial Orthodox Sect with Ling Feiyue?”

“We will also get rewards according to the body parts too…”

“Everyone! Get him!”

Xiang Li was frowning in Yuan Ji’s soul sea, “You’re from the Spirit Blue Moon Sect?”

Yuan Ji replied bitterly to her, “That is before I have met you.”

Even the Abyssal Null Goddess was thinking miserably. My master does not look like he is popular with these people. And I have to protect him?

Yuan Ji laughed aloud, “So the whole lot of you wants to fight with me? Then come on! I’m not afraid of you…”

“What brave words…” everyone was saying when they had heard him.

All of a sudden Yuan Ji had grabbed Xiaobai in his arms and he had displayed his lightless profound art when he had challenged everyone halfway. In a blink of an eye, he had turned around and was swiftly running away.

“He…has run away?”

“He runs…”

“Too shameless!”

“What are you all waiting for? Go after him!” Saint Wu Heng shouted to everyone as he disappeared in a blink of an eye to chase after this ‘Li Yuan’.

Everyone was all chasing Yuan Ji and as they chased him, they were shouting to the rest. “There is a protégé of the Spirit Blue Moon Sect here! Kill him!”

Xiang Li was stunned, “I thought that you have the undying fighting spirit? Why are you running away?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “Did I run? I’m fighting for my life now.”

Xiang Li: …

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Chapter 96: The Battle with the Goddesses

“I’ve got nothing that Jiajia wants from me. I am only a poor cultivator. It doesn’t make any sense for her to play with my feelings. And I can feel her heart for me.”

With that Yuan Ji had laughed off the two maidens’ words of caution for him.

The Abyssal Null Goddess had naturally heard their conversations. This Jiajia must be a great enemy of this insufferable man. An enemy of my enemy is my ally. I can make use of this Jiajia to get rid of him…

When she had thought of this, she was laughing delightfully.

But her heart was soon despondent. It was because she had remembered how this insufferable man had forced her to sleep with him for the past few days and he was even using her as a pillow. Not a hugging pillow but a head pillow.

This was not the end of her humiliations; he had even force her to bath with him, used her fur as a wiping towel and caused her pure eyes to witness him in his naked vanity glory.

And she was being forced to love him like a family!

She was weeping bitter tears now!

Yuan Ji saw the watery eyes of Xiaobai and he was smiling, “This poor spirit beast is always looking at me with great emotion. She must be so touched that I’ve been showering her with so much love in the past few days. Come to think of that, her fur is really so comfortable that I feel that I am actually hugging a maiden. Haha. Now even my insomnia is solved. It will be such a pity to sell her away…”

He reached out to pat her head, “Xiaobai, why are you so cute. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The ancient tomb still had plenty of hidden chambers and unexplored passages. Except for the profound pills that they had found, at which they completely looted, most of the spirit plants were still intact in the garden chamber.

It was because Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue or Ling Feiyue did not have the heart to loot the garden clean. After all, these spirit plants had taken thousands of years to grow. Moreover they did not have a spatial garden with them nor were they knowledgeable in celestial herbs or alchemy.

Therefore they had only taken what was necessary and recognizable.

At long last, they had almost gathered what was necessary for them to continue their way.

Yuan Ji laughed, “We are almost done. We can now leave this place now.”

“Alas! This is so exhausting!” Xue Qianxue giggled.

“Ji Yuan…Yuan Ji…” Ling Feiyue rebuked him lightly, “Please don’t depend on these replenishing profound pills often. They are not good for your cultivation. In fact, it is harmful.”

“I know, I know.” Yuan Ji grinned.

Xue Qianxue nodded and was sighing at him. In fact she was giving him a pitiful look.

This caused Yuan Ji to return an awkward smile.

Of course he knew that replenishing profound pills were harmful to cultivation. This was a fact that all the cultivators know. That was why replenishing profound pills were not as expensive as cultivation profound pills.

Replenishing profound pills and cultivation profound pills actually could not be used at the same time. It was because replenishing profound pills actually consumed the vital profound strength of the cultivator to gain profound strength, preventing the actual growth of the soul sea. In some cases, it may even cause the cultivation strength of the cultivators to shrink.

That was why the two maidens were warning him of the consequences.

Usually the most talented cultivators would only use cultivation profound pills and only in the most extreme cases like during a breakthrough or battle, they would force to consume a replenishing profound pill. It was because these talented cultivators were all trying to compete with one another to be the youngest high level cultivators. That was why they were extremely reluctant to use replenishing profound pills to regain their strength.

Yuan Ji could not afford the high grade spirit stones and therefore he could only depend on the replenishing profound pills. He was secretly lamenting, “These rich cultivators don’t understand…I am not competing with anyone therefore I am in no hurry to reduce my cultivation time. What the point of shaving off a few years or even tens of years of cultivation when I can now live for thousands of years now?”

After overcoming the Nine-Stage Purple Lightning Tribulation, Yuan Ji’s life-span had now increased a startling nine thousand years. He now had the life span of a great saint, even more so than most great saints because most of them had only overcome the Three-Stage Silver Lightning Tribulation.

He was not joking when he had said that he now got all the time in the world and he was going to outlive most of the celestial cultivators.

Yuan Ji was now laughing as he looked lecherously at Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.

He said, “Shall we have a battle here before we go?”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes shyly, “My lord, this isn’t such a good idea…”

“Why is it not a good idea?” He asked.

“We’re in an ancient tomb. We will only be desecrating this place and moreover your Yuxian is also here…” she was stammering all of a sudden.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly as she continued for Xue Qianxue, “And moreover, we are not the only ones around here.”

“There are others around here?” Yuan Ji was startled. “Who?” He turned to look at Xiaobai, “But she is only a spirit beast.”

Xue Qianxue said shyly, “Not her…”

“Oh, you mean Xiang Li?” Yuan Ji laughed. “She can’t hear us or see us. I have already shut off all her sense.”

“Really?” Ling Feiyue hesitated.

Yuan Ji replied sheepishly, “Spirit entities do not lie. That is what you have said.” He had actually questioned Xiang Li on this and her reply was, “This lie is actually spread by the other spirit entities.”

But Xiang Li had promised him that she would only watch and pretended that she was never in the known.

Ling Feiyue nodded slowly…

Yuan Ji pretended to call out for Xiang Li, “Xiang Li! Xiang Li!”

“Look, she isn’t even replying.”

Xiang Li had already popped out of his soul sea and was giggling eagerly, “That is right. I am totally invisible.”

Xue Qianxue was still hesitating, “But it is too disrespectful to do it here…”

Even Ling Feiyue was agreeing, “That is right…”

But Yuan Ji could not take no for an answer and he was already touching them and kissing them. Before long, they were all rolling on the grassy garden.

Actually Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue did not have a strong refusal. Once Yuan Ji had begun to kiss them, all their defenses were broken down and they quickly submitted to him.

Soon, they had all stripped naked and were battling furiously.

Xiang Li was giggling, “This is too sinful…but I love it…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess was also watching intently, “Yes! This is his perfect humiliation. I am watching his humiliation right now…”

But in secretly she was flushing deeply but yet the same time she was unable to pull her eyes away. It was because Yuan Ji was too dashing and the two maidens were too beautiful.

“I am actually observing his weakness so that I can use it against him in the future…”

For many hours Yuan Ji, Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue had battled furiously against one another while they muttered sweet nothings.

“Ji Yuan…Yuan Ji, you are leading us astray…”

“I feel that our pureness is already tainted by you…”

“Don’t think too much. The two of you are my consorts…”

“I don’t care but you are forbidden to go to the brothels in the future…”

“Haha. With the two of you with me, do I even need to go to the brothel?”

For as many hours as they had battled, Xiang Li was glued to their battle. “This is too intense…if only I have a physical body…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess stared at them as she moaned softly, “How can they produce such soul snatching moaning?” Suddenly her silver fur was becoming too hot for her to bear.

Xiang Li had suddenly noticed that Xiaobai seemed to be in the heat, “Even Xiaobai can’t stand it. Hehehe…this is really too sinful and delicious to my eyes…”

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Chapter 95: Tomb Raiding

Yuan Ji said to Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, “We have lost our flying mount now. If we stay here to cultivate then we may not be able to reach the Lofty World End Peak on time. Also, I will like to return to the Emperor Hall Sect first.”

The two maidens had no issue with this decision.

However Xue Qianxue said, “Ji Yuan, can we go to the Eon Firmament Mountains first? Let’s pay a visit to Diviner Mo Ming first alright?”

Yuan Ji had heard of Diviner Mo Ming before. He was supposed to be a great celestial that was closest to heavens’ secrets and was also a great saint. Diviner and Great Saint Mo Ming was extremely ancient and he secluded himself at the Eon Firmament Mountains.

Over the years, there were many that tried to visit him to ask about the heavens’ secret and he had turned many away. The reason why there were so many celestials that were always visiting him was because his divination was extremely accurate and hence he was also called Diviner Mo Ming.

There were two conditions before one could meet him. One was that they must have the ‘fate’ and the other one was that they must be able to pay a hefty price in cultivation resources.

“I have heard of his renown too…” Ling Feiyue muttered. “It is really hard to request an audience with him. He doesn’t just see anyone.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “Feiyue is right. And why should we look for him?”

Xue Qianxue smiled before she said firmly, “He will definitely see me. Ji Yuan, I will like to enquiry him about the outcome of your duel. If it is a bad outcome, we can avoid it completely. Do you get me?”

“I won’t back off from my duel. It is against my code of martial honor.” Yuan Ji replied firmly.

Xue Qianxue looked extremely disappointed and her adorable eyes show it. She was immediately melancholy and her eyes had turned moist.

Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh after he had seen her expression.

“But since it is my dear Qianxue’s wish, we will pay him a visit anyway. But he may not want to see us.”

Xue Qianxue was immediately delighted and her smiles were like the warm sun, “As long as we are at the Eon Firmament Mountains, I have my way of forcing him to see us!”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders when he had heard her. He muttered, “You can’t force people to do things against their will…”

When he had said that, the nine-tail silver fox at his side was whimpering and nodding. You are so right, you can’t force people to do things against their will! The Abyssal Null Goddess was weeping and agreeing with his statement.

“Look! Even Xiaobai agrees with me!” Xue Qianxue had misunderstood Xiaobai’s whimpering as an disagreement with Yuan Ji and she was absolutely delighted.

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji: …

“Alright, alright. We try your way first.” Yuan Ji heaved a soft sigh.

For the next few days Yuan Ji, Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue spent their time to loot the tomb of its cultivation treasures. The most valuable cultivation treasures were of course the valuable spirit plants and they had found many precious celestial herbs.

Actually the Abyssal Null Goddess had no idea who had planted the spirit herbs to aid her recovery. She did not care much for these spirit herbs as the Immortal Realm was rich with these spirit plants. It was only in the Celestial Realm that these spirit plants were only considered to be rare.

They had also found a chamber that had many profound pills.

Yuan Ji was delighted as he grabbed as many profound pills as he found.

Even Xiaobai was also swallowing as many profound pills as she could.

“Why are Ji Yuan and Xiaobai grabbing only the cheap profound pills that are used for ‘regaining’ profound strength but not the valuable profound pills that are used for ‘gaining’ profound strength?” The two maidens were astonished by their bizarre behavior.

The ‘gaining’ profound pills were often called cultivation profound pills while the ‘regaining’ profound pills were often called replenishing profound pills.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was trying to refill her empty soul sea and needless to say, her intentions were too obvious; she needed to consume these regaining profound pills to fill the empty ocean of her soul sea.

As she fought with Yuan Ji for the ‘regaining’ profound pills, she was cursing him silently. “How shameless of you to fight with me over these profound pills! Your inner cultivation sea is only a small lake and is already full. Even ten of your puny lake can’t fill in my empty ocean!”

“I’m already a middle-tier saint. I can cultivate as slowly as I like. But these regaining profound pills are useful to me when I am in a fight or taking the trials.” Yuan Ji explained when he noticed the astonished looks that were given to him by the two maidens.

Then he quickly turned to Xiaobai as he rebuked her, “Hey! Surrender to me all the profound pills that are in your mouth. Cough it back!”

The Abyssal Null Goddess reluctantly threw all the profound pills that were in her mouth out. “Yes master…” She could only weep silently as she surrendered all the profound pills that she had looted out of her spatial storage which was disguised as her cute foxy mouth.

“Good girl!” Yuan Ji grinned as he patted her head. “You should be taking the profound pills that can gain you actual profound strength. The sooner your spiritual boundary can expand, the faster you can evolve into a divine beast and the faster that I can sell you away.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

I am a lofty immortal goddess! These profound pills had little effect on my superior spiritual boundary. Instead I need these replenishing profound pills. She protested silently…

“Look at Ji Yuan and Xiaobai. They are getting along so well. They even got the strange weird habit of liking the cheaper profound pills.” Xue Qianxue chuckled as she said to Ling Feiyue.

Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue felt that it was strange because they were trained to cultivate as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, they were actually younger than Yuan Ji in real age.

But to Yuan Ji, although cultivation profound pills were good but it was only good at the lower realm levels. It only saved him a little of the cultivation time and these rich cultivators were like eating gold mines every month.

“Look sister at what I have found.” Ling Feiyue exclaimed with great delight. “These red pills are called the Blood Grapes Divine Pills and are fifth rank profound pills. Take one every month and our profound strength will grow. Here six for you and six for me.”

Yuan Ji grumbled when he had heard them, “These pills only have a minute effect on your inner cultivation sea. It is like adding a few drops of spiritual force only. You may as well sell it for thousands of high grade spirit stones or give it to the lower realm cultivators. It is much more useful to them. Only the first Blood Grapes Divine Pill has the most effect. What is the point of taking one every month.”

Yuan Ji was actually not wrong in his remarks.

“You want some?” Ling Feiyue asked him.

Yuan Ji smiled weakly as he said shamelessly, “Give me two of these.”

Ling Feiyue chuckled, “I thought you didn’t want and yet you are asking for two.” She tossed him two of the Blood Grapes Divine Pills.

Yuan Ji quickly caught hold of it and kept it inside his spatial ring. “I am keeping it for Yan’Er and Chengxi. With this fifth rank profound pill, Yan’Er may finally have the chance to become a fifth realm golden celestial. And it is good for Chengxi too.”

He sighed softly as he was already thinking of Yan’Er and Chengxi.

“Qianxue, Feiyue…” He said solemnly and heaved a deep sigh. “There is something that I need to tell you.”

The two maidens immediately stopped what they were doing when they saw that Yuan Ji had suddenly become very solemn and he seemed to be trying to say something solemn to them.


Yuan Ji sighed again, “I know that the two of you have been calling me Ji Yuan. But can you call me Yuan Ji in the future?”

“But you are Ji Yuan…” the two maidens muttered, not understanding.

“Especially when we have returned to the Emperor Hall Sect. It is because I didn’t tell Yan’Er and Chengxi who I am yet.” Yuan Ji sighed even more deeply. He had a look of guilt and he was saddened that he had been lying to them.

“Huh? They didn’t know that you are Ji Yuan?” Xue Qianxue gasped softly.

Even Ling Feiyue was gasping, “How come you have never told them?!”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “I actually have no intention of telling anyone that I am actually Ji Yuan after I have lost my beautiful beard. This is actually a long story. Only Jiajia and the two of you manage to discover my identity. I hope that you can call me Yuan Ji in the future.”

“Alright…we will do it…if they do not know who you are, how did you end up with them?”

“I have bimbo Jiajia to thanks for.” Yuan Ji smiled bitterly.

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “Ji Yuan – I mean Yuan Ji, you shouldn’t be calling Jiajia a bimbo and it is rude too. She is actually smarter than you think she is.”

“Her intelligence is definitely above us and she is a great saintess too.” Xue Qianxue pointed out.

“What? She is a great saintess?!” Yuan Ji was startled.

“You didn’t know? Everyone knows that Saintess Fang Zhenfei is a great saintess.”

“I really didn’t know. Haha…” Yuan Ji laughed before adding silently. “We are like from different worlds. These influential cultivators are constantly keeping tabs and are always plotting against one another. A poor cultivator like me is not in their league and can’t be bothered to know their cultivation realm.”

Ling Feiyue sighed softly, “She is already a great saintess a hundred years ago when she had met us. We are all played by her.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he muttered, “She is already a great saintess a hundred years ago?”

He had a shiver when he had suddenly remembered back then that he had touched her butt because he had thought that she was only a fifth realm golden celestial. Luckily for him, his hands were still intact today. He could imagine Jiajia giving him two options, “Your life or your hands.”

“Haha.” He laughed it off. “She is my future consort.”

Xue Qianxue averted her eyes, “I don’t know if I should say this or not but I think I should. Saintess Fang Zhenfei is too mysterious and her sect is not known to be involved in the affairs of the celestial fraternity. But did you remember when we have met her, she was telling us that she is on something dangerous?”

Yuan Ji nodded slowly. He did remember that.

But he replied firmly, “I trust Jiajia.”

Ling Feiyue replied quietly, “I only know that she has played us but I don’t know why she does it. She isn’t telling you the whole truth and I hope that you will be careful. You may think that she is a bimbo for making you an elder of the Emperor Hall Sect but how do you know that she is not purposely leading you to think that she is stupid?”

Xue Qianxue added, “The Saintess Fang Zhenfei that I know is almost impossible to flatter. Do you really think that she will make you from core protégé, senior protégé and elder in a single day because you are flattering her? If she is a bimbo then you are a baboon for thinking that you can actually flatter her.”

“Moreover she can give up everything overnight and gives everything to you. Whether it is her beauty, her cultivation realm and cultivation resources, she is sitting at the top. Do you really think that she seriously cares about your flattering? Do you think that a great saintess and sect master of one of the seven major orthodox clans can be flattered by your mere words just because you mention she is better than me? She is actually my superior!”

Yuan protested weakly, “Qianxue, you are now a great saintess. Therefore you are no less inferior than her!”

Xue Qianxue heaved a soft sigh, “I think you didn’t know that she is an upper peak saintess.”

Yuan Ji stammered, “Peak…Saintess…”

Ling Feiyue continued after Xue Qianxue, “Overnight all the elders of the Emperor Hall Sect were killed by her. She is a great saintess. Killing them is all too easy. You really think she needs your help to settle the other elders? She is just playing with them.”

Yuan Ji began to smile awkwardly.

He could not resist adding, “But she is. Or else we won’t discover her identity, am I right?”

Ling Feiyue smiled weakly, “You really think so that she is just mindlessly careless when she had accidentally displayed your heritage sword for you to discover her at the Sacred Maiden Ceremony that day?”

“Of course she was careless. She is a bim…erm…haha…” Yuan Ji murmured, resisting the urge to call Jiajia a bimbo.

“I really don’t know about it because it is my hunch feeling that she already knew that you are in the hall.” Ling Feiyue said quietly.

Yuan Ji laughed it off, “This is impossible. Only Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue know…haha…”

“She is good in playing with words. She gives us specific codes to nail you down.” Xue Qianxue said quietly and she was trembling lightly. “I am beginning to think that she wants me to find you. Also, you are able to locate her because she mentions she found your heritage sword ‘by the roadside’. But how do you know if this phrase isn’t purposely coined by her to let you discover her?”

“Haha. Jiajia isn’t that smart. The two of you are thinking things too complex. There aren’t so many conspiracy theories. I think that is the problem with the cultivators from the major celestial clans. Once they are involved in too many intrigues, they will think that everyone is plotting against them.”

Xue Qianxue, Ling Feiyue: …

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Chapter 94: The Nine-Tail Silver Fox

When Yuan Ji and his group had returned to the chamber where the crystal coffin was, they could not find the body of the beautiful peerless goddess that Yuan Ji had thrown out earlier.

“Where is the body?” Ling Feiyue asked curiously.

Xue Qianxue was quite startled, “The corpse is able to move by itself? It has turned into a zombie?”

Yuan Ji laughed heartily, “It has probably been turned into dust after being exposed into the elements. This sort of things happens quite frequently. It is nothing to be frightened about.”

“How did you know?” Xue Qianxue took a curious look at him.

“Well, I had opened quite a few coffins in the past.” Yuan Ji laughed.

“You did what?” Ling Feiyue was startled. “You are a tomb robber?!”

“Erm, I can explain…” Yuan Ji was stammering. “I was only accompanying some friends. There are many tombs around the Five Heavens Peaks…”

“Ji Yuan!” Ling Feiyue raised her gentle voice to say seriously. “Please don’t do this sort of things anymore. You are not tomb robber but a respected Sword Saint and a sect master.”

Xue Qianxue was also looking with an annoyed look at him. “Yes, please don’t.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “Actually I didn’t do it for many centuries already. Don’t look at me like this. You all know that I was in seclusion for a hundred years, right? Therefore you also know that I didn’t do anything like this for a long time…”

“And what are we doing here now?” Xue Qianxue sighed.

Ling Feiyue added unhappily, “You even open the lids of the crystal coffin like an expert and carelessly thrown a body out. This is too disrespectful to the dead.”

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

Yuan Ji: …

“I didn’t go tomb raiding. The tomb comes to me…” Yuan Ji muttered a weak protest.

But silently he was lamenting miserably. “All the celestial clans in the Five Heavens Peaks frequently go tomb raiding to solve their sect’s finances. My old master was the one that had taught me how to do it…”

Yuan Ji had just sealed the transparent crystal coffin. He had a solemn look as he sighed regretfully at the body of his beloved consort Saintess Yuxian.

Behind him were Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue.

“Please rest in peace. I will come back often to see you.”

All of a sudden a nine-tail silver fox had suddenly appeared at the entrance, startling everyone.

Yuan Ji had immediately displayed his divine sword as he stared fiercely at it. “How dare this beast disturb the final resting place of my Consort Yuxian! Let me skin this beast and use its silver fur to make a cloak for Yuxian!”

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

“Wait Ji Yuan!” Xue Qianxue interrupted. “This nine-tail silver fox may be a rare spirit beast and not a desolate beast.”

Yuan Ji frowned, “It doesn’t look like a spirit beast to me. Its desolate aura is stronger than its spiritual aura. How can this thing be a spirit beast?”

Ling Feiyue was muttering, “Qianxue. Ji Yuan is right. This nine-tail silver fox seems to be more like a desolate beast than a spirit beast.”

“But according to the celestial books, nine-tail silver fox is a spirit beast and it can even evolved into a divine beast.” Xue Qianxue said with a chuckle. “Or maybe this poor thing has been adopted by a desolate beast or has been cultivating too near to the desolate mists. Maybe that is why.”

Yuan Ji shrugged his shoulders, “I still think that it is a better idea to skin it. Do you know that the fur of a silver fox is worth 500 high grade spirit stones? And that is only for a one-tail silver fox. This is a nine-tail silver fox and it may worth 5000 high grade spirit stones or more.”

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess was filled with shock and fear. She had never expected that this unruly and uncultured celestial cultivator would actually be trying to skin her. She could not believe that today she would be losing her life!

Now she had regretted transforming into a spirit beast…

A mighty goddess with her lofty status was now treated like a common beast to be slaughtered. This was a most humiliating fate!

And she was suddenly shrinking with fear and was weeping on the spot.

When Yuan Ji saw that the nine-tail silver fox was whimpering and had collapsed on the ground, his heart softened a little. Then he spotted a collar around the neck of the nine-tail silver fox. “Weird, why is there a collar around its neck? It is tamed by someone?”

“What collar?” Xue Qianxue and Ling Feiyue asked at the same time curiously. They really did not see any collar.

“It is a slave collar!” Xiang Li had suddenly appeared and she was giggling.

The Abyssal Null Goddess was suddenly delighted when she saw Xiang Li. Maybe this immortal spirit would be able to get rid of this slave collar for her. So she purposely whimpered even louder and used her paw to point at her slave collar, pretending that this slave collar was giving her extreme pain.

Xiang Li opened the divine sense of Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue, allowing them to see the slave collar.

“There is really a collar around this poor nine-tail silver fox’s neck…” The two maidens were astonished.

“A slave collar?” Yuan Ji was perplexed. “What is it used for?”

Naturally he did not know because a slave collar was not from the Celestial Realm. Nor did Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue have heard of it before.

Everyone was now looking at Xiang Li for an answer.

Xiang Li was extremely delighted that everyone was showering her with attention now. “Well, a slave collar will make a spirit beast be a good and obedient spirit beast. Therefore it is a good thing.”

“Oh. Hahaha.” Yuan Ji laughed. “So it means that this spirit beast is actually a friendly spirit beast?”

“That is right!” Xiang Li declared proudly.

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

The nine-tail silver fox: …

“What crap is this immortal spirit talking about?!” The Abyssal Null Goddess was stunned. “Remove my slave collar…what friendly spirit beast?!”

She did not know that Xiang Li knowledge of the slave collar was limited and that Xiang Li was only trying to impress everyone with her ‘extensive’ knowledge.

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin, “Oh well. Having a collar means that this nine-tail silver fox has an owner and the owner is me. This is also for the nine-tail silver fox’s protection. I guess that I will keep this nine-tail silver fox until it has evolved into a divine beast. It may be worth a lot more when it has become a divine beast.”

The nine-tail silver fox aka the Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Yuan Ji laughed as he approached the nine-tail silver fox cautiously. “Xiang Li, are you sure this thing won’t bite me?”

“Try it.” Xiang Li giggled but secretly she was not sure. But there was no way Yuan Ji would be killed by it because this nine-tail silver fox was quite small and moreover Yuan Ji was a saint with superb regeneration abilities.

Yuan Ji had lifted the nine-tail silver fox up with both his hands, “Woot. It really didn’t bite me. Haha.”

“Told you so!” Xiang Li said proudly.

“Xiang Li, you are so knowledgeable.” Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue praised her.

“Of course I am. Hehe. If you have any questions in the future, just ask me freely! I am always available!” Xiang Li winked at the two maidens.

Yuan Ji had suddenly lifted the nine-tail silver high up by its two fore paws as he stared below its belly, “This nine-tail silver fox is actually a female. Haha…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess was completely stunned and felt like digging a deep hole into the ground and she was weeping with great embarrassment. “Don’t look, you…monster…”

“Alright, I shall call you Xiaobai and you shall be my spirit beast.” Yuan Ji declared loudly.

Xue Qianxue smiled, “I am so happy that our lord got a spirit beast now. Still, we should go to the nearest Spirit Beast Guild to create a contract between the two of you. This is to ensure that Xiaobai won’t attack you or anyone without your commands in the future.”

“Alright. Haha.” Yuan Ji replied.

The Abyssal Null Goddess shook her head furiously. I don’t want to become anyone’s spirit beast. You lowly celestials should all be voided out!

“Xiaobai, I am Yuan Ji. These two maidens are my consorts. They are Ling Feiyue and Xue Qianxue. And this is Xiang Li my spirit entity. Remember, you must not attack them and you must also listen to them, alright?”

Although the nine-tail silver fox was shaking furiously in protest but she found herself obeying the wishes of her master. What Yuan Ji wanted her to do, she could not disobey his will at all and she must obey all his commands!

Therefore she could only respond by nodding her head.

“Waa, Xiaobai is really so intelligent. She even knows how to nod her head.” Yuan Ji was truly impressed.

“Let me play with Xiaobai!” Xue Qianxue chuckled.

“Alright. Here you go.” Yuan Ji had thrown the nine-tail silver fox to her.

Xue Qianxue was startled. “Ji Yuan, please don’t do that. You will frighten Xiaobai…”

Even Ling Feiyue was saying, “This is too mean. Can you be more considerate in the future?”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly, “I will keep that in mind…”

The Abyssal Null Goddess was now weeping in her heart. A lofty immortal goddess like her was now being toy around by the lowly celestial cultivators. Now she had completely regretted her decision to turn into a spirit beast…

“Xiaobai, from now onward, you must love us like a family. When I am in trouble, I expect you to do your best to protect us.” Yuan Ji said to her. “From now onward, you shall sleep with me. This is more cozy this way. I have never hugged such a pricey silver fur before. Haha.”

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

The Abyssal Null Goddess: …

Love him as his family, protect him with all her best and sleep with him…

This was her master’s commands to her.

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