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Chapter 65: Trial of the Golden Citadel (2)

When Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had walked toward the golden stairs, the two hundred over cultivators were startled.

Many of them were shouting at them, “Hey, do you want to join our group? Do you want to wait for the leaders to decide on the next course of action first?”

But Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue ignored them all as they continued their way to the golden stairs and they had their sights only on the golden golems.

“These two golden celestials are going to be dead cultivators soon…”


“Maybe they are just trying to exit the trial…”

“Just ignore them…”

“It is just two newcomers that are just trying to show off…”

“They are quite handsome looking…”

“Handsome but useless…”

“Brainless fools…”

“I wonder what their realm levels are?”

“Must be some newly fifth realm golden celestials…”

“I know the one with the fan. He is Young Master Ling Feiyang and he is a fifth realm cultivator…”

“Young Master Ling Feiyang? I have heard that Young Master Ling Feiyang is a pretty smart cultivator. How come he is so foolish now?”

“He is Young Master Ling Feiyang?” A female cultivator was gasping and soon quite a few of the female cultivators were all looking at Ling Feiyue.

“I have always wanted to meet him. He is so dashing…”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had unsheathed their heaven-step divine swords from their spatial rings, startling the onlookers.

“Both of them have a heaven-step divine sword…”

“Heaven grade divine swords…”

“Who is the other cultivator that is next to Young Master Ling Feiyang?”

“I have never heard that Young Master Ling Feiyang had a divine sword before…”

“The two of them must have some influential background?”

“Or they have a lucky occurrence in the trials and manage to obtain a divine sword?”

Yuan Ji turned to grin at Ling Feiyue, “Are you ready?”

Ling Feiyue returned a gentle smile to him, “Anytime.”

The reason why Ling Feiyue had agreed to his crazy plan was because this was a perfect opportunity for her to cultivate her sword spirit entity.

Yuan Ji smiled as he gave her a thumb up for her determination and courage but he could not resist giving her a warning, “It is better that you restrain from using your Unrighteous Moon Profound Force. It is too draining on your profound strength.”

Ling Feiyue smiled shyly, “I will remember this.”

“So…” she added. “We will give our best from the start?”

Yuan Ji replied, “Yes. This trial is a test of our profound strength and sword arts.”

With that he had flashed to the first step and had started to display his sword in a furious slash against one of the golden golems.

Immediately the golden golem that was slashed by Yuan Ji’s sword exploded into smithereens.

Yuan Ji was slightly shocked because he had never expected the power of a heaven-step divine sword would actually be twice as powerful as an earth-step divine sword. Moreover, he had socketed the Crystal Celestium in his divine sword that enhanced the profound power of his sword by 10%.

He quickly concluded, “Although these golden golems have the profound strength of the fifth realm cultivator but against an expert, their movements were still too inanimate and were actually weaker than the average fifth realm cultivators.”

Ling Feiyue had flashed next to him and she had also slashed a golden golem apart with her divine sword. Her profound strength was greater than that of Yuan Ji.

Yuan Ji frowned lightly to her as he whispered to her, “Don’t use too much of your profound strength. We still got a long way to the top.”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “Alright, my lord.”

In just a few blinks of an eye, they had already demolished all the golden golems and were on the tenth step.

Below the golden stair, the golden golems were now reviving slowly but the revived golden golems did not move from the steps that they were at.

It was exactly as Yuan Ji had thought so and that was why he had never turned his head back to fight the revived golden golems.

Although the golden golems could climb up and down the stairs to fight them but it seemed that the revived golden golems were following a special law to only fight the cultivators that were near them.

Therefore Yuan Ji knew that they had to fight faster than the revived golden golems and they would be safe as long as they could stay several steps above them.

In the meantime the cultivators below were greatly startled.

It was because their divine senses had quickly gauged that these foolish two cultivators were actually seventh realm saints!

“They are golden saints of the seventh realm level…”

“Young Master Ling Feiyang is also a saint?!”

“Look at the ease that they have stormed up to the tenth golden step…”

“The sword slashes that were executed by the cultivator that is next to Ling Feiyang is so seasoned and flows so well that you can actually feel it…”

“The two of them are like master swordsmen…”

“They are now at the twentieth steps…”

“Thirtieth steps now…”

Many of the cultivators were now regretting that they did not follow after their leads.

“We have fifty golden celestials here but we can only watch them from below…”

“They are saints. Their recovery rates are above us…”

A golden celestial said as he stroked his long beard, “But they won’t be able to make it. Mark by words. Although they have a stronger profound strength than us but their sword arms will only get heavier and heavier due to constant exertions.”

Another golden celestial was nodding, “I have kept a count of their strokes. They have already used more than a thousand strokes each and even if they were saints, they can’t go beyond the two thousand strokes.”

The golden celestial with the long beard smiled as he said aloud, “They have used one stroke to clean the golden celestials at the very start. It is because they are at their peak forms. But after the tenth steps, they require two or more strokes to handle these golden golems. Now they need five or more strokes now to deal with these golden golems. It is obvious that their bodies cannot keep up with the constant use of their profound strength.”

Everyone was muttering at the wisdom that was muttered by the golden celestial with the long beard, “He’s right. It is a marathon without a break. There is no way that they can succeed in reaching to the very top. They should have waited for us. Although they are saints but they are two foolish saints…”

Before long, Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had reached the fifty golden steps which were the mid-point. Their attacks were now faltering because of the number of slashes that they had to execute. However their profound strength was still intact.

Yuan Ji said, “It is time to be more forceful.”

With that he had unleashed three ground waves of sword energies that imploded all the golden golems in their way. Altogether, eighteen golden golems were destroyed.

When the cultivators saw the waves of sword energies, they were all gasping. “He is a high level sword energies practitioner…”

“With a heaven-step divine sword and his high level sword energies technique, these golden golems are nothing to him…”

Ling Feiyue smiled when she saw Yuan Ji’s sword energies display and she was not going to let him belittle her.

With a flash, she had leapt forward and had raised her sword.

There was a white profound aura that was enveloping her sword before a beam of white light had flashed with a startling profound power across the flight of golden steps that was even more powerful than Yuan Ji’s sword energies waves.

As a matter of fact, all the golden golems up to the seventieth steps were all demolished by Ling Feiyue!

Yuan Ji was startled with great astonishment, “What the heck is that?!”

Ling Feiyue returned him a wryly smile as her body faltered backward, “This is the profound power of my new sword spirit entity. I have only just comprehended it. Mmm, I shall name it as the Retribution of the Profound Heaven Light. Do you think that this name is nice?”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “I’m extremely envious of your sword spirit now.” But secretly he was a little anxious for her; it was because he knew that this profound art must have drained most of her profound strength.

He was staring at his sword and muttering silently, “Xiang Li, you are a little useless. No, truly useless…”

Ling Feiyue giggled as she flashed up the steps, “Don’t just idle there, we have thirty more steps more to go!”

Although she looked composed but in secret, her heart was anxious. She had purposely used half of her profound strength to clear the obstacles for the two of them. It was because she did not want her Ji Yuan to perish here.

As Yuan Ji sped up the stairs, Xiang Li had suddenly appeared in his soul sea and was smiling. “I’m glad you know how trash I am now. But you are not that bad. I really didn’t expect that you will be a high level sword energies cultivator. Now, this is interesting.”

All of a sudden Yuan Ji noticed that his divine sword had a halo and was resonating loudly.

Ling Feiyue was startled as she gasped, “You have divine harmonized with your divine sword already?!”

When a cultivator had divine harmonized with his divine sword, the profound power of his divine sword would increase tremendously.

However this was not as easy as it sounded. There were many cultivators that spent hundreds of years in vain trying to divine harmonize with their divine swords.

Xiang Li said to Yuan Ji, “Why don’t you use your sword energies waves again?”

Yuan Ji immediately swung his sword arm and executed his sword energies waves again.

He was startled to see that this time that his ground sword energies waves were so much larger and it could travel even longer. Because it was so much larger now, it was like a moving coiling dragon that destroyed all the golden golems all the way up to the ninetieth steps!

When Ling Feiyue saw his sword energies waves, she was greatly astonished.

Yuan Ji could not resist giving her a wryly smirk, “This is my improvised sword energies waves. I call this the Flying Coiling Dragon Sword.”

Ling Feiyue giggled softly, “Show off.”

Yuan Ji was not about to stop there. He had flashed to the ninetieth steps and unleashed dozens of sword bursts.

Although his sword bursts were weaker than his new sword energy technique but it was able to hit more targets.

Yuan Ji was quite astonished that he could actually produce three times as many sword energies bursts now after he had divine harmonized with his divine sword.

He murmured to Xiang Li, “You are not so trash after all. You are willing to divine harmonize with me?”

Xiang Li giggled softly before her beautiful form disappeared from his soul sea, “It is not entirely out of my own free will. It is the will of your divine sword. You truly cherish your divine sword and that is why I am just giving you an extra help.”

Yuan Ji smiled weakly. This divine sword was from Xia Jiajia and he truly cherished it because it was her pledge of love for him.

Ling Feiyue had flashed next to him with a gentle smile, interrupting his thoughts. “It seems that your show off has failed. Your sword bursts didn’t even manage to kill a single golden golem.”

Yuan Ji laughed jovially. He was only testing his profound skills and was not really aiming for any kills.

“Why don’t we use our most powerful profound arts for the last ten remaining steps?”

“Why not?” Ling Feiyue smiled.

“Let use it at the same time and see who has the most number of kills.” Yuan Ji suggested.

Ling Feiyue nodded lightly as she shouted, “Retribution of the Profound Heaven Light!”

“Flying Coiling Dragon Sword!”

As the two of them used their profound arts together, a wondrous sight would suddenly be seen as their profound auras seemingly merged into one.

The white light of the Retribution of the Profound Heaven Light was energized and was enveloped by the sword energies that had come from Yuan Ji’s sword, causing it to expand to twice its size and range.

As for Yuan Ji’s Flying Coiling Dragon Sword, instead of a wave of sword energies that sped across the ground, it was lifted into the air and was coiling around Ling Feiyue’s profound force.

In that single instant, a beautiful beam of coiling white dragon could be seen by everyone as it swallowed up all the remaining golden golems.

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue were both startled. It was because they had accidentally created a new combined profound art together.

Combining two or more profound arts were not as easy as it looked because the practitioners must be fully in synergy and it was mostly in theory only. Most of the time combining two or more profound arts would have a weaker result as the profound arts cancelled each other.

But today they had witnessed a miracle that was happening in front of them and this new profound art was more powerful than the original profound art!

Ling Feiyue put her fingers on her mouth as she stared in bewilderment at Yuan Ji, “This is a combined profound art. We have actually combined our two profound arts together.

Yuan Ji was also startled because he had not thought that it was possible. It was because in the past, he had done many experiments on it but the profound arts would often negate each other.

But this time, their profound powers had actually merged together!

Ling Feiyue was smiling sweetly at Yuan Ji, “Do you think that we are a perfect match?”

Yuan Ji smiled awkwardly, “Maybe.”

Then he was grinning, “This new profound art that we have just created together…do you think that we should give it a good sounding name?”

Ling Feiyue shyly lowered her glances to say, “Indeed. But I need some time to think of a wonderful name for this new profound art that we have just created.”

When they had created this new combined profound art together, they also gained gained a new insight to use a weaker version of this new combined profound art as a new original profound art.

In short, they had just invented a new profound art together!

Below them, all the cultivators were astonished that they could reach the top of the golden citadel and they were even more astonished to see a combined profound art that they had never seen before.

Many of the cultivators were now having regrets that they had looked down on Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue.

Quite a number of cultivators dropped their jaws when they saw the combined profound art and were shivering to think what would happen if this powerful profound art were to be used on them.

“This profound art is too exaggerating…”

“How do you evade an AOE attack like that beam of coiling light that resembles a flying white dragon…”

“That combine profound art is the manifestation of strength between two seventh realm experts…”

“I bet that even a sixth realm expert may lose all his profound strength just to resist that combine profound art alone…”

“Young Master Ling Feiyang is actually so formidable…”

Yuan Ji and Ling Feiyue had now reached the gates of the golden citadel now. As they approached the gates, it slowly opened and they could see a golden portal beyond the golden citadel.

Yuan Ji said as he looked at his divine sword, “The reward for the final trial has better to be good or I will throw you away.”

Ling Feiyue: ???

“Why would you throw your divine sword away if the reward doesn’t meet your expectations?” She asked. “I feel that the rewards are secondary. Now we can finally leave our names for everyone to see.”

Yuan Ji laughed awkwardly, “If I tell you that I have the spirit entity of the Lotus Sword Mansion inside my divine sword, will you believe me?”

Ling Feiyue shook her head as she smiled gently, “I don’t believe.”

Xiang Li was laughing jovially in Yuan Ji’s soul sea, “You will never throw your divine sword away. If you have the heart to do so, you won’t be able to divine harmonize with your divine sword earlier.”

But she turned a little solemn to question him, “You like her?”

Yuan Ji muttered in his soul sea, “Why do you say that?”

“Because if you don’t like her, you won’t be able to synergy so well with her.” Xiang Li slowly faded away with a chuckle of laughter.

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