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Chapter 67: Night of Temptation (1)

Immediately after the trials had ended, Yuan Ji had returned to the same tavern that he had stayed at before he had set off for the Lotus Sword Mansion Trials.

It was late at night now, a few mere hours after Yuan Ji had returned to the tavern.

The breezes were cool and comforting but to Yuan Ji, it could not calm his melancholy heart.

Yuan Ji was now alone in a corner of the roof as he stared blankly at the heavens above. Whenever he was troubled, he would stare at the heavens.

His heart was extremely troubled and heavy.

And he was sighing heavily.

He had already decided on his next course of action and that was to free Xue Qianxue from her imprisonment.

“Am I strong enough?” He questioned himself.

In the past, he had set himself a goal of defeating Xue Qianxue who was a middle-tier saintess. But now he was fighting against the entire Celestial Orthodox Sect and he was alone.

But that was not all.

He had also discovered that he had also liked Ling Feiyue…

“What are you doing up here? Is the breeze so nice up here?” It was Ling Feiyue and she had flashed next to him.

She was smiling and her quiet demeanor was extremely enticing to look at.

However Yuan Ji dared not look into her mesmerizing eyes and her enticing smiles.

“Ji Yuan, I have thought of a name for the profound art that we have created. What do you think of the Heaven Light of the Coiling Dragon?”

Yuan Ji did not reply to her question and instead he said coldly to her, “We should part now.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as she gasped softly, “But why?”

Yuan Ji replied, “Because we are from two different fraternities. Because you are Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue.”

Ling Feiyue was still smiling, “You must be joking with me, am I right? Have you forgotten that we have been through four lifetimes now?”

Yuan Ji frowned, “You really believe in that nonsense? Fancy that you are a great saintess and yet you can be so gullible.”

“I am gullible? Spirit entities cannot lie. Do you know?” Ling Feiyue smiled as she pointed out.

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “I really do not know.”

Ling Feiyue gently touched his shoulder with a gentle smile, “Don’t joke anymore, alright? What are you planning to do next?”

She continued to look at him with a smitten look. In her heart, he was now her everything…

Yuan Ji grinned coldly, “I am going to tell the entire orthodox fraternity that I had kissed Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue and that she is too easy.”

Ling Feiyue was startled as she stared blankly at him, “You are serious? This is a bad joke, you know?”

She was looking slightly confused now.

Yuan Ji hummed, “Haven’t you realized that I’ve only been playing you? On account that we have been through so much in the trials of the Lotus Sword Mansion therefore I am telling you my honest thought now.”

Ling Feiyue quickly composed herself to say coolly, “I can help you to fight the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. At most, we shall perish together. What is there to be afraid of?”

Was it because Ji Yuan was afraid that he would drag her into trouble?

Yuan Ji laughed, “You still don’t get it? I am not afraid of the Hundred Flower Divine Flower. I just don’t like you. I only like Xia Jiajia, Ye Chengxi and Shangguan Yan’Er. In my heart, you have no place whatever so.”

Ling Feiyue lowered her glances before she said bitterly, “So, this is truly from the bottom of your heart?”

She was trembling now and she was looking with a bewildered look at him. Her alluring eyes were now pleading with him to retract what he had just said…

Yuan Ji replied coldly, “It is truly from the bottom of my heart. I don’t want to see you ever again. Consider this a cancellation of our feud. From now onward, we no longer owe each other.”

Ling Feiyue was trembling lightly as she gasped with disbelief, “Ji Yuan, I’m so disappointed in you. In this lifetime, I will never want to see you again as well.”

Yuan Ji gave a cold and bitter laugh, “Pardon me for not seeing you off…”


“This slap is for your heartlessness!”

Ling Feiyue had slapped Yuan Ji’s face hard as she puffed out coldly. She was trembling and her fingers were trembling even harder. It was as though she had just slapped herself. But in actuality, it was her heart that was trembling emotionally with all the hurts.

Yuan Ji had actually seen her slap coming but he had made no attempt to dodge it.

“Now you can leave?” Yuan Ji said coldly and his stares were equally as cold.

“Hmph!” Ling Feiyue had flashed out of sight.

Yuan Ji was trembling lightly because just before she had left, her warm tears had dripped on his hands.

He lifted his hands to stare at her warm tears before lamenting quietly. “Feiyue, this is for your own good. I don’t want to ruin you and that’s why I must be cruel to you. I hope that you can forget about me. It is better that I have hurt you now rather than later…”

“Feiyue, you will always have a place in my heart. I don’t mind if I don’t have a place in your heart. My next undertaking will be very dangerous and if you help me, you may lose your life as well.” He added with a heavy sigh.

Xiang Li appeared in his soul sea and she was asking him with a shocked look, “Why did you drive her away for? Can’t you tell that she likes you so much?”

Yuan Ji hummed coldly, “You won’t understand. I am only making use of her to overcome the trials. My feelings for her are just a deception to further my own means.”

Xiang Li: …

“You can even lie to your heart. You are completely hopeless. It is a good thing that I didn’t acknowledge you as my master yet.” Xiang Li disappeared with an angry huff.

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly.

Just as he was about to get off the roof to retire to his room in the tavern, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had suddenly appeared on the roof.

They were giggling, “So our Romantic Cultivator Yuan Ji has just broken a maiden’s heart?”

Yuan Ji frowned bitterly, “You know?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled, “We have already known that Young Master Ling Feiyang is a maiden.”

“Because she has a pleasant scent but we have only pretending otherwise.” Hua Baiyue giggled softly.

Yuan Ji: …

“Don’t forget that we’re from the Hundred Flower Divine Flower. Our noses can pick all kinds of scents.” Hua Baiyue added further.

“So why did you want to drive her away for?” Hua Wuwu asked curiously. “Because you don’t want to involve her in our feuds?”

Yuan Ji heaved a heavy sigh, “That’s right. Because I have two spies from the Hundred Flower Divine Palace here. There is no way for her to help me without the two of you knowing. If the two of you know, it is as good as telling the Hundred Flower Divine Palace as well. Moreover, it is just my personal duel with your Divine Palace Master. There is no need to involve her.”

Hua Baiyue giggled, “Sister, he is not so stupid after all. We should give him some credits.”

Hua Wuwu laughed as she caressed his cheek, “Smart! You’re not so foolish after all. You have just saved the Spirit Blue Moon Sect from utter destruction.”

Yuan Ji was startled as he stared at Hua Wuwu, “How did you know who she is and where she is from?”

Hua Wuwu laughed as she covered her mouth with her long sleeves, “There are very few things that the Hundred Palace Divine Palace does not know.”

Then she looked at him with a smile, “So, did you manage to gain any cultivation resources in the trials that can aid you against our old master?”

Yuan Ji frowned lightly, “Don’t you think that this is a little too shameless for you to ask me this question? Do you think that I will be so foolish to let you know my trump cards?”

Hua Wuwu laughed before asking him, “So have you decided what your next course of action is?”

Yuan Ji replied honestly, “I am going to find a way to get Xue Qianxue out of the Celestial Orthodox Sect.”

Hua Wuwu giggled, “And how are you going to do that? Do you expect us to help you?”

Yuan Ji laughed, “I’ve actually included the two of you in my plans. Who knows the Celestial Orthodox Sect better than the two of you?”

Hua Baiyue chuckled as she rolled to and fro, her eyes were beaming teasingly. “And you expect us to help you? You must be…dreaming.”

Yuan Ji smiled bitterly, “You are not afraid that I may die in my attempt?”

Hua Wuwu giggled, “If you die, that is your business. We are not your tools. Why should we help you in the first place?”

Yuan Ji rubbed his chin as he sighed heavily, “It is so true. I guess that I have to crack my brains overnight for a way to make the two of you help me.”

He turned to look at the two of them, “You are really not helping me?”

Hua Wuwu hummed coldly, “You are too shameless.”

She laughed as she gently caressed his face with her fingers, “Does your face still hurts? She must have slapped you so hard. You are actually pretty dashing. It will be such a pity if you were to die. We can actually offer you a way out.”

All of a sudden she had lowered her voice shyly, “You can treat me as Ling Feiyue.”

Hua Baiyue whispered in his other ears, “You can treat me as Xue Qianxue.”

Yuan Ji gulped as he switched his eyes to and fro between the two saintesses. “Are they seducing me?” He thought weakly.

“Or do you think we are not as lovely as Ling Feiyue or Xue Qianxue?” Hua Wuwu smiled angelically.

Yuan Ji was forced to admit, “Actually the two of you are really very lovely.”

Hua Baiyue blew softly in his ears, “I can tell you that without our help, you will never be able to succeed in rescuing Xue Qianxue. And if you can please us, we can even offer you some tips to overcome our old master. Or else even if you have succeeded in rescuing Xue Qianxue, you will still die in four months’ time.”

Yuan Ji muttered weakly, “You will be willing to betray your old master?”

Hua Baiyue smiled as she winked at him, “All we need is just a little of your vital energies.” At the same time, she had also glanced quietly at Hua Wuwu who responded with a light smile.

Yuan Ji frowned when he had heard that they required his vital energies. So it really was true that the Hundred Flower Divine Palace practiced a form of dual cultivation. It was because only the evil dual cultivation could extract the vital energies of another.

Vital energies or spirit essences of a cultivator was extremely precious. It was because it was used to gain cultivation realm level and it could be used to produce the profound energies that profound strength required.

The loss of vital energies could even cause the cultivation’s realm level to decline and it was extremely difficult to cultivate back.

Sometimes when a cultivator was dying, vital energies could even be expended to keep the vital breath of the dying cultivator going.

Yuan Ji had always thought that Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were the cultivation melting cauldrons of their sect. So it seemed that the rumors of the fraternity were true after all.

Hua Wuwu giggled, “It is only a night of passion. You won’t lose so much as to drop in your cultivation realm level. After all, you are a saint. Even if you bed us for a whole month, you will still be able to take it.”

Yuan Ji smiled as he shook his head, “I must thank the two saintesses for your kind offer…”

“Ji Yuan.” Hua Baiyue suddenly whispered in his ears.

Yuan Ji was suddenly rigid. How did they know who he was?!

“We know more about you than you know about the Hundred Flower Divine Palace. If you are unable to turn up for your duel with our old master, he may order us to slaughter everyone from your Orthodox Sword Sect and the Emperor Hall Sect. We know that you don’t care about the Emperor Hall Sect but what about the Orthodox Sword Sect? Can you bear the destruction of the spiritual tablets of all your patriarchs? You will be a great sinner to your sect then.”

Yuan Ji had suddenly laughed as he grabbed the two saintesses’ small waists, “Actually how can I have the heart to allow the two beauties to be lonely? Why don’t we go to my room?”

Hua Wuwu chuckled softly, “You are not so stupid after all.”

“He is definitely not stupid.” Hua Baiyue winked at Yuan Ji with an alluringly smile.

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