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Chapter 68: Night of Temptation (2)

Yuan Ji, Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now rolling in the bed that was in Yuan Ji’s room.

The room was completely voided of light because they did not need any light to see.  After all, they were all the cultivatiors of the highest realm level with the Darksee ability. It was an ability that all the cultivators could gain at the middle tier of the fourth realm immortal celestial level.

With expert fingers, Yuan Ji had loosened their silk belts and they had also loosened his.

In a blink of an eye, Yuan Ji had removed all their outer garment except for their lingeries as he threw their skirts, robes, socks and inner garments off the bed.

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were now gasping with anticipations as they proceeded to remove Yuan Ji’s clothing at the same time.

Yuan Ji grinned as he pulled off their lingeries before keeping it into his spatial ring.

Next he proceeded to fondle their ample bosoms and backs; their bodies were really silky smooth with a wondrous fragrance.

“Ah~~~” They were moaning with delight when Yuan Ji had suddenly squeezed their perky bosoms hard.

Yuan Ji laughed, “I am so lucky to have a chance to bed two such wondrous beauties.”

In no time he had also pulled down their undies and he was feeling them the smoothness of their butts before his fingers were feeling their forbidden cherries between their legs. It was soapy wet and they were now flustered with ecstasy.



Slowly he used his fingers to peel open their folds underneath and he was fingering them…

Either he or Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue had realized that Ling Feiyue had quietly entered the courtyard of the room.

Ling Feiyue’s eyes were still bleary red as she entered the courtyard.

She had not left yet because she still did not believe that Yuan Ji could be so heartless to her. She had clearly felt his sentimental concerns for her during the trials. This could not be faked. Moreover he had also created a poem specifically for her. Also if they did not have such perfect synergy, will they be able to create a combine profound art that they can use together?

Therefore she wanted to confront Yuan Ji one last time to hear his difficulties.

“Maybe he didn’t want to put me in a tight spot…”

“Maybe he knows that he may not survive the duel…”

She was frantically looking for an excuse for him…

But when she had just stepped into the courtyard, her divine senses could pick up a couple of soft moans and whispers.

“Ah~~ I’m so wet now…”

“Handsome Yuan Ji, stop teasing us already…”

“Hubby Yuan Ji, can you dedicate a poem for us?”

“Sure, sure!” Yuan Ji was laughing softly.

Ling Feiyue was a great saintess of the highest tier. Therefore her divine sense could pick up a range that was further than Yuan Ji, Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu, without alerting them.

When she had heard what they were doing, she gasped silently as she burst into uncontrollable silence tears.

“Ji Yuan, you rather have them than me…why…”

“You…really dislike me?”

“It is not because you don’t want to hurt me but because you really making use of me?”

Ling Feiyue leaned quietly on the wall as she sobbed silently. It took her a while to calm down before she took off tearfully, “From today onward, there is no more Ling Feiyang. There is only Dark Mistress Ling Feiyue who will be the demoness of the orthodox fraternity…I will not have any lofty dreams of being an orthodox cultivator anymore…”

When she had left, there was a large patch of tears on the ground where she had last stood; Ling Feiyue had been thoroughly hurt and she had never been so grieved before.

A quiet shadow was sighing softly and had appeared where Ling Feiyue had last stood…

Unknown to even Ling Feiyue, there was another person that was quietly watching in the courtyard. Even with Ling Feiyue’s formidable divine sense, this quiet shadow was invisible to her.

Yuan Ji, Hua Baiyue and Hua Wuwu naturally did not know what was going on outside. Their divine senses were diminished because all their focuses were on one another.

Yuan Ji was now frowning in secret and he had a perplexed look. “They are still pure? I can’t be wrong. But what the heck is their dual cultivation if they are still pure?!”

He was a little bewildered but this did not have any impact on his quiet plans.

All of a sudden he had slapped their butts and kicked them down the bed with a soft chuckle. “I am going to bed now. You may have the floor.”

Hua Wuwu and Hua Baiyue were shocked as they questioned him, “Why did you kick us down the bed for? You don’t want to save Xue Qianxue anymore? You don’t want to know the weakness of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace anymore?”

Yuan Ji grinned at them, “Naturally I will still want to save Xue Qianxue and the two of you will help me. As for the weakness of the Hundred Flower Divine Palace, I actually did not want to know because I want to win fair and square.”

The second part was of course true. Yuan Ji really wanted to win fair and square or else he would not have attained as a Sword Saint.

Hua Wuwu hummed coldly, “Dream on! You didn’t pleasure us so why should we help you at all?”

Yuan Ji chuckled softly before he said in a low voice, “Do you want me to show your lingeries to your old master? If I do, can you imagine what your fates will be? Don’t tell me that your old master will not recognize your scents and your lingeries?”

Hua Baiyue was startled as she stammered, “Don’t…you will get us killed…”

Hua Wuwu had also turned ashen, “Yuan Ji! You are so badass! You will rather have rotten apples than fresh apples!”

“Sister, let’s go.” Hua Baiyue said as she gathered her clothing.

Hua Wuwu nodded as she hastily put on her clothing.

“Yuan Ji, we won’t forget about this slight!” Hua Baiyue warned him.

With that, they had hastily left his room.

Yuan Ji laughed after them before he lay on his bed dreamily, “Now the night is finally peaceful again…”

He was soon sighing before he muttered, “Not so peaceful…”

It was because he was suddenly thinking of Ling Feiyue and was heart wrenched at how he had hurt her earlier. His thoughts had immediately flashback to the day that he had first realized that Ling Feiyue was a maiden…

That day, she was extremely breathtaking and he got a hard on just by listening to her beautiful tune that she was humming.

Ling Feiyue’s lovable smiles were the most beautiful smile that he had ever seen. But he had now caused her to lose her smiles…

“I hope that you will forget this hurt as soon as possible. I am not worthy of your time…”

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